Syria Winning War with Israel Hands Down



For Americans who are unaware, there is a war going on, one where thus far we may well have the first genuinely clear enemy in half a dozen generations.  We have a real “axis of evil,” human traffickers, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, the CIA and its al Qaeda franchises and Israel’s ISIS army of Palestinian and Chechen recruits.  No Americans died today fighting this war.  Instead, Syrians, Kurds and Iraqi’s died fighting a war America started where America is financing and backing the enemy.  This is a hell of a way to celebrate American independence but is so often the case, America is snuffing freedoms out around the world.  Am I wrong?

This is suppressed war news for only one day in the week after Syria killed an Israeli general and his staff:

Provinces, SANA- Units of the army and armed forces carried out on Saturday special operations against terrorist organizations’ positions and dens in many areas across the country, inflicting heavy losses upon them in personnel and equipment.

Damascus countryside

The army and the Lebanese resistance established full control over al-Tal citadel to the west of al-Zabadani in Damascus Countryside on Saturday in the framework of a wide military operation in the area.

A military source announced earlier today that the army units, in cooperation with the Lebanese resistance, started on Saturday morning a wide military operation to eliminate the terrorist organizations positioned in al-Zabadani city after having tightened the noose around them.

The military operation involved the army air force, which carried out intensive strikes against dens and gatherings of terrorists, resulting in the destruction of an ammunition depot and two armored vehicles with terrorists on board, according to the source.

Establishing control over al-Tal Citadel is an important achievement given the strategic location of the citadel overlooking the whole al-Jamiyat area in al-Zabadani city, thus paving the way for more victories to come successively.

The military source told SANA that members of the army and the resistance are hunting down fleeing terrorists in the area, as they continue to advance toward their targets from various directions, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorist organizations.

In the meantime, the army killed at least 29 terrorists and destroyed several vehicles with all weapons and ammunition on board in intensified operations in various areas in the eastern and southwestern countryside of Damascus.

A special operation carried out by an army unit against a hideout of terrorists in the southeastern part of Eastern Ghouta left 20 terrorist leaders killed.

The army artillery destroyed a convoy of vehicles belonging to terrorists on the road linking Mhasseh with Tal al-Daba’ in the northeastern countryside of Damascus on the outskirts of al-Badia desert near Homs province.

In the southwestern countryside, hideouts of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists were targeted in Ein al-Bustan village to the north of Saasa town, where 9 terrorists were killed.


In northeastern Syria, Army units established full control on al-Nashwa al-Sharqiah neighborhood to the al-Kahraba roundabout and continued to advance against ISIS terrorists in al-Lailieh neighborhood in Hasaka city.

Earlier, army units targeted ISIS terrorists’ positions in Housh al-Baer, al-Kahraba roundabout, Land Mall and al-Nashwa al-Sharqiyeh neighborhood in Hasaka city.


Meanwhile, 100 terrorists at least were killed, most of them of foreign nationalities, in an operation carried out by a unit of the army and the armed forces against their dens in Shalf village in the northern countryside of the coastal Lattakia province, according to the military source.


In northern Syria, units of the army and the armed forces carried out special operations against dens and positions of Jabhat al-Nusra and other Takfiri organizations in the neighborhoods of al-Rashidin, al-Sheikh Said, Bustan al-Qasir and al-Castillo in Aleppo city.

A number of terrorists were killed in the operations and others were injured, according to the source.

Units of the army also carried out concentrated strikes against dens of the terrorist organizations, killing scores of their members and injuring others, in addition to destroying their weapons and ammunition and a number of their machinegun-equipped vehicles in Ainjara village and the Scientific Research building and in al-Mansoura village in the western countryside of Aleppo.

The army operations in the northern countryside of the province resulted in destroying a number of the machinegun-equipped vehicles and a number of the Takfiri terrorists’ dens, in addition to killing a number of terrorists in Talet al-Shwaihana.

Meanwhile, units of the army destroyed vehicles and dens of the ISIS terrorists in a special operation against their dens and positions in the surrounding area of the Air Force Academy and Manbej city in the eastern and northeastern countryside of the province.

