Disclosure: Why Sabotaging Iran Agreement Takes Down America



…by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor

Both Iran and the United States have repeatedly announced that there are no secret codicils to the 5+1 agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.  Both the United States and Iran are lying.  A key aspect to the settlement, we have been able to confirm, is an agreement to transfer to the United States certain Iranian plasma energy technologies deemed by NASA and the Department of Defense as “vital to US interests.”

This week a group arrived in Washington to file patents for what they claim is an exact parallel technology to that being offered the US.  The group claims they gained control of this technology by infiltrating the Italian based research facilities of the Keshe Foundation using a Bulgarian agent, a young woman, who, using “romantic wiles,” was able to illegally access data key to America’s national survival.

The group, Bulgarians and “Russians,” are carrying around a table top model of a “Casimir Effect” levitation model like you see on YouTube.  AIPAC is taking them from meeting to meeting, promising oil industry execs, key congressional leaders and half-educated “research project politicians” that the Iran deal can be scrapped because there is now a “second source.”fff_846

Let’s be very clear, this is much more than a move to kill the Iran deal.  This is a move to bring down the United States, not just economically, but to leave the US virtually defenseless.  All it took was greed, Sheldon Adelson’s cash spent to kill the Iran deal, involvement of AIPAC and the Mossad, the real “Russian” players in this deal and some very corrupt and stupid Americans.

This is a very real security threat to the United States.  Why am I putting some of the highest classified information ever to go into print before the public?  Is it because, at this late date, only embarrassment may save the United States?


Here is what our sources have told us:

The technology being offered as “too good to be true,” a way out to kill the Iran deal, has been seeded or “booby trapped” as it were.  The US is now in highly secret negotiations to pay billions of dollars for data carefully engineered to push American research projects in free energy and advanced propulsion systems “over a cliff,” putting the US 30 years behind Russia and China.


In April, 2014, the AEGIS destroyer, USS Donald Cook, affectionately called the “USS Donald Duck,” was approached a Russian Shukhoi SU24 aircraft equipped with the latest radar jammers according to Pavel S. Zolotarev, major-general (ret.), deputy director of the Institute for U.S. and Canada Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Professor of the Academy of Military Sciences.

The USS Donald Cook entered the black sea on April 10, 2014 armed with nuclear capable Tomahawk missiles and the most advanced AEGIS combat management system.  The warship was on a mission of “demonstration of force and intimidation” in response to Russia’s moves in Crimea.  However, the Montreaux Convention prohibits such actions by nations “not washed by this sea,” prohibiting expressions of force in the Black Sea and limiting duration of stay.  The USS Donald Cook was in violation of that agreement in several ways.

Russia’s response was to send an unarmed SU24 aircraft equipped with a highly classified jamming system based on “non-ordinary physics.”  When the SU24 approached, the AEGIS equipped ship sounded the alarm and prepared by engaging target acquisition systems and preparing to deploy the SM 3 missile batteries.

Then the AEGIS simply “turned off.”

“Experts” say that this plane was equipped with the latest Russian electronic warfare system code named “Khibiny” for a mountain range on the Kola Peninsula near the Arctic Circle.   A secret Russian research complex in the Republic of Buryatia is said to be the source of these systems based, we are told, on Keshe technologies.  In an phone interview with Mehran Tavakoli Keshe today, he offered to send me one of these systems to test without confirming or denying Russian claims.

The SU24 flew low over the deck of the USS Donald Cook, turned and simulated the first of 12 missile runs.  Reports of a near crew mutiny are not confirmed.

In a highly classified paper to the Naval War College, the US postulated that the failure was based an anomaly in AEGIS systems that resist jamming based on “hive” intelligence, much as with the Soviet era Granit anti-ship missiles.

However, there is one problem with their hypothesis.  The USS Donald Cook was not “alone.”  It was well within “mating range” of the land based AEGIS system on the Romanian coast, the system that had come online at the Naval Support Facility Devesulu under the command of Captain William Garren.  Garren’s AEGIS system was online at the time though, after this disaster, it was necessary to backdate records to cover this catastrophic failure.

Note that Israel’s “Iron Dome” is an entirely AEGIS dependent system. Immediately after this “event,” Keshe and his wife were poisoned.

Keshe and Iranian Space Technology

Physicists who visit Keshe leave astounded, “He doesn’t even accept Maxwell’s Equations!”  Seldom do they leave satisfied.  Keshe surrounds himself with acolytes and runs as much a cult as foundation and institute.  However, Keshe himself is something else.  I have spent some time talking with him in my not so gentle way and find him both extremely capable and far from evasive.

Then again, I am not a physicist.  Does Keshe have free energy technologies available or are his theories capable of powering interstellar space craft as claimed?  We know this, investors watch him carefully and governments keep close track of everything he does.

