The Debate: US Nuke Scars with Jim W. Dean

Here is a 1950's era mini-nule that Jim Wash of MIT thinks they don't even exist today!! You just can't make this stuff up.
Here is a 1950's era mini-nule that Jim Wash of MIT thinks they don't even exist today!! You just can't make this stuff up.
Here is a 1950’s era mini-nuke that Jim Wash of MIT thinks they don’t even exist today!! You just can’t make this stuff up.

…by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … with  Press TV, Tehran


It is always a pleasure to get historical anniversary shows, as they have shelf life, which all of us in this business hope to be able to have for some of our work when we move on to the next journey.

But this annual Japanese pity-parade for the two first nuclear bomb strikes was really cranked up this year as part of their smokescreen for remilitarizing, and having learned from the Israelis I guess, how to play the victim when you were the aggressor.

Japan’s legacy of brutality is unmatched in WWII. It made the Germans look like cub scouts. The rape and slaughter of China’s Nanking city — 100,000 people — was spun even in Japan’s graduate level history courses as an example of Western racism, using what they called the Nanking smear story as an example of how “yellow racism” still survived. Japan lies about Nanking to this day, but there are still witnesses alive in China to contradict it.

There is another little problem with Japan’s whitewash story. Japanese soldiers took tons of photos of the atrocities they committed, viewing them like sports awards of some kind. They took their film into Chinese photo stores to be developed — the shocked and terrified employees had the presence of mind to make extra copies to smuggle out of the country.

I can still remember browsing through a paperback book on it one day at a friends house, and I had no idea that such photos could be commercially published. It remains, to this day, the most disturbing imagery I have ever seen. The head chopping contests shots of endless Chinese soldier executions just numb you out after a while. The Japanese even stacked them on photographic piles. If you are of a mind, you can google “Rape of Nanking”, but it is not for the squeamish.

But what they did to the women and children, especially in the hospitals, showed that they had a perverse macho problem with their bayonets. Because Japan became a US ally in the Cold War, mainstream Corporate media never branded Japan with their worst atrocities. After the war crimes trials, the coverage on it ceased.

Still classified to this day is that Japan’s WWII nuclear program was a month away from their first usable bomb. The bombs were to be delivered on special long-range submarines to detonate in US harbor cities. 

Japan will never have the right to present itself as a victim. Never.
Japan will never have the right to present itself as a victim. Never.

When the Russians declared war on Japan at the end of WWII, the Russians overran Japan’s four nuclear reprocessing plants in Korea, where Japanese technology was far advanced from what the US had, and done at a fraction of the cost. Stalin got it all.

Today Japan is one of the largest nuclear proliferators, having been making plutonium for a long time — enough for thousands of weapons. We know exactly where it is stored, and so do a number of Western countries, and of course the IAEA, also. Japan only has a few hundred weapons, which they keep “disassembled”.

We have written about his on VT, but not had an opportunity to put it out on a program like The Debate show on a Nagasaki anniversary date. But Japan was so aggressive with their whitewashing their own crimes… and worse, playing the victim, it was time to take the gloves off.

Jim Walsh seems like a nice man, but suffers from what we call in the Intel biz the “academic disease”… and that is “if I don’t know it, it does’t exist”. I had mentioned mini-nukes on a show with him a month ago, and he did not respond. But he jumped off a cliff on this one by challenging me that it was total conspiracy theory hype… that there was no such thing, as he had IAEA friends, and he would know if they existed.

Mr. Walsh does not seem to be a VT reader, nor did he bother to visit our website after the last show to learn a bit about us. So I responded with my usual comeback which always works. Goggle “Davy Crockett nuclear weapons”, and he would find all the images of these 1950’s era weapons his heart could desire, many of them shots of museum displays.

I have two demonstration videos at the end of the article, the second with President Kennedy attending a live fire exercise. These are from our top secret source… YouTube! I would like to thank Press TV for the opportunity to be on this show. It was a pleasure.


– First aired on  …  August 09,  2015  –

In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, the managing editor at Veterans Today from Atlanta, and Jim Walsh, with MIT University’s Security Studies Program from Boston, to discuss the nuclear bombings of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the World War II.


Now we  move on to some videos (old ones) of mini-nukes that Mr. Walsh of MIT says do not exist. The only thing that upset me about his position is that he is actually paid money for the work that he does. This is the best one, because it is short and sweet.

Here is one where President Kennedy and his advisory team attended and had front row seats. The lead in is a bit boring, so you can skip ahead to the video part.


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  1. RE: the idea that no one has ever had “small” nuclear weapons, I’m dumbfounded. In 1975, I encountered my first set of ADM targets. I was driving down HW 13 between Wurzburg and Ansbach where the road doglegged up a plateau. Along the climb we hit four manhole covered pits. Tactically, the plan was probably to either fill the pits with conventional explosives or have an ADM team blow one sub-kiloton round blocking the only high speed access south in that area and probably screwing up a number of perfectly decent vineyards. As for Davy Crockett, the joke was that you fired the thing from the jeep with the engine running and everybody on board, firing and then popping the clutch and taking off as fast as it could go. Or, “effective range, 1500 meters; effective kill radius, 5 miles.”

  2. Mr Walsh, Whenever I hear an Academic using the “conspiracy theory” talking point defense on a topic they obviously haven’t researched, I have to back up and take a hard look at that and ask why .
    That phrase is now only bruising the user.

  3. Your point about no legal forum is a good one, but leads to another big one. And that is everyone is avoiding a discussion that our form of government is outmded, not working, and a threat to our national security. And that is when Congress is penetrated, and the Whitehouse who runs the Justice Dept, then “they” have their prosecution risks down to zero. So the Jim Dean plant calls for a 4th branch of government to handle all investigations of the the others, that is fundes with a percentage of the budget so a subverted Congress cannot strangle it, and likewise with obstruction of justice via the Justice Dept. Such a branch would have its own independent police force, own courts, and own prison system, completely insulated from the other branche. Sure, it would require a Consitutional amendment, a long proces, but I can think of nothing else get and keep the “problem” in the public eye. “They” would fight it tooth and nail, which would expose them more. And there would be no statute of limitation for treason or espionage, and the penalty needs to be the max, including a new classification for financial terrorism that carries the death penalty, mega mortgage fraud, derivatives, conspiracy to change laws to make an illegal activity, technically legal, etc.

  4. Remember J.P. Morgan screwing us out of free energy, what has that cost us (in all areas combined) along with wars for limited resources.

    Einstein, sent us off in the wrong direction, set-us back generations.

    Both were charter members of the “dreadful few” Clique.

  5. My understanding is that MIT is a defense intelligence hub tied into MIC, so whatever they reveal must have been screened.

    Not sure but MIT is NOT doing much in the area of Plasma, as in real science aka Tesla, Keshe. I’ve watched many Keshe classes on line. I think he’s up to about