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The other Cold War that no one talks about

…by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor, … for New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Material sources for this article are currently under a National Security Letter. Information within this article has been deemed restricted and every attempt was made to prevent publication of the information below.

65456464-300x282 Cold War heritage

As usual, the biggest story in America is suppression of news. There has never been a time when the media has taken such an aggressive position, not even after 9/11. It’s more than Ukraine or Syria.

The US has not only outraged Russia and China but other nations that were once afraid of the US are now ready to hit back. The simplest way to go after the US is to release classified intelligence showing the US as an aggressor nation or worse, a dupe, violent, dangerous and uncaring.

We forget what it was like, the carefully orchestrated orgy of hate after the nuclear demolition of the WTC and the missile attack on the Pentagon. This is one of many shameful moments in American history, where a nation abandoned common sense and backed a gang of traitors whose common purpose, all can see now, was and is the destruction of the United States and “her freedoms.”

The false flag event that drove the fragile, drugged American psyche over the cliff

We have, for the first time, national intelligence agencies leaking aging but high-value material. It is clear why. There is a real anger at the hypocrisy of the gang running the United States and divulging intelligence that Wikileaks and Snowden are unwilling or unable to deal with, particularly as they seem to be “joined at the hip” with the mainstream media, is a way of “stirring the pot.”

Material is flooding out, American drug-dealing in Afghanistan. We learn that Mohammed Atta and the Saudis in the US weren’t training to attack on 9/11, but rather were being trained by the CIA to fly drugs out of Afghanistan. They were there as patsies on 9/11, ready to carry forward a childish narrative the American public had been stoked and primed to lap up.

Atta, now exposed as a Colonel with Egyptian intelligence, was their liaison with Israel and the CIA, hardly “Al Qaeda” even if such an organization actually existed. Surveillance logs show Atta and fellow pilots living in New Jersey less than a hundred yards from a house filled with Israeli art students.

All had been under FBI surveillance, watching CIA handlers and “bagmen” coming in and out, pizza deliveries, call girls, embassy officials and lawyers, lots of them, prime Washington law firms, no budding terrorist should visit America without friends like these.

Stepping back

There is a danger in looking at the “little picture” and ignoring the global narrative. When sitting in Tel Aviv or Moscow or Abuja, I could name a hundred cities, it is easy to see the United States as the “Evil Empire” and those plotting to erase America as the one great superpower may well be quite rational.

Look at how America has handled its leadership position in the world since the fall of the Soviet Union. Could there be a bigger disaster? As Jim W. Dean points out, what other nation attacks so many, stages so many color revolutions, kidnaps, imprisons and tortures without due process on such a scale?

America can’t recognize Israel or perhaps its Likudist leadership as a long-term enemy despite overwhelming evidence simply because the idea of opposing America seems unthinkable to American leaders who live in a delusional “Pollyanna” fog.

Who could hate America?

Thus, the great but not so public debate in Washington, the cooling of relations with Israel as their powerful lobby increasingly takes on an aggressive anti-American stand, can’t be properly assessed unless Americans are willing to accept full culpability for being not just “unloveable”.

We must also face up to our being a clear and present danger to a world seeking self-determination and freedom, something Russia and China are offering much more convincingly.

As self-appointed “policeman of the world,” the grand enforcer for the criminal oligarchs of the world, America had not gone unnoticed. Was America’s Jewish community, long the home of not only social reformers and liberals but in Marxists steeped in foreign allegiance as well, honed into a tool to bring America to her knees?


The biggest story has been the Russian release of, not only their assessment of the use of nuclear weapons on 9/11 but their admission that they accessed the Sandia Labs investigation of 9/11.

According to documents received and published by Veterans Today, the real 9/11 investigation at “ground zero” involved gathering samples to identify the origin of the nuclear weapons used.

What Sandia Labs/DOE investigation?

John O'Neil - FBI
John O’Neill – FBI

The Sandia report found evidence, we are told through the Russian sources only as the US has never admitted this investigation, that American manufactured nuclear devices were used in the demolition of the World Trade Center. We are told that evidence of weapons using plutonium once part of W54 nuclear warheads supposedly “scrapped” at the Pantex Plant in Amarillo were found.

