Koch Money is the mother’s milk of American politics now



… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,   with  Press TV,  Tehran

[ Note: It’s always an early Christmas gift to pick up an interview slot to go after someone like the Koch brothers. It makes me feel like the Orkin man. America has been on its knees to this election process for a several years now.

Why people don’t crash the phone systems of the Koch bother lines and these four Republican presidential candidates’ offices is just beyond me. People might as well wear their “S L A V E”  t-shirts 24-hours a day.

Resistance folks ! Please. Show some Resistance! I apologize for anyone who thinks this is too crude, but I view this as their going to Vegas to perform a political sex act in public. And I hope the term catches on, as we are, if nothing else here at VT, wordsmiths when it comes to coining a new and deserving phrase. ]


–  First aired  …  July 30,  2015  –

American journalist Jim W. Dean says money is the white blood of American politics, that is why the billionaire Koch brothers have invited four top Republican presidential candidates to see who deserves their economic blessings more.  

Dean, a managing editor and columnist based in Atlanta, made the remarks on Thursday, when Press TV asked for his views about the generous contributions that presidential hopefuls in the United States receive from the wealthy and multi-billion dollar corporations.

“There is an old American political saying – something kind of a joke – that we have the best democracy that money can buy,” he said.

“Koch brothers [are] publically putting $1 billion on the line to literally try to buy a Republican presidential candidate that they feel is not best for the country but best serves their interests,” he added.

“The money is the white [was – life] blood of American politics,” he noted.

According to a report, the billionaire industrialist brothers Charles and David Koch planning to spend nearly $1 billion in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election have invited Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker to have a chance at their blessing.

The Koch annual summer conference is scheduled to begin on August 1 and continue up to August 3, according to a report published by the POLITICO.

Dean slammed the US Supreme Court for allowing this to happen with the Citizens United case that deemed corporations as “persons” and basically allowed them to funnel unlimited funds into political campaigns in form of donations.

This, according to Dean, “even included foreign corporations and international crime syndicates and even the heroine money coming out of Afghanistan.”

The analyst said that political “big-spenders” put honest candidates out of business by driving the costs of a competitive campaign higher.

A recent study by New York Times shows that wealthy Americans are replacing powerless people as the main beneficiaries of the political system in the United States.

“I cross my finger that America will wake up and we will have another grassroots awakening,” Dean said.

“The public has to come back to the table and get their pocketbooks out and find honest candidates that will not sell out to the special interest [groups],” he concluded.


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  1. Jesus was right.
    One cannot serve both God and Money. One must choose.
    Especially in the face of conflicts of interests.

  2. “S L A V E t-shirts” What a great idea better get em before the price goes up for Christmas.

  3. These monkey boys are fully aware of what the “GOLDEN RULE” is all about. And anyone running for the high office who has a propensity for being bought is exactly the one the electoral college will elect to that office.

  4. The tea party people meant well, but were amatuers. They fell for the oldest trick in the book. As soon as “they” saw the TP was going to be a viable voting block, they just stepped in to pay for everythings, all the big events, paid of a staff, but who was loyal to “them”…so the grass roots TP people never had to establish their own fundraising. Once they got used to the gravy train they would never want to let go…so the funders ruled. Of course once you get down to the local level it is different.

    • agree about that, and also know if the great majority refused to vote for any of these lip sticked pigs, theyed only rig themselves a win from the minority that DID actually vote. their media would cheer the “victory” while branding all dissidents as “conspiract theorist cowards” who have no faith in “DIE-BOLD”.. lmao!

  5. How are you doing in Syria, Geoffrey? . . . It is Jeffrey Dahmer, he “works” for ISIS (McNasty) now.

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