Canada Bans Charlie Hebdo Conspiracy Theories

Denied entry into Canada due to hot-potato Charlie Hebdo book

hebdo-barrettby Kevin Barrett,  Veterans Today Editor


This Friday, after preaching a sermon to 400 people at the Wayne State University mosque in Detroit, I attempted to enter Canada.

The subject of my sermon was “truth vs. hypocrisy.” I urged Muslims to defeat the war on Islam – a genocide campaign that has taken the lives of at least four million Muslims since 1990 – by exposing the truth about the false flag operations that created and sustain it.

The mother of all false flags was 9/11. And the biggest recent one was Charlie Hebdo – a Mossad-DCCI joint operation in Paris last January 7th.

BANNED-IN-CANADAI played a role in helping expose the Charlie Hebdo false flag in real time, and published We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11 less than three months later. That book has drawn repeated attacks from the ADL and even the President of France.

Early Friday evening I crossed the Ambassador Bridge into Canada. In my van was a bed, some clothing and personal items, and about 75 copies of We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo.  Over the weekend I was supposed to meet for lunch in London, Ontario with folks interested in the book. Then I would give a talk at a gathering in Toronto honoring the Imam Khomeini.

But Canada’s Zionist-dominated Harper regime had other ideas.

The Zionists who run Canada were lying in wait. They were already planning to unleash potentially violent protests against the Toronto event where I was going to speak. The local Zionist mainstream paper,, published an article clearly designed to incite violence:

Hundreds vow to protest event honouring Ayatollah

The article quoted a Zionist stooge calling for mayhem:

Tarek Fatah, Pakistan-born Canadian political activist, writer and broadcaster, yesterday called out for protesters to “do something for your country and your children’s future. We need to stand up against these medieval monsters…Let’s kick some Khomeini ass.”

The article also approvingly notes that Canada’s current Defense Minister and the Jewish Defense League (JDL) – one of the world’s most notorious and brutal terrorist groups – are on the same page, even though the JDL is a terrorist organization according to the FBI:

But Jason Kenney, Canada’s defence minister and another politician expected to attend the protest, sees it differently. He voiced his concern via social media last week:

“Disturbing to see anyone in Canada celebrating the murderous depravity of Ayatollah Khomeini’s brutal dictatorship.”

The Jewish Defence League of Canada and B’nai Brith Canada are also protesting the event.

“B’nai Brith, which represents grassroots Canadian Jewry, believes in a tolerant and pluralistic society that is respectful of all its citizens,” said CEO Michael Mostyn.


So Canada’s current Defense Minister equals the terrorist JDL equals B’nai Brith – and they’re all “tolerant,” “pluralistic” and “respectful” as they get ready to “kick ass.”

Orwellian doublespeak has arrived in Canada…just as “let’s crack down on free speech to honor free speech” arrived in France after Charlie Hebdo, and “they hate our freedoms, so let’s abolish freedom” arrived in America after 9/11.

As Orwell said, if they can get you accepting contradictions without protest, and believing that two plus two make five, they own you.

In any event, it seems the Canadian authorities, meaning the JDL-B’nai Brith-Defense Ministry consortium, had no intention of letting me into Canada to discuss the Charlie Hebdo false flag.

When I pulled up to the border control booth in Windsor, Ontario, I got a normal reception…until the border guard ran my passport. Suddenly the interrogation turned hostile.

“What do you have in your van?”

I started to answer, “Clothes, personal belongings -“

“Why don’t you answer the question?!” the guard angrily barked.

“I am answering the question.”

“I am answering the question,” the guard mocked. “Are you living in your van? Are you homeless? Why don’ t you have a job? Where does your money come from? Are you trying to sneak into Canada and live as a homeless person? Who are you going to meet in Canada? Where are you going to stay? Are you going to sleep in your van?” The guard kept peppering me with non-sequiturs and repeating my answers in a mocking tone. “What else do you have in your van?” “Cassette tapes, books, a sleeping bag -“

“WHAT KIND OF BOOKS?” The guard practically screamed.

I explained that most of them were copies of We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo, which I had edited and published a few months earlier.


“You didn’t ask. And you interrupted me when I was -“

“YOU DIDN’T TELL ME ABOUT THE BOOKS! We are going to have to search you, please pull over there.”

 They ripped off the glove compartment lid with a crowbar because it was stuck shut, damaging my vehicle. I was taken to a waiting room and detained for nearly an hour as they searched every inch of my van. They didn’t let me bring my laptop, so they had access to it for that hour.

