Jesus Was A Palestinian: Part 1



by Katherine Frisk

I am going to tell you straight off the bat that Jesus was not the King of the Jews, he was not the son of David and he was not from the tribe of Judah. And then I am going to prove it to you.

If Jesus was alive today he would be living in Nabulus, he would be shot at regularly and by now would most probably have spent time in prison and under some form of torture.

His house would have been bulldozed down and he would have lost at least two siblings who would have either died in prison or been shot at or bombed to death. It really would not matter if he came into this world as a Samaritan, a Christian or a Muslim.

fff_706He would still be regarded as an illegal occupier of his own land. And if by now he was still alive, he would have fled to Egypt or Syria for safety, or his time for this world would almost be up. Pick your poison. Israel has so many to choose from.

There is no difference between what is going on in the West Bank today and what happened 2,000 years ago. It is the same story. Except this time the Jews have got support from the “Christian Block,” who are blind, deaf and dumb sheep following the myth of a Davidic Messiah who will come and rule the world.

The Jews have got away with this through a 2,000 year old lie and they really do not care what Christians think or believe, so long as they can keep them thinking that Jesus was the King of the Jews and Genesis 2 is valid.

By doing so they think they will achieve Middle East and Western domination where all Jews descended from Adam will be allowed into Jerusalem to worship this Davidic Messiah, and the rest who are not, that is the rest of humanity, will be”allowed,”mind you, to worship outside the city walls. Only outside, because you are not descended from Adam and you are a Goyim, cattle. But, this Messiah David is coming to save you from your sins, the sins of Adam and Eve.

If you make it to the end of this article and you understand that the Jews have been laughing at you for 2,000 years, because they DO KNOW who Jesus was, you will see it as a blessing, not a curse that you are not descended from Adam. You will realise that they are not entitled to this piece of real estate, called Israel at all. And that it is the Palestinians: Samaritans, Christians and Muslims, the descendants of the so called “Ten Lost Tribes,” who never went anywhere in the first place, who belong in Israel.

The Jews are only entitled to a piece of land south of Jerusalem about the size of the Gaza strip. Jerusalem belongs to Benjamin, but the tribe of Judah managed to get rid of them long ago. David poisoned Saul and killed Jason and then installed himself as King of Israel. He had Bathsheba’s husband murdered so he could marry her.

The tribe of Judah then supported the Assyrians in their invasion of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, believing that their problem had now been solved. They had successfully eliminated Ten Tribes of Israel leaving David to the Kingdom and Levi to the priesthood. Until, along came Jesus.

I am going to try and keep this as short and concise as I can for the sake of clarity. I will put in links for further information, but please, take what I have presented here and go and do your own research. Name, symbols and numbers, allegory and a play on words is how the ancients wrote their texts.

If you do not have some basic understanding of what names mean, symbols and numbers, then all will be done in parables and only those with eyes to see and ears to hear will fully understand what is being conveyed.

Blood lines and the blessing of the firstborn was essential in the ancient world in order to keep families and dynasties together. The child who was blessed as the firstborn then had the responsibility for the whole family, which carried on down the generations through this bloodline. Should that bloodline be cut off, then another close cousin would take it’s place.

Jacob called Israel had thirteen children. His favourite son was Joseph who married an Egyptian princess and high priestess called Asinath. You can see them in the Egyptian museum today. Their Egyptian names were Yuya and Tuya. Tuya was of the Royal House of Mosis. Joseph had two sons. Ephraim and Manasseh. Jacob/Israel overlooked his own children and blessed Ephraim as the firstborn.

jesus-palAs such Ephraim now had responsibility for all 12 tribes. Manasseh on the other hand joined the priesthood, and took on his mother’s family name of Mosis. They adopted the monotheistic religion of Ankenaton.

When their cousin Tuthankamen died without issue and the Mosis family line in Egypt came to an end, they returned to Jacob’s land in Israel with their families. They took with them not only the laws but also the wisdom teachings of Egypt being Psalms, Proverbs, the Wisdom of Solomon and the Song of Songs.

