Who Put “Caitlyn Jenner” on a Pedestal?



…by Jonas E. Alexis


The Dreadful Few will never stop distracting people from focusing on essential issues such as economics and U.S. foreign policy and metaphysical issues such as the questions of origin, morality and destiny. The recent Bruce Jenner debacle is a case in point. But before we talk about Bruce, or “Caitlyn,” here is a two-day experiment for you.

On one day of the week, grab a microphone or camera and go to some of the major cities in America and even Europe. Start asking people some basic questions about the Middle East; ask them if they know any powerful force behind ISIS, the Syrian rebels/terrorists.

More importantly, ask them about the real jokers  who are playing with the political remote control in much of the West. The answer may surprise you. You will come to the inevitable conclusion that the media has done a great job brainwashing the masses. You will quickly discover why the Dreadful Few do not want people to know certain facts.

For example, Damon Linker of The Week declared last year that Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson is the real “puppet master of the GOP.”[1] Last month, the Atlantic came out with an article entitled, “A Guide to the Billionaires Bankrolling the GOP Candidates.” It argues that, among other things, Adelson is really the joker who is pushing the button.[2]

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post have made the same point.[3] If you still doubt this, then ask Jeb Bush. He has already been crawling on his knees, begging Adelson to support him:

“He [Jeb] added that when it came to supporting Israel, his father’s ‘record speaks for itself…’”[4]

George W. Bush, who ought to be behind bars for the rest of his natural life, is also coming out of the woodwork with his political ax, saying to the Republican Jewish Coalition things like making a deal with Iran is a bad move.[5]

What we are seeing here is that Adelson, the new joker on the block, would like to give America a better class of criminals. The money he had amassed probably from years of spreading prostitutions in places like China[6] is now being used to pay the GOP bill. Adelson was even accused of working with “organized crime figures” in the same region.[7]

“Macau is abuzz with the news that the investor Ng Man-sun—who has a controlling stake in a publicly traded company—was having dinner two weekends ago with a younger female companion at the restaurant in his own casino, when ‘six men rushed in and proceeded to beat the couple with hammers and sticks.’

“The woman was not seriously hurt, but Ng ended up in the hospital, and the Times noted, in the kind of detail that matters, that ‘Mr. Ng’s arms and legs were badly hurt but … the attackers had avoided hitting him on the head.’

“To those who know, that is the telltale mark of a ‘chopping,’ to use the triads’ vivid expression, in which a gang does a job on the limbs but leaves the victim alive (to tell the tale, pay the debt, etc.).”[8]

But not a single so-called Republican candidate asked how Adelson accumulated all that wealth. All they care about is money and power. For those puppets, working with organized crimes and spreading prostitution are not really the issue. In fact, in a capitalist society, who is to say that spreading prostitution is not part of “democracy” and “freedom”?

Last year, Adelson was also “the 11th richest person on the planet,”[9] which means that he has enough power to change things around.

Now, how many people do you think know about the real Sheldon Adelson and how he is trying to manipulate the political landscape? How many people do you think know that the Dreadful Few are doing the best they can to stop the U.S. from making a reasonable deal with Iran?

Now, on the second day of your experiment, change the subject. Do not talk about Sheldon Adelson or Haim Saban or even the Dreadful Few. Start asking people about Bruce Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Iggy Azalea, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Megan Trainor, and you will quickly find out that no breathing entertainer or performer escapes them.

We should again congratulate the media for sophistically brainwashing the masses. Of course, no one will have the audicity to talk about the Dreadful Few because Jenner in particular is not “ethnically” Jewish. But the essential question is this: who put Bruce Jenner or Caitlyn Jenner on a pedestal?

Vanity Fair is largely responsible, but Jewish photographer Annie Leibovitz did the hard work. Back in 2008, it was Leibovitz who took a picture of a fifteen-year old by the name of Miley Cyrus and put it on the front cover of Vanity Fair.[10] That same picture obviously boosted Cyrus’ career.

So, Goyim like Cyrus or Jenner simply do not seem to know that they are being juiced by what DMX would have called “The Industry,” which is obviously being manufactured by the Dreadful Few.