Then I was taken to an interrogation center, where I waited for nearly another hour. Then then took me to a small, private interrogation cubicle and produced what they said was a police record about me that they had obtained from the FBI. They claimed the FBI record showed that I had been arrested in Wisconsin and charged with felony drug dealing in June of 1977. I explained that this was a complete fiction, and that I had not even been in Wisconsin in June of 1977, nor had I ever been arrested or charged for dealing drugs, anywhere, in my whole life.

The “FBI record” was full of false information. I had no way to prove it was false.

The agent told me I was being refused entry to Canada based on that information.

I told the agent that I had been through the same procedure during many recent visits to Canada, that they had checked the same file, run the same FBI paperwork, and there had never been a problem. Why was my “FBI file” suddenly peppered with false information, and why was I suddenly now being denied entry?

He advised me to visit the Michigan State Police and have them provide a correct version of the FBI’s file on me. He gave me directions to the Michigan State Police office in Taylor, half an hour south of Detroit.

When I re-entered the US I was also singled out for a long search and interrogation.

By the time I got to the State Police building in Taylor it was 11 pm and they were closed for the weekend.

I contacted VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff, who spent two years as a Michigan State Trooper before joining a certain alphabet agency. Gordon said: “The Canadians are lying.”

Gordon explained that it would likely take weeks to deal with the false information in the alleged FBI file, and that the Michigan State Police would be unable to help; and that it was obvious that the Canadians were denying me entry for political reasons. I would have to report a possible case of identity theft, and the wheels and gears of bureaucracy would turn slowly before I even found out whether there really was an American record about a (nonexistent) drug dealing arrest in 1977 and so on and so forth.

So now I am in the company of folks like George Galloway, who was also barred from speaking in Canada.

What does it mean? Why are they banning me from Canada now, when they let me enter less than two years ago for a trip across the eastern half of the country, and even let me enter to participate in THREE 9/11 truth conferences (most recently in 2012)? Why am I suddenly so dangerous?

The answer, apparently, is that my work exposing the Charlie Hebdo false flag has touched a nerve.

Since I announced plans for the book in February, I have been hit with torrents of abuse, including  death threats. And the pushback has greatly escalated since the book’s publication. French President Francois Hollande, responding to the Charlie Hebdo truth movement, called for a ban on “conspiracy theories” at the French, European, and international levels. His think tank produced a police dossier on the world’s five leading “conspiracy intellectuals” and I’m one of them.

 Why are they so afraid of “Charlie Hebdo truth” ?

I suspect the answer lies in Copenhagen, Denmark; Garland, Texas; and now Phoenix, Arizona.

The Charlie Hebdo perpetrators – a global Zionist organized crime network that owns Mossad and has tentacles in other Western intelligence agencies – designed the Charlie Hebdo attacks as the PR launch for a whole series of smaller but similar events … in much the same way they designed 9/11 as the PR launch for the “war on terror” whose follow-up events included the Madrid train bombings, the London 7/7/2005 “terror drill,” and so on.

The theme of the new Zio-terrorist false flag campaign is simple: “Muslims are violent, freedom-hating maniacs who over-react to cartoons.”

The new book We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo! Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11 completely deconstructs this campaign at every level. And its timely appearance is the key to its effectiveness. It as is if David Ray Griffin and Christopher Bollyn had gotten their 9/11 books published in 2001.

No wonder the Zionists who own Canada don’t like me.

And let’s go ahead and name some names.

The real ruler of Canada is the Bronfman organized crime family. This Jewish-Zionist criminal organization has dominated the Canadian “deep state” since it rose to power manufacturing and smuggling liquor during Prohibition.

It is an open secret in Canada that the Bronfman syndicate owns Stephen Harper. No wonder the Canadian Defense Ministry and the Jewish Defense League have merged.

The Bronfman syndicate also owns or influences most of the Canadian media. Their lackey Jonathan Kay, an obvious Israeli asset who has co-written a book with a Mossad agent lionizing that agency, is a key player at the National Post and the man who was tasked with writing the big-publishing-house book slandering “9/11 conspiracy theorists.”

And that’s not all. VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff, during my visit to his house near Toledo in the wake of the Canadian border fiasco, told me that the Bronfmans were key players in 9/11. Gordon says they worked closely with Netanyahu smuggling the miniature nuclear weapons used in the demolitions of the Twin Towers. (The ongoing saga of Israel’s misbehavior with advanced nuclear weapons is a favorite topic of Gordon’s; he also updated me on the slam-dunk proof that Israel has dropped nuclear weapons on Yemen, a monstrous outrage, and a story that is starting to get traction around the world.)

