Chemo Lies



By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

This week I read an article on chemotherapy as a cancer treatment, an article written by one of my friends.  The article cites the origins of chemotherapy during World War I and goes on with some documentation and statistics to make a case for all cancer patients to reject chemotherapy as a scam.  To the unsuspecting, who see the writer, a brilliant political scientist, as a reputable source on this subject, I give a warning.  The entire article is hogwash.

This reminds me of one of the moments a friend educated by bumper stickers and un-sourced emails tell me that tetanus is a normal childhood disease that kids get over easily.  Read about tetanus, the “T” part of the “DPT” shot you didn’t let your kids get:

Acute respiratory failure is the leading cause of death in tetanus infections. A short incubation period is associated with a particularly grim prognosis. In individuals under age 50, mortality is nearly 100% if symptoms begin within 1 to 2 days. Morbidity is reduced to 35% to 40% if the incubation period is greater than 10 days. The overall mortality rate ranges from less than 10% to as high as 50%. High mortality rates are also associated with early onset of convulsions, individuals who require mechanical ventilation, or delay in treatment. Contaminated wounds located on the head and face are more dangerous than wounds located on other parts of the body. The individual’s age and severity of symptoms also affect prognosis. Recovery is complete if the individual survives the infection.

Do you want to talk “diphtheria?”

Anyone talking about chemotherapy and survival rates who is not a licensed oncologist is invariably parroting the ideas of others that they have no understanding of whatsoever.

fff_261Let’s get this out right away, chemotherapy is poison.  It can kill you.  Doctors know this, and this is taken into account with well established treatment protocols.  The idea that every doctor in the world is a dangerous psychotic and drug companies poison cancer patients out of amusement is even crazier than people who think airplanes make buildings vaporize.

Some of the basics we can go into now.  If you are diagnosed with cancer, after a biopsy and scans, a treatment plan is developed that can include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.  In most cases, a tumor is found, it is removed and pathologists examine it.  If it was removed “cleanly,” with little possibility of missing part of it, you still have to deal with what kind of “receptors” the tumor has or had.  Some tumors are very unpleasant and require, even after removal, much more aggressive treatment.

The article I am referencing displayed NO familiarity with this process.

All statistics given, and many were, made no sense at all.  There were no mentions of cancer states, metastasis or other problems that make internet pontification less entertaining but oh so fatal to those who take this advice.

You see, if you have a tumor removed, a cancer, but receive no radiation or chemotherapy, depending on the type of tumor you had, your survival potential can be as low as 30%.  If the tumor was advanced and in metastasis, even chemotherapy may not be able to save you.

What wasn’t mentioned, along with different types of tumors and stages of cancer, is that random cells that are floating around simply start dividing, take seat and kill you.

Chemotherapy kills them before chemotherapy kill you, if all is done properly.

Will you suffer?  Of course!

Was anything said in the generalized bullshit “natural medicine” crap?  Not hardly.

If you don’t trust your physician, get a second opinion.  If you have training, read reputable materials, ask questions, make sure you understand the risks and percentages and make educated decisions about your own healthcare.

However…leave the quacks and crackpots alone.



  1. I’ve sent this “baking soda/molasses” protocol to two people and both were cured. What’s sweet is it’s simple, effective and it’s cheap…

    One man claims he has found a cure for cancer and actually successfully treated his own by using baking soda/molasses protocol.
    Vernon Johnston was diagnosed with stage IV aggressive prostate cancer which metastasized to his bones. He initially turned to Cesium, but ended up using a baking soda/molasses protocol as a natural cure which eliminated his cancer and has worked for hundreds of others. (NOTE: This protocol works for all cancers except for one – melanoma.)