Eleazar, the son of Mosis, inherited the priesthood from his father and Joshua inherited the Kingdom of Israel from Nun, the son of Ephraim. Here we have the Kohan, the priesthood of Israel and the King of Israel. But as they had become monotheists, they set up a different type of kingdom.

A federation of 12 tribes ruled by a Judiciary. Joshua was the first Judge of Israel and he was inaugurated by Eleazer. They swore the people to the Covenant, the first commandment being that you should love the Lord your God alone. This not only abolished the practice of worshipping idols or statues in any form, it also abolished the practice of a monarchy and a king. You cannot worship two masters. And worshipping a King as was done in most of the ancient world was seen by the Hebrews as idol worship.

So although Joshua in line of descent was the King of Israel, he was a king who was not a king. They followed the Elohist text of Genesis 1, where the whole human race was created within the sacred seven steps of creation and were made in the image of the “Elohim,”being male and female and all race groups.

Due to this belief system women were given equal standing to men and one of the first Judges of Israel was Deborah. She sat under a palm tree in Bethal and would adjudicate disputes and disagreements much as Judges do today. Bethal was the capital of Israel and means “The House of God.”

In time the Hebrews broke this covenant and demanded that they be like every other country that surrounded them and have a king. This act in an of itself was seen by the prophets as denying God and the gravest crime committed by the Hebrews.

They had broken the Covenant with God. Eventually Israel split into two groups. The Northern Kingdom Of Israel with the ten tribes and the southern Kingdom of Judah with the tribes of Judah and Levi. Judah took over the Kingdom and Levi the priesthood and it is from this time that we get the “J” Jehovah texts and the “P” the priestly texts. They followed the Jawist text of Genesis 2, the sons of Adam in a line of descent to David of the House of Judah.

When the Hebrews fled the invasion of Israel by the Assyrians, they fled south into Judah where they were treated as slaves. They then fled  into Egypt for safety and to escape slavery. Many Jews from Judah followed them when the Assyrians invaded Judah itself while most of the Jews were taken into captivity in Babylon. In Babylon the Jews absorbed many Sumerian texts, the story of Esther being one example.

By the 1st century B.C. many had returned to Israel from all 12 tribes. The tribes of Judah and Levi reestablished themselves in Jerusalem and built at Temple, something that the Samaritan Hebrews of the Northern Kingdom of Israel who had returned to what became known as Samaria, objected to. They saw this temple as idolatry and the money lenders breaking the laws on usury as an abomination.

This resulted in major conflicts between the two groups. With the help of the Romans, the Sadducee priesthood and the Pharisees along with the Herodian Monarchy managed to stay in power.

By 1 A.D. the tension between the two groups was an on going conflict with major differences in religious and political belief. As far as the Jews were concerned, the “ten tribes” no longer existed and they kept up this pretence to the Romans. The people from what was the Northern Kingdom of Israel that had now returned can be seen in the historical events and texts that we have regarding the Essenes who lived on what is today known as the West back, as well as the Samaritans. Both were persecuted in their own land.

Jesus, to all intense and purposes has no known or validated historical account of his life. The Gospels that we have were written in Greek at least a century after the events of his life. But if we look at the persecution of the Essenes and the Samaritans we can get a fairly realistic picture of what Israel was like for the Hebrews, the so called ten lost tribes and it is not dissimilar to the kind of persecution that the Palestinians live under today. This was the world that Jesus was born into.

We are told that he was born in Bethlehem in Judea. But archaeological evidence suggests that Bethlehem in Judea during this time in history was unoccupied. Bethlehem in the north on the other hand, a short distance from Nazareth was a thriving town. He was named after Joshua in the Old Testamant and the Greek translation of this name is Jesus. His father was Joseph. These two names and the location of his birth are enough of a clue as to who Jesus really was. Names and places mentioned in any text have enormous significance.

He was by birth, the firstborn going back in a long line to Ephraim the son of Joseph blessed by Israel as the firstborn. As such he is the King of Israel. But due to the Covenant, he is the king who is not a king, who does not rule. Because Israel was to be governed as a federation of 12 tribes under a judiciary. He was born in Bethlehem in the Northern Kingdom of Israel. He was, what would be regarded today as a Palestinian. And then as now he suffered the same persecution, spending most of his ministry in Galilee and taking his life into his hands every time he entered Judea and Jerusalem.