Bottom line: I was turned away from Canada, and denied the right to practice free speech, by the criminal organization that has largely controlled the Canada-US border since prohibition, and totally controls it today.

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24 Responses to "Canada Bans Charlie Hebdo Conspiracy Theories"

  1. thisisanorange  June 5, 2015 at 8:51 pm

    “Bush-North” neocon Harper got into power thanks to the Asper billionaires (CanWest). The Trudeau Liberals are owned by Stephen Bronfman of Montreal (Tel Aviv’s 5th column in Quebec).

  2. raven  June 2, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    No one has mentioned the obvious false flag in Ottawa last October, during the same week new security measures were being passed, giving CSIS enormous power. Canada hasn’t been the same since.

    It was clearly a takeover by the same groups bringing Hebdo to France, the bombings in Boston, and the rest… infiltrating the security apparatuses of so many western countries.

    It is not hard to see that, when one of these operations takes place, a mass hypnosis takes hold. The lie is sold, and when BOUGHT by misinformed populaces, effectively gives the rulers license to commit all kinds of further fraud.

    The Truth movement doesn’t seem to be getting us anywhere, so the question is what else to do now.

  3. Curmudgeon  June 2, 2015 at 8:23 am

    W ould posters, Canadian or otherwise, please stop referring to the “Canadian” government and its employees in as Nazis or other terms related to the German Government of 1933-1945.
    The current “Canadian” government is a wholly owned subsidiary of Israel. If analogies are to be used, terms such as Zionist, Irgun, IDF, etc. are more appropriate.

    • Dan  June 2, 2015 at 1:01 pm

      Good point. A favorite of Zios and their trolls is to deflect attention from the Zionists’ commission of the world’s worst, most bloodthirsty, and despicable holocausts over the last hundred years by associating ultimate evil with their German victims in the era you mention, after which more defenseless and innocent Germans were exterminated under Jewish direction after the war than during the war. As WW II was ending Jews everywhere were lauding Arthur Miller’s novel, Focus, for depicting Euro-American Christians, especially returning GI’s, as, all of us, nothing but Nazis under the skin. See the latest by Roger Scrutton on their impresarios, who to this day are morally defiling our culture by Hitlerizing even the opera–in effect using our highest artistic achievements to spit in our faces, as Hollywood does to our self-hating fools. Thanks to brave revisionists, Jewish victimolatry, sustained by their Hitlerizing and nazifying scurrilities, is morphing into a well-earned demonology of names, places, and dates locating Zionists, not Nazis, as the locus of evil in the world. Such accusations are a huge red flag that what follows is either a lie, trap, or straightforward propaganda.

    • captain obvious  June 2, 2015 at 9:58 pm

      Curmudgeon, Dan, absolutely!
      “jew clergy” declared war on Germany, who wouldn’t try to relocate OUT potential enemies within the gates? it isnt any different than Japanese internment camps same era, but I’d bet most locked up were far more AMERICAN than the you-know-who’s who refuse to assimilate into ANY culture and ALWAYS demand to gain more and more CONTROL.

      it is convenient to use the depicted monster NAZI, but the real monster is who pushed and pushed and pushed, got punched in the nose then screamed “see I’m the victim!”

  4. captain obvious  June 2, 2015 at 3:11 am

    a few years ago Canadian border guards sure seemed allright to me, but coming back home was stormtroopers in black I’m surprised werent goose-stepping! what a pack of low IQ steroid fed thugfuq’s. one slapped the top of my car so hard it caved in, luckily it popped back out. I said “dang take it easy” and the power tripping FREAKS looked at me like I’d done something wrong? oh its not terrorism when THEY do it, I’m amazed no one has given them a surprise gift for the way they treat people. it isnt about safety or security, its about thuggish power trips.

  5. Yehuda_Abraham  June 1, 2015 at 4:05 pm

    Dr Barrett: The Canadian Jewish Congress made their first representation before Canada’s Parliament agitating for “hate speech” laws in 1963.

    They implemented these laws via the COHEN commission in 1965, and then used them against John Ross Taylor, a critic of non-white immigration policy and opponent of Those-Of-Whom-We-Do-Not-Speak.

    Make no mistake, this flooding of white lands with third worlders is a much a [part of their plan as is “Hate Speech” laws.

