Fox News Advocating Sex With Children…Small Children?



Fox News is covering for the Duggars: With shifty language and half-truths, Fox chooses the side of a molester
Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly (Credit: Fox News)

By Bob Cesca

We now live in a nation where the conservative cable news network is spinning in support of a confessed child molester, as well as the people who tried to hide his actions. Fox News Channel has always been an egregious source for misinformation and GOP talking points. We all know this. It’s also been a powerful backstop whenever a Republican candidate commits one of many unforced errors — blurting out a ludicrous rape remark, or worse. However, in the past week, Fox News has crossed the zero-barrier between spinning for the GOP and into the realm of manufacturing phraseology and excuses for a Christian television family caught up in a sexual abuse scandal.

As predicted, Megyn Kelly’s interviews with both Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, as well as molestation victims Jill and Jessa Duggar, felt transparently crafted to help exonerate Josh Duggar and his parents. Friday night’s interview with Jill and Jessa was particularly obvious. The first half was structured around soft-pedaling what Josh did to those five underage girls, while the second half was all about diverting attention in the direction of the media and away from the actual actions. Did they discuss topics and/or ground rules in advance? We may never know, but that’s almost irrelevant in the face of the larger issue, which is that Fox News looks like it is actively working in support of a sex offender.

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  1. The limited judgement capacity is precisely why the legal, health, education, and other professionals administer cases like this the way they do. They require confidentiality at all levels until closing and afterwards for reasons that are obvious to all but the lewd. Perhaps a more draconian penalty is required for vermin who consider this information to be a form of public entertainment. Using the “public’s right to know” as a pretext to expose and destroy young lives for sport is deceitful and abusive in itself.

    Notice how many smell blood and turn up like vultures for a go at the family. Nevermind that they do not have all records. Just keep dragging a family down. A real Colosseum mentality, the same mentally found across the ages at the French scaffold, in Bolshevik gulags, in ISIS infested towns, all the same lowlifes baying for the blood of others.

    What happened to the Druggers was addressed and closed. Period. It’s none of anyone else’s business. If you have a problem with the decision, address the Court. As for their religious beliefs, that’s none of anyone’s business either. How many small families have kids who get into worse trouble? The real target here is the hatred of Christianity.

    • I was with you up to the last three sentences.

      Their “Christian beliefs” are an issue if the cause the children to grow up with psychological disorders that they would not otherwise have.

    • WB—

      Please list concrete reasons for disorders stemming from their Christian beliefs that would not occur if they followed some other belief system, or no system at all.


      Please elaborate as to how you have access to confidential court and bank records which justify your knowledge of Huckabee’s role. I would not like to think that such a claim is merely rooted in hateful opinion.

      Once again, this is a matter of sealed records regarding minors.


      Is that clear?

      And what are you insinuating?

      1)Are you privy to the manner in which this issue was handled?
      2)Do you have all the facts?
      3) Did you read what the doctors and psychologists decided?
      4)Do you know for a fact that Huckabee intervened on behalf of JDuggar?

      No. No. No. No.

      Are both of you happy now that the issue has been unlawfully forced to the surface? Was it worth it for the girls in question to be assaulted again without warning and humiliated in front of the whole world? Are you both smarter than all the professionals who worked on this? And if you were in positions of authority how would you handle it?

  2. This is what they do, the owners of Zion. Prince Phillip, sick, sick cretin, how are you?
    And daddy Bush, hello. Mr. Barrosso (Madeleine Kahn).
    They war against all that is decent among men, so that we will become abject, and allow their continuance, sopped in debauchery or abject poverty – moral and physical.
    But we rise. Our numbers grow daily, cognizance fed from their babel towers of internet routers developed by them as another war scheme.
    And we will – RISE!! Because it IS HUMAN!

  3. What a disgusting way to let hatred get the better of anyone. This is about the sealed files of several minors being opened years after the fact. That the girls in question were transgressed again escapes most of you who would rather wallow in hatred like pigs in sludge.

    By law these records should have remained sealed. If they needed to be reopened there is a process for that and some stupid magazine is not a good reason. Any official who turned over the information for money should be whipped Roman style. Any official who turned over the records for any unlawful reason should be whipped Roman style.

    This is not the work of one person but several obsessed malefactors who spent considerable time looking for the Achilles Heel. Therefore any malevolent busybodies who wormed into the court archives and restricted areas by luring, bribing, or otherwise influencing court or law enforcement officials with the intention of abusing these records should be whipped Roman style.

    Furthermore, hatred makes this article obscene. Hate the three newscasters all you want. They are used to it by now and can take it. But the insinuations are simply false. In addition, the notion that sealed files can remain so is no longer true. What a puerile head and hand went into this article. Absolutely repugnant.

    • Agreed – 14-year old CHILDREN do not have the same capacity for judgment as adults, and should not have their lives ruined by being labeled a criminal for life. That being said, a few things need to be pointed out.

      – Almost all sexual deviance is caused by repression of normal childhood sexuality (which is mostly in the form of curiosity pre-pubescence).
      – If Josh Dugger had been fooling around with a girlfriend near his own age, he never would have gone near his sisters.
      – 99.9% of the blame goes to the parents and their screwy cult beliefs.

    • John, that was one of the most bigoted responses (6/10/5:22)I have ever seen. You confidently condemn entire congregations in one fell swoop–how are you so smart? How do you know the inner workings of so many groups and the individuals therein? You must be a most impressive researcher. You left out the Amish–are they cultists as well?

      You label them all as cultists. Fine. But please do not feign concern “for the children.” Had you been paying attention you would note that I emphasized the violation of Court confidentiality. If you were so concerned “for the children” you would have likewise noted the same, regardless of your opinions. But you didn’t. You are stewing in your own hatred.

  4. Three faces of the group of most pathetic evil anything for money people, hope fame and fortune will be enough for their lost soul’s

  5. Whats it say in the Jewish Talmud? Any goyim 3 or older is or should be available for SEX with one of them. Or is it in their Naugahyde Rules. Let’s get their kids (if they can reproduce) and have them worked over in some clinically insane Institution’s bathroom, see if that works for them.

    3 is old enough right?

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