Benjamin Netanyahu Falls Apart Again

"Let's cut to the chase, 'King Bibi.' Until you freeze the settlement, then you are the most dangerous man on earth, which means that you have been lying to us all along. By the way, did you like the 'chickenshit' title?"
“Let’s cut to the chase, ‘King Bibi.’ Until you freeze the settlement, then you are the most dangerous man on earth, which means that you have been lying to us all along. By the way, did you like the ‘chickenshit’ title? You ought to be proud of it, bro.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be reaching rock bottom. Haaretz has reported that he called President Obama a few days ago and lamented over the phone that the Iran deal “threatens the security of Israel and of the entire world.”[1] Netanyahu said that because of Iran, “The world is a much more dangerous place today than it was yesterday.”[2] Netanyahu plans to go to Congress once again and declare that the United States has committed an unpardonable sin in striking a deal with Iran.

Yet President Obama seems to be undeterred by Netanyahu’s wrath and even declared that the mad man in Tel Aviv will fail.[3] Obama specifically said,

“Perhaps [Netanyahu] thinks he can further influence the congressional debate, and I’m confident we’re going to be able to uphold this deal and implement it without Congress preventing that.”[4]

That statement obviously has a devastating effect on Netanyahu’s entire political career. Netanyahu, who seemed to have convinced himself that he was invincible and that much of the world should listen to his command and worship him, is now realizing that his power is waning at an alarming rate. Time Magazine crowned him “King Bibi” back in 2012.[5] But King Bibi’s power has been crumbling since the beginning of this year. The Obama administration has been making the mad man look like a king without a kingdom.

Things got even worse over the past few days. Both Y-Net News and US News & World Report have recently reported a story which ought to give anyone with a pessimistic view of the Israel/Palestine conflict a pause. Netanyahu said:

bibi“We cannot develop the settlements further, but rather need to preserve what we have.”

The Likud party denied that Netanyahu ever uttered the statement, but it seems to be accurate. U.S. News and World Report itself declared

“[At a Likud faction meeting at the Knesset, a clash took place between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the heads of Judea and Samaria local councils. These officials argued that construction in Judea-Samaria has been under a de facto freeze and that Netanyahu is not fulfilling his promise of building 300 housing units in the Beit El settlement.

“Reportedly, Netanyahu did not deny this, and even admitted to them that Israel is not building in the settlements and cannot develop existing settlements due to the tense international situation in which the State of Israel finds itself.

“Netanyahu’s response stunned the settlers. At least, that is the impression we get from the angry statement immediately afterward from the settlement umbrella organization — the Yesha Council.

“The publicized reaction stated that ‘a government that does not build in Judea-Samaria loses its very right to exist. The argument that the prime minister freezes construction in order to protect the settlement enterprise has long since been refuted.

“The correct way to protect the settlement enterprise is via development and construction. … The path of obsequiousness and kowtowing [to the world] will lead Israel to the edge of the abyss.’”[6]

It became obvious that the Likud party was denying Netanyahu’s statement for political reasons:

“Five Likud ministers — Danny Danon, Yariv Levin, Ofir Akunis, Ze’ev Elkin and Haim Katz — tried to calm down the ostensibly tense atmosphere between Netanyahu and the settlers. In effect, they went to great lengths to make it clear that ‘if it were up to them, they are completely committed to construction in Judea-Samaria.

“‘Katz even promised that ‘if we need to make waves, that’s what we’ll do. … If there is a freeze on the ground, we need to wake up. We are obliged to do so. We are the ruling party with 30 Knesset members.’”[7]

My wild speculation is that Netanyahu is slowly but surely agreeing with the Obama administration: the man in Tel Aviv is indeed a “chickenshit.” This was one reason why the administration and some imminent Israelis implicitly gave him the finger a few months ago. U.S. News & World Report again declared that the problem with Netanyahu and the settlers are

“connected to what’s going on with [President Barack] Obama. It’s part of the whining syndrome vis-a-vis the United States. Netanyahu supposedly tells Obama, ‘I’m freezing construction and that is causing me political problems, you are pushing us into a corner.’”[8]

Obviously Netanyahu has seen his inability to deceive much of the West about Iran, and surely the West is beginning to realize that this man has a history of deliberately summoning bold lies and passing them out as gospel truth. In fact, one can safely say that Netanyahu is a pathological liar.[9] More than a week ago, Netanyahu delivered this bold lie:

“Iran’s growing aggression is several times more dangerous than that of IS, which is dangerous enough. And this aggression, which aims to reach every corner of the world, has the ultimate true aim of taking over the world.”[10]

Is that true? Iran has been fighting ISIS since last year,[11] and now Netanyahu is indirectly linking Iran with ISIS! That is really stupid because the mad man knows better.

