NEO: Will the Gay Mafia Take Over America Again?



by  Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor    with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow


342342311A while ago Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House of Representatives during the “W” Bush administration was arrested by the FBI for fraud and money laundering charges. Hastert was third in line for the presidency, and a major force for the continual moralizing of the right wing.

His real crime is serial rape of students when he was a secondary school coach and scout leader. His criminal charges are for hiding millions paid in blackmail to silence victims. ABC News published photos of teenagers he had taken on an “Explorers” trip to the Bahamas.

Lots of beds and underwear shots but nothing said as Dennis Hastert had become a very powerful man, powerful enough to pay enormous bribes but powerful enough to crush careers or worse, arrange arrests, mental hospital stays and prison.

Those railroaded into prison by Washington power brokers seldom live very long, often developing strange cancers like with my good friend Congressman Mark Siljander, oddly a longtime friend of Hastert.  Siljander was indicted for money laundering related to terrorism when he went to Bush (43) with evidence that should have stopped the 2003 invasion.

Hastert is also powerful enough to arrange murders as well.

Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds had accused Hastert of espionage, money laundering and drug trafficking in Chicago. Edmonds had phoned in on a C-Span television segment, putting the charges, quickly pushed “under the table,” on the record.

Our social and security institutions have been accessories after the fact on this abuse
Our social and security institutions have been accessories after the fact on this abuse

Hastert had been “burned” by both Israeli and Turkish intelligence during GOP “sex junkets” to Israel. There, Hastert and other key congressional Republican leaders were photographed having sex with children in exchange for using their security clearances to give Israeli and Turkish intelligence full access to America’s most vital secrets.

In return, drug money laundered into election coffers guaranteed Hastert and his cohorts continual reelection and generous financial rewards after leaving office. All they had to do in return is keep Israel stocked with cluster bombs, napalm and white phosphorous. Israel tends to use up their stocks rather quickly.

Hastert, along with John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston led the impeachment drive against President Clinton. They are also the voice of all that is moral and religious in Washington.

We know about Hastert. He was chosen as Speaker of the House because his predecessors, Newt Gingrich and Bob Livingston, both Republicans, had to resign because of “non gay” sex scandals. To the GOP, it was safer to promote a serial pedophile, like they do in Britain, than risk a womanizer.

There is little question about Senator Lindsey Graham. Graham recently retired from the US Air Force where, for decades, he had serial affairs with young male airmen. His command, in Charleston, South Carolina, was a center for gay antics in the military just like George W. Bush’s Air National Guard unit in Houston was during the Vietnam War. We might well be honest, “while George W. Bush avoided serving in Vietnam” though both his opponents,  John Kerry and Al Gore, served in Vietnam.

Would you trust this guy?
Would you trust this guy?

We could talk about Bush, his history and that of his brother “Jeb” at Andover, typical “boarding school antics.” With Bush, a simple mention of former Marine and gay escort Jeff Gluckert, who push placed on the White House press corps under the name “Jeff Gannon,” a “constant companion” and “regular” for White House sleep overs.

The issue is more than hypocrisy, the Christian Zionist right and the continual moralizing. When Bush brought scandal ridden Paul Wolfowitz over from the World Bank, many were relieved that at least one heterosexual was going to be working near the presidency.

The other “non-gay” Bush event was the 3 way murder scandal between Vice President Dick Cheney, Congressman Gary Condit, who ran America’s scandal ridden nuclear “buy-back program” and Bureau of Prisons “intern” Chandra Levy, daughter of a Mossad agent who turned up dead.

Highest level sources have confirmed that Condit was blackmailed to “reroute” nuclear weapons purchased from former Soviet republics into the world arms markets. Exhaustive documentation exists on this and its aftermath.

Levy’s alleged killer, a simple street criminal, arrested after investigators were pressed to “move on” is up for retrial as authorities now admit that when the investigation was interfered with from corridors of power.

At the time I was working on a project with Pentagon and White House counter-terrorism. I, as were most Americans, was oblivious to the real Bush White House, rent boys smuggled in and out, rooms set aside for sexual trysts and prominent Washington families pushing to NOT have their children begin their careers in government.

“My dad, a former ambassador, told me I wouldn’t be safe in the White House, so I took a Pentagon job instead,” I heard from one of my contacts.

Why does America bend over for the Israel-Jewish Lobby?
Why does America bend over for the Israel-Jewish Lobby?

During the AIPAC spy scandal, former member of the National Security Council, Gwyneth Todd, was subjected to regular dinners where prominent Bush insiders bragged about sexual encounters in public restrooms.

These tales of debauchery were recorded along with admissions of espionage as well. The FBI agents running the investigation were put under gag order and transferred. The espionage continues.

Others stories, now well documented, go much further, Washington parties had transitioned. Normally, during the 1970s, those invited to stay after hours at discreet VIP events in Washington would find themselves snorting cocaine off call girls. Cocaine fueled the Carter administration. All that changed with Reagan and Bush, changed back during Clinton and changed back with Bush again.

