9/11 Science: Craters and Explosive Damage



fff_374Craters Produced by Explosions on the Soil Surface

Analysis of Crater Data

Explosive Damage Assessment

Study of IED Craters

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  1. It appears there’s a lot of misinformation being paraded as fact. The images collected after the WTC was brought down and after the cleanup clearly shows that the “bathtub” beneath the WTC was and still is intact. There is a complete and lengthy data set collected and published.

  2. Burning metal and pristine paper blowing in the wind, indicate something other than jet fuel as the culprit. JMHO..

    Keep banging Gordie. Love the conviction and agree completely.


    • Drop a large chunk of iron so it enters the Earth’s atmosphere at 50km/s or more, and you can get a similar effect. But then, even CNN (Cabal News Network) and Faux News watchers would not believe that Col. Tim Osman could control asteroids from his cave in Afghanistan.

  3. More over these are like finger prints that can trace right back to the manufacture site and who should and should not posses these things.

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