There are many other examples I can give here, but that would turn this into a book, which is not my intention. My intention is to keep this as simple and as clear cut as possible. So I am only going to stick to two.

The first being the conflict between the Sadducee’s and the Pharisees with John the Baptist. The former argued that John and his followers had no right to the land of Israel because they were not descended from Adam and in turn Abraham and Judah. They based this argument on Genesis 2. John argued back that God was able to raise up children even from these stones as children of God. He based his argument on Genesis 1.

As you can see from the former, it results in racism and sexism. Basically a very fascist perspective on life where women are regarded as sinful. Mary Magdalene was discredited in this manner where she was wrongly accused of being a whore. A common and spiteful trick that we still see playing out in society today when any woman of standing shows strength, character or leadership abilities.

The latter, being Genesis 1 and John’s view is more in line with Christian teachings today, that embrace all races though they still need to do some work on their sexist bias which will only come about when they stop trying to serve two masters and dump Genesis 2 completely. See: Adam, Eve and Genesis

The second example I am going to give is the raising of Lazarus from the dead in John 11. This was a major event that was the direct cause of Jesus being crucified. It is written as a parable, under the disguise of a “miracle.” All the seven miracles in John have a double meaning. The miracle and the real story behind it. The miracle of turning the water into wine for example. This takes place in Khana, (Cana) which was a river between the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim. It’s symbolic meaning is the marriage and union of the Kohan Manasseh priesthood and the firstborn, the King of Israel being Ephraim.

The steward who tastes the wine is a symbolic representation of their father, Joseph, the steward and cup barer to the Pharaoh. Joseph in turn is referred to as the vine in Genesis where Jacob blesses all his sons. He is also referred to as the “corner stone.” However also keep in mind that John’s mocks the reader in the second “”miracle” story for being in need of signs and miracles to see the truth. So he plays the game, gives you the sign and the wonder, the miracle, but is telling you something else.

In the story of the last “miracle,” we have the raising of Lazarus from the dead. Lazarus was a direct descendant of Moses. A Kohan and high priestly family. His name is a derivative of Eleazar the son of Moses.

According to the Levites the priesthood belongs to them. The Pharisees and the Sadducees were Levites. According to the Samaritans it belongs to Eleazar-Lazarus, the Kohan, descendants of Moses, being Manasseh the son of Joseph and Asinath of the House of Moses. Also keep in mind that throughout the Gospel of John he constantly says, “The Jews say… but I tell you.” Which again underscores the political turmoil of the time between the Judaic Herodian Kings with their Sadducee and Pharisee priesthood and Israel as seen by the other ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom.

During the New Year the Levite Priest would dress in grave clothes, go into the Temple, make a sacrifice for the people , they were redeemed of their sins then he would come out and remove the grave clothes and put on fresh garments.

The whole story of Lazarus is a political statement. Basically, Jesus/Yeshua/Joshua has resurrected the Eleazar priesthood under a similar ritual exercised by the High Priest Caiaphas in the Temple of Jerusalem. This happens in Bethany, in Samaria in the Northern Kingdom.

Lazarus is referred to as “the one who you love,” so there is a strong possibility that Lazarus is the Beloved Disciple being John who wrote the Gospel of John. The last chapter of John suggests that Jesus needs care from a younger person in his old age. And this person is John, the beloved disciple.

When Caiaphas hears of the event that took place at Bethany, his greatest fear is that the people will believe in Jesus, not only because of this so called “miracle,” but because of it’s full implications which would be the restoration of Iseal under a Joshua Judiciary and an Eleazer Kohan priesthood.

What is more, if the Eseenes, the Samaritans and the followers of Jesus manage to convince the Romans of their legal tender to the land of Israel, the Herodian Kings and the Sadducee priesthood would loose control of Samaria and Galilee. In effect as Caiaphas warns, the Romans will come and take away their land and their people. Jesus is arrested, has a mistrial and is crucified.

