Free American: Are Zionists Taking Entire USA Down?

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Free American Show

The Zionist enemy knows, because they declared it, but most of us “Goyim” are still fast asleep. It’s not necessarily a war with cannon and bullets, but our people still get killed.

They poison and kill us in all sorts of “creative” manners, fluoride, vaccination, GMO, chemtrails, dangerous pesticides, climate engineering, just to name a few. And last, but not least, there is the medical-pharmaceutical industry, which – for generations already – is firmly in Zionist hands.

They kill us with the “side-effects” of their “mainstream” medications, which are about as “unwanted” as “collateral damage” in one of those countless ZioMerican wars, and just an opportunity for another Zionist to sell us more drugs. It’s obvious that the Zionists want to kill or enslave us all.

That has been their stated goal for thousands of years.

When a resourceful “Goyim”, like Henry Ford, Adolf Hitler and countless others, wakes up to their machinations, they do everything in their power to destroy him. They don’t always kill him right away.

They first isolate, ostracise and economically destroy him, before they – if necessary – take it to the next level and imprison or even kill him. However they always do whatever it takes to stop him, even if it means, as it was the case in Libya and Germany, taking his entire country and people down with him.

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  1. Every time I’m in the waiting room of my general practitioners office there’s 30 or more waiting. The drug reps are ever present. These are dangerous drugs yet ruled legal by the revolving door F D A . Yet if anyone sells drugs on the street or the privacy of their homes the D E A can take all of your possessions and place you in a for profit privately owned prisons while you spend you last dime fighting for your freedom. Drugs the powers that be brought into the country B T W .

  2. America was taken down in 1877 when Sir Albert V. G. R. (Pike), Knight of the Order of the R.S.Y.C.S., accepted the “Charter for Royal Order in U.S.A.”. Face it, decisions are made for America since at least the Roosevelt administration which brought the US into WW1 and gave birth to the Federal Reserve Bank (and not just America, but most places with any importance) and the sock-puppets who pull the fat pay-checks by turning up as members of the government are just there as kabuki puppets to distract the dumbed down masses.
    Zionism is just a tool in their tool bag – and a very effective tool too. Another very useful tool is “The Law of Thelema” introduced to America’s “elite” by Aleister Crowley, a member of the O.T.O. which oversees all the various Masonic bodies in existence today.
    Check out – which is proudly presented by the “Scarlet Women Lodge” of the O.T.O. for info on your Secret Shadow Government. And I’d bet Hillary is a member.

  3. Clayton: Damn straight! This is succinct and to the point and no pussyfooting around. This is precisely what has happened to our country and many others, as well. All anyone really needs to know, is the efficacy of the marijuana or cannabis plant. This is the most beneficial food source and healing herb for all the world, and whilst the US Gov’t has known this, they keep it hidden from view, in plain sight. But if all you ever knew was this, this fact that the US Gov’t has kept this a secret, would it not open your eyes to the truth? How could it NOT? Your government is killing you or letting you die, or assisting you, anyway you look at it. They don’t want a CURE for anything, just TREATMENTS! They want to drain you of every penny you have before you are laid in to your grave. This is the “system” of the “Corporation of the US of A”. They are required to make a profit just like any other corporation, but the sheeple, goyim, subjects, or whatever you choose to label the poor citizens of the USA, are all hailing to the flag that is killing them. REVOLUTION! Peacefully…

    • cute how hospitals want LAND for treatment not covered by insurance, so the property goes to the banksters and state instead of anyone inheriting it. with big pharma-medical-insurance corporate relational databases, they CAN and DO plan things like this, and it is only one of many insidious tactics.

  4. -They poison and kill us in all sorts of “creative” manners,-

    See how they also go after the young ones selling them laser based toy flashlights to ruin their eyesights ?

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