It Was Isis I Tell Ya!


 You just can’t make this stuff up! Well actually, yes you can.

by Katherine Frisk :

Jim Dean is famous for saying, “You just can’t make this stuff up.”

It is fine the first few times but then it gets hackneyed. Until I read this headline:

Pentagon on high alert for July 4:  – because of potential terrorist attacks from ISIL

And what was the first thing that came to mind?

 “You just can’t make this stuff up!”

So the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have been planning the downfall of Assad for years now, oh and Jordan, let’s not forget about Jordan. Funding, supporting and training ISIS/ISIL though by next week they will have another scary name. Destroying Iraq … again. And turning Damascus into a waste land not to mention the genocide against Orthodox Christians in the Middle East, some the oldest Christian communities in the world. Did they mention that bit?

Now the fourth of July is coming up. Everyone is braced for terrorist attacks. You know? Fire works and all that? Which makes me think, which buildings do they want demolished this time? And is there a big insurance claim? And do they have gold vaults in the foundations? And remember to check and see which airline  on wall street mysteriously drops dramatically on Friday. Not that you will be able to hen pick anything out these days with the chaos in the stock market. You know… Greece?

I can just hear it on CNN.

“America under attack! America under attack!”

Then Obama comes on. And every three seconds just like Bush before him, he will have to keep repeating himself over and over just so that everyone “gets it,” and we will hear:

“It was isis.”

“It was Isis.”

“It was ISIs.”

“It was ISIS.”

And we will be hunting for some “terrorist”whose name will sound almost similar to the next US President in 8 years time. Bushinski most probably from Chechnya. Or Klitonski from Azerbaijan. Only to discover that said “terrorist”died from kidney failure in 2015 in a CIA medical centre in Langley Virginia.

This will of course give the US the reason and the purpose for bombing Syria, Assad not Isis, with a fly by over Iran because they, like Saddam before them, have WMDs. Except in this case the WMD will be Nuclear bombs that do not exist.

Which will explain why six Israelis were dancing as the buildings came down because finally they were going to get to see Iran bombed back into the stone age along with almost every other country in the Middle east… except Israel.

Ok, I am guessing the Federal Reserve Bank here. Wild thumb suck. This will cover a whole lot of sins. As well as the fact that they will no longer be able to give Texas their gold back because, well it just vapourised when the building went down. And all records pertaining to the trillions that the US is in debt vanished along with the trillions that went offshore to other banks. And when the stock market totally crashes in the near future… well now… it will take decades to find all the pieces and put the whole sorry, criminality of the Federal Reserve back together again and make sense of it. And most probably why they had to get Fast Track through for the TPP and the TTIP, so that all the major corporations in the vampire squid are now entities unto themselves and have the same rights as governments, because well, that machine that prints out a thing call paper with pretty pictures on it like confetti is now gone. But I digress.

If by now you still don’t have the faintest idea what I am talking about, then watch this:

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  1. Interesting hypothesis, Gordon, about attacking the Fed itself in such a way it can be portrayed as the victim rather than creator of the economic and societal chaos following another, but irreversible (no tools left), financial meltdown. If I follow you, a key element in such a hypothetical scenario, amid picking up the pieces during the ensuing years of chaos, would be using TPP etc to isolate and preserve WS/corporate asset ownership, which would explain (given any scenario that goes live) the integration of intel/LE under the DNI. I’d say we should start paying attention now that propaganda shills for the non-existent, miraculous, jobless recovery are waving red flags in our faces.

  2. Yes I still remember every time a car bomb, or some murders, CNN/Fox would be on the air saying “believed to have links with Al-Qaida”, it was drummed into us, now it’s IS’s turn, will the gullible sheeple accept it this time? IS was designed to get rid of Assad, then on to Iran.

    Saudi Arabia has beheaded about 37 people since the new year, not a whimper of protest from the great “Land of the free, home of the brave”, give me a break.

  3. Plus, watch Hollyweird for your pre-conditioning, your Orwellian “education”, and take as factual truth MSM blatant lies and propaganda.

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