He is wrongly accused of declaring himself as King of the Jews. He was not King of the Jews, he was King of Israel, a title he himself would never own due to the Covenant and the first commandment. Hence his answer to Pilate was, “The words are yours.”

Jesus was not only a threat to Judea, the Sadducees and the Herodian Kings, he was political threat to the very concept of monarchy itself and to Genesis 2. In John chapter 1, the Baptist declares that the one who will come after him will bless them with the Holy Spirit and they will become sons of God. This is in alignment with Genesis 1 where we are all, male, female and all of humanity made in the image of God.

The Gospel texts that we have today show clear signs of tampering. Copying, editing and insertions. They were written over a century after the events took place and not in Aramaic as the Dead Scea Scrolls have been written. The Dead Sea Scrolls as many authors have pointed out, have clear and direct parallels to the story of Jesus.

If anything, the truth of who Jesus was would put an end to the current carnage and persecution of the tribes of Israel known today as the Palestinians. Jesus was a Palestinian.

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Katherine is a freelance writer, political commentator, activist and the author of Jesus Was A Palestinian

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  1. Say, debate about did Pythagoras wrote his famous formula using Greek alphabets or did he possibly use Latin alphabets. Different thing, but the main thing is already on the table.

    I somewhat disagree with Mike Kay, that religion functions as the release valve for society. Religion has always been axioms of moral base, although Christianity have changed to Holocaust religion. That makes religion empirically measurable, like whether the society is sick or even worse.

    • JL,
      It was Socrates, as reported by Plato in the Republic who first mentioned that greater humanity was utterly out of its mind.
      Pythagoras is credited by certain enlightened types as being an incarnated higher being, whom as usual, greater humanity could not understand, and thus destroyed. ++ to both Plato and Socrates.
      The great myth of state religion is that this religion alone holds the keys to everyone’s destiny. This is of course utter hogwash, but just read the comments on this article and view how this mechanism works.
      Religion, particularly a murderous, anti-human, anti-life suicidal superstition like christianity ALWAYS demands its prominence as arbiter of morality. Yet time and time again we discover that any moral deviance from societal objectives results in the decision falling in favor of those societal goals. For an example, lets review the case of Sgt. Alvin York. We are instructed by the narrative that he was a thoroughly devout christian who took very seriously the command not to kill.
      Hmmm. Seems our Sgt. killed dozens of Germans in a quite efficient manner. So, what exactly happened to that moral directive? Why it was conveniently shelved when it got in the way of a war destined to create all sorts of new millionaires and banking profits. Never mind that no one today can even recall a reason why an entire generation decided to practice self immolation, this illustrates my point that state religion serves the state.

    • The determiner of a healthy society is pretty simple, it instills conditions which lead to steady state, or reasonably improving conditions for that society, and the world in which it exists.
      I could point out that in no place, nor in any time, has christianity ever contributed to either. Thus, the unavoidable conclusion is that christianity is simply a societal mechanism to keep the hosts passive while the parasites feed on them.
      If this is anyone’s definition of a healthy society I would refer them to Socrates/Plato above.
      One last word concerning those who would demonize those awakening to reality as “haters”…
      Gnostics do not have the blood of tens of millions on their hands. Gnostics never oppressed, enslaved, vicious burned, or destroyed other cultures, perspectives, ways of life. Gnostics never screwed anyone with vicious superstitions that cut off the human from their very soul. But Jews Did, and do. Muslims did and do, and yep, those poor sad child molesting christians made and make a profession out of this.

    • Mike, the first thing to do, when one tries to distance himself from Jews and Judeochristians, is to get rid of collective quilt. I noticed that You couldn’t resist that enticement and collected all the Christians under the same label and doomed them all. This is typical when one elevates himself above the other people, which is in strong conflict with the main doctrine of the NT.

      For example, a satanic priest dooms the congregation as sinners. Then he forgives them, as if he had some kind of authority, but demands them to do exactly he wanted, otherwise highway to hell. Already demonized are easily made to demonize someone others, Germans perhaps. That may lead into a war, and then it’s all already too late.

