TRUTH JIHAD: E. Michael Jones: Pope’s new vision threatens NWO



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Does Pope Francis’s new “environmental encyclical” Laudato Si threaten the New World Order plan for technocratic tyranny? E. Michael Jones, America’s most provocative Catholic intellectual, thinks so. Jones says the techno-takeover of life in general (and sexuality in particular) has gone too far, and the Pope’s critique is fully justified – and a big step in the right direction. So it seems that conservative Catholic E. Michael Jones and liberal Jew Rabbi Michael Lerner are both giving the Pope’s encyclical a big thumbs up!

During this show we also offer conflicting views of the movie Avatar, discuss the Vatican-CIA-freemasonry organized crime ring exposed in Paul Williams’ Operation Gladio, and speculate about if and when the Pope will forge a traditional-values-based alliance with the Muslim world.

Jones & Barrett at the New Horizons Conference in Tehran

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  1. This was interesting, but I am afraid I do not see any rosy picture regarding Francis’s encyclical. It looks very much like Francis is pushing a one world death and slavery system for all, my term for the NWO.

    Kevin Barrett and E. Michael Jones will do as “liberals” in my thinking until something better comes along.

    Kevin Barrett has always been rah rah regard David Ray Griffin’s [DRG] take on 9-11, but DRG is also rah rah about the one world death and slavery system for all, and I have a RINF posting of his responding to my question to him about his understandings of that subject.

    All of these people want a one world death and slavery system for all.

    DRG fully subscribes to Steven Jones / Richard Gage’s ‘Jews had nothing whatsoever at all to do with 9-11’ theory, and I am very curious as to why Barrett swallows DRG hook, line and sinker.

    This show between these two “intellectuals” did shed some light on y patron saint is St. Francis of Assisi and I was born on his feast day, October 4, and my first name, that I do not go by, is Frances. For that I am thankful.

    Bishop Fulton J. Sheen wrote quite a bit about the Muslims being much closer to accepting and following the One Who is Truth, Jesus Christ, the True God and Savior of the world than are the Jews.

    We hope and pray and work so that every person on earth will accept Jesus Christ and follow Him until the day they meet their maker. That is true loving thy neighbor.

  2. Please consider bringing Jim Condit, Jr. on the program in order to counter Paul Williams conspiratorial agenda.

  3. Paul Williams is not one to trust, he is trying to sucker truthers by feeding them “limited hangouts,” an old tactic for discrediting dissidents.

  4. Jesuits, Jesuits and Jesuits. Where is the glaringly obvious info on the Jesuits and their grip/influence. Why is it they remain in the darkness when there is any conversation about the Catholic Church. To ignore them is to acknowledge and be complicit in their evil agenda.

    • Jesuits are priestly scholars. Which of their writings have you read that supports your attempt to wreck the truth movement by accusing the prosecutors for your ilk’s crimes?

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