In the same context, the Takfiri terrorist organizations admitted on their pages on the social networking websites that scores of their members were killed.


Meanwhile, the army’s air Force inflicted heavy losses upon terrorist groups in the eastern countryside of Idleb.

The air strikes were launched intensively against terrorists in the villages and towns of al-Majas, al-Tera’a and Abu al-Dohour, killing many of the terrorists and injuring others, in addition to destroying their weapons.

Local sources in Ariha city told SANA that scores of Jabhat l-Nusra terrorists were killed in a bombing that targeted a mosque in the city.

Social networking websites of the terrorists acknowledged the death of 40 terrorists, some of them are not Syrians.


In central Syria, army units targeted hideouts and movements of ISIS terrorists to the south of Tadmur city and in al-Sukhna and Wadi Abyad areas in the countryside of Palmyra in Homs province.

Many terrorists were killed and their arms and ammunition were destroyed.

In the northern countryside of the province, an army unit inflicted heavy casualties upon Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in operations against their dens in al-Rastan area.

On the western outskirts of Homs city, another army unit targeted terrorists’ positions near al-Burj al-Ahmar in al-Waer neighborhood, killing a number of terrorists and injuring others.


Scores of Jabhat al-Nusra and other organizations’ terrorists were killed and injured and their vehicles, weapons and ammunition were destroyed in army air strikes against their gatherings and movements in al-Lahaya and Bab al-Taqa villages and al-Hamra town in the northern countryside of the central Hama province.

In the meantime, the  army air force killed a number of ISIS terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in the villages of Qleib al-Thawr and Qanbar in the eastern countryside of Hama.

Air strikes also targeted positions of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Qabr Fidda village and the surroundings of al-Shrei’a village, 75 km to the northwest of Hama city, inflicting heavy casualties as it targeted the terrorists’ dens and gatherings.


An army unit carried out special operations against terrorists’ hideouts in Um al-Walad village, about 40 km to the northeast of the southern Daraa cityز

The military source said that the operations resulted in the destruction of two hideouts with terrorists, weapons and ammunition inside them.

Meanwhile, the terrorist organizations acknowledged on their social media pages the killing of a number of what they called were “field leaders” in one of their hideouts in Um al-Walad village.

The source added 6 terrorists at least were killed to the northwest of al-Ghariyat village and a vehicle was destroyed in the northern countryside of Daraa province.

An army unit killed a number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Nahj village to the west of al-Yadoudeh town in the northwestern countryside of the province.

The source also confirmed that all members of a terrorist group were killed in a special army operation against their hideout to the north of al-Nueimeh town.

Deir Ezzor 

The army’s air force destroyed a convoy of vehicles for ISIS terrorists in al-Shouleh in Deir Ezzor and an armored vehicle in al-Mre’ehe.


A military source told SANA that an army unit eliminated many terrorists between the villages of Khirbeh and Jbaib and in al-Qasr village in Sweida countryside.


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  1. With a “black, foreign-born, secret Muslim Socialist ” in the WH you would think more red-neck dumbass Republican types would be questioning the hostile actions of this WH. The problem with that is: The WH and the different batch of neo-con zios who control it are doing a good job of duplicitous, double-dealing. Creating and supplying terror groups from one hand and then denouncing them with the other.

  2. Who is bank rolling this axis? It has to cost someone a great deal to finance this carnage since 2001. The budget appropriated from the US should be transparent, yet it’s doing laundry service for us to pay the interest and principle on loans. They do all these horrid things to countries they hate; lest they are replaced.

  3. Thank God and Hamdellah for the Shia Resistance fighters fm Lebanon. If only the cowardly Christians of Lebanon would fight alongside them against the Wahabi Takfiri terrorist scum financed, trained and equipped by the U.S., Israel and their puppets ( Qatar and the Saudis and Turks )…..The Christians of Lebanon no longer think their country, people or religion are worth fighting for. Not when they can run off to Dubai, Paris, Vienna, Canada, Australia and the U.S. Read an article in the Charlotte Observer today; an Iraqi couple were celebrating the peace, safety and security in America. ( All of which would exist in Iraq were it not for America!)

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