      Someone might consider child molesting Christians as an offend, but I really don’t, because there is something a lot worse, like doomsday oracles. As the Story goes, when Christ was on the Cross the devil came and said, give up, give up, follow me. But Christ rather died. Unfortunately physical death is the fact of life that pertain everyone.

    • The big trap of the Bible is doomsday. When one was just about to take his last breath, the doomsday and the god came and he avoided physical death. How about the kids playing soccer and having a good time, don’t You think they have game over as well at the age of 10. Exactly the same thing that Christ was facing at the Cross and the god is not the God but satan himself.

      Steady state, maximum entrophy by “Bell shaped” distribution of wealth, but how do You get it. Say, a wealthy shopkeeper who is always ready to serve anyone, the customer is always right. Sounds too much like the NT? Even more so, that there is no law enforcement needed, because fellow customers can’t stand stealing the highly respected servant of the community. Or how about pointing out Your place, if the electricity was cut off, that was invented by Christian society not by Gnostic society.

      Like it or not, the way we see the World today is Christian society in good science and technology as well the very Big and Bad Apple in Wall Street. Gnostics have never opposed Federal Reserve, but Jesus Christ has. Gnostics have never said, that the old not rich widow who gave just one coin has given ten times more than You upper class, always ready to complain, housewife Gnostics all together, but Jesus Christ has.

    • JL,
      At issue here is not a lumping of everyone into a general one size fits all camp. The actual issue here is a psycho-spiritual world view that is forced upon an undefended human psyche.
      What this means is that the act of christianity as a system, is designed to achieve a number of convergent goals.
      1) Redefine the true nature of mankind.
      2) Remove the sovereign spirit from the individual experience.
      3) Devalue life as a commodity for consumption.
      4) Disempower and prepare for easy harvest the divine spark.
      Any and all who give themselves over to such an agenda become by definition part of it, thus they themselves have written their own label of where they reside.
      Unfortunately, I regularly forget that 2,000 years of cognitive warfare has removed from all of us an easy comprehension of depth of reality. Thus, in the temporal plane where we all believe we are centered, such statement as the one I made can easily be construed to a kind of blanket damnation. Apologies for my failings therein. The damnation is for the system, not for the unfortunates who loose their spark to the parasites, or those so hopelessly inured that they would fight and kill to maintain their phantasy.

    • The point has been made by many, that the current paradigm of life is indeed one that has been shaped and crafted by christianity. I wholeheartedly agree with this assessment, and it is exactly for this reason that I demand that the culprits be held accountable.

    • Jl,
      There are many ways to achieve a steady state society. Unfortunately, our current paradigm does none of them.
      First, and foremost is to limit one’s impact on the biosphere. A healthy society has a dynamic but optimal point of existence, and it does not exceed this limit.
      Second, the promise of unrealized future fruits, ideas, technologies, etc. to solve problems that are unsolvable, is seen as wishful thinking. The first step is to stop making those problems.
      Third, everything expands and contracts. So does a healthy society. As Ed Abbey observed, endless growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.
      Fourth, a healthy society is based upon a healthy spirituality. A healthy spirituality is not obsessed with temporal power, or with forcing others to bow to its might. A healthy spirituality reveals to the adherent whatever they can handle in regards to their true nature, their genuine existence.
      Is there more?
      Of course, but for this board, this must suffice.

    • Nice words Mike, plenty of them, but what’s Your spark then?

      You denied FED from the opposite position to that of St. Peter denied Jesus Christ. In fact You introduced 4 different agendas for healthy society instead of just one, end the FED.

  2. @ Gail Evans

    As for “blatant discrimination against women,” it’s hard to imagine anything so utterly at odds with the historical record. The worth of women arose through the exclusively Christian doctrine of the dignity and equal worth of all, whether Jew or Gentile, man or woman. What you appear to be griping about is not enough preferential treatment.

