Greece votes No: The European Union is dying before our eyes




Despite the scaremongering and bullying from those in Brussels, we are waking today with Greece having delivered a resounding No.

That comes despite EU bosses saying that it would mean a Greek exit from the Euro, not to mention the heavy economic pressure placed on the Greek people to go along with the wishes of Brussels. It is a crushing defeat for those Eurocrats who believe that you can simply bulldoze public opinion.

Chief bully-boy Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, and other supposed leaders of the European Union did their best to terrify the Greek people into submitting to the wishes of the European Union. But they utterly failed. The fear espoused by the Yes campaign was rejected. Opinion polls that put the Yes side ahead just days before were way out, as thousands upon thousands of Greek citizens lined the streets chanting “Oxi”.

Where does Greece go from here? Well it seems to me that Alexis Tsipras cannot go on having his cake and eating it. A more prosperous Greece, ran by the Greeks rather than by the EU must surely face up to the reality that a euro exit is both inevitable and desirable in order for a long-term economic recovery to truly begin.

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  1.  Imagine, a British man collected €1.80mn in 8 days to help Greece
     Over 1000 Greeks committing suicides in front of government buildings and all over Greece, so, the Greek Government said, enough is enough, Troika is not work, so let’s try the Greek way, the Greeks agreed & voted 61%, now, even the IMF & (ECB) agreed.
     “Troika” __ (In Russian – The Group of Three) European Commission (Eurogroup) along with the European Central Bank (ECB) & the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are the group that loaned to the governments of Greece, and others, collecting their interests up front which did not help the Greeks.
     EX-PM Antonis Samaras steps down as leader of Greece’s conservative opposition party, for listening to Troika and getting Greece to this point.
     Greece owed $271 Billion, but when Germany was bankrupt after WWI & WWII, due to its public debt, amounting to over 600% of German GDP was written off by countries like GREECE.
     “USA not only agreed to WRITE-OFF OLD DEBTS, but gave the Germans billions of ($) in Marshall Aid.”
     The German Federal Republic, after the Unification in 1989, did not condemn the former East Germany to austerity as a remedy for its economy. Chancellor Helmut Kohl allowed the eastern states to exchange their nearly worthless Ostmarks for Deutsch Marks at the inflated rate of 1 to 1, and then poured the equivalent of more than a trillion Euros into the reconstruction of the eastern economy.

  2. It ought to be pretty clear by now that the Euro attempt is a strategy for control of the continent from the same people that brought the world Bolshevism, the hideous garb of the International Jew financiers.
    See it at work here with the (j)US intervention in Ukraine and Syria, sponsorship of ISIL, Soetoro care, Citizens United ruling, and the court’s most recent assault. Did I forget the DHS and their camps?
    This war is just starting.

  3. The E U was the capture Europe to make theft and manipulation of Europeans easier by bankster gangsters. This NATO outfit would have issues with existence without EU.

  4. For all intents and purposes, the Greeks invented Democracy.
    Now they are teaching the world how it works.

  5. Well said Nigel – and well done those Greeks! I hope that they have stashed a large amount of Drachmas; printed and ready to circulate. A nation needs to print its own cash – without ‘interest’ or ‘loans’ payable to anybody – and at an entirely government owned central bank.

    Money should exist as a simple device in order to serve people – and make their lives easier. People do not exist in order to serve money – or those who try to set wrongful hurdles or parameters on its acquisition.

  6. At the root of these economic crises is the way money is created. At present a bank creates money when it issues a loan, which a debt the borrower owes to the bank, and on which he pays INTEREST. Most money (97%) is created this way. So as the economy grows the debt, both private and government debt, grows.

    US national debt (mainly to bondholders) is now 18 Trillion dollars and counting. At 3% interest payable is about $500 Billion a year, or $1.4 Billion a day. Greece will not be alone for long.

  7. Wise guys in Greece won again. Look at the clowns and commies dancing in the street, where is the stress.

    Do the math, 170 billion dollars hair cut in 2012, 268 billions more debt since 2012, and 100 billions from ECB to Greece bank. The total monies amount to 3X of GDP. It is like US borrows 50 T “trillion” in five years. Where is the money? Go figure!

  8. First of all, congratulations to the Greeks on breaking the chains of NWO bondage. If only Leonidas could have been there — what a routing he would have led! Think of that clip from “300” where the Spartans in their distinctive red capes slowly and steadily keep pushing the invaders toward the cliff without even missing a step themselves. Would that all NWO traitors meet the same.

    The EU project was hatched in 1922 by a NWO screwball named Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. In 1925 he outlined the whole thing in his crazed book “Practical Idealism.” Max Warbug of treasonous WW1 fame quickly spotted a kindred NWO psycho in Kalergi and globbed on.

    It proposed a massive change in demographics to eliminate various cultures, along with the elimination of those annoying borders so that the whole Continent would be reduced to colorful locales of compliant little debt slaves. So while all the target populations were staggering around trying to recover from the massive central banker bloodletting of 1914 ( thank you Federal Parasite Reserve! ), the NWO parasites were already planning the next central banker bloodletting 15 years hence and cobbling together the EU blueprints all set to be phased in afterwards.

    Poor NWO parasites! How ever shall they feed themselves! First the Icelandic Vikings kicked them out, then the Greek Spartans cropped up out of nowhere and kicked them again. About time they start getting the heave-ho one country after another.

  9. thanks Nigel, I really enjoyed video of you chastizing “baron von rump roast” and the rest of the “appointed officials”, who’s only true goals are treasonous economic sabotage of every country that has allowed this VAMPIRE into their house. of course they CLAIM problems and incompetence to dodge accountability for everything they’ve done VERY deliberately.

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