The Iran Deal’s Bad for Israel? Netanyahu’s to Blame



Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is right to criticize the nuclear deal between world powers and Iran. Indeed, it is not a good deal — certainly not from an Israeli perspective. But it is Netanyahu who should be blamed for that.

This conclusion is based on talks with Israeli intelligence officials, current and former, who are privy to the inner workings of Netanyahu’s government, its defense, nuclear and intelligence agencies, and their dealings with their American counterparts.

Netanyahu’s public warmongering since he was elected in 2009 — threatening to bomb Iran — and his closed-minded confrontational tone unwittingly played a major role in shaping Barack Obama’s strategy toward Iran.

Netanyahu’s threats made the Obama administration nervous that an Israeli military strike would escalate into general warfare in the Middle East. It has become obvious that the President and his advisers decided to do everything possible to prevent an uncontrollable blow-up — even if negotiations would lead to a flawed deal.

Israel’s words and actions under the two previous prime ministers, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert, were based on two tenets: First, not to make it appear that Israel was spearheading the campaign to stop Iran’s nuclear program. Among other concerns, Israeli officials knew that questions would arise about their own country’s unacknowledged nuclear arsenal.

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  1. izrahell is bad for izrahell and so is the UN that protects it with selective blindness and veto power to let it get away with anything anytime it wants. one of the crimes may very well have been killing a US president some 52 years ago, who tried to stop izrahell from becoming a nuclear power.. no doubt with a lot of help to do it, and to cover it up after..
    oh look at who said 911 was good for izrahell… isn’t that special?..

  2. pandering to tantrums…Not good for Israel?

    272099899 Security Council Draft Resolution on Iran Nuclear Deal…page 6 Other Matters
    27 . Decides that ALL PROVISIONS CONTAINED IN THE JCPOA ARE ONLY FOR THE PURPOSES OF ITS IMPLEMENTAION BETWEEN the E3iEU+3 and Iran and SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR SETTING PRECEDENTS FOR ANY OTHER STATE OR FOR PRINCIPLES OF INTERNATIONAL LAW and the rights and obligations under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and other relevant instruments, as well as for internationally recognized principles and practices:

    … if they think this thin veil will cover their ass they are mistaken…

  3. Not a good deal? I guess scribblers must all render the obligatory denunciation of Iran in order to keep scribbling.

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