We are also told that John O’Neill, the former FBI agent killed on 9/11 knew about the theft of 350 warheads which are claimed to have been sent to Israel. The narrative, published in rough translation on VT, tells of Bush family involvement.

It also tells of the accumulated damage done to Israel’s Dimona facility in 1988 due to overuse and abuse building nuclear weapons. We have a very secret confirmation on that from someone involved at the site, not Mordechai Vanunu.

The Sandia report, according to the Russians, is 72 meg of documents, relatively huge. The Russians also provided names of those involved in aiding Bush 41/43 in selling the weapons, the involvement of certain British leaders currently under investigation and of the sale and use of these weapons involving 11 nations and several terror attacks around the world.

We are also told of blackmail, a plot against the Bush family forcing them to aid in the attacks on 911 rather than face a reckoning for sale of nuclear weapons to all comers.

Even without a public scandal or war crimes trial, there are powerful parties in the world unwilling to let such an act go unpunished.

A Russian Intel dump

Mike Dick - an FBI bolo notice put put "in error"
Mike Dick – an FBI bolo notice put out “in error”

One statement found in a rambling narrative; “any idiot knows there are not real terrorists, they are all hired ‘guns’ working for intelligence agencies.” Most global “watchers” had figured that one out for themselves.

This “dump” from Russia came only a few short weeks after the New York Daily News published a “sleeper” article outing 70,000 nuclear cancer victims. What the NYDN didn’t list, however, is the dead.

What our own investigation told us, something war veterans who have seen the Gulf War Syndrome and Agent Orange scams up close, is that medical professionals treating those with radiation exposure were coerced into giving wrong diagnoses.

We have seen this so many times, “medicine,” when bowing to their masters, always turn to “toxic soup” or simply let their patients die rather than risk losing that sailboat and vacation home. Shame on them.

We were also referred, by our Russian “friends,” to look into FBI Special Agent Mike Dick. This is a man reviled for leaking Israeli involvement in 9/11. He was also involved in a major investigation of Israeli/AIPAC/ADL spying, also suppressed.

A key area the Russians are also talking about is Pollard. To understand Pollard, I am told, you have to understand who and what the Mossad really is. This is the narrative, not one of my own. Take it or leave it please.

James Jesus Angleton
James Jesus Angleton

The Mossad was set up by James Angleton and Kim Philby, two top counter-intelligence experts of both the CIA and MI 6. Angleton had a long career, hunting “moles” within the CIA. He resigned in 1974.

Philby was Britain’s top spymaster. However, in 1963 he moved to Moscow. It turns out he had others, called the Cambridge Five, though the real numbers were endlessly higher, had been running British intelligence as a KGB/NKVD “franchise” since before World War II.

Angleton believed he had helped create the Mossad as a “backdoor” into Russian intelligence. OK, let’s get a few things out there. Israel was established by communists or socialists or whatever. It is still a socialist or communist country with broad government control of private industry, government health care and, as long as you are “Jewish,” a classic Marxist paternalistic state.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with this. Israel is making it work, backed by endless US aid and having virtually “liquidated” the indigenous Semitic population they choose to call “Palestinians.” This can be debated elsewhere ad infinitum and, in fact, it is.

What was clear to the US is that Israel was, in fact, a communist state not just strategically placed in the Middle East but one with very close ties to Stalinist Russia and one filled with socialist “true believers,” willing to “infect” the West using the broad influence of the worldwide Zionist community to carry on a Marxist war, particularly against the United States.

Kim Philby got his one Soviet stamp
Kim Philby got his own Soviet stamp

Angelton believed he could use this to his advantage and “turn” the Mossad into a “double” organization, one secretly tied to the CIA while overtly pure KGB. History proves that Angleton was wrong.

In the end, Philby won out, having created the Mossad as a communist “pure believer” organization that would, in fact, survive Russian communism itself. Philby built the Mossad with one purpose, to penetrate every level of the US government and military, penetrate the FBI and CIA, and to provide an operational capability to support the systematic destruction of the American financial system.

