Russia’s S-300 Missiles in Iran May Alter Power Balance in Middle East

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… by  Sputnik News,  Moscow

The next big shooting war will be a missile war
The next big shooting war will be a missile war

[ Editor’s Note It appears that our Eastern neighbors have decided to change their defensive strategy to include some cutting-edge forward missile deployment. While the US has certainly been on a forward deployment Jihad with an expansion of bases unprecedented in peacetime, it is, literally, a shooting war deployment.

One of the theories behind this strategy was to suck the East into a New Cold War, which would divert huge capital investments away from commercial infrastructure into military expenditures, which cripple building a sustainable and diversified economy.

Neither China nor the resurgent Russia took the bait on this, focusing instead on continuing to build up their domestic economies and lowering future conflict risks, with ever-growing trade ties as a commercial buffer.

A world public is now beginning to understand that, to the banksters and gangsters who are behind most Western governments, this economic war is THE war, and they intend to win it, even if it takes creating manufactured shooting wars to accomplish.

That of course requires the usual demonization of their main sacrificial targets, so we have seen the endless media assault of bogus threat campaigns to flea train the public’s view that using the military is being used in traditional ways to protect them.

But still unknown to a Major is that our military has been subversively converted into a mercenary force to work for special interests, but paid for by the taxpayers, who are their victims as much as the bogeyman targets… like Iran was for over a decade.

This even has a dual track to it, with the massive outsourcing of both our Intel and military to contractors whose accounting and even their real activities are outside the chain of command, where they can be used to do nasty things the Pentagon does not want on its books. And yes, the taxpayers still foot the bill.

The term “all options are on the table” is being quietly demonstrated by the East now, albeit in not the braggart way the West used it in numerous press conferences. Hence we see China stating that it will assist Iraq in fighting ISIL, which derivatively has them helping to fight Saudi Arabia, the US, Israel, Turkey, France, the UAE and Qatar, who have been backing ISIL.

Those targeted in the East are finally understanding that the front lines are not the just the Persian Gulf, but Syria, Ukraine, the Black Sea and the South China Sea. What I am beginning to see is the construction of an integrated defense for the entire region as the only way to dissuade the West from their aggressive encirclement strategy.

Layer defenses, interior lines, and total integration will rule
Layer defenses, interior lines, and total integration will rule

I began to grasp this when realizing that the huge mega infrastructure projects planned will not only give the region more defensive superiority with modern interior lines of communication and transport, but that this same infrastructure would have to have a superior air defense or it could be rendered useless via destruction of key nodes.

The economic boost of both the overland and sea route New Silk Road will pay for its own defenses, and even better, will be a vital supply line for the West as much as the East.

The workers on both sides will have a common goal to protect it from destruction by international gangsters, and finally give us the international power base to take them on in a head to head fight to the finish. This is the real battle that must be won for any of us to have any lasting security.

The key to the East protecting itself from Western aggression will be its perimeter air defense, which we are seeing rolled out now. Besides this, we see the consolidation of joint development of new weapons systems to not only avoid wasteful duplication of effort, but to disperse production capacity geographically to avoid surgical strikes on production choke points, particularly key defense manufacturing infrastructure.

Western aggression is giving the East a completely legitimate cover to ramp all this up now as clearly a defensive measure. The Pentagon and NATO can give all the “Baghdad Bob” press conferences they want about confronting threats and “defending our interests”, but they are in a credibility-losing battle there.

Their habitual lying to the public and the world has become an unending supply of jokes and satire from a world that is showing itself as not as stupid as they have been viewed. Whether this knowledge and energy going into making black humor about our corrupted leadership can be converted into a forceful opposition to turn our brain dead policy around… is yet to be determined.

I for one, am quite fearful that it won’t be… but we must soldier on as best we can as the stakes are so high. As we have long editorialized on VT, the enemy is not whom they tell us it is, but the special interests “they” are working for. Our survival depends on defeating the “them”, period Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published  …  June 05,  2015 


All missile defenses of this caliber become pre-emptive strike targets.
All missile defenses of this caliber become pre-emptive strike targets.

Iran will be able to control the air space far beyond its borders and at the same time protect its nuclear facilities against potential attacks.

strong>The selling of one of the world’s most advanced air defense systems, the S-300 missiles, to Iran will potentially alter the balance of power in the Middle East, journalist Jeremy Bender wrote.