What we have been able to confirm is that Iran’s plasma energy technology sector controls technologies that are capable of a quantum leap in power production.  The applications for rural electrification and water purification will, if proven out, change the human condition.

However, one must also note that hydrocarbon based energy systems become instantly worthless.  This reality has come up in conversations with Keshe.  In fact this reality comes up in conversations with lots of people.

One of the other realities is that Iran is largely dependent on hydrocarbon production to finance its economy.  Thus, it is easy to understand why the US would quickly partner, and “partner” is very much the applicable term, with Iran on “oil busting” tech.

Iran has as much to lose as everyone else.

What remains to be seen is what the relationship is between Iran, the 5+1 nuclear deal and America’s “next century and beyond” defense posture.  Why is Iran turning to the US rather than Russia and China?  Would anyone trust the US?  What is it we don’t know about Russia and China and their ambitions?


We are now making public that which was never intended to be made public.  Assumed geopolitical alignments fall to the wayside when confronted with “real world” issues.  Then again, can plasma based free energy and spaceship technologies be considered “real world” when what the common narrative, layer after layer, taught as history, current events or “news” has become a veritable laughing stock.

This is a warning, but to whom?  Who negotiated the secret codicils to the Iran treaty?  One thing the last 24 hours has taught me, no one is going to ask, no one will want to look at them, no one cares.  It’s not that they don’t care but rather than they would rather continue breathing.

What do we know?

  • The US has negotiated access to energy technologies that would push our aerospace and defense capabilities forward centuries. (yes)
  • We also know that these technologies were demonstrated in the Black Sea by Russia, a “wake up call” to the United States.
  • We know there is a “meeting of minds” between Israel”s AIPAC lobby and groups (national intelligence organizations) that want the US to be denied “next century” tech.
  • We know the target is the US and not Iran.
  • We know exactly who these people are, who they are meeting with and what their interests are, interests of a nature unfriendly to the United States to such a degree as to motivate even Iran’s concern.

Why was it so important for the Iran deal to go through?  Was it the Obama legacy or so Ford could sell shiploads of F150 trucks?  Perhaps now we have a more complete view.


  1. An article more important than the braindead hoi polloi could even imagine.

    Meanwhile, I can’t imagine a more important article. This hits about as close to the ultimate reality of human potential as anyone might hit, and remain breathing.

  2. sounds more like John Carpenter’s “They Live”,
    -but I’m not saying I think it’s -just- scifi..

  3. sounds all very mischievously ”interesting”

    and since this universe is not very linear we are in all probability in for a few surprises…

    had a good laugh today when some “scientists claimed the universe is 13.2 billion years old and shrinking… it is probably a “bit” older … and maybe expanding – none of these guys really know much – up till now only the real wise people mention what was before the universe was born …

  4. What I could have learn from Keshe, was somewhat erratic. As a studied Physic at the university of Kiel with long time Plasma Physics experience I tried to find some clues in the interview and the writing of Keshe. But I was dissapointed to learn rather nothing specific of new from him. It took many hour of listening and reading to come to this conclusion.

    I might be totally wrong, but I tend to the assumption, that the russian technology is made completely by Russians. The anglo-saxon “exceptionalism” has lead to the situation that almost half of century of russian science was not noticed at all by the western scientific elite. This leads to the mostly totally underestimating and downplaying of Russian science and technology up to this day.

    Keshe states he wants to make all of his achievements evaliable for everyone. His information policy so far does not make this statement very convincing to me, because he himself produced too much question marks in his public statements and descriptiions of his work.

    Kerry Cassidy has no knowledge of physics whatsoever, but she’s always eager to present Keshe (including the poisioning attacs) as if he is part of her esotheric community, which – if we believe his own words – he is not in any way. His “CO2-thing” also was an alarm bell, which made me even more suspicious.

    Plasma-Physics is one of the currently leading and very promising technologies, which in the future shurely will change our world in many aspects, if “they” will allow it.

    The simple H-driven (not H2!) cars and motor bycicles and the many deaths and threats of their engineers show the real picture. Mitsubishies former technical director was officially allowed for more than 20 years to drive a H-driven Mitsubishi, so he is well but he won’t tell any more.

  5. I don’t want to sound like a defetist, but I have to state some sad truths here, which – to this time – will simply not allow anything which can potentially cripple the worldwide iron grip of the Oil oligarchs.

    We live in times of an ever shrinking petro-dollar empire, which successfully managed it’s own decline, by never ending greed and destruction everywhere it rules, including the US. This also is a systematic failure, because this decline is ingrained to a large part in the whole fraudulent money and financy systeme.

    I’m more and more sceptic about BRICS on the other hand, because first it is lead by some well known persons from the old IMW/World Bank regime, which makes me rather sceptical.