  3. In Ms. Frisk’s reply to Fred she reveals she’s a (probably New Age) Gnostic who’s privy to personal revelation and insight into higher worlds of being, and elsewhere we learn her abysmal ignorance of biblical hermeneutics is no impediment to setting the world on the right path, probably to eschatological finality in a world run by the Jews Katherine pretends to criticize. Upon scratching the surface I’m sure we’d find her “transcendence” amounts to its opposite and, in fact, consists of little more than the neo-Gnostic’s characteristic nastiness and ressentiment that finds its outlet in sociopathic hatred of Christianity. Ms. Frisk, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you’re no Hegel and just a very angry woman sputtering like an uneducated blowhard.

  4. It is important to know who is who and what is what. It is important to know to history, the REAL history, not the jewish fake tales. That woman who wrote the article, is one of the propagandists to say that palestinian are efraimites. It is total bull crap and she knows it.

    Palestinian live in a hell because of the (idumean/ edomite) jews and it is not justified in any way.

    Western european nations and they descendents in the USA are the biological, real Israel. This is very important to understand, because if you dont know your history, you hardly understand anything. You cannot get the whole picture about what is happening. Why the idumean jews go round saying they are hebrews? The fck your heritage and mine of course as well. To keep us ignorant, easy to handle sheeple what deserves to be eliminated. To use your own soldiers to disarm and destroy you. You american have to wake up. You HAVE TO!

    Dont never ever let them to disarm you or your families. There just would be an other “russian revolution”.

  5. Ms. Frisk,
    Madam, I think I’m becoming a bit of fan of your prose, not just for what is written, but for the manner in which your prose trots out the humanimals who shriek from lopsided mouths in a rage to defend their indoctrination.
    This alone is worth the price of admission.
    What you are attempting to do here is actually culturally consistent. Supposedly, western civ. is built on pillars of reason, evidence, a sort of empirical materialism. You are bringing such an approach to religion, with an effort to discover its factual base, yes?
    Yet, what you have with religion is a narrative that requires no empirical evidence for its existence. One could make a case that religion is quite hostile toward any empirical evidence, and in fact that it cannot control the human psyche if it bows to empiricism.
    The willingness to examine religion will by nature of such investigation, lay bare its foundation, and once bared, religion can no longer function. Religion functions as a release valve for a sick society, it a place for the spiritually maimed and the dispossessed to find enough solace to return to the society that demands their total immersion. There has never been a complex society without religion, and there never will be.

    • It should thus be self-evident that there exists no empirical basis for Christianity. There is no historical record, no archaelogical record, no genuine, ie; not fictionalized written record supporting its narratives.
      If you really want a mind bender, go and study the laughing savior, the last avatar of the “Gnostics”. Go and study the entheogens used in the ancient middle east, and find the linguistic links between those entheogens, the savior, and the healer. If you can do so, I wager you will never look at your state religion in quite the same way again.

  6. That article is typical bs to make incoming “antichrist” of the cabals accepted. The only thing which connects Jesus and Palestinia nowadays is that his early judahite followers who lived in Galilea are prefarthers of some palestinian christians. The early christians were real judahites, of the tribe of Israel. Fariseos among the other people who lived in Judea, were IDUMEAN converts and finally were kicked out of there by romans. Askenazis descend of the idumean too, at least partly, but it is an other story.

  7. Wow, what a piece of claptrap. You prove yourself with your own statements presented as evidence? Then you go on to say the evidence “show clear signs of tampering.” Hate and ignorance should not be the basis of a supposed scholarship in these subjects.

    The Dead sea scrolls found that, ”The scholars discovered that the Hebrew manuscript copies of the most authoritative Hebrew text, Textus Recepticus, used by the King James translators in 1611, were virtually identical to these ancient Dead Sea Scrolls. After carefully comparing the manuscripts they discovered that, aside from a tiny number of spelling variations, not a single word was altered from the original scrolls in the caves from the much copied A.D. 1100 manuscripts used by the Authorized King James Version translators in 1611.”

    There are yet many unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls that are withheld.

    Your views and interpretations are deeply flawed. I would say they are comical in almost every respect.

    Jesus was the ultimate revolutionary disrespected by almost all revolutionaries of times beyond his death. How could such a simple message be lost in this type of claptrap through the ages I will never understand.

