Blitzer Website Accuses Israel and ISIS of Organ Trafficking



“Dr. Francis Delmonico is Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and practices transplant surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also the director of medical affairs for the Transplantation Society and an adviser on human transplantation for the World Health Organization (WHO) . . .

Delmonico decried the fact that Israel is outsourcing kidney and liver transplants to Colombia and the Philippines.

Israel has, in the past, been a center for dubious human organ trafficking operations. It is also the case that Palestinian prisoners in Israel have sought to sell their kidneys to feed their children. The Israel Medical Association is opposing a bill that would allow the donors of certain organs to be reimbursed by the state.

The group claims this will ‘open the door’ to organ sales.”

A year after our report, the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reported that Palestinian prisoners who died at the hands of Israeli troops had their organs harvested.

The Swedish report was met with howls of “blood libel,” “anti-Semitism,” “hate speech,” and other typical histrionics from Jewish groups around the world, which can always be expected to act on cues from their deep-pocketed financiers.

Aftonbladet withstood the Zionist onslaught and stuck by its story. It was later vindicated when a 2000 interview with Yehuda Hiss.

Now comes the charges from Iraq’s ambassador that ISIL is removing human organs from its victims. But who are the buyers?

Given Israel’s tacit support for Syrian rebels, including ISIL and groups like the Al Nusra Front that are allied with it, Israel is the likely customer for the Iraqi body parts in a quid pro quo that only a Dr. Frankenstein could admire.

For a nation like Israel that is full of anti-Arab zealots and racists, that sort of animosity does not seem to extend, even under bizarrely antiquated Jewish religious laws, to placing Arab kidneys, livers, and pancreas into the bodies of Israeli Jews in need of organ transplants.

Are one or possibly two Israelis now sporting Kayla Mueller’s kidney or kidneys, courtesy of ISIL?

Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and Mossad agents have been witnessed transferring weapons to ISIL units in Iraq’s western Anbar province as well as in the area around Quneitra, near the Golan Heights of Syria.

In addition, wounded Syrian rebels fighting the government of Bashar al Assad, have been medically evacuated across the Israeli border for treatment in Israeli hospitals. Many of these wounded rebels are either members of ISIL or sympathizers with Al Nusra.

In return for Israeli support, ISIL never trains its long-range weapons at Israeli positions but keep them focused on Syrian government forces.

There have also been credible reports that Mossad and the IDF have supplied ISIL with intelligence on Lebanese Hezbollah units in Syria in order that the jihadist radicals launch attacks on the Shi’a Lebanese positions.

In fact, ISIL religious dogma instructs its followers that the Shi’as are worse enemies of ISIL than are Jews.

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  1. Mr. Marc Arthiur, not only was Hilter right, he foretold all the manipulation, war mongering, false flag ops, media takeover, banking takeovers and the elimination of our secure borders. Don’t forget the multicultural BS we endure and the endless influx of third worlders lowering our standard of living. All jew concepts and propegated by jews according to their new world order as directed by the talmud. The talmud, a filthy degenerate “how to”for jews who view other races as animals. This is why prostitution, child sex, organ trafficking and countless other degenerate lifestyles are part of daily life in Israel.
    Read “200 Years Together” and be educated. Thank you Jesus Christ for giving the world the Internet. Jews have not yet figured out how to stop the flow of truth on the web thus exposing them (you?) to the world.

  2. Throat cutting without first humanely stunning the victim lies at the religious heart of all middle eastern cultures.

    The Jews do it to make coiture meat. The Muslims for halal.

    • @yosefv,

      I once worked on a tropical cattle ranch in South America and slaughtered a few cattle and horses that had got either equine encephlamiatimitis or rabies from the vampire bats. If I didn’t cut their throats and just left them the black vultures would eat out their eyes and open their anusus while they were still alive and then eat them alive. It was not legal to carry a handgun but now I know why American cowboys carried them. A bullet goes faster than the speed of sound and by shooting a horse or cow in the brain you kill it before it hears the sound of the shot.

    • Dear JozsevV,

      The woman in the photo is alive. A man is holding her mouth shut to keep her from screaming and he is tipping her head back to expose her neck to the knife.

      Her blood is pouring out because her heart is still beating. She has been murdered coiture style probably to ensure her organs are salable in Tel Aviv. This seems to be an authentic organ gathering photo.

      When the brain stops the heart stops and the carcass bleeds for a while but soon the blood congeals and doesn’t come pouring like it does on this photo. This woman was slaughtered for money.

  3. That photo is the reason women, everywhere in the world should be allowed to own, know how to use, and be allowed to carry handguns.

  4. Some Kuwaiti guys told me once how the Bedouins butcher their camels or other live stock. They described exactly what is taken place in the photo. Tie the legs, lay it on its side, pull the head back and cut the jugular then hold it until it bleeds out. They said they collect the blood for something. Probably use every part of the animal. I said they should kill the animal first to minimize the suffering. They said that part doesn’t matter, it is just the way its done.
    I’ve often thought that some of those tribal guys have a higher regard for their livestock than the woman.

    The Chinese are more humane, they at least kill the victims with a bullet to back of the neck before the butchering starts

  5. If the Goy aren’t worth a JEWISH fingernail, than why would somebody from the DESPICABLE FEW accept a cornea, liver, kidney, skin or anything else from a Goy animal ? HYPOCRITES of the worst kind.

  6. when i first saw that i thought fake.. the face was fuzzy… until i realized it was a hand over the mouth, not to hear the last scream. my reaction though, not to nuke tel aviv, but threadneedle street in the city. with a Sam Cohen special, the bankers bomb…kills people not property. by the by he received the noble prize for the neutron bomb.

  7. There is purpose showing this …. this can’t be switched off like a scene in a horror movie and everyone needs to wake up!…this is in the NOW! … she was one of us… how in the love of God could anyone accept organs understanding they come from “on the spot” mobile human slaughter-houses, business without compunction … the TRUE face of Rothschilds Israel is all about theft and human harvesting….it is at your door and in your face….wake up! ……does anyone still believe it is heifers and bulls they plan on sacrificing out in the open in broad daylight at this proposed Temple in Jerusalem?….we can end it with a head shot…together

  8. The article’s second paragraph appears to be incomplete. How much is missing?
    “Aftonbladet withstood the Jewish onslaught and stuck by its story. It was later vindicated when a 2000 interview withYehuda Hiss, then director of Israel’s[…]”

  9. I think it very important to grasp the concept, the pic illustrates the severity of the issue at hand. This sort of thing isn’t pretty in fact, it’s down right ugly. Hard to imagine that people go about their everyday lives with little understanding of how truly barbaric these animals really are. I suspect that this is tame by nature. JMHO.


  10. I don’t think the Israeli’s simply failed to capture Dr. Mengele. I think they hired him. Despicable.

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