The deal will give Iran a double advantage. It will be able to control the air space far beyond its borders and at the same time it will be able to protect its nuclear facilities against potential attacks. It is so far, unknown which model of S-300 Moscow will sell to Tehran.

It had previously agreed to sell Iran the S-300 PMU1 system in 2007. This model of launcher has a range of about 93 miles, can fire at multiple targets, and can down aircraft flying as high as 90,000 feet. Additionally, the satellites associated with the S-300 can track aerial targets up to 150 miles away.

If an S-300 battery were placed on Iran’s southern coast, Tehran could quickly detect American or allied aircraft taking off from local bases.

Apart from that, most modern strike aircraft will be easily detectable long before reaching Iranian shores; the S-300 would allow Iran capacities beyond its airspace.

Integrated air defense is not discussed much, but that is where vulnerabilities can be, where knocking out one component makes the rest less effective.
Integrated air defense is not discussed much, but is where vulnerabilities can be, where knocking out one component makes the rest less effective.

Russian systems will help Iran to reliably protect its nuclear facilities. At the same time, “the Iranian air defense system will be virtually immune to all types of US aircraft, but the most advanced,” the Business Insider journalist said.

The delivery of the system would mitigate the threat of military action against Tehran in the event of breaches in the nuclear agreement. Ultimately, the existence of the S-300s would make any military action against Iran very difficult and costly — even for the US Military.

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  1. Every time I see the S-300 or other systems, I don’t see many spare’s. If they have them, they’ll need them and how long does it take to re-arm, re-load under fire? I would think they would need 2,500+ especially if they’re firing 2 at each of the selected targets. How much do they cost each?

    • He was the God of Lend Lease. Roosevelt put it all in his hands with a blank check to send them everything they needed. At the end of the war there was a 20 acre site in New York that had enough communications wire to string telephone lines all over the Soviet Union. Because they were given priority it even slowed down refurbishing the sunken Pearl Harbor ships as com wire could not be had. Because this 20 acres of it had been given to them, they shipped it all out AFTER the war before the doo doo hit that fan. This is in “Major Jordan’s Diary”…one of the Lend Lease forwarding officers…easy to find on the used book sites.

  2. Iran already has eyes beyond the middle east, no intruder can stroll into Iran, now if they think they can, they would already have done so, that is why they want to inspect military sites, i.e the Lybian syndorme, Iran’s tech is beyond such scenarios.

  3. It should be interesting to see and hear how the USG Dupes are going to spin the new and proactive engagement against the ‘version’ of the enemy that we know is us.

  4. I’m realy glad you posted this article Mr. Dean.
    About 2-3 years ago some article appeared here on VT about the defensive system that’s getting installed in Eastern Europe. As part of my college project I did a research about it and what was behind it. And I remember mentioning it here in the comments and you did ask about it in an email, thoo it got lost in spam folder i think, so I didnt reply. You mentioned something at that time that the whole thing is nothing but a “contractor scam.” Could you elaborate on that? What is a contractor scam? I remeber something along those lines that the buyers buy some inefective equipment and thats its all a scam basically. The systems installed in Eastern Europe cant realy protect against Russian missiles, and that its nothing but a moneymaking scam. Sorry for not replying to that email. I might still have the paper on that project thoo..

    • Contractors are involved in leaking defense technology to potential threats so they can counter our edge, which in turn is then “discovered” by our Intel people, which triggers calls for new RD for the next improved version. Virtually all the joint contracts we are involved in with Israel, where we “license” technology but to ingratiate themselves with the Israeli mob they slip them classified stuff they want. Some of this is a take off from WWII where a lot of Roosevelt admin people gave the Soviets nuclear stuff because they were allies, right…and were suffering terribly and taking most of the casualties and damage. The Jewish scientists in the Manhattan project got exposure for doing this, but people like Harry Hopkins did not. He ran Lend Lease and gave the store away to the Soviets. After the war ended they were still working their way through the patent office, copying everything and shipping it out under diplomatic pouch. The book, “Major Jordan’s Diary” is the best read on this.

  5. Liberty depends on the distribution of power and power only respects power! Maybe this will bring some stabilty so we can chat instead of blowing kids to bits.

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