Pelosi: Iran nuclear accord “a diplomatic masterpiece”



… from  Press TV,  Tehran

[ Editors Note: My, my…what a wonderful way to start the day, with Ms. Pelosi putting a wooden stake through Bibi and the Republican NeoCons’ vampire hearts. This was a huge frontal assault on them AND AIPAC.

She crossed over the line, so please pour the thankyou calls into her DC and state offices, and thank her for the AIPAC comment. This is the end of their road show to torpedo the Iran agreement. They are now left to play the 60-year-old hooker role, which suits them well.

We begin to see the tide turning on this issue. If they lose, which they certainly expected, they have invested this time to make killing the deal in 2017 with a Republican president in office, a main campaign Koolaid theme.

Nothing would encourage them more to campaign on this than a wimpy response from the public that they accept Jewish-Israeli Lobby special interests to rule among Republicans. They are not stupid, and they can count very well.

If they see the tide turning, they will do what they always have done — shift their positions to protect their seats by serving Israel less openly. But we really need to show them that we can extract some payback hereI know how you feel. They don’t. Please show themJim W. Dean ]


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–  First published  … July 30,  2015  –

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says that House Democrats will support President Barack Obama’s deal with Iran over its nuclear program.

Nancy told reporters on Thursday that she was convinced the conclusion reached between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries – the US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany – would be supported due to “the nature of the agreement”.

“Where does my confidence spring from? First of all, from the quality of the agreement. Second of all, to the seriousness and thoughtfulness with which my colleagues have approached this,” she said.

Describing the deal as “a diplomatic masterpiece,” Pelosi predicated that the Democrats would sustain a promised veto of the Republicans’ expected disapproval measure.

“More and more of them have confirmed to me that they will be there to sustain the veto. They’ve done this not blindly, but thoroughly, and [spent] the last two-and-a-half weeks reviewing the documents. … And it’s really pretty exciting.”

Almost all Congressional Republicans have publicly opposed the deal. They are expected to put forward a resolution of disapproval before a Sept. 17 deadline.

President Obama has said he would veto the resolution if the Republicans pass it. The resolution then will receive an override vote meaning that two-thirds of both chambers would have to agree to override the president’s veto.

On Wednesday, Obama hosted congressional Democrats from the House of Representatives at a White House reception to build support for the Iran accord.

Pelosi said the president made a “forceful presentation of his case supporting the nuclear” conclusion, noting that groups like AIPAC cannot succeed in hindering the agreement.

The main Israeli lobbying group in Washington has been trying to dissuade Republicans and even some Democrats from backing the Iran nuclear agreement.


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  1. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Thank you,
    __“ISRAEL” is like a Non-Existent Country with NUKES __ According to World Leaders
    __ The Terrorists Netanyahu Gov. & his Terrorists Settlers Preparing a “WEBCAST FOR USA ON IRAN DEAL”
     The late, Israeli PM Golda Meir said, “In DOOMSDAY Israel Would Be Prepared
    To Take THE REGION & THE WORLD DOWN WITH IT.” The List goes on, on, on…..
    ___In 2008, One Of The Most Honest World Leader & Peace Laureate, President Carter Quoting Israeli Scientist’s Leaked Details In The 1980’s (Almost 35-Years Ago) Said, Israel Has At Least 150 Atomic Weapons In Its Arsenal. __CURRENTLY, IT MIGHT BE 500+ NUKES
     We remember, in 2007, then “Speaker of The House,” while Bush, Jr., was messing up the Region, as a Patriot American you went to meet President Assad of Syria, to “Encourage Peace in the Region,” and you Succeeded.
     The Iran’s Peaceful Nukes Deal has been APPROVED by USA, China, Russia, Germany, France & EU HAVE BEEN APPROVED, but you are doing everything you can, dealing with those “Bought by ISRAEL Firsters, Corrupt & Paper Tigers of USA Congress.”

  2. This from the fool who said about Obamacare, “you have to pass it to know what’s in it.”
    Her brain is an embarrassment to this nation.

  3. The relationship btwn the Republican Party and the Zionist lobby is exactly like the one btwn George W. Bush and Jeff Gannon. With the Israelis on top…

  4. Don’t be fooled. This is a horse trade and all for shows. Nancy the cute cheerleader needs to praise the Prince of Peace for the greatest achievement of the human history for reaching the peace treaty with Iran. Bibi needs to jump up and down, huff and puff for not be able to control more territory on record.

    The masterpiece is a reward for Iran’s cooperation in dividing the small mid-east countries four ways among the great Israel, the Neo-Ottoman empire, the great Pershian empire, and the KSA. The loser are the Sunnis for their lacking of CIA/MI6 agents.

    It is silly to take side. There is no morale winner, only the strongest survives and the weakest perishes.

  5. James Dean, am I to read “…the 60-year-old hooker …” at the same time as looking at the photo one paragraph above it?

  6. little miss “lets pass it so we can see whats in it” was instrumental in ramming the police state down our throats, so I’m not about to trust her act in the big kabuki theater. izrahell is running DHS-TSA fusion centers and all, I have not heard her denounce “the Patriot Act” at all. why is a rogue terrorist nation that SUPPORTS terrorism handling OUR nations security? they have the contract for tapping all our phones, limit travel with “no fly list” no one knows how they get on and no way to get off it. if she calls for the arrest of Bibi Amin, it might impress me.

    • No one is clean in Congress. You take one battle at a time, and allies going up against AIPAC, you welcome them all, because a defeat for them will make it easier to take them on next time. And who knows, someone might give the OK to cancel the free pass for Israeli agents for espionage here.

  7. Right, and cuckholds in the sense they’re nurturing another species’ offspring that’ll eat their own alive. It’d be hard to come up with a worse collection of spineless, Zionist-ass-kissing slime bags than the GOP leadership and contenders for the WH. When the Zios are looking for bootlicking capons they call 1-800-cuckservative.

  8. Neat overview and recommendations ! Calling the agreement a “diplomatic masterpiece” may be a bit hyped, reflecting Pelosi. However, that Tel Aviv ordered its extension office in DC, AIPAC, to rally its political prostitutes to fight the agreement, is definitive evidence that the agreement is favourable for the world outside the borders of the 1948 land-grant that was fraudulently named “Israel”. The influence of which land-grant is steadily weakening in the rest of the world.

    • Dr. Bhelthi, The “masterpiece” language was key wording for the news wires to pick up on. She wanted a hook and this was a good one. And her taking a shot at AIPAC, someone at her level, was sending a major signal out to the Israel Lobby, that they were not out on the battlefield, and good luck. We will see who they select to come after her now, and what cards the Obama people are still holding to play.

  9. Great article Mr. Dean. I just called Cong. Pelosi’s DC office (202) 225-4965 to thank & encourage her and then phoned my gerrymandered-Republican-fascist-AIPAC-shill-Congressman, Darrell Issa’s office : 202-225-3906 to let him know that we want him to support the President’s nuclear agreement with Iran and that we are tired of his sending billions of tax payer’s money to the nuclear-rogue-state of Israel! We also need to legally force the presidential debate monopoly to end. Here’s how:

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