    Under no circumstances will the high ups allow any real technological progress in transportation, as long as they themselves are not at the front of any new devlopment. Like the pharmaceutical oligarchs are showing us now, they have no scruple at all to kill and not only once.

    The only development I realistically can see developing, is the integration of these new technologies into the military moloch on both sides (Russia already did, France and Iran perhaps also). This cchanges the strategic balance during some time but nonetheless it might make a real WWIII even more propable at this time, because the US controlled NATO might feal themselves too much threatend and some war lords might come up with a nice war plan. If I look at the current presidential candidates, I’m even more afraid of the near future.

  6. Well, Dr. Keshe has this Road map for Peace and Russia is the first country to sign on that. How about that?

    I sincerely hope that the ruling pedophile psychopaths of the West (and the rest of the world too) will be taught a big ass lesson by him and that all their weaponry will be canceled out and people in the battle fields get their memories wiped clean. I wished he did it yesterday! It is way beyond time that this sh*t stops.


  7. http://www.armstrongeconomics.com/archives/35831

    Indeed, NASA has confirmed that they believe the EM drive in fact works. Others testing the concept in Germany have also demonstrated that it produces thrust. With this degree of thrust, the Moon could be reached in 4 days. Further testing is underway as reported by the Telegraph. Nonetheless, we may be on the verge of the next technology wave which could in fact provide the next cycle of innovation after the economic decline.

  8. yet another reason AIPAC and the “congress” they own need to be arrested for being terrorists supporting terrorists and supporting terrorist izrahell. how they get handed Billions every year to spend millions on election campaigns to put THEIR selected loyals into office, is far beyond criminal and treasonous, it is also terrorism when critters are scared they WONT get re-elected to their seats or be assassinated if they do NOT sign oath to izrahell.

  9. Several years ago I wrote a response to an article about Iran’s nuclear ambitions, that was published in an Iranian news site. I pleaded with them to go beyond nuclear energy and find a solution to free energy. I suggested this would be the only way to not only show up the west’s hubris, but to also make Iran an international hero for developing and releasing this technology.

    No one replied to my comment.

    It’s been several years and I think Gordon has finally offered the comment I was waiting for. YES!

    Let’s hope and pray that Iran has actually accomplished this feat and that they can turn the tables on the oil cartel’s stranglehold on humanity. It’s way past time for a new shift in the way your world functions.

  10. “He doesn’t even accept Maxwell’s Equations!”

    According to Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army (Ret.) Tom Bearden, [check his bio, too many links to give here], Maxwell used quaternion math to explain his 20 equations. Heaviside and Gibbs changed Maxwell’s equations to 4 vector equations and, as a result, modern electrical engineering is based upon principles that have nothing to do with Maxwell’s discovery. They leave out the scalar electromagnetic component. Some people dispute that of course. However, you can read Bearden’s compelling argument here. In the late 40s the Russians discovered Heaviside and Gibbs’ switcheroo and developed their science in a different direction.

  11. @ Aziz Khalfan

    Sorry for the error. Yes I meant they do NOT need nuclear weapons.
    Mehran Keshe had warned that he will not let nations fight each other. He would disable the fighter planes and missiles in the skies. This is yet to be seen.

    All the huge warships are sitting ducks for the Iranian small boats as per this technology.
    US Aircraft Carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt had to flee Russian Submarines due to magrav technology from Mehran Keshe.

  12. The U.S. has always had the most advanced free energy systems and they have been using them in their secret space program for decades. It has allowed them to go to Mars and the Moon and build fantastic spaceports and bases. The only interests that threaten the U.S. are those (like Iran) who are developing their own energy programs and would like to go into space and have their people benefit from the new free energy technologies. This would pose a threat to those who in the U.S. who have deliberately prevented humanity from having any of the present free energy devices. Free energy technology and devices have been developed and perfected decades ago. The enemy is within the U.S. and it is doing everything it can to make the world believe that they have enemies out to destroy them. The U.S. does not need any advanced plasma technology as they have even more advanced and powerful energy systems. Anyone else developing their own free energy is a dangerous threat, especially if it can only be used for peaceful means and benefit the common man slaves of the world. The VT article is inane fear mongering and paranoia.

    • Have the Zionkees been on the moon? I don’t think so. Maybe you and Gordie hang out too much with this Katherine Frisk woman.