  8. It’s stupid thing to say, I want Christian Europe back. There’s never been any Christian Europe, but greedy earthly hierarchy. Like God fearing citizen, fear is the feeling there is a place to hide, alternative, maybe behind some big tree, or maybe I’ll try disguise myself to Abe Foxman, that God would know that I’m going to sue Him for being antisemite and never forget the Holocaust etc. Which leaves me with the question, what would I believe in, next to nothing.

    The Cross is the symbol of the Fearless. God fearing fearless, sounds like somebody earthly has been tampering the issue for their own benefit.

  9. Oh yeah, and JFK is Jimmy Carter, except that this is true. And I forgot to mencion that Marilyn is Rosalyn.

    Jesus was a judahite, the fact that you Idumean-based convert jews have never been able to accept. The state of “Israel” should be called Edom because of you and your fellow edomites.

    • You mean red like Rothschild, sorry to disappoint You, unlike kahazars, I like to stay in place. Don’t ask, who Jesus was, but rather ask, who He IS.

    • Edom means red. I think they took the roth “red” from there. Biologically todays jews more or less are basically idumean stuff. After the collapse of Edom some idumean escaped to Anatolia and after mixing with some turks they went on to the Caspian area. They were a base of khazars.

      I am sick and tired of that bull shit what comes all around and constantly.

    • Already the fact that the powerful eastern magos of Parthia went to show their respect to baby Jesus, tells that Jesus was king David’ s bloodline. The magos were gobernants in the parthian gobernment and they chose the kings of the imperium. The magos most likely belongeg to the Levi’ s tribe. Should they had gone to Betlehem to seek just anyone?! Not very likely.

  10. Katherine Frisk´s response to Fred Costello, above, is neat and reveals the true Frisk.
    I also appreciate the research of Shlomo Sand, and three of his books, which clarify the fraud of the current leadership of the 1948 land-grant that was fraudulently named, “Israel.”
    Amazing, the intimidation and fraud that required John Boehner to “invite” the current, Israeli dictator, Netanyahum to address the U.S. Congress. The intimidation, bribery and fraud that motivated congress persons to clap at Netanjahu´s jargon was even worse. And, it is to recurr ? Unbelievable.

  11. yes he was, seals have been broken, the way ahead is clear
    36Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, then My servants would be fighting so that I would not be handed over to the Jews; but as it is, My kingdom is not of this realm.”
    Pilate said to Him, “So You are a king?” Jesus answered, “You say correctly that I am a king. For this I have been born, and for this I have come into the world, to TESTIFY to the TRUTH. Everyone who is of the TRUTH hears My voice.”
    This is how it will go… every filthy Rothschilds fake Israel flag will be removed from sight first and foremost in Jerusalem, Jerusalem is representative of heaven on earth, when rescued Peace will rule, ready to move … they seal off our inheritance, prove identity to claim inheritance, they are imposters and know it….. Jerusalem is our inheritance held hostage … our heartbeat on life support. ..a new flag is ready and will fly representative of our humanity and humanity, we are all Palestinians , heaven on earth is real and awaits, our awareness of other realms ….remove Rothschilds altar flying in our faces to evil from our sight…simple… and no -one needs to die for a lies anymore… there is abundance for all

  12. Christians must wake up, so israels lies can be exposed, no one is asking Christians not to believe, just stop supporting zio israel, who kill Palestinians. They are indeed laughing at us, they rewrote the bible or simply invented it to enslave us and give them master status over us.the Palestinians need our help, not the murdering lieing deceptors.seriously, Catholic action resource cente, the Vatican has killed stolen lied for hundreds of years, overnight their wealth could stop poverty alone. The vatican, aka jesuits, are as guilty as zio israel

    • Mary, you say: “Catholic action resource cente, the Vatican has killed stolen lied for hundreds of years,….” Yes, this is true of the so called “nominal Catholic” Vatican of the past 1000 years about. You can see this explained in the article by RJMI about “No Popes or Cardinals since 1130”. Just as in the OT, most kings were evil, so in the NT, most popes are evil. Few are saved in either the OT or the NT.

