Iran Nuke Talks, The good, the bad, and the ugly



 by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

Zarif with Kerry, July 14, 2015
Zarif with Kerry, July 14, 2015

Update Note:  This was an NEO article submission that went in last week to get some pre-agreement analysis on the record for how things looked at that point, and how various parties were going to spin the result if it went through or not.

NEO felt the deal would go through this time, and with the 3 to 4 day delay in getting articles posted, it could quickly become old news. So they asked me to rewrite and submit when the deal was done to include the new material and have a longer shelf life.

But Gordon and I like to do what is called “bookend” a major historical event — get on the record how it was going to go and then a postscript evaluating how we did. We think this is important for a geopolitical writer’s street cred, as any idiot can do Monday morning analysis.

So I run this today as a short trip down memory road, when the nuke talks ship had not yet made it through the storm safely into port. Sure, I know there are still some procedural humps to go through, but Obama has the Congressional veto votes he needs , and this was assured to the Iranians.

The Zios and their minions are trying to put on display that they are still tough hombres who can dish out some pain to those who displease them. But I have sensed that overkill on their part now could help us reach the tipping point on Israeli political terrorism here.

On Thursday, the German and British foreign ministers slapped Bibi down quite publicly for his worn out histrionics that letting Iran have any kind of a nuclear program would leave it a pathway for “the bomb”. Left out of Bibi’s analysis was that he and the Likuds have ALWAYS been wrong on this, having been predicting for over two decades that Iran would have “the bomb” in one or two years.

The bottom line here is that Israel is gambling in its keeping the Iran nuke fear porn going as a diversion for public attention shifting over to the Israeli nuclear threat. This is what it fears the most.

Will world outrage over that the nasty little country in the Mid East with the rogue WMD arsenal continuing to menace the rest of us finally trigger a slave revolt? I have my fingers crossed. We must join hands to get our revenge now by pouring the calls in to the politicians that their free ride days of shilling for Israel are overJim W. Dean


–  Written July 09,  2015  –


No, we don’t have a deal yet. As I write this on the evening of July 9th, we have seen a day of teasing that makes all the others pale in comparison, with multiple parties hinting to the press that an agreement was near, only to be snatched back at the end of the day with another extension.

This follows a week of media hype to pump up their ratings during the slow summer months and over the 4th of July holiday in the US. I even took a week off to get married to a lady whose Rev War ancestor was with General Washington at Valley Forge and was wounded at the skirmish of Germantown, while my Pvt. Joseph Culpepper was with a Georgia unit. The nuke talks were at the top of my getting back to work list.

All nuclear talk parties have to be able to claim that they were tough bargainers to rally public support for whatever the final deal is, as all will have political opponents who will charge them with rolling over. The Israel Lobby is funding much of this in the US as payback for Obama not being as subservient a president as they had with Bush(43), who many feel will go down as the worst president in modern history, the hand puppet of Dick Cheney.

I listened to part of a Chris Hannity radio show this week, a form of torture for me, and experienced my first presidential candidate Senator Mark Rubio’s fundraising commercial. He wanted folks to send him money to stop Iran from getting “the bomb”. I would bet the 401-K that I don’t have that the Israel Lobby was paying for these ads through political action committees. It was cheap pandering on steroids.

Dylann Ruff was first exploited to revive gun legislation and then to renew Confederate heritage bashing
Dylann Roof was first exploited to revive gun legislation and then to renew Confederate heritage bashing

This follows the pandering contest after the Charleston shootings, where the Confederate Memorial flag was quickly removed in a vote by the South Carolina legislature this week. Not a word was mentioned about the epidemic of black on white crime in the country which, I covered in my last NEO article.

This is all being done to whip up divide and conquer passions during the election season among the voters by replacing the old Iran nuke scam with the new one, “preventing Iran from having a weapons program”.

Israel has always taken the position that Iran should have no civilian nuclear activity whatsoever, while Israel continues on with the largest WMD stockpiles in the Mid East. Tactical nukes have been used on Syria and Yemen, with not a word about it in mass media. You just can’t make this stuff up.

The good part of the talks this week is they have made progress and no one is quitting. The bad thing is how the big dirty secret revealed in the nuke talks that has been buried in a salt case somewhere produced not a shred of evidence by anyone on the planet that Iran had a nuclear weapons program — not even from Israel who has been telling us for two decades that Iran was a year or two away from having “the bomb”.

The ugly part is very ugly. Amongst all the theatrics of the Western spokesmen crowing about how they had to make sure that Iran could never have a nuclear program, inferring that their goal was to protect us all from that horrible fate, nuclear proliferation has been widespread for many years now.

James Bond style operations have been going on by various intelligence agencies trying to recover stolen nuclear material, and protect their governments’ reputations from exposure that they failed to secure their stockpiles.

Gordon Duff and ex-IAEA investigator and nuclear physicist Jeff Smith broke the story about how the US gave all 350 of its old Davy Crockett tactical nuclear warheads to Israel in violation of the non-proliferation treaty that the US signed. These disclosures have been totally ignored by corporate media. But no one has challenged them either, because they know that would be followed by a request for a very public debate, which “they” do not want.


There were telltale signs this week that no one knows if a deal can be done. The White house was doing some downside planning with Obama talking about extending the interim sanctions to secure the reductions that Iran currently has in place, showing the need not to go backwards at this point.

Both sides had earlier voiced the expected “we will walk away from a deal we can’t live with”.  But never mentioned in any of the nuclear talks press is the pent up surge of foreign investment waiting to go into Iran — trade activity desperately needed by Western companies needing to boost export earnings and secure jobs in their respective countries.

