BUSTED! Charlie Hebdo suspect Bougrab stripped bare Charbs apartment



By Kevin Barrett,  Veterans Today Editor

In last week’s article “Charlie Hebdo perps BUSTED! The key lie of Jeannette Bougrab,” I offered evidence that Ms. Bougrab – an operative of the Sarkozy-Netanyahu organized crime network – was not really the girlfriend of Charb, the slain editor of Charlie Hebdo. That was just her “legend.”

Bougrab’s real role, it appears, was to funnel money into the failing, long-since-bankrupt Charlie Hebdo magazine. In return for the money that kept his magazine alive, Charb agreed to publish a barrage of ultra-obscene attacks on Islam. To facilitate the money transfers, Bougrab and Charb pretended to have a romantic relationship.

And thus was the financially non-viable Charlie Hebdo magazine, as philosopher Alain Soral suggested in his contribution to We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo, stuffed with money “like a goose stuffed for foie gras.” It was all a set-up for the slaughter of the goose – the false flag operation of last January 7th.

On Wednesday more evidence against Bougrab surfaced: Closer magazine published an article headlined: “Patrick Pelloux accuses Jeannette Bougrab of ‘stripping bare’ Charb’s apartment.” Pelloux, a close friend of Charb, is one of many Charb intimates screaming from the rafters that Bougrab has been lying when she claims that she was Charb’s girlfriend. (Most of Charb’s family is saying the same thing.) Now Pelloux has gone one step further, charging Bougrab with obtaining Charb’s key on false pretenses after his death and stripping Charb’s apartment…of what? Of evidence implicating the perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo false flag, one surmises.

Pelloux didn’t just say this to journalists. His charges against Bougrab came in testimony at an official inquest.

Bougrab’s destruction of evidence clearly constitutes what in US law would be termed “obstruction of justice.” One wonders whether Zionist-freemasonic infiltrators will be able to prevent the French police from launching an investigation and filing criminal charges.

But any police who do so had better watch their backs. Their slain comrade, police investigator Helric Fredou, was excitedly looking into the phony Charb-Bougrab “relationship” on the late night of January 7th when he suddenly turned up “suicided” in his own office.

So who is Jeannette Bougrab, and why would she volunteer for the role of “black widow” in the Charlie Hebdo false flag op?

Like her bosses Sarkozy and Netanyahu, Bougrab hates Islam with genocidal fury. That explains her willingness to participate in elaborate deceptions designed to convince the West to wage war on Islam for Israel.

Bougrab’s participation in the current anti-Islam genocide, which has taken the lives of more than a million Muslims since the 9/11 hoax, carries on a family tradition. She hails from a notorious Algerian family of traitors who helped the French murder more than one million Algerian Muslims during the Algerian Revolution. Her Islamophobic campaigns, including her participation in Netanyahu’s false flag terror network (the same folks who brought you 9/11) are a continuation of her family’s genocidal war against their own people.

Will the French people rise up and demand the truth about what happened to Charlie Hebdo? If they do, the guillotine may come back into fashion, and Jeannette Bougrab will be in serious trouble.

[For background on the Charlie Hebdo false flag, check out the video below. It’s from New Dimensions TV, which just launched a GoFundMe campaign to bring you alternative TV with high production values on a modest budget.]





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  1. Kevin – as a point of interest I recall that a ‘mystery woman’ entered the office of the British government microbiologist Dr David Kelly – and stripped out all of his personal paperwork and work documents. She did this before anyone else knew that he had ‘committed suicide’ in a remote wood in southern Britain.

    She was seen doing this in his office by a few other staff in the building but nobody had seen her before. She had let herself in to the building and into his private offices with all the right pass cards. The British government quietly admit that they have no idea who this woman was. You will remember that Dr. David Kelly tried to put a stop to the invasion of Iraq – as he was the top government adviser on Iraq – and he had decried the false information being floated about Saddam Hussein. This cost him his life.

    A large group of British doctors have published their names in the British press in a whole page advert stating that THEY DO NOT BELIEVE the ‘suicide’ verdict of Dr David Kelly – and they would like to see a new inquest.

    • However – the modern day Bugsy Seigel gangster types now not only control their button men – but also the police departments and the mainstream western press.

      I simply cannot understand how so called intelligent and ‘professional’ people within society are prepared to actually turn a blind eye to all of this. Are they all now morally bankrupt?

  2. It is very noticeable that ISIS-ISIL is murdering Christians and Moslems, the major religions of the West and the Arab world that resist Israeli Judaism. Sudan´s president Bashir was interviewed by „Euronews“ on 18 Feb this year about ISIS. He responded, “I say that the CIA and the MOSSAD are hiding behind these organizations, as no Moslem would carry out their type of acts.” His country has a procedure for providing psychotherapy for youth who tend to support ISIS-ISIL. The article, in English, is at http://www.euronews.com/2015/02/16/cia-and-mossad-are-behind-boko-haram-and-isil-says-sudan-president/

  3. Interesting. Jeannette Bougrab appears to function in France as an Israeli agent, similar to Pamela Geller in the U.S. There is a significant difference, however. Being a Moslem, Bougrab does not have access to the fraudulent, Judao-Christian banner on which the Pamela Geller entourage surfs. Thus, Bougrab cannot parasite on naive Christians, which Christians forget that Jews rejected Jesus and only surf on Christianity in order to promote their un-Christian “Judaism”, claiming the 1948 land-grant named “Israel” as homeland. Of course, while claiming to be “children of God” due to the lineage of Jesus, whom Jews rejected. Just more Israeli parasitism.
    “Residents” of the U.S.A. who pledge 1st allegiance to Israel are patriots of Israel, while conducting parasitic insurgency in the U.S. They are alien insurgents.

  4. So Charb is the only actual death directly related to this incident? Other than the suicided detective? This crime network is sick I hope they are tripped up sooner than later and with great frequency.

  5. I read a very intersting thing on the internet and don’t know if its true or a planted story.

    It said the French branch of the Rothschild family, bought Charley Hebdo Magazine shortly before the murders. They are the same family that financed the creation of the state of Israel.

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