Cocaine and call girls became amphetamines and little boys and the biggest criminal cover up until 9/11 failed to rock anywhere as witnesses disappeared, silenced jailed, dead, gone, forgotten. Where call girls were driven home in limousines, abused children were smothered and driven to trash dumps.

Sibel Edmonds
Sibel Edmonds

Are there generalizations that can be made about Washington? Bribery and sex have always been there. Espionage to the extent it lives today, as pointed out by Sibel Edmonds, did not. Were Jonathan Pollard, who has spent nearly three decades in prison for spying, to have been doing what he did today, nobody would care.

There is a reason the Hastert investigation is being quashed. It is more than the statute of limitations having run out on what may well be hundreds of counts of child rape. It is that Hastert is one of many and that his crimes are typical of those around the Bush family, above the laws of men and their gods.

If it was Hastert, we know well not just that most had been doing the same but that it could easily be proven. By 1990, according to highly placed sources, the FBI and CIA did little but pay off or silence those accusing government officials, almost all Republicans, of sexual misconduct and worse. The term “Reptile fund” was used, the “reptiles” being members of congress, White House and cabinet officials.

Why is this important?

Were one to look at any US policy, be it backing for criminal groups like ISIS or the Kiev junta, the mobsters in Tel Aviv or the Saudi despots, no sense can be made of any of it unless massive endemic corruption is taken into account.

With billions stolen each week in Washington, money alone is hardly a motivation. Remember, these are the most powerful people on earth, it can’t simply be dirty sex or a need to cause suffering, though with some, McCain and Cheney come to mind, causing suffering might well be motive enough.

There is well certain much more behind this, that the orgies of abuse and decadence may well be a sacrament to the old gods. The self-anointed geniuses and Washington elites would like that.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”. 


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  1. Perfect: “Were one to look at any US policy, be it backing for criminal groups like ISIS or the Kiev junta, the mobsters in Tel Aviv or the Saudi despots, no sense can be made of any of it unless massive endemic corruption is taken into account.”

  2. I’m just reading “The Conspirators” by Al Martin……mind boggling stuff about the Iran-Contra episode. Jeb Bush is up to his neck in the story….

  3. And he will get Altzheimers real soon to declare himself incompetent.His lawyers are not only defending him, but all those who have not been caught yet. We have not heard a peep about his defense fund and I doubt he is footing the legal bills even if he could. Those who have been blackmailing this guys will want to put on display that they will pony up when lawyer time comes.

  4. God awaits each of them. They cannot avoid it. They will never rest in peace. Forever haunted by their own affliction, tormented by their desires and behavior. We may no longer be “…one nation under God…,” or trust in God, but he is there awaiting these vermin. The problem is, the poor children. I don’t understand why? God awaits the perps! Their power cannot conceal their transgressions from Him!

  5. Actually, it appears to me and I get this idea only from watching television crime documentaries, most male trailer park republicans are latently gay with leanings towards both pedophilia and necrophilia. Many of them end up acting out which makes for a very entertaining ID channel.

  6. If all this perversion in DC is the ‘worst kept secret’, then it makes you wonder why all these politicians are lining up ‘double parked’ to get elected to join this ‘elite’ conclave. And who would want to sleep in the WH knowing what went on there? I question the motivations of all candidates.

  7. Pedophiles have aspired to positions of power and authority over their victims here in Iowa too. Bettendorf Community School District officials have made their play time and again to “tag” my son. People who I suspect are lawyers, judges, magistrates, administrators, and other officials. They are protected from higher positions, i.e.. Duane Magee of the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners has refused to reprimand Bettendorf High and Middle school officials for their very apparent administrative bullying. Lawyers at LANE-WATERMAN law offices protect these creatures (Tom Waterman is the IA S.Ct. Judge and brother Robt. was the Pres of the IA BAR Assc. that includes members that have proven to be perverse, i.e.. Douglas Wells, Dennis Jasper, G. David Binegar, Mark Fowler, Marlita Ann Greves, Celeste Bremer, Robert Pratt, Charles Wolle, Ron Longstaff, Hobart Darbyshire, James Kelley, Tom Waterman, Daryl Hecht, Paul Macek, Christine Frederick, Christine Dalton-, and many others…I believe these statements to be true. You Tube: Legal Land and LAWLESS AMERICA

    • Dr Tennant – there are clearly extremely dangerous people who are directly protected from the very top of the system. Take the monster Jimmy Saville in Britain for example. Hundreds of his victims simply silenced for decades by what amounts to a massive criminal conspiracy involving the very top of the police force and Parliament – who it now seems were also somehow involved! Everything is about massaging public opinion. Once they have total control of the media and can form public opinion – they can do what they want. If anything comes out by accident they can just fit up and arrest some entirely innocent people to throw to the baying mob. Poor old Ralph Harris being a good example – I agree wholeheartedly with Mr Shrimpton in this regard.

  8. Excalibur “Dave – perhaps every American should bury one of their weapons and a batch of ammunition for a rainy day. A rifle that is cleaned, oiled heavily and its working parts covered in Vaseline/Petroleum jelly – can be put in a large plastic bag and then placed inside a wide, waterproof, plastic drain pipe – sealed at both ends. Only you know where you bury it – and it could turn out to be the best insurance policy you ever make.”