Iran is not driving a hard bargain just for show. It does not trust the West for very understandable reasons. The most recent was the interim agreement that had called for the release of all the frozen Iranian funds, which was assumed to happen soon after the agreement was signed. But that is not what happened. The process was dragged out by those holding the money.

So Iran quite rightly does not want to buy into that game again in the final agreement. Kerry wants to use a staged easing of the sanctions to help get the deal through Congress, which makes it a “conditional deal”, not a deal.

The US is also trying to amend the interim agreement to extend to conventional military stockpiles by not wanting to remove the arms embargo from the sanctions ending provisions. Zarif surprisingly used an old Lincoln quote to described this trick move, that “you can’t change horses in mid-stream”, which went over the heads of most of the European reporters.

S-300s are finally going to Iran
S-300s are finally going to Iran

Russia and China are opposing that ploy, as they are looking to be major sellers of modern conventional weapons to Iran.

Here we find the old colonial game being played in 2015, with a target country restricted from being allowed to defend itself so it can be more easily threatened by a country like the US, who has a first strike doctrine that can be triggered for any reason it chooses.

The US knows that anti-missile defense weapons are going to pour into Iran to defend it from any preemptive attack by anyone. While the US has pledged military support to many in the region, and NATO with its agreements, the Eurasians will be forced to do the same. The Western defense contractors may actually love this, with new high technology arms races possible.

Eurasia is trending toward integrating their regional defenses not only for better protection, but to get the unit cost of the more expensive weapons down by having bigger and longer production runs. It is not at the stage of NATO in terms of weapons compatibility, but they are certainly heading that way, as it is the smart long term defense play and everybody knows it.

The West also wants to extend the Iranian site inspections to include anywhere they want to look, when again, no other country has to do that, including Israel that allows no inspections, and the US whom we now know has had its stockpiles pilfered both willingly and unwillingly.

The Western public has been kept in the dark regarding their own countries’ involvement in nuclear proliferation, despite IAEA direct-sourced reports confirming that tactical nukes have been field tested in a variety of ways for over two decades. These include being used in a number of big terrorist truck bomb attacks, which were a actually mini-nukes.


Mass spectrometry testing of the soil samples can quickly determine if the fingerprint of a nuclear weapon is present. Crater size, how long the fireball lasts, and the new instant proof photo are preliminary clues.

The nukes used in Yemen have shown photons hitting the cell phone camera sensors as they record an attack; this makes visible tiny white dots for a few seconds around the fireball — proof of tactical nuclear weapon use that can be up on Youtube in a few minutes.

Israel is allowed to be building ABMs, even though it already has nuclear weapons, when ABMs are not needed to strike its traditional regional concerns. The Zionists trot out their nuclear Sampson option from time to time to show they are not afraid of making the public admission.

We see no concern of the Western leaders in protecting their respective citizens from a known nuclear terrorist state and proliferator, Israel. So the US is hardly in a moral position to demand all to bow down before it as the big protector. In the last big worldwide poll on who was that biggest threat to peace, the US won by a comfortable margin.

Media did not cover that story widely, but that is on the historical record of our Nobel Peace Prize president. He needs an Iran deal to wash away some of the blood of the soon to be a quarter million slaughtered Syrians. I am sorry Mr. President, but as much as I have supported your Iran outreach initiative, the pile of corpses in Syria is going to be on your resume forever.


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  1. According to commenters on, Israel has nuclear submarines. The submarines are purchased from Germany and then equipped with nuclear warheads. Israel has at least 160 above ground nuclear weapons.

    Every country has a right to protect itself. But the Palestinian massacre was more than protecting itself. There was an announcement of three to be people killed before it happened by someone connected to Israel intelligence (the sexes were different) and then the carnage began.

    Again, Israel has every right to protect itself. However, it does not have the right to stage a false flag attack and then massacre another country with NUKES. So the world must be on guard and at least get Israel to sign:
    1) Sign Non Proliferation agreement
    2) UN inspection of dirty bomb testing within 150 miles proximity to ISIS. UN must ensure these DIRTY BOMBS do not get into hands of ISIS. ISIS no doubt has spies in Israel so Israel must be cautious!!
    3) Review of nuclear command and control such that a committee of three is involved in the loop that pledges NO FALSE FLAG involved as an excuse for nuclear attack. These three are like judges, supreme court and they float internationally.

    Israel has great technology and should focus on economic trade with the entire world. As the Hebrew profits said, let us turn the iron of swords into plow shares. Israel should take the lead and show the world it is committed to peace. Because PEACE BEGETS PEACE.

  2. I’d said it before and more than a few times/places.. IF Iran were to say “screw ya all we’re going geothermal to spin the turbines!” (and they could still), what lame duck excuses is Bibi AMIN going to cook up to justify the war he wants US to fight so badly?
    it could be as simple as drilling for OIL, just looking for heat instead to drop water down a casing to produce the live steam pressure.. is all a reactor is really doing, making steam. Iran not doing so DOES give me the impression it is ALL just sick kabuki theater with Iran being just another (global) stage puppet sideshow distraction for the Bibi AMIN genocidal terrorist act.

  3. advice to obummer.. (as a start) jail every congress-critter that signed loyalty oath to izrahell.
    “oh its a requirement”.. NO, it is treasonous. those signing it and those demanding it NEED to be charged found guilty and punished accordingly, VERY SWIFTLY!
    yeah, it might get ya assassinated, but it’d be the right thing to DO on your way out the door to loosen the death grip izrahell DOES have on this nation’s “politics” (many blood sucking parasites = poly ticks). it needs to happen in the District of Criminals as well as nationwide at State and County levels for no other reason than slowing down their long lines of willing puppet replacements. if they want to play the “anti-semite card” let them go play politician in izrahell after stripping their assets. dual citizen SPIES in positions of “power” needs to be ended!

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