Your Radiation This Week No 16


(San Francisco) August 8, 2015 – Good Day, this is “Your Radiation This Week.” These are the recorded Radiation Highs that affected people this week around the United States and in your neighborhood. Let’s get right to it.

Storm on the Prairie
Storm on the Prairie


*Listed in Counts per Minute, a Count is One Radioactive Decay Registered by the Instrument.

Partial Counts are noted. Uncounted radiation makes the actual Count higher and more dangerous.

Normal Radiation is 5 to 20 CPM. [6]

  • 622 CPM, 124.4 Times Normal, Concord, NH. Gamma and Beta Radiation only.
  • 372 CPM, 74.4 Times Normal, Boston, MA. Gamma only.
  •  354 CPM, 70.8 Times Normal, New York City, NY. Gamma only.
  •  532 CPM, 106.4 Times Normal, Pittsburgh, PA. Gamma and Beta only.
  •  562 CPM, 112.4 Times Normal, Raleigh, NC. Gamma only.
  •  344 CPM, 68.8 Times Normal, Atlanta, GA. Gamma only.
  •  495 CPM, 99 Times Normal, Miami, FL. Gamma only.
  •  241 CPM,  48.2 Times Normal, Chicago, IL. Gamma only.
  •  407 CPM, 81.4 Times Normal, Ft Wayne, IN. Gamma and Beta only.
  •  296 CPM, 59.2 Times Normal, Indianapolis, IN. Gamma only.
  •  443 CPM, 88.6 Times Normal, St Paul, MN. Gamma and Beta only.
  •  885 CPM, 177 Times Normal, Lincoln, NE. Gamma and Beta only.
  •  205 CPM, 41 Times Normal, Des Moines, IA. Gamma only.
  •  329 CPM, 65.8 Times Normal, Aberdeen, SD. Gamma only.
  •  257 CPM, 51.4 Times Normal, Rapid City, SD. Gamma only.
  •  434 CPM, 86.8 Times Normal, Kansas City, KA. Gamma only.
  •  491 CPM, 98.2 Times Normal, Tulsa, OK. Gamma only.
  •  534 CPM, 106.8 Times Normal, Little Rock, AR. Gamma and Beta only.
  •  413 CPM, 82.6 Times Normal, Dallas, TX. Gamma and Beta only.
  •  593 CPM, 118.6 Times Normal, San Angelo, TX. Gamma and Beta only.
  •  237 CPM, 47.4 Times Normal, Lubbock, TX. Gamma only.
  •  452 CPM, 90.4 Times Normal, South Valley, NM. Gamma only.
  •  530 CPM, 106 Times Normal, Albuquerque, NM. Gamma and Beta only. Last known report.
  •  373 CPM,  74.6 Times Normal, Grand Junction, CO. Gamma only.
  •  868 CPM, 173.6 Times Normal, Billings, MT. Gamma only.
  •  512 CPM, 102.4 Times Normal, Phoenix, AZ. Gamma and Beta only.
  •  690 CPM, 138 Times Normal, Tucson, AZ. Gamma and Beta only.
  •  164 CPM, 32.8 Times Normal, Las Vegas, NV. Gamma only.
  •  447 CPM, 89.4 Times Normal, San Diego, CA. Gamma only.
  •  855 CPM, 171 Times Normal, Bakersfield, CA. Gamma and Beta only. Last known reading.
  •  309 CPM, 61.8 Times Normal, Los Angeles, CA. Gamma only.
  •  210 CPM, 42 Times Normal, San Francisco, CA. Gamma only.
  •  622 CPM, 124.4 Times Normal, Spokane, WA. Gamma only.

Highest Recorded Radioactive City in America this week


A new Leader this week in the race for the Most Radioactive Weather in America is Lincoln, Nebraska with 885 CPM. Congratulations to Lincoln, Nebraska as the Most Radioactive City in America.

The second place win was captured by Billings, Montana this week.



The word “only” is a permanent add to all partial Rad report lines. Right now, all the city lines are partial reports and are therefore reporting Low.

Isotope Count reporting


As Cisco from ENENEWS correctly pointed out last week in the comments to YRTW No 15 all these isotopes readings are wrong – they are universally too low. Cisco was not as blunt; but, he was Correct nonetheless. I agree completely.

These CPM numbers do not represent the actual radiation counts in your radiation weather this week. It is much higher, or worse, than these government certified partial reports say. Use these report numbers as your Starting Point in adding up your daily, monthly and annual exposure from your Rad Weather.

