Special vouchers available for homeless veterans


HomelessVeteran1RevHAGERSTOWN, Md. — The Hagerstown Housing Authority is one of 300 public housing authorities receiving special vouchers for homeless veterans, to help place them in a more permanent living situation.

The program comes from the White House and the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) joint initiative to end veteran homelessness by December 2015.

According to the executive director of the Hagerstown Housing Authority (HHA), Joanne Ballengee, veterans can qualify only by a referral from the VA for the VA Supportive Housing Voucher.

Ballengee said it’s a subsidy program, “money is provided by the federal government, it’s like a Section 8 voucher and it helps them to pay their rent” as long as they need it.

“They only have to pay 30 percent of their income and their subsidy to take care of the rest,” Ballengee added.

Ballengee said there are three locations in Hagerstown to help homeless veterans in need, but they are only temporary. The voucher program is the first program in Hagerstown providing a permanent solution.

One housing complex taking in these vouchers is the Potomac Living Centers, located in the 1300-block of Potomac Street. The owner and developer, Mike Fitzgerald, said the veterans with vouchers are making the community a better place and it feels good to work together with the military.

“We approve everybody that moves in, so we make sure that we get very solid people, we are moving a lot of veterans in, it is equal opportunity,” Fitzgerald said.


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  1. Oh boy! Relying on the VA for anything is a failure. Leave your family, go to war, risk your life, kill people who might kill you, then come back to a homeless situation, and be told to rely on the government run VA?
    What a wonderful situation!
    A president who can’t deal with problems because he has been told to establish programs that harm Americans, and cripple the country, and future generations, is in charge of this program for out veterans housing needs?
    Oblunder does not care whether you eat or live under shelter veterans! He cares about hisown destiny and serving the globalists who set him out on his course to muzzle our nation and continue to anti-United States work of Bush/Clinton/Bush. A voucher for veterans? Next time before an NFL game, while they honor these vets, instead of the American flag being fluttered, lets flutter and wave a voucher so all Americans can see the hypocrisy!
    Did we ever see Oblunder’s birth certificate? Yet he mandates the inept VA to give referrals? Couldn’t the military handle this without the VA?

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