Exclusive: Captured Documents Prove Turkish Alliance with ISIS

Erdogan is in the terror business now with both feet
Official ISIS document outlining relationship with Turkey (VT holds the original copy)

By  Gordon Duff  and  Nahed al Husaini

Veterans Today’s Damascus bureau received the above document yesterday after Kurdish forces overran the ISIS defenses in the city of Deir Ezzor on the Euphrates River.  This operation has flanked ISIS military headquarters in Raqaa and isolated it from supplies and reinforcements from Mosul and ISIS centers in Anbar Province, Iraq.

On May 6, 2015, the US Delta Team raided Deir Ezzor.  The US claimed it killed an ISIS oil official and captured his wife will killing up to two dozen ISIS fighters.  There are no confirmations of an attack of this nature by US forces inside Syria.

The operation that secured Deir Ezzor on June 14, 2016 was commanded by a good friend, Sheikh Muhana Al Fayadh who commands one of Syria’s largest tribal militias.  Jim Hanke (Col. USA SF) and I had dinner with the Sheikh in late November 2014 in Damascus.

Sheikh  Muhana al Fayadh with Dr. Bassam Barakat of VT, Damascus June 15, 2015
Sheikh Muhana al Fayadh (R)  … with Dr. Bassam Barakat of VT, Damascus June 15, 2015

The document captured by Sheikh Muhana al Fayadh’s fighters outline the direct relationship between ISIS or Caliphate governors and military commanders and their counterparts with Turkish intelligence.  Translation as follows

In the name of God
Islamic state Al Raqaa Province
No 104 Friday
To Abu hamzeh the governor of Raqaa
We notify you that Abou Baraa Al Sahrawi has asked for surveillance equipment from Turkey.

The Turks refused to give him the equipment without the official approval of the Raqaa Governor (for ISIS)

Signed by the governor of northern province (ISIS)

Abou Baraa al Sahrawi is a British born Muslim extremist, trained in Israel according to Jordanian sources.  He is currently serving as ISIS military commander in Raqaa.

Assassination Teams

Other documents captured outline a plan to assassinate President Bashar al Assad.  This document outlines an agreement from March 2015 between Israeli intelligence and Turkey.  Turkey agrees to provide personnel for the assassination team and Israel is to supply equipment and training for the team.

Dr. Barakat, the Sheik, and Nana
Dr. Barakat, the Sheikh, and Nahed al Husanini


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Author Details
Nahed is VT Damascus Bureau Chief. She is a member of American Institute for Middle East Strategic Studies (USA) and serves as Assistant Director of Arab-American and Muslim Congress (Detroit, USA). She has a Diploma in English Literature from Damascus University (1987).

She's also been a reporter for Turkish newspaper Aydinlik, Special Coordinator for Arab-Armenian International Law Assembly, Correspondent for Qatari News Agency, Al Ayam news Paper in Bahrain, Al Liwaa in Lebanon, Correspondent for Petra News Agency in Jordan, correspondent for the Associated Press in USA, and worked as a freelance journalist for CBS, ABS and CNN in Syria. She is fluent in both English and Arabic.


  1. One wonders if Erdogan splits his prayer sessions, 50% while facing Mecca, 50% while facing Tel Aviv ?

  2. no doubt izrahell and turkeys are warring upon Syria, this just verifies it.
    undeclared supposed proxy war using mercenary terrorists, conspiring assassination for regime change, I hope the “favors” are returned soon, by who-whatever entity.

  3. Erdogan has always been an American/Zionist stooge. He runs the country just like Netanyahu in Israel with sadistic crackdowns on dissidents , free speech and the rights of the people. Turkey is under a repressive war mongering regime with Erdogan being financed by the U.S. Afghanistan European drug pipeline monies.

  4. Amazing! I wonder how long this will take to spread around the Mideast. And do the Turkish people, the voters, know what Erdogan is plotting? In other words, do they know more than the average American.

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