Does Netanyahu mean to tell us that he did not know that the U.S. actually trained ISIS in 2012? Does he forget that it was Israel that supported the Syrian rebels/terrorists?[12] Does he not know that the Syrian terrorists also had ties with ISIS?[13] Does he not know that the U.S. is still training those terrorists?[14] Does he forget that members of the Syrian rebels/terrorists got medical help in Israel?[15]

No doubt that Avner Cohen, an Israeli philosopher and prolific scholar in the history of nuclear weapons,[16] has declared that Netanyahu’s leadership makes Israel look “pathetic” in the eyes of the world.[17] Back in 2012, Cohen argued that Netanyahu, among other Israeli politicians, was using the Holocaust for political ends.[18]

I agree with Cohen.

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Jonas E. Alexis has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He studied education at the graduate level. His main interests include U.S. foreign policy, history of Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture. He teaches mathematics in South Korea.


  1. The 13th Tribe needs to be put on a reservation, from which they cannot escape. Quarantine is the only method for the rest of the world to find peace and tranquility. The Byzantine Empire prospered for over a thousand years. Do some research and find out how they achieved this.
    Read Eustace Mullins’ book, ” The Curse of Canaan” for starters.

  2. That’s true Mr. Dean it’s much larger than one man. Many dangerous players are involved. Thankyou for your continuity in you hard work.

  3. Bibi is a desperate man as he has fallen very far very fast . This unstable person is in charge of a nuclear armed private army for the bankster gangster Rothschild. He is in on all the dirty dealings of our for profit senators and congress people who help enable him. He is well aware what isil is about McCain’s army, but for how much longer. So even though he was used as a means to an end, people cannot feel sympathy for he is terrible individual. Will he take upon him self to do something catastrophic in the name of revenge in his certifiable thinking.

    • Alti, be careful not to over focus on Bibi. Jonas showed how the Likuds are of course solidly behind him, and then we need to look further into who is really backing Likud. By that I don’t mean the vote count, but people like Shelly Adelson, who just has the highest profile. The mother’s milk of Israeli politics are the Jewish/Israeli citizens whose wealth and GNP is outside of Israel. Their financial contributions are made from non-tax paid fotunes where they invest in political candidates directly, which we have here not in the US thanks to Citizens United.

    • agree Jim, global bankster hushed up tax sheltered accounts are a huge chunk of the problem and they should all be raided-exposed. its surprising it hasnt happened already with news about romney being such an expert about laundering and offshore sheltering. wells fargo wachovia caught laundering death-dope money got a little slap on the wrist instead of being shut down.. then they all got bailouts?! same for the offshore-shelter stuff, if they were shut down it’d put a BIG dent in death-dope money supporting terrorists and buying politicians (is another form of terrorism!). if a regular person has a transaction for a few thousand dollars they get the colonoscopy, unlike “politicians” where it is just another day..

  4. if he shows up here again I hope this time he is arrested for ALL his crimes against humanity, judgement deeming him (rightly!) a danger to himself and others, then locked away in a padded cell with regular doses of thorazine to keep him quiet and manageable, as minimum!
    it’s time for izrahell’s welfare-warfare Sampson Option nuclear blackmail payments to STOP, with the MAD card played whether they are bluffing or not, and ONE BIG house-cleaning here in the USA of “dual citizen wealth” that has seized control of everything important, investigate-bust-imprison and asset strip. if they are criminals it is NOT “anti-semitic” to do these things.

    • lol sorry john, but I like the idea of him being locked up and doped up like charlie manson a whole lot better, maybe he can tattoo a backwards star of david on his forehead and do entertaining foaming at the mouth crazy interviews for a couple decades as example for others desiring to abuse a position of authority.

  5. Netanyahu’s role is to make war end of story….does anyone really expect anything more out of its mouth than ridiculousness? surely the world has been forced to suffer this fool long enough…. any hurt to us is temporary…theirs permanent…..fools and their masters

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