What Cisco wrote August 4, 2015:

“If you’re readers are paying attention, these reports are remarkable, because the published radiation counts, single and/or double isotope CPM’s, for those recorded cities/locales are more accurately…100’s/1000’s times more. 90% of those counts published are for one single isotope like Cesium. Since we know Cesium doesn’t travel alone, it is part of an amalgamation and travels in suspension with 100’s/1000’s of other transuranics, plutonium and other equally as deadly actinides, what are the actual CPM’s that are not counted?

Cisco from ”

Most radiation monitors report on the radioactive presence of Cesium 137 at the detector. YRTW will report on the secrets the Pros use in estimating the actual Total radiation counts. It is not a pretty picture. Squeamish readers may want to turn to other VeteransToday articles reporting on usual things like wars and people getting blown up by an actual named enemy you can see in pictures.

Turns out there are several numbers to use as multipliers depending on the age of the radioactive release. The first are for radioactive particles freshly released from a reactor. The Total amount of radiation decreases rapidly day by day. At the same time the Lethality goes up for 35 years; then declines slightly and hangs steady for millions of years.

Day One out of the reactor use a Cesium multiplier of 150 Times. After 15 days outside the reactor the multiplier is still about 100 times the Cesium Twins.

The second is for Rad particles that have been outside the reactor for ten years or more. The Total radiation declines to about Five (5) Times the Cesium level. The Lethality is still increasing though.

Radiation types commonly measured by radiation monitors include Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron and X-Ray radiation. Only Beta and Gamma are reported by the EPA and here on YRTW. There are 1,945 other individual Rad elements, only a few are usually mentioned in articles.

For a guesstimate of old reactor catastrophes or explosions use the number Five (5) for your radiation multiplier to get an idea of the total radiation in that old, previous release.

In short, the newer disaster’s Cesium 137 radiation so conveniently echoed by so-called news outlets tell you right away by simple Multiplication how big the disaster really is. Think of it as the insider’s secret code. Multiply away!

How often do radioactive releases occur? The answer is: Radioactive releases occur daily in most reactors.

Isotope detectors


If you have a lot of money you can buy an Isotope detector that will tell you the name of isotopes it is tuned to detect. They are excellent tools for determining specific Rad elements. More power to you if you can afford one, or a group of you can pony up the Bucks to buy one. In this case knowledge is power. That kind of power can only be bought.

Without it, you have what the Pro-Nukers laughingly refer to in our lives as “A shortened life span.” That means the Pro-nukers are joyfully killing people these 70 years now and have no intention of stopping. I mean, after all, they get rich slaughtering us.

Master Sergeant John C. Woods, 3rd Army Hangman, WWII
Master Sergeant John C. Woods, 3rd Army Hangman, WWII

Jeeeez, where is Master Sergeant Woods, 3rd Army Hangman in WWII? We need him to hang these Stainless Steel Psychopaths and their political henchmen.

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Previous editions of YRTW

Up to five previous editions of YRTW are listed at the end of each column. Each YRTW and all my previous VeteransToday columns are at

Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there!

Copyright by Bob Nichols @ 2015. Reproduce and distribute, give full attribution to Bob Nichols and Veterans Today.

1. The Radiation charts and graphs of the EPA at  Don’t skip the “2” in www2.

2. The EPA based reporting of, an LLC.

3. * This station’s Radiation equals combined Beta and Gamma Radiation. Note: Not all locations have reporting Beta Radiation Monitors. Gamma Radiation Monitors are functioning at all these locations.

4. “…If you pollute when you DO KNOW there is NO safe dose with respect to causing extra cases of deadly cancers or heritable effects, you are committing premeditated random murder.” – John W. Gofman, Ph.D., M.D. (1918-2007), associate director, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 1963-1969) — Comments on a Petition for Rulemaking to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, May 21, 1994.

5. CPM. “Although we can’t see it, taste it, smell it or hear it we can measure radiation and observe its effects. One way to measure radiation which the United States Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] has chosen to use on its radiation websites is in Counts Per Minute. Each Count is One Radioactive Decay.” Quote from the ‘Your Radiation, This Week.’” Apr 3, 2015.

6. Digilert 100 Promotional Flyer pdf, “Normal background is 5-20 CPM.”  Copyright @ 2015 Keison International Ltd – All Rights Reserved.

7. ENENEWS, August 7th, 2015, US Gov’t: “We don’t know what’s going on” in Pacific — Many ill baby seals being abandoned; Dozens of walruses found dead; Dying whales, birds, fish — “Unprecedented things happening” — Experts: “It’s been a very unusual marine mammal year… I’m really worried, very concerned” (AUDIO)



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  1. Just a note regarding that storm over the prairie image: singing and dancing in the rain is not recommended if you wish to avoid the rain of radionuclides on you. Much of the radioactive fallout arrives from Japan on the jet stream and precipitates out of that as precipitation. If rain drops keep falling on your head, get out of the rain….towel dry, shower, wash the towel and wet clothing and put on less contaminated clothing and be more careful next time. Your garden will grow much better with rain, but the produce you harvest will have more radionuclides. Well water might have less radio-contamination. Deep aquifers might be less polluted.