    For melanoma… (NOTE: Worthy of concideration, on this one though, I cannot endorse the efficacy – SG)

  2. Every administration of “chemotherapy” violates the Hippocratic Oath, as it poisons the body, and kills eight or more times as many healthy cells as cancer cells. If the Hippocratic Oath were honored by Rockefeller´s “school medicine,” the “standard practice” of “Oncology” would be stopped; immediately.
    I find it interesting that flu and various other infectious diseases – as well as cancer – increased about five years after the NAZI Dr. Mengele crew were secreted into the US, 1945, and deposited in the US Army bioweapons lab on camp Detrick, MD, later named Ft. Detrick. The secretive experiments with biowarfare agents conducted by the CIA in the later 1950s – and continuing- on soldiers, college students and designated geographical areas is thoroughly documented by numerous authors – as well as several former CIA agents who “blew the whistle, similar to John Stockwell. And, guess what ? Chemotherapy became a standard practice, also.

  3. One element, of the “treatment” of cancerous conditions with nitrogen extracts, has been consistent since its usage in Hitler´s “Health Promotion Program” of the 1930s: its failure rate. That 98% of patients who lived through “chemotherapy” die within 5 years, and 40% from organ failure due to chemotherapy poisoning, clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of “chemotherapy.” The recent videos of Dr. Leonard Coldwell present information that is verified, some of which has been suppressed for thirty years. Being one of the 2% of survivers of cancer-chemotherapy reflects the 2%, not the 98%.

  4. Anyone talking about chemotherapy and survival rates who is not a licensed oncologist is invariably parroting the ideas of others that they have no understanding of whatsoever.

    Gordon, you’re obviously involved with this in an emotional way, as I am, having witnessed my sister’s case thoroughly mismanaged by a top oncologist and after treatment at Sloan-Kettering. She died of carcinomous meningitis after taking Taxil, after which a German study correlated the two.

    Regarding the quote, oncologists are not statisticians to my knowledge, and educated people are as qualified to follow such arguments as they are. We may justifiably defer to oncologists about factual matters, although in view of their track record and willingness to use the most toxic chemicals known I don’t know why that should be, but we are in no way compelled to accept their reasoning from those facts, based as it frequently is on extraordinary hubris in the face of ignorance, willingness to inflict the most barbarous treatments under the banner of good intentions, and, from what I’ve observed, their love of the almighty dollar.

    • Has anyone watched the Burzynsky movie -“Cancer is a Serious Business”? It is a documentary of Dr. Burnzynsky`s fabulous progress in defeating cancer and how he was persecuted for it by big pharma. It is a learning lesson for everyone!

  5. Good to see VT taking an interest in this issue. My own research on this is now outdated. But my personal observation is that chemo and radiation bring more regrets than life. A study I read back in the Seventies suggested that those receiving no treatment fared as well as those receiving radiation and or chemo and without the side effects. I cured three skin cancers, one on my head and two on my shoulders with virgin coconut oil, lots of it. I don’t trust oncologists.

  6. Jack Heart
    I truly enjoy you’re articles But I love you’re comments.
    You say it like it is never pulling back the punches

  7. My father died of lung cancer, the chemo gave him five extra years which i highly doubt echinacea would have given him. A couple of them were even “good” years but all and all my advise to anyone diagnosed with one of the really fatal cancers is go out and shoot yourself a republican or better still a news caster…

  8. The real controversy is what causes cancer.
    Pathologists identified cancer as a bacteria, in the 19th century. Microbiologists like Virginia Livingston agreed, and treated her patients accordingly. Physicians like Lorraine Day, Leonard Coldwell, and Joseph Mercola all argue against chemotherapy and use of ingested foods or supplements.
    Royal Rife “exploded” cancer cells through sympathetic vibrations in the 1930s. Marie Caisse successfully treated hundreds of patients declared terminally ill.
    More recently, cancer has been identified as a polymorphic cell, existing in most people’s body, capable of being destroyed without chemotherapy.
    Ayurvedic medicine treats cancer with foods.
    Suzanne Somers was successfully treated with a Mistletoe extract. The list goes on and on.
    The reality is that most drugs are a synthesized version of a naturally occurring substance. It is the manufacturing process that creates the poison.
    Natural medicine makes a strong immune system the centre of prevention and treatment.
    Chemotherapy is not a panacea.