  13. Christians must wake up, so israels lies can be exposed, no one is asking Christians not to believe, just stop supporting zio israel, who kill Palestinians. They are indeed laughing at us, they rewrote the bible or simply invented it to enslave us and give them master status over us.the Palestinians need our help, not the murdering lieing deceptors.

  14. Ich bin ein Palestinenser auch. Among others Jesus Christ warned about those for counterfeiting. No international bank is too big to fail, when cruise missiles with nuclear warheads are available.

  15. Katherine, while I can appreciate your sentiments here:

    In the 8th Century B.C. Shalmeneser (V) King of Assyria continued a campaign against the Northern Kingdom of the Ten Tribes of Israel, removing them in chunks into “captivity.” II Kings 17:23 states ” ** So was Israel carried away out of their own land to Assyria unto this day.”

    Then verse 24: “And the king of Assyria brought men from Babylon, and from Cuthah, and from Ava, and from Hamath, and from Sepharvaim, and placed them in the cities of Samaria instead of the children of Israel: and they possessed Samaria, and dwelt in the cities thereof.”

    Although there is evidence that some Israelite families remained or sneaked back later, (as in the “woman at the well” i.e. “of samaria” John 4:12), what happened in the Israelite captivity was permanent as the Northern Kingdom never returned as an identifiable body of people from Assyria as did the Southern Kingdom of Judah from Babylon. (Jeremiah 29:10).

    The point here is that this scenario has taken place so many times in history that to simply say that Jesus was a “Palestinian” is not exactly the truth. But to say he was a “Jew” is also not exactly the truth.

    The origin of “Palestine” is “Philistine,” from an era in which the Philistines “owned” the land. And yet modern “Palestinians” have never laid a claim to the giant whom David slew as an ancestor.

  16. I’ve enjoyed your contributions too, Katherine, and I wish you would turn it into a book. i would be the first to buy it. i’m going to try to trace down some of your sources. thanks, again.

  17. Babylon was The Big Apple in which the Talmud and Kabbalah grew out of; polar opposite to Jewish teachings.

    Youtuber Fyrstikken has shown that the books of Mark, Luke, Paul (and a fourth) are full of contradictions and thus polar opposite to JHWH’s teachings, and that they were planted there in 384 A.D. during the big church meating in Rome. The meeting was hosted by Cecar Constantin, allegedly the first Christian Ceasar but in practice a worshiper of Mithra (goddess ISIS…Daesh).

    The Bible might be THE GREAT DECEPTION, by itself or as a part of all three Abrahamitic religions, or combined with Hinduism and Buddhism.

  18. [ Editor’s note: Only one link per comment, please ]

    Fantastic research and analysis where the author emphasizes constructivism – just like JHWH himself does – over essentialism (genetics – one of Satan’s main weapons against humanity – and reproduced by the school of psychoanalysis).

    Regarding king David, history professor Shlomo Sand at Tel Aviv University mentiones that not a single evidence of his existance has been found by archeologists even though they have “turned every stone existing in the very small country of Israel).

    Prof. Sand’s guest lecture at NYU:
    Prof. Sand’s guest lecture at U of Sofia is also on Youtube.

    Secondly, professor Sand argues that the essentialist classification of Jewishness occured during the 18th century with the invention of “born-a-Jews”; as opposed to a (constructivist) practice of Judaism – a code of conducts due to faith in JHWH.

  19. Katherine, I have enjoyed your contributions to VT immensely. I am not the spelling police, but I believe your ‘spell checker’ may have made an error. You published “Jesus, to all intense and purposes…” I think is meant to be “intents.” However, your article is certainly ‘intense.’ I’ve always felt that Jesus was a Palestinian. They are the most loving and gentile people. And I’ve always felt that the title “King of the Jews” was total mockery as in, “look at you now (hanging from a cross), mister king of the jews.” But your interpretation is compelling. I’ve also read that “jews” were not called “jews” until much much later. In fact you will not find the word Jew in the first eleven books of the Bible. The first time Jews are mentioned in the Bible, is in 2nd Kings 16:6 (and then only in translations revised in the eighteenth century) where we find Israel was at war with the Jews and drove the Jews from Elath. Thanks again for your contribution!

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