Back in 2007, the Jerusalem Post itself had an article entitled, “Jewish Power Dominates at ‘Vanity Fair.’”[11]

So, Vanity Fair, in a sense, is like the psychoanalytic movement, which needed the presence of the dumb Goyim to thrive.

Sigmund Freud knew very well that psychoanalysis was a “Jewish science” and that the movement would not go very far if he did not place a number of non-Jews in high position. Carl Jung, who literally called Freud “my father,”[12] was Freud’s first victim. As we have said in a previous article:

“Freud had to find some Gentile to make the movement more inclusive. This is one reason why he worked tirelessly to make Jung a figurehead in the psychoanalytic movement. He told Jung in a letter written in 1908, ‘You really are the only one capable of making an original contribution to [psychoanalysis].’

“He also wrote to a Swiss psychologist named Ludwig Binswanger, ‘When the realm I have found is orphaned, no one but Jung shall inherit it.’ For Freud, according to David Bakan, Jung was ‘a bridge to the Gentile world.’

“But Freud’s Jewish fellows were not satisfied with Jung, wishing Freud had chosen a Jew for the task. Freud took great pains to ensure that a gentile, Jung, would be the head of his psychoanalytic movement—a move that infuriated his Jewish colleagues in Vienna, but one that was clearly intended to de-emphasize the very large overrepresentation of Jews in the movement during this period.”

“To persuade his Jewish colleagues of the need for Jung to head the society, he argued, ‘Most of you are Jews, and therefore you are incompetent to win friends for the new teaching. Jews must be content with the modest role of preparing the ground. It is absolutely essential that I should form ties in the world of science.…’”

Psychoanalysis has been widely debunked and abandoned. But it would have been abandoned long ago had Freud did not put non-Jews in the movement.

Which brings us to our essential point here: the Dreadful Few will do their best to attract Goyim to their subversive movements. Sometimes they would pay the Goyim well, put them in front of national television, and applaud them for the work they are doing. It is almost the same thing when it comes to the entertainment industry. You remember what Lawrence Bender said to Quentin Terantino’s Inglorious Basterds when it first came out? Bender said,

“As a fan, I thank you; as your producer, I thank you; as a member of the Jewish tribe, I thank you.”

Danielle Berrin of the Jewish Journal tells us: “Surprised, Tarantino asked, ‘Really?’ To which Bender replied, ‘Are you kidding me? This is a Jewish wet dream!’”[13]

So, the plot thickens: whoever is promoting that which is congruent to “a Jewish wet dream,” the Dreadful Few will more than likely welcome that person or organization. This is why they will produce any corrupt Goyim on camera and even on the Today Show:

This is certainly the case with “Caitlyn Jenner.” He or she gets a lot of media attention because that is how you can get people distracted. Since people like Jenner would probably do just about anything for money, power and a little bit of fame, they think that they are living a normal life, when in fact they are living in a dream world, which only exists for a season. Jenner said, “I’m not doing this to be interesting. I’m doing this to live.”[14]

Sure. But Jenner does not seem to know the consequences of living a superficial life. According to a study:

“A whopping 41% of people who are transgender or gender-nonconforming have attempted suicide sometime in their lives, nearly nine times the national average…”[15]

The Dreadful Few want people like Jenner to think that they are living a perfect life, but that is the deception. As rapper DMX would put it:

“‘The Industry’ doesn’t have to do with talent; it’s about playing the game…‘The Industry’—money, bitches, hate…’The Industry’ is like ‘Wait’! But in the street we’re like, ‘Get them’!

“‘The Industry’—if you ain’t got a strong mind—will break you down, [and] it’s a matter of time. The industry vultures with nothing to feast on…The industry play in the dirt, stay in the dirt—test the wrong one in the industry and you will get hurt.

“‘The Industry’ wanted, dead or alive, new artists to sell their souls…to survive. ‘The Industry’ don’t give a fu$k about you! But the industry couldn’t make a dime without you!”

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Jonas E. Alexis

Jonas E. Alexis graduated from Avon Park High School, studied mathematics and philosophy as an undergraduate at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and has a master's degree in education from Grand Canyon University.

Some of his main interests include the history of Christianity, U.S. foreign policy, the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book ,Christianity & Rabbinic Judaism: A History of Conflict Between Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism from the first Century to the Twenty-first Century.

