The Rise of Islamic Terrorism


Juhayman al-Qahtani

by  Sami Jamil Jadallah


Before there was a Mujahideen, Taliban, Alqaeda, ISIS, Daesh, Osama Bin Laden, Abu-Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Anwar al-Awlaki, supported and sponsored by many international actors, there was Juhayman al-Qahtani, the Saudi Cleric who laid siege to the Holy Mosque in Mecca on November 20, 1979.

Juhayman had several hundred followers who not only laid siege to the mosque holding worshipers hostage and after a short standoff began to shoot and execute worshipers. It took the Saudi government almost two weeks and the help of the Jordanian and French special units to end the siege and free the hostages and free the Holy Mosque.

Hundreds if not thousands died in this operation, which should have signaled to leadership in the Arab and Muslim world that a new dangerous and imminent ideology is taking hold in the Muslim World.

Not sure if any political or security officials and officers studied this rising phenomena but it is worth it to read “The Siege of Mecca” by Yaroslavl Trofimov, an excellent book that takes us deep into the ideology that gave us the likes of Juhayman and ISIS and the never ending suicide bombings of mosques.

With the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Reagan administration began to organize a counter invasion this time by Arab and Muslim recruits, working with media expert came up with the name “Mujahideen” as the name for the counter insurgency, giving “Islamic” legitimacy to these mercenaries.

Tens of thousands of Arabs and Muslims were recruited by the CIA with the help of Arab and Muslim governments, facilitating the recruitment, mostly of idle unemployed young people, supported by a network of “Imams” in mosques across the Arab world.

It is ironic that at a time when it took Arab citizen years to get a passport, with the help of the CIA, these recruits were issued passports in matter of days, a ticket and few hundred dollars and a trip to Peshawar.

Mosques from around the Arab world became the gathering points for these young recruits, Jihadist, ready to fight the “infidels” in the name of Islam.

Billions invested in setting up “madrasa” in Pakistan and Afghanistan not to educate, teach and graduate engineers, doctors, teachers, bakers, tailors but potential “mujahideen” fighters in the name of Islam, most of whom turn out to be terrorists in the name of Islam.

Let us not blame America or the Zionists for our own “domestic terrorists” but blame ourselves for failing to see the long and damaging impact such investment and ideology had on Arab and Muslim countries.

samiWhen these ‘terrorists” blew themselves up killing “infidels” we celebrated them as “martyrs” ready for Heaven, as if Heaven is a place for killers and murderers. Morality and the teaching of Quran of killing innocent people became irrelevant.

For the most part “imams” and so called “uluma” promoted the ideology of Jihad, fighting the Infidels that over time, the lines became very blurry between those outside Infidel and those from within.

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It will take generations to undo the irreparable harms done by the ideology of Jihad and the Mujahideens. The Arab and Muslim world will continue to pay a very heavy price for this reckless ideology.

The fact that a serious open and challenging debate is absent in all of this and the fact that the “religious” establishment intimidate open and healthy debate identifying those who disagree with this “Jihadist ideology” as ‘secularists infidels” does not help solving the problem.

Governments suffering from domestic terrorism must create the conditions where an open debate covering ideological, social and economic issues that feeds this “Jihadists ideology” is a must. A “security solution” alone without addressing all other issues such as religious values and teaching, social and economic conditions, unemployment, corruption and failing of government instruments and institutions to address citizens grievances will not do.

There is an urgent and much needed debate, a free debate that will start with the family (assuming the father is not traveling always on business or pleasure and the mother does not cede her role to domestic servants), in schools, in mosques, in universities, in social clubs to address this plague.

If this free debate poses a challenge to the “religious establishment” and its homogeneity on the value system, let be. Every one must take responsibility for what is happening now in the ever presence danger of domestic terrorism by our own home made “Jihadists”.



  1. This is the suicide of the Muslim jihad against the expansion of Islam, and the genocide of the Ummah Prophet who Ummah established global communion of planetary minds in Islam. So, unity – unity of the world of Islam as a whole and the essence of religious unity of the faithful. The deviation from the faith of the ummah is essentially transgression-sin Muslims. It is this sin caused the black water dive Islam. Unprecedented orthodoxy Mudjahedin – the Taliban – the Wahabi came out of the madrasa religious schools which have established the doctrine of jihad and education that threatens the Ummah of the Prophet. These new Madrasa Jihad support all Sunni monarchy and Turkey, therefore the Sunnis have spawned a ‘jihad’ against Islam in Islam. There is no doubt that the virulence-induced pathogenicity in madrassas and established pathogen call into being Islam, the pathogenicity of the disease caused by the body of Jihad Islam. Infection is a pathological psychopathy jihadists. Learning through the Madrasa Education psychopathology Jihad mentally crippled path faced by many countries of Islam from Algeria to India. The disease has affected a vast expanse and grown or in huge Moloch – Horror has become a factor of civilization and its nightmare. This nightmare legitimacy and call virulence-pathogenicity

  2. Kohitur… I may respect your opinion, but what I write is not garbage. the fact that I write about what domestic inspired terrorism and events leading to this massive scale of murder, crime mayhem and destruction of cities and countries and the thousands of dead and exiled does not make it “garbage”. The solution to what ails the Arab and Muslim world should not come from outside.. it must solved from within… Perhaps you do need to read more about the rise of the “Mujahideen” and see this movement was a partnership between the US and Arab countries…

    • “You are my brother and I love you, but don’t ever take sides against the family again.”
      Michael Corleone in “The Godfather”

      If any huge family anywhere is faced with a crisis, it does not go to the next door neighbor to find solutions. It keeps the family crisis, fight, illness, etc., inside the family and seeks a resolution from immediate and wider family members. The family dynamics can only be understood from the inside. If necessary, the family seeks redress or remedy through proper authorities, but the family must be onboard with a few basic goals in order to build support where it is needed. The next door neighbors might have the best intentions, but they still won’t grasp the problems.

      On the other hand, the next door neighbor might have less than honorable intentions, and recognize the family feud as an opportunity, and perhaps add to the chaos to their benefit. This is where the Moslems are now — not quite at the abyss but close enough. There is no good reason for Moslem/Western hostility at this point in time. It is manufactured by malevolent intruders have been secreted into the Islamic family in exchange for empty promises. They will all come to naught.

      Moslem concubines who torment their own kind in exchange for NWO trinkets have had their day in the sun and now it’s over. Now it is the turn of all decent Moslems to reclaim their heritage from traitors.

  3. [ Editor’s note: Dear All, VT expects people to disagree, but discourages personal attack verbiage or name-calling directed at its writers. If it continues, the commenter will be blocked and the account deleted. This comment has been edited. ]

    VT has vast materiel that suggest quite the opposite than what Jewdallah has written.

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