NATO Conned by Erdogan, A compelling analysis of what is really going on with Turkey, Isis, and Kurds



By Harut Sassounian for Veterans Today

Publisher, The California Courier – ( Last month, only after losing his party’s parliamentary majority, President Erdogan realized that there are dangerous terrorists in neighboring Syria who are a threat to Turkey’s security.

 Ironically, these are the same terrorists that Ankara has been arming, assisting their infiltration into Syria, and having them treated in Turkish hospitals. It is estimated that as many as 25,000 foreign and 1,000 Turkish Jihadists have crossed Turkey’s border in recent years trying to topple Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad.
Using the excuse that a Turkish soldier was killed by a shot fired from Syria last week, Erdogan ordered a series of bombing raids by land and air in Northern Syria and Iraq, as well as rounding up over 1,000 individuals in Turkey suspected of being Kurdish fighters, leftist militants, and ISIS followers.

After several years of reluctance, the Turkish government finally announced on July 24 that it would allow the United States to use one or more of its air bases to launch attacks on Jihadist groups in Syria.

Rather than fighting ISIS terrorists or cooperating with United States military operations in Syria and Iraq, Erdogan’s true intent is to consolidate his own hold on power and accomplish the following self-serving objectives:

1) Turkey’s President realizes that should his ruling party fail to form a coalition government, he would be obliged to call a new round of parliamentary elections. Therefore, by taking bold actions against ISIS and Kurdish fighters, Erdogan hopes that Turkish voters would give his party the few extra seats needed to regain a majority in Parliament.

2) Another important purpose for bombing Northern Syria and PKK bases in Iraq and arresting hundreds of Kurdish militants in Turkey is not fighting ISIS, but preventing Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish Kurds from joining hands to create an independent Kurdistan.

3) By carrying out military raids in Syria, Erdogan hopes to accomplish his long sought dream of toppling the Syrian government and installing a puppet regime, thus expanding his personal power as a neo-Ottoman Sultan.

4) Finally, by making brash declarations against ISIS and allowing Americans to use the Incirlik airbase, Turkey intends to convince the United States and Western Europe that it is a reliable NATO ally and loyal partner in the fight against terrorism. Creating such a positive image is particularly important at a time when the major powers are finalizing a nuclear agreement with Iran, which would increase the latter’s strategic role in the region and diminish that of Turkey.

By pursuing the foregoing four objectives, Erdogan is running the risk of destabilizing Turkey and neighboring states:

1) By attacking ISIS targets in Northern Syria, ostensibly in retaliation for the killed Turkish soldier, Ankara is breaking its secret understanding with ISIS to refrain from mutual attacks. ISIS is now compelled to hit back. Last week’s suicide attack in the Turkish town of Suruc, killing 32 persons and wounding over 100, is probably the precursor of such ISIS terror acts throughout Turkey.

2) Turkey broke last week the ceasefire agreement it had signed with the PKK in 2013, by bombing the latter’s bases in Northern Iraq and arresting hundreds of Kurdish militants in Turkey. The PKK has already retaliated by killing several Turkish policemen, and promising more bloodshed. Furthermore, by attacking Kurds in Syria and Iraq, Turkey would be weakening the only force that has successfully fought against ISIS. Since the United States views Kurdish fighters as its substitute troops on the ground, Turkish attacks against Kurds would undermine U.S. military objectives in the region.

3) Should Erdogan invade Northern Syria ostensibly to establish “a safety zone,” Turkish troops are likely to suffer many casualties, battling not only the Syrian army, but also heavily armed Kurdish fighters, and scores of rag-tag Jihadist groups. Turkey could also be confronted by Iranian troops coming to the aid of their Syrian ally and Hizbullah fighters from Lebanon who have been backing the Assad regime.

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  1. Maybe Erdogan IS doing NATO’s bidding. Is NATO not Zion? He’s obviously taking the opportunity to do his own bidding re: the Kurds. I hope this gets him terminated, with prejudice. The same fate I wish on the Zionist bankers and the ‘royal’ houses of Europe.

  2. Considering Erdogan’s various and self serving machinations, I am reminded of Francisco Goya’s “The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters” etching. What a nightmare! Allowing the US, using Turkish airbases, to foster the illusion it is attacking ISIL, whilst really targeting al-Assad’s forces, will ultimately set fire to Turkey itself. Erdogan thinks NATO will save him. After all, didn’t NATO save Greece?

  3. all along re crisis in Syria, Turkey has been a fake ally and even tried to mislead United States into a military strike against Damascus using false flag in the form of unfounded chemical attack accusations against Assad of Syria. And the funny thing, it turned out that Turkey’s Islamist extremist proxies in Syria used the chem attack against civilians in Ghouta, near Damascus, the capital. I wonder what Simpsons Donkey to say about that! Really Simpsons Donkey?

  4. God Bless the Syrian Army and it’s allies from allover, wherever. They are the good guys, have been attacked, and deserve our support, for fighting for their country.

    I want them to win these battles, the war, and find peace and prosperity afterwards, and help re-building.

  5. turkey has been training supplying and treating wounded terrorists all along. there is no reason he (erdogan) cant have a “safe zone” inside his own friggin border, meantime Syria should be closed airspace not allowing ANYTHING flying in from turkey or izrahell at all.

    what else do I think? I think erdogan is scared to death because his little pet terrorist mercenaries are getting their butts kicked in Syria and they WILL run to turkey unless stopped, and they wont be, nor will they be happy with their boss’s idea of a “reception” with his sudden switching sides against them. I dont think Syria will have a need for war against turkey when it goes down, they can just say “good luck with your terrorists!”.

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