He is currently teaching mathematics in South Korea. He plays soccer and basketball in his spare time. He is also a cyclist. He is currently writing a book tentatively titled Zionism and the West.

Alexis welcomes comments, letters, and queries in order to advance, explain, and expound rational and logical discussion on issues such as the Israel/Palestine conflict, the history of Christianity, and the history of ideas.

In the interest of maintaining a civil forum, Alexis asks that all queries be appropriately respectful and maintain a level of civility. As the saying goes, “iron sharpens iron,” and the best way to sharpen one’s mind is through constructive criticism, good and bad.

However, Alexis has no patience with name-calling and ad hominem attack. He has deliberately ignored many queries and irrational individuals in the past for this specific reason—and he will continue to abide by this policy.

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  1. @Chandler
    I too have worked in around the health care sector for 40 years. Yes, there are people who suffer. I have had family members with mental health issues, and friends that have committed suicide.
    However, you seem to be missing the point. I could care less what Jenner wants to do with his life, that is his and his family’s business. The question is, why would Jenner announce it to the world?
    I do not and have never bought into the “trapped in their body” propaganda. Until science convinces me that there is a “gay gene” or a “transgender” gene, it will always be a personal choice that is being made. I find it curious that he was “trapped” the entire time he was in competition as a decathlete for 2 Olympic games and fathering 6 children.
    Jenner and others may have endocrine or chemical imbalances that skew his thinking, but at the end of the day, three things don’t change: 1) it is a personal decision; 2) his fame and fortune have been created over relatively minor achievements; 3) the reasons given for the publicity are bogus.

  2. Chandler, thank you for reminding me about compassion and non-judgement..I do not understand bruce, but he probably does not understand me either..sounds like you have seen a side of life that is most distressing, and that a lot of us do not see…

    • Thanks Mary. Yes I have seen a side of life that ruined many things in life for me. Since 1970, I have seen and heard enough. Poking fun art this unnerves me. People need to empathize a little more with these truly tortured human beings. I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve hugged a tortured trapped human drenching me in snot and tears sobbing uncontrollably. I thought she was going to be okay. A week later she took her life. It was just too much to tolerate any longer. Surgery was what she needed but had no funds. Money for war, money for killing innocents and taking out foreign leaders presidents once used for their war machines and selfish vendettas. Money for corruption, pay-offs, buying votes. But not one penny for life saving surgeries. One nation under God. Judge not, and ye…,well y’know the rest. Thanks may, I enjoy your posts also. Keep it up.

  3. Just a scientific note, the amount of hormones these men take means they will have a very short life span, so Michelle and the others might know this, and to have this sick self worth of ones self means sHe must expose it’s self, before these hormones produces death, usually a heart attack.

  4. Psy op for those who would let it. He used her she used him and no one should put their energy in to this. Let those perps expend their energy and wither.

  5. The editors of Vanity Fair (Thackeray must be rolling in his grave) insult us if they think we believe that Jenner looks anything like that photo in real life.

  6. @ Ross Hendry

    Such chutzpah, already, considering there isn’t one element of Freudianism not so thoroughly debunked it isn’t the stuff of comedy routines. Frederick Crews’s Unauthorized Freud brings together 20 heavyweights in psychology, and several contributions from Crews, that so convincingly and devastatingly debunk Freud, it’s surprising there are still people like, apparently, yourself who pay a hefty price to have their lives ruined by the real mental patient on the other side of the desk. Incidentally, name one reputable university program in psychology teaching that Jewish, paranoid voodoo stuff, except maybe for laughs and the historical horror of it all. Do yourself a favor and don’t reveal your dreams to a psychoanalyst, who’ll impose upon them his own sordid fantasies and then send you a bill for a few hundred bucks.

  7. Freud was born May 6, 1856. That was the day of 10 Aj in the 260 day calendar.
    Jung was born July 26, 1875. That day was 10 Aj in the 260 day calendar. That’s the exact same day.
    The difference was Freud was born during the first week in May and has heightened sexuality.
    Jung was born the latter part of July and focused on society at large.
    In Genesis, the day of Aj and its descriptors directly correlates with chap 4, 24, 44.
    If the proper analysis had been used to consider Freuds motivation, he would not be a household name today at all. Jung would be more closely studied.
    The Pope ordered all the paper to be burned to hide the correlations. So, if we are looking at perps, let’s get them all in a line. Rome and Tel-Aviv work together and there is plenty of proof.

