Free American: Freedom Palooza

Free American Show

Free American Show

These shows have been selected to demonstrate the quality and caliber of the most banned and feared information put out consistently by Clayton R. Douglas, the Free American.

His books. Articles, publications and interviews with some of the most intelligent and controversial people in the world are classics. These shows are going to be put on CDs and sold through Gun shops, Smoke Shops, Truck Stops and bookstores.

Get his books downloaded as a PDF on your tablet, smart phone or computer immediately. Put the CD in your player and enjoy ten hours of True news and Patriotism.

CRD Publlshing PO Box 144 Big Spring, TX 79721

  • 520-413-2397
  • Cell 512-767-4561
  • 817 794 6318

Talk to me.

Tell me what you can and will do to help make this back into the Great idea and Country our Founding Fathers, rebels all, gave us. [email protected]

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