Aiding the Mossad were communist front groups, AIPAC, the ADL and others. The Bolshevik “true believer” philosophy morphed into what is now known as “Neoconservatism,” a virtual minefield of totalitarianism, self destructive economic voodoo and a “psyop” designed to push the United States to civil war.

Consider this a hypothesis steeped in the history of intelligence organizations. Some see other sinister hands, Michael Shrimpton’s DVD or Benjamin Fulford’s “Dragon” societies. Taken in this context, both Shrimpton and Fulford gain in credibility. Both have strong support within the intelligence communities.

The Pollard case, one continually in the news as both Israeli and US officials continually push for his release from his life sentence for spying “for Israel,” is very much at the crux of this. The Russian report was very clear, Pollard was “theirs,” working thru a Mossad functioning throughout the Cold War as a KGB “franchise.” Here is a quote:

“The KGB would provide a list of stuff that they wanted and Pollard would give it to them thru Mossad so if he got caught only Mossad would be blamed.”

The Pollard material was “devastating.” President George H. W. Bush is quoted as having said, “Because of Pollard, if we had gone to war with the Russians, we would have lost.” This is confirmed by someone there at the time.


Those who believe the Cold War is over never understood it in the first place. To a generation of Americans, the Cold War was couched in rhetoric about “godless communism” and peddling the dream of the “everyman” millionaire, the “land of opportunity” and individual freedom.

America, as she exists today, is a surveillance state, a police state, one where even the “1%’ers” are being bled by the “one-tenth of 1%’ers,” the 400 people who hold 70 percent of America’s wealth.

The world’s largest prison system, overcrowded, a real gulag yet unspoken and unseen, standards of living plunging, press controlled, courts politicized, defending “the land of the free and the home of the brave” requires more than a small amount of “looking the other way” for any but the totally blind.

The conjecture, that Israel may somehow be engaged in an effort to destabilize the US through propelling an already dying animal to a well-deserved demise carries some validity. The question we ask, however, is the end result a world freer, or one enslaved even more, and by whom? Who else has a history of wanting to control everyone and everybody?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

Editing: Jim W. Dean

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  1. @ FB/Ann Denier

    Individualism is a valid and vital ideology that acknowledges both the ontological and teleological uniqueness of any and all entities in the universe — including particles , humans and all other uniquely definable collections of entities . However , an individual cannot usually stand in opposition to the many and powerful political collectives ( such as the police , militaries , politcal action groups , etc . ) arrayed against a multitude of unorganized//uncollectivized individuals ; they would need to get collectivized ( ie. organized ) for survival or to attain political objectives in the face of counter-attacks from opposition collectives . The R & D political parties have been co-opted against the commoners by an entrenched globalist elitist iLLuminati OWG collective .

    • (Ann Diener here… RavenKnight is my company name) An individual potentially cannot, but that is not what I am saying here. You are missing something very huge. Individuals who have strong, solid foundations form groups and work together for common interests, and this makes them more powerful. Also the fact that each is strong and individuals make the groups more creative and aware of different experiences that those in the group benefit from through the individual. What “they” have tried to do is create weak people – financially – debt based society – average people own very little outright, health wise with all kinds of toxins from EMF to GMOs and countless other things have been done to inflict fear to cause individuals to surrender civil liberties- the very thing they are fighting for. “They” the “bolshevik” communist oriented ones are using dis-empowerment of self creation and self mastery (the ability to create a complete solid life) with a false scarcity based group think focus – there is not enough so you must be part of the group to get you share, if there is anything left and you must give it to us at all costs. You must buy from us and buy what we want you to buy or we will tax you. Look at solar in some states.

    • 2) They are so afraid of being eliminated by the individuals who if they/we stood up strongly and created strong foundations for our lives, we would win. I suspect it also has to do with Beings From Other Star Systems (BFOSS) who are afraid of competition from the human race with regards to creation so they pointed the finger at us saying, “look with our group think model, no one needs anything. All of our basic needs are met.” The key is that they partnered with those who have been controlling humanity s basic needs fuel, power, food, banking, etc. and this group think model is a very powerful control mechanism, that if implemented would solve both the problem of individuals not being subservient to the “elite” and also surpassing the BFOSS.