  8. For anyone who has forgotten, this is his/her life. It does not affect me in the least. I have worked as a paramedic, 20-plus years in emergency room, 4 years in a psych ward, and 12-plus years in an ICU. Known young kids abandoned by parents and not understood. Was called to several (before there was ever 9-11,) suicides in an ambulance, and pulled away 1-2 hours later in the same ambulance, but now a hearse with the body wrapped in a zipper body bag. Parents cried. Some had guilt.
    I’ve known feminine men, masculine women, gays, lesbians, some nice and happy, some mean and possessive.
    If everything he said was true, Bruce is free, and Caitlyn emerges in fairly decent shape. The life he lead in such misery, is now no more. Bruce did not think of me one single day. I still have his Wheaties box. What a magnificent athlete he was. How miserable he must’ve been. What real difference does it make to any of us? How did his gender transition affect any of us? It did not. I’ll always remember Bruce for the feats he accomplished. Now I hope Caitlyn is happy and lives a long life. Judge not, and yes shall not be judged. But then again, we abandoned the Bible a long time ago. If Bruce is to pay for his metamorphosis, that is between him and his god. You all are so quick to pounce without completely knowing how large this problem actually is in this country.

    • I wasn’t going to say this but I allow me to add. This concealed oddity these people persevere and suffer through is nothing to laugh at. Many I have sat with informally and formally eventually show their pain, their hurt, and thoughts on self-destruction. I’ve looked directly into their eyes and watched the teary battle, the frustrated confliction, the humiliation inside their own skin. Who they subjectively are on the inside is something other than their objective physical presence, and structure. The sadness I’ve witnessed in a feminine man or masculine woman trapped inside their own skin-cage is almost intolerable, and grossly inhumane. These comments are perfect examples of an insensitive society that does not understand this torturous condition, and has no intentions of trying. So many of you are the bug in Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis,” and you don’t even know it. Never achieving anything near what Bruce in 1976 and the rest of his life. You are all champions though in belittlement, bullying, poking fun at a man long in pain in his secret life. Champions all!

    • Sweet batch of truth from a person who works in the middle of the human soup kitchen. The others wouldn’t know what to do. Much respect.

      Bruce doesn’t have anything left to prove, he left it all on the track. Why does Jonas pick these targets, instead of going after the myriad of criminals who are actually pulling triggers ? The Catholics prey on the unknowing and impoverished more than Bruce or Caitlyn ever did.
      Caitlyn is close to Cattelan the artist …https://www.flickr.com/photos/eveningsong/6753986789/?ytcheck=1

    • I am not an expert in any of this. As an R.N. I witnessed unending human suffering leading to death that should not have happened if someone would have just listened-just stopped for a few minutes to sit down and listen to their conflict. It saddens me these comments. I think each of you should do some soul searching and try to understand, and empathize a little better. The author not excluded. Bruce/Caitlyn is genuine phenomenon. Someone as well known as he/she was/is going so public? He3 was miserable while we gloated over what he did. I congratulate him for breaking free and being so honest.

  9. yup.. “Caitlyn” is an embarrassment, but I’d laugh pretty good if the Olympic Commission made a proper decision and took away “her” medals..

  10. I’m surprised VF or Leibovitz didn’t sell the photo to General Mills for a ‘Wheaties’ cover. You Know, the breakfast of ‘Transpions’.

  11. Iowa Caucus confirms Jenner for President HQ. in the making
    NH Primary officials holding their breath.
    Gallup says latest has Jenner “neck and neck” with Hillary
    American voters pouring out of the woodwork for the first
    Trans American President….RuPaul refuses to deny rumors of
    his secret meetings with Caitlyn to join the ticket.
    Putin , meeting with his China counterpart , collapses in laughter on the news
    Jenner calls for a Trans Gender Military.
    Pentagon E-ring in an uproar.
    CIA spokesman says; “we are all in for “Democracy”
    Lindsey Graham dodges reporters questions.

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