  6. ayelyahbenjamin  June 1, 2015 at 3:24 am

    deplorable….with the crooked layers protecting them removed they wont know what hit em…. creative crowds with law on their side…

  7. Ted Gorsline  June 1, 2015 at 1:07 am

    I have read on the internet but cannot confirm that the Bronfman family is as tight with the Rothschilds as Barrick’s Peter Monk and Onex’s Gerry Schwartz and his wife Heather Reisman. Most Canadians don’t know the Rothschilds are the largest land owners in Canada. Thanks to Joey Smallwood, whose family probably doesn’t have to work any more, they own 5,000 square miles around Churchill Falls in Labrador and the dam on the falls itself which supplies power to New York. Endless cash flow. Years ago I met the man in charge of the tight security there. He was a former French solider and he told me the Rothschilds had hired him. As an interesting side bar the Jewish Russian Oligarchs are now hiring Gurkas as body guards.

  8. Altimometer  May 31, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    Wow microprocessors and horse squeeze for brains border guards. What a nice experience for you Kevin. Baffled by goons at the first contact in a country you are visiting should make tourism boards notifications.

  9. Bill  May 31, 2015 at 1:10 pm

    Wow good news! Canada is worse than we are! ( that’s a “glass half full” way of looking at it ). But seriously, these people must be frustrated to resort to this. When they defend their lies ( the Muslims did 9-11, 7/7, Charlie Hebdo, etc. the Holohoax ) they just generate more skepticism. And in those already awake it’s just more confirmation that they’re shameless, calculating liars.

  10. Curmudgeon  May 31, 2015 at 12:47 pm

    Entering, or re-entering, Canada by road or airplane has never been pleasant. I have been questioned ferociously on returning many times. Years ago, the border guards were just anal pores, but since Bush Lite (Harper) has Israelized Canada, it is clear that Canadians are in 1 of 2 camps. Camp 1 = the unobservant brain dead and Harper supporters, who are friends. Camp 2 = all others, including the ambivalent, who are the enemy and to be treated like Palestinians.
    Foreigners coming to Canada generally fall into one of the two camps above.

    @ Ted Gorsline
    Bob Rae is and was a political chameleon. However, Ontario was bankrupted by the Liberals under David Peterson. Much of that was caused by the treasonous Free Trade Agreement.

    • Ted Gorsline  May 31, 2015 at 10:16 pm

      You are probably right about Peterson. It was a knee jerk response on my part. Rae just happened to be in place when the sky fell down. However, for decades Ontario was run by Bill Davis’s bag man Fast Eddy Goodman and Rae ended up working for him importing some pretty creepy Chinese .Peterson is a very unsavoury individual. His family business was failing in London and he got top dollar for it from a Sicilian Mafia don who wanted the garbage contract for the city of Toronto. Then he was voted out of office before he could deliver. At the same time a collection of Jews, one from Egypt planted in the Ministry of the Envirnment, under Jim Bradley was after the same contract. Not sure who eventually got it.

    • Ted Gorsline  June 1, 2015 at 12:33 am

      @curmudgeon, Do you know which bank now owns Ontario’s debt? I believe the Bronfman’s are major shareholders of the Royal Bank. Just trace it backwards? Who owns the debt? Which politician signed the province up to be indebted to which bank? Who paid their election costs?Its very easy for politicians to both stay in office and put a province or state into eternal debt to a usually Jewish owned bank. All they have to do is give the teachers union and police union, any puiblic service union all the money and perks they want. The politicians buy votes that way, bankrupt the state or provinbce and then the people of the entire provice or state are helplessly rooked into usuary for the rest of their lives. I bet every child born in Ontario today is born into at least $150,000 in debt. The Jewish bankers make them into life long debt slaves while they are still in the womb.

    • Curmudgeon  June 1, 2015 at 3:28 pm

      I can’t be sure, but the Bronfman’s were in deep in Quebec for decades, so my guess is that it is the Bank of Montreal, which has gone big into the Eastern US. The Royal Bank is likely the one owned by a myriad of Rothschild family members and companies. Any privately owned company with “Royal” in it is likely to be part of the octopus.
      I haven’t kept up with regulations, but at one time there was a maximum amount (7%) that any individual or entity could own of a bank. In either case there would likely have been a long term buy up involving many different “faces” (or should I say “feces”).

      As for provincial debt, the federal and provincial are supposed to be able to borrow interest free from the Bank of Canada. They don’t. Bond ratings are meaningless, as it is illegal for federal or provincial governments to go bankrupt. The government debt in Canada is an enormous scam perpetrated on the citizens for the benefit of our parasitical elite.

    • Yehuda_Abraham  June 1, 2015 at 4:01 pm

      @ Curmudgeon –COMER (Committee for Economic Reform) sued the Bank of Canada in order to have it return to its original charter, creating interest free money for Canada. They have so far won twice in court, but no one is reporting this fact.