    • 3) One interesting note is that humanity has a lot of heart and we all tend to create our own universe in our world that we exist in. This enables innovation and adaptation not available in a group think model which is much more cumbersome for decision making. This may be another reason for corralling humans using this method, to stop innovation before it out modes those “in charge.” If there are BFOSS and this theory is true, then we have to wonder if non-interference is true or if it is just what is convenient. Humanity has a right to self-determination and free will. America has free will and I suspect that is why “they” seek to eliminate US/us. America proves the truth of creation through self mastery – not group think- never forget the American dream.

  2. Really not much to say after Mike and John finish but every once in a while you gotta let them see your hand. I think you just did and in a world where right and wrong are the product of a delusion I’m backing your hand…

  3. It is rare for Americans to understand even part of their history, and the primary reason for this is indeed a 60 year old Marxist takeover of “education”.
    Communism, Marxism, call it what one will, is a thoroughly jewish invention. Indeed, one could say that no one but a people enslaved to mad god and deluded about their condition could ever come up with anything like it.
    Still, we are missing a piece here, and that is the cold reality that capitalism, that god of western commerce, is in no way opposed to communism. The ideals of the ruling class in the USA have never included the self-realization of the people, one need only review the history of Pullman, of Fred Harvey, of countless other big business efforts that corner the resources of a nation while stripping the choice and voice from those with a real stake in such efforts. In short, the communist ideology found a welcome home in the hearts and minds of America’s ruling class from the very beginning.
    America, at least those within her borders who can still think, fully comprehend the idiotic and suicidal drive of its ruling class. Quite clearly, the drive to suicide has been a long standing plan, one where religion and politics follow the educational model, wherein destruction of one’s natural capacity is of first order.
    The mystery here, of course, is exactly how stupid a ruling class must be to embrace suicide as an ideology, and still believe, as in a recent Rockefeller foundation report, that they will remain.

    • Ultimately, building anything takes much more effort than what is needed to destroy it, and this is perhaps why the ruling class has become an outlaw band of parasitic annihilators that seek to ruin everything, from entire nations to one’s gender identity, to the social structure, and level explosives upon the very notion of being human itself.
      A sober review of the ideology of suicide clearly exposes an altogether insane perspective on reality. Apparently, the slaves of the mad god are quite mad themselves.

  4. We the people worked for better lives to create a better situation for our children by nurturing them. We loved science and creativity and Americas natural beauty. Yet some force always wanted war and suffering and lies and deceit and didn’t care if soil water and air polluted with vile toxins of every kind including more than 1300 atomic tests nuke power plants gmos growth hormones suppresed medical treatments.All antethematic to the true way of our existence. Something bitter and seething with hate has done this.

  5. American leaders floundering in a quagmire of scripted lies no-one buys. forced to deal with truth saturating the planet that cant be killed off…. Lies have ruled…. multitudes now have moved beyond shocked and shamed to taking responsibility and moving in new directions …nothing threatens its existence more than truth, its survival entirely dependent upon lies enforced…thus the Samson option… this will not just go away of its own accord and there is a choice

    • This is an old old game, the tables are rigged. The kicker is, they always were. Stand up and fight? Get organized? Really? The bad guys planned for that and put it in place before your grandfather was born. Make that great, great grandfather. There are no cops, just different gangs with different colors, all claiming to be the good guys. The only real cop we would ever see (don’t hold your breath) would have to step out of a flying saucer…. and get shot. Best to just slag the place from orbit.

  6. Excellent and spectacular, Mr Duff, thank you indeed.

    May the ancient spirits keep you and other VTers safe there inside the USA empire. We see some of the clever ways you are able to remain ‘on the loose’ there … but at moments it seems astonishing they have not yet ‘Shrimptoned’ y’all on some pretext or other. I think it was Ernesto Ché Guevara who told some revolutionary-minded US young people to go back to the USA, because ‘You are in the heart of the beast…’

    • It is difficult to imagine anything worse than where the USA is headed on its own unhindered satanic iLLuminati oligarchy establishment momentum — the ash heap of history .

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