  2. Not to forget the estimated 3000 tons U238 (so called depleted), depleted of U235, but U238 itself is an Alpha- Beta- and Gamma radiator the US dumped in Europe (Yugoslavia) in Irak, Afghanistan and wherever they fight with heavy weapons(Hellfire, Tankammo, Apache-gun, A-10 and certain bombs). This is roughly the equivalent of 100’000 atomic bombs (calculated 30 kg per bomb). Is that criminal ? What type of crime constitutes this ?

    • Really good comment, Danshe! …

      It constitutes imnumerable War Crimes because the weapons, like Poison Gas, are not confined to the battlefield and Crimes Against Humanity for the same reason.

      Called Uranium Oxide, the uranium was even detected in the High Volume Air Filters at the Atomic Weapons Establishment [AWE] in England. That was when the Iraqi winds blew the “wrong” direction and carried the radioactive, poisonous gas weapons products to England and beyond. Even Antarctica was hit with radioactive poison gas.

      It could be that or WIPP that is Zooming up the Rad in San Angelo, Texas. or other Rad events. Of course, The Nuclear Weapons Labs know; but, they aren’t telling us.

      Bob Nichols

  3. @JPW

    Many thanks. A caveat for a ““there is just no way out” paradigm is when we don’t stop testing of nukes. Hope we do soon as a world community.

    It does not mean that we cannot make sure that the cesium137 in our food, milk and water are within the safe level. Check them out.

    As to why the article “ends up, after less than a day, at the bottom of the page of VT” I think maybe there is a host of new articles out this week.

  4. “The PM of Japan say “Smiling people do NOT get radiation poisoning.” Do you Agree?”
    Though it was surprising to see this question here, due to the absurdity of it I had thought that perhaps it was a joke and almost voted “yes” to see what would come next. I then wondered if the people voting “yes” voted this way because they, too, thought there was more to your question, like a followup to a brain teaser.

    • Hi JPW, … Good to see you again.

      Well, that’s a big Oooops. Anybody else almost or actually vote Yes when you meant No?

      Bob Nichols

  5. Another great work, Bob. If the world continues to test nuclear bombs, as the US recently did, I agree with you that “Looks like there is just no way out”.

    “Even in the 1950s, the Pentagon and the old Atomic Energy Commission knew that radioactive fallout from explosions at the Nevada Test Site was spreading across the American West and into Canada and Mexico. Yet, the government largely to chose to hide this information from the public.” Read more below :

    But If WW3 goes nuclear then it’s MAD, Mutual Assured Destruction.

    • Hey Altimmeter, Good to see you.

      Yea … I remember MAD well… those were the days, eh? Sure wish I knew then what we know now. Ernest Sternglass, now deceased, knew, sure as the world.

      Ernest was one of the first to recognize the decimation of fish stocks for what it was and said so. Few could or did dispute Ernest since he was already a respected Professor of Radiology at the time.

      Later, President John F Kennedy asked Ernest to speak to the US Senate about the above ground Atomic Test [Detonation] Ban Treaty.

      It passed and all of us are better off, or alive, because of it. I interviewed Prof Sternglass on several occasions.

      Bob Nichols

  6. Thank you Bob for this week’s radiation highs, which is a constant reminder of what we are living with, though most people prefer to ignore it.
    I keep searching for a recent cancer map of the States to compare with radiation levels, but I can only find data from before Fuku. Strangely, this data doesn’t seem to be updated, and when it is, it’s very incomplete. Can anyone help me with this?

  7. Back in the day (when we all wore younger men’s clothes) we were all terrified of that doomsday weapon the Cobalt Bomb. Not because of some massive increase in explosive power but because the radioactivity would last for centuries eventually reaching every spot on the globe. Fukushima is not all that different. It will be spewing out radioactive particles for decades and they may well reach most of the globe. Although decaying more rapidly that the daughter products of a Cobalt bomb the particles produced by Fukushima are constantly being replenished. While cancers are a great concern, it appears likely that in coming years the decrease in human fertility will overshadow all other concerns. Expect to see 15 year olds encouraged to marry in order that there be offspring.

    • Hi ethanallen,

      Good to see you again. Nice allegorical story.

      Recent research shows the young die first, though, and are thoroughly contaminated.

      Nice thought, however.

      Looks like there is just no way out, ethanallen. We’re all on our last voyage.

      Bob Nichols

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