    Yea, that would take all of about 3 seconds for a drone with ground penetrating RADAR to find…….

    • Bury it straight downwards Foci. Disguise the contents and lead line it if you want. There are rock formations all over America that would make detection difficult. You would not want to put it under your front doorstep – more likely in a wild place in which you may need to take refuge. Do not underestimate the ingenuity of the average guy where practical things are concerned. In law the population needs its own Gladio programme in order to conform to and comply with the REAL American Constitution. The possibility of an evil and corrupt entity usurping power in the United States and wielding it for nefarious and criminal purposes is now far more likely than it was in years past.

    • Unless the police/military have something much better than what is available for civilian use, GPR is not likely to find the gun if buried more than 5 or 6 feet deep, particularly if there is a shallow water table. Also, to find a horizontally buried rifle, the GPR survey would need to be on about a 3-foot square grid. Or if buried vertically per Excaliber’s suggestion, a 1 foot grid would be needed. And unlike what Hollywood might portray, GPR results are colored blobs that are as much art as science to interpret.

      Current standard of practice for subsurface utility location is to *not* rely on GPR alone.

  9. Dave – perhaps every American should bury one of their weapons and a batch of ammunition for a rainy day. A rifle that is cleaned, oiled heavily and its working parts covered in Vaseline/Petroleum jelly – can be put in a large plastic bag and then placed inside a wide, waterproof, plastic drain pipe – sealed at both ends. Only you know where you bury it – and it could turn out to be the best insurance policy you ever make.

  10. The question is what motivates these people? Its very very strange. They always show up in the media, the theatre, and politics and I know they all like power but what really motivates them? We are all on our way to the grave the moment we are born. There is no point in the depravity. Why do they do this? Nobody ever benefits from it including themsleves. Its just sick.

  11. Enough of this left vs. right tripe. Has anyone at VT read their Dr. Antony Sutton? Ron Paul left the GOP because of the right-wing assholes. Dennis Kucinich left the DNC because of the left-wing assholes. They’re all assholes. It’s like in the movie Space Balls, we’re surrounded by assholes. Let’s call them what they deserve to be called. All paid by Sheldon Adelson. The chief asshole. Adelson under the aegis of the Vanguard Group. Lets prosecute em and hang em. All of them. And if we can’t prosecute em, then lets hire (or encourage) an army of Bobby Lee Swaggers, with the blessing of the U.S. Attorney General (post Holder that is) ..

    • Hillary Clinton is paid by Haim Saban, Shelly the Hutt’s Democratic counterpart.

      I never thought I would think this, but what the US needs is a modern day Hitler to clean house – at least the man was a patriot and hated the international banking cabal, unlike anyone who has a chance of winning either major party nomination.

      An even better solution would be to appoint an Emperor and Vice-Emperor for 4 years, then have clean elections in 2020 – Duff and Dean would work.

  12. There’s us and there’s them, what shall we do about the situation. Allow Graham to be the next speaker of the house or take it to them .

  13. I’m not 100% sure about the violent killing but will agree about the (sick!) game having been stepped up. the weaponized word “homophobe” used to dismiss those not approving as people who have some kind of irrational FEAR, is defamation and slander by odd people I doubt have any psychological credentials to “diagnose” anyone. to me it seems the exact same tactic as “anti-semite” by odd people who don’t have even one drop of semitic blood in their veins. IF there were such thing as honest judges, slanders like these could cost them enough money that many just might stop completely with their weaponized language BS.
    not disagreeing either, some ARE monsters deserving what you describe because they can and do buy off judges, contract hits etc.

    • Too bad dueling is not still legal, since the ADL crowd would immediately stop slandering and libeling persons as racist.

  14. yes sodomy is a satanic thing, some are self hating out of control gender confused enfatuated with controlling others, or abusing and killing so there are no testimonies. of course they can be (and are) compromised with snapshots or video, WE are never supposed to know about it.
    S&M dominant submissive “games” are often their idea of a good time (again power+control), so it isn’t a wonder they seek and achieve positions of “power”, unfortunately. many maintain a marriage just for public show, money can sure help do that. I wish there were a real test to keep these kinds of psychopaths out of politics completely, we might be in a lot less trouble right now as a nation.

    • One thing that intelligence agents and those who conspire behind the scenes have always known about sexual perverts and deviants – is that they have a disproportionate capacity for traitorous or treasonous behaviour. They are the prime judas goats – and therefore key assets for an enemy with an agenda. It may be because these deviants have always felt somehow separate from normal society – or it may just be that their all consuming perversion is more important to them than any other factor. Either way history shows us that these people should never be promoted to positions of authority or responsibility – and indeed in an un-subverted world – they are not. This madness is only possible in a world badly infected with the judaic zio-virus. This is a virus hardwired and embedded within the brains of the top zio mobsters who promote its deception as their means of infiltration and subversion to usurp power. The virus is thousands of years old – and it has studied human behaviour for millenea in an insect like manner. Only in a land riddled with this virus can this inversion of logic and common sense occur and prevail. It reaches a crescendo shortly before the total collapse and death of its host.

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