    • 100% correct, Alan about the technology. Even simpletons can see hydrogen powered cars (available for lease only from Toyota and other manufacturers) and generators- from water, E-Cat, waste to energy through numerous processes that solve the waste, raw materials and power issues. Complete water recycling technology, brine recycling, complete treatment for oily, frack water, etc. including complete recovery and recycling of all compounds within the processes exists. How about Thorium for nuclear power – just one more fun one that also cleans up toxic nuclear plants for you. All provable and reliable. It is only oil interests and those in “power” that hold this back because they would not make money on the basic needs of mankind without effort. That has been the main issue. They don’t like to work or like new things, and especially do not like balanced power, it is power only for them. All of the technology above I have access to. 14 years and a lot of effort has shown me that they just don’t want it for the simple folk. When the Iran deal happens- if it does- now that’s the cliff hanger here isn’t it or is it- none of them will matter. Oil floods the market, and there has to be another way to make money. Oil or new technology? Probably new technology. Anyone who says we are lost at that point, just does not keep up with what we really have on our fingertips, days and maybe weeks worth of testing yields commercialism. We win. All of US/us.

  13. Nature is always is full of surprises, if we listen closely the way forward is there. TOO bad our people are interested, or those that are can’t get the proper education any more. And savants cannot get traction within the main stream. It’s mainstream or no stream.

  14. Dear Gordon,

    Have you been to MT Keshe institue website to see the products they have. One of the products is CO2 capture kit to clean up CO2 you produce in order to solve global warming issue. You know capturing CO2 to prevent global warming was supported by Al Gore. Now, we call it climate change. It is common knowledge that Tall Whites have delivered alien advance technologies to Ike in 1940s. Then, we have genius like Wilheim von Brun, Elon Musk, Satya Nadella, and Gunder Pical to help US, who needs Keshe’s technology.

  15. I have been waiting for the article for some time. This is why the Ayatollah said that they do need nuclear weapons.

    The Kesh tech was used 5 times against U S. Twice by Iran to down the Drones. Once by French and twice by Russia.

  16. I believe that western intelligence’s definition of an “asset” has to allow itself to broaden before it is stop being treated as intelligent. These people have invented the chess game, which means that mastermind characteristics are part of their genome and nurturing. What is the definition of Western if it is not progressive, science-based culture? USA always makes poor choice of allies. And Saprophytes like the UK or Israel are not allies.

    • What makes me feel sorry for USA is that they always, as if there were no other choice, make choice “owning is being”. Until when will that rudimentary self-inflicted mental wound present an obstacle to such dream progressive country? Which was at least dreamed to become one day.

  17. Sorry Duff. I digressed from your story but your story fascinated me so now I will look up what you mentioned.

  18. Yes Aziz and when we run out of landfills where we dump all our waste we can design a controlled nuclear device which will turn all our garbage (plastics, everything) into powder and this powder molecule is not clear to me, but witness Hiroshima- so much turned to powder (yet something similar may have occurred to the world trade center buildings and the contents in them-that white powder seen on TV).

    • Whatever hit the World Trade Center turned the concrete to powder but left paper intact.
      I am not sure ordinary atomics do that.

  19. Very confusing to mere readers like me, but very interesting story.
    I care only about individuals and not parties (Democrats and Republicans). I watched Fox Republican debates and it was again clear who was in the pockets of the Israelis and American Zionists- must be a lot of money and favors given to Ted Cruz and others, and moderator Brett Baier made it clear that Israel’s interests were of paramount importance . We all know the majority of Dems and Republican office holders are Israeli firsters and that ‘Israel is our only friend in the Mideast’. We have been hearing that line of BS for how many years?
    It seems like Israel keeps pushing for war as do our Republicans thus a lot of Fox viewers- millions- believe what Fox says.
    Iran may be playing all sides and supplied Iraq with lots of munitions with which to kill Americans in Iraq but that does not mean we should make war. I am not an intel person so I can only state my simple opinion. I did see Iranian weapons in Iraq- such as certain MRAP buster grenades (forget the name), but so what.
    MOST people have no idea about how monstrous war is- the huge majority of Americans do not get it. War should always be a last resort- it is the most sickening thing- a nightmare. Doesn’t Baier get it; why won’t all these broadcasters get it (whether liberal or not liberal)?

  20. g, you left out the part where the Iranians captured one of our drones, held it captive for a while and then returned it. That was funny! This Keshe fellow has been around for a while, and his goal is to make his technology available to everyone on planet earth, at least that was his stated goal several years ago. In fact, you can download a copy of the USB flash drive right now, supposedly, here: http://open-source-energy.org/?topic=1809.0 and build your own time traveling space ship. I don’t mean to be sounding cynical, though I realize I do. It would be a huge national security concern for the US and many other nations, but Nikola Tesla must be smiling in his grave. We do indeed live in interesting times. Peace.

  21. “However, one must also note that hydrocarbon based energy systems become instantly worthless.”

    Oil will then become a molecular-structure bank, the kind where any desired molecule can be extracted from what nature has already synthesized for us. Food, plastics, medicine, and what we can not even imagine today will be derived from the gooey black stuff of life instead of using it solely for fuel while the molecular-rich resin consigned to building roads like crazy Romans.

    • Fact: Carbon is the most abundant solid in the universe and the main constituency of all known life-forms.

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