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by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor      …with Press TV, Tehran


The Bushehr nuclea power plant
The Bushehr nuclear power plant

The Iranians were very angry with the return by the US to its former Iran-bashing language of  “the military option is still on the table”.

Both SecDef Ashton Carter and John Kerry had used the term in a broad context, which of course had a whiff of preemptive strike invisible ink included in the message. I thought it was poorly handled at such a critical time.

Obama finally added the context of using military force only as a “last resort” to stop Iran from having a nuclear weapon.

This was very important as the “let’s attack Iran now crowd” prefers a definition of their “having the capacity to have one”, which in itself is subject to all kinds of self-serving definitions.

Many countries have the capacity to have nuclear weapons with never a word mentioned about sanctioning, much less an attack. The list includes Israel, India, Pakistan, Brazil, and a few others who have purchased them on the world market.

In addition to Obama’s statement above, he also surprised everyone with his warning that if Israel were to attack Iran in the future there would be “severe consequences.” Western media seems to have brushed that historical comment under the rug, but that was more of a threat to Israel than the inferred one to the Iranians. Forgive me if I can’t ever remember an American president warning Israel of  “severe consequences”.

The foundation of the NeoCon-Israeli lobby attack strategy to vote the agreement down in Congress is that it will assure the Iranians having a bomb. The inference is that they will be sneaky enough to fool the inspectors. But that is baloney, as Iran has a perfect IAEA compliance record to date of never having one gram of diverted nuclear material.

That is not something that Israel can claim, or the US for that matter, as Israeli espionage and American traitors have helped to pilfer our own retired weapons stocks.

We have our VT science advisor, Jeff Smith, an ex-IAEA inspector who has worked trying to hunt these down while on the Able Danger New York team. His last posting was tracking the Israeli art students and the moving companies shuffling stolen nuke material around. The Washington, DC Able Danger team all died at the Pentagon on 9-11, where they had been called in for an emergency meeting that morning. The general who called the meeting, he never showed up.

So Obama was making these public statements of “military action” to undercut the opposition’s self-serving but ridiculous claims of the P5+1 having negotiated for two years just to let Iran have a bomb. So far it is Israel and the Republican Congress against the deal, and against the rest of the world.

Maybe we should now sanction both of them for the threat they represent to all the rest of us. Boycotting Israel is not enough. It should be sanctioned as a WMD threat and a human rights serial violator. This is not a complicated issue. It is payback time. Let’s get on with it.


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–  First aired  …  July 25,  2015  –

In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, the managing editor at Veterans Today from Atlanta, and Kenneth Katzman, a senior analyst at the Congressional Research Service from Washington, to discuss the recent wave of anti-Iran rhetoric just days after the conclusion of talks over Iran’s nuclear program in Vienna.



You also can watch the program on the PressTV Debate Show home page here.

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  1. “Boycotting Israel is not enough. It should be sanctioned as a WMD threat and a human rights serial violator.”

    The correct spelling is “bombed”, not “sanctioned”. By the standards Israel has set for justifying “pre-emptive” and “preventative” strikes, they are open to immediate attack by every other country in the world as long as they maintain the Sampson Option policy.

  2. there is a GREAT need for charges of treason for ALL who have signed oath to izrahell.
    AIPAC needs to be deported at the very least, along with all the “dual citizen spies”.
    WHY THE HELL does izrahell get annual welfare-warfare checks when it has nukes and supports terrorists in several countries, while genociding Gaza too?!

    it is still my opinion IRAN should have (and still can!) persued geothermal energy instead of nuclear, if for no other reason than shutting izrahell’s friggin YAP! they could then sit back and wait to see what kind of lame excuses izrahell would cook up to beat the war drums.

    • He is on a roll. It has been hard to gauge how much power a president has, but now there is a plentitude of data. The African people are excited for a reason. Revealing the limits of power for a president would be a tricky venture. Now, Obama must address the crackdown on whistle blowers here in the US.

  3. To the neo-cons, averting war is a pay cut. For Veterans it is a victory and a statement that we will not fight wars of aggression for ourselves or anyone else. We sign up to defend America. Allies can come and go.
    Iran is a zero threat to the US. Our problem is at home, and we need to challenge any saber rattling with non-aggressive countries by exposing the source.

  4. All this talk of “military options on the table” I would say that a lot of American companies are going to have a hard time getting contracts etc from the Iranians, and do you blame them.
    What the end result is the American worker will be disadvantaged, all for that piss-ant apartheid country called Israel.
    I can see American companies allowed to negotiate, but then politely shown the door..
    Israel, BDS

  5. Everyone knows Irans nuclear program is peaceful.. blind Freddy can see “the military option is still on the table” talk lets the world know that the US President is not completely in control of all their own military and not yet reigned in the rouge element within Senate and Congress, the likes of a Senator McCain who run another show … war with Iran at all costs and enemies of humanity

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