      On the other side of that law suit is Stephen Harper’s lawyers. Why would they be on the opposite side of such a lawsuit defending the BOC from implementing its Charter?

      Who are they really working for?

    • Curmudgeon  June 1, 2015 at 7:08 pm


      I was aware of the law suit and the initial “victory”. The problem is not so much the B of C per se, rather the political interference and the Supreme Court. Recall that in 1961 PM Diefenbaker, through the Minister of Finance, who owned all of the shares wanted the Bank to follow Government policy. Governor Coyne, a banker hack appointed by the Liberals, refused. Judgment in the ensuing legal battle sided with the Bank. Coyne resigned anyway. Fast forward 10 years, and Minister of Finance Chretien, following the US decision to let its currency “float”, started reducing government borrowing from the Bank. The Mulroney crowd reduced further and started changing the bank through Orders in Council. This has been the pattern for decades. Treasonous in my opinion.

    • Ted Gorsline  June 2, 2015 at 12:46 am


      At one time a Chinese organized crime figure who is really a drug dealer and head of the 14 k Triad owned 30% of one of the Canadian banks. I think it was CIBC. He controlled the bank through proxies.

  11. B. Rock  May 31, 2015 at 11:58 am

    Dr. Barrett: I am canadian (too ashamed to use a capital letter because of what goes on in the capital city of this country). I am distressed by your disgraceful “reception” at the border and I apologize for your treatment by those border thugs. I wish I could make a hand to ankle daisy chain of Harper, his controllers and his flunkies and hang them all over a cliff. I’d be last hands on, firmly anchored, and then if they all didn’t apologize too, I would just lose my grip and let them go into the abyss. I was looking forward to attending one of your appearances once the date was determined. Please don’t judge us all by our abominable “leaders”. We once had a fine leader called Sir Isaac Brock and they say his final word before dying of his battle wounds was, “Surgite!” Press on, Dr. Barrett. You are an inspiration to truth seekers everywhere.

  12. James Robertson  May 31, 2015 at 11:06 am

    “I am a Canadian but I have to admit that Canada is now a joke nation run by weasily slime.” I am not a Canadian but must agree. Still stunned at that newspaper article. Harper I hope that it gets so cold that all your parts drop off and they are eaten by a miniature rat.. Canada you are being ruled by the WORST PEOPLE EVER! Are you Canadians so low that you believe that you deserve to be ruled by human filth such as Harper?

    • Ted Gorsline  June 1, 2015 at 12:45 am

      Its going to be difficult to change. The Harper government has just approved Paul Godfrey’s acquisition of the Toronto Sun Chain. Godfrey already wears two hats. He is publisher of the National (sometimes called Mossad) Post and also head of the Ontario Gaming Commission and Sheldon Adelson’s lobbyist in Canada. He now controls all the English speaking newspapers in Canada except I believe 4. He often controls both newspapers in two newspaper towns. If Harper runs in the next election, he will be defined to the sheeple as the next best thing to Jesus Christ. However, if the Saudis keep oil prices low, and Toronto becomes Detroit 2, I imagine Harper will leave politics and then get paid off with various high salary/no work directorships by Peter Monk just like John Baird was.

  13. mary  May 31, 2015 at 11:01 am

    we all know having a false record, putting whatever they can on someones computer, is their choice of weapons and of course causing riots, even better than racism if the cause is for religion. They have the ability to destroy careers and lives, and if that fails, a other proof is needed to make your case correct, their reaction says it all…There is no more fooling the awake…

  14. Worker Bee  May 31, 2015 at 10:39 am

    Anger builds by many small cuts, such as Dr. Barrett’s experience. The “grassroots Jews” referred to should realize that their tacit approval of such actions will lead to real blow-back against all of them – the self-fulfilling prophecy that Atzmon talks about.

  15. Ted Gorsline  May 31, 2015 at 9:27 am

    I am a Canadian but I have to admit that Canada is now a joke nation run by weasily slime. I see where Gordon Duff has named Edgar Bronfman as one of the architects of 9/11. Edgar inherited his fortune from Sammy Bronfman, a gangster and perhaps the very worst criminal in Canadian history, as well as being Al Capone’s boss. There is a need for a huge upheavel in Canadian politics, such as banning Bnai Brith as a Fifth column and terrorist organization , but it won’t happen unless the Saudis keep oil prices at rock bottom because Canada lost its Ontario industrial base thanks to the work of Fast Eddy Goodman, Bob Rae (ne Levy) and Globalization, and is now a one trick poney. Once Alberta runs out of oil money equalization payments will stumble and everyone else will come short too. If oil stays low watch for Canadian property values to rival Detroit.

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