    • I forgot to add the only man to have won the Nobel Prize twice – Linus Pauling. His intravenous, high dose Vitamin C therapy is now in use in some cancer centres, albeit 50 years late.

  9. Chemo, radiation, and aggressive surgery are TREATMENTS! Not — cures .. (and most [if not all] so-called medical pros do not know how to administer these, without killing the patient) ..

    Let us please promote the cures that have been available to us since (and probably before) most us posting have been born. And Gordon, they [largely] come from Telsa (via proper comprehension of natural laws, first given to man via the divine council, since antediluvian times) if you have not been paying attention ..

    I think you need to pay more attention to the good doctor, Harris featured last week. The good doctor from Bulgaria that has 20+ years in medicine. I don’t care how good of a nurse someone is, even with a Ph.D in nursing. They do not trump advice and instruction from an M.D. (a properly trained one) ..

    • Actually Klaatu, and this is coming from someone who has spent months in ICU, they sure as hell do.

  10. 75% of doctors polled said they would NOT take chemotherapy treatment if they got cancer.
    There are many known cures for cancer, Gordon, and frankly this article surprises me. Cannabis oils cures cancer. Google “The Rick Simpson Story” or “Phoenix Tears,” or go to Cannabis Cures Cancer Facebook page. Thousands of cancer patients are alive thanks to this long hidden, but now open, knowledge. Please do your own research, Gordon, and I’ll bet you a dollar to a doughnut you will come to the same conclusion as I have. Contact Rick Simpson and speak with him, hell, interview him for an article. Shout it out… Cannabis Cures Cancer!

  11. Better living through chemistry takes us from a 3% cancer rate to somewhere better than 33% in less than a century. Now Gordon pushes more of the same poison that was at least in part responsible for the exponential increase in the first place. What next, extolling the virtues Fukushima Sushi?

  12. What am I missing here? Who is the quack and are you FOR chemotherapy or against it? I would sure like to read the article written by your friend. There is one thing I have learned during my stay on this earth and that is the AMA & APA are the worlds heavy weight champions of liars (vying for 1st place with Fox News).
    These, for profit only, agencies are nothing short of barbarous in their application of “health care”. Actually, the founders of the AMA were snake oil charmers who never stepped foot into university and Freud was a sicko, maniacal sex pervert, if you want to talk about quacks.

    I wholeheartedly believe the US trauma/emergency doctors are the best in the world. End of story, that’s all she wrote. But just follow the lifespan of a baby today from vaccines given at 4 hours old to psycho drugs at 7, to Guardasil & hepatitis vaccines at 13 and then squalene laced vaccines thereafter all filled with aluminum, mercury, cancer cells, formaldehyde etc, etc, etc.

    How can anyone with a working brain put their trust in allopathic doctors who’s main goal in life is financial and maintaining lifelong sick drug taking patients without curing anything? And when the worst of the worst comes down the pike, cancer, to put your faith in these butchers, IS INSANE. I will definitely take my chances with the OTHER “quacks”.

    Vitamin B17 Laetrile Cancer Treatment Now Available in Australia.
    Copyright Joe Vialls, 13 October 2003 – All Rights Reserved

    It is a pleasure to be able to announce that Doctor Michael Tait of Queensland, Australia, has stood up to be counted in the use of B17 Laetrile. At his “Fountain of Life” clinic on the Gold Coast, Dr Tait and his colleagues generally have 4–7 cancer patients per day receiving 3 hours of Laetrile therapy. Judged by the available data, patient response is predictably excellent.

    Despite his punishing workload at the clinic, Dr Tait has also managed to erect a very impressive web site, which provides more data on Vitamin B17 than any other web site I have seen. His site is well worth a visit by anyone who has ever wondered why the American FDA and Australian Government have responded to B17 with such vicious disregard for human life. A link to Dr Tait’s Fountain of Life web site is provided at the bottom of this page.

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