Truth Jihad: Adrian Salbuchi on Zion wages war on Argentina


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Adrian_SalbuchiAdrian Salbuchi joins us to discuss Israel’s false flags against Argentina – not just the bombings of 1992 and 1994, but also the recent Nisman murder. Alberto Nisman was the Zionist-supported public prosecutor charged with making a false case against Iran in the 1990s bombings. But he couldn’t make a case – so they upped the ante last January by killing him and trying to pin the blame on President Cristina Kirchner.

Adrian writes: “Not much is being published in the international press regarding how the Nisman suicide/murder ties in with a much more comprehensive generalized attack by Global Zionist Forces and Israel against – not so much the government of Cristina Kirchner,  but as an on-going attack against the whole of Argentina with very serious territorial overtones!”

For details, listen to this interview and check out Adrian’s new article “Zion Wages War on Argentina.”


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  1. This Zionist hog wash was all planed in Basil Switzerland in the late 1800s to establish israel in palestine and to establish the capture of the U.S. with the federal reserve by the Bauer clan aka Rothschild criminal family captured the bank of England.ww1and the league of nations flopped so ww2 was instigated . In1947 the bauer clan finally got the UN and Israel created. Old man Bauer remains remorseless paranoid and hateful in amassing a fortune of more than 500trillion…

  2. Psychologicly seducing the victims into blaming themselves is an old and trusted tactic of the RKM perps .

  3. by Joe Vialls
    “There was no mistake. According to the comprehensive survey conducted with state-of-the-art equipment, The Falklands Shelf conservatively contained slightly more than ten times the total oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. Beyond doubt, this was the largest agglomeration of crude oil on the face of the earth, and the data that proved it immediately attracted a security rating to match. This was Zionist heaven, and absolutely no one outside the loop was allowed even a sniff of this staggering information.

    Then in one of those gargantuan mistakes that defy rational explanation, a full set of the seismic and other data was shipped to the British Petroleum ?front? cell, whose members were most certainly not on the Zionist list of properly ?approved people?. Some of the data were photocopied out of interest amid loud ?Oohs? and Ahhs? generated by the mind-numbing figures, but the photocopying turned out to be a serious mistake. By 1989 all but two of the British people who had access to this extraordinary information met with fatal accidents. Of the two survivors, one changed names and moved to a different industry, while I chose exile in a sleepy Australian backwater.”

    recovered through WayBackMachine website
    by Joe Vialls
    14 December 2003

  4. Dave – whilst it was not the ‘done thing’ to mention it – one of the things that Nelson Mandela went to prison for in the 1960s was trying to literally blow up three white infant schools. He set three bombs, one in each school, but fortunately the ignition devices were amateur and they did not go off. I spoke to some of the SA police about this many years ago. To any sane person this might somewhat explain his incarceration for rather a long time.

    He went on to become a darling of the jewish intelligentsia – once they realised how he could be used to create self-hatred and false guilt within the white Goyim dupes. It empowered the hand wringers and looney left masochists to endulge themselves to destroy and vilify our own society. Interesting how the false guilt syndrome from the false holohoax circus – originally (and falsely) aimed at a small handful of German detention camp guards – gradually expanded and grew to include all people of white European descent and background. Now all small children in school are indoctrinated to take that (false) guilt on their shoulders to prepare them for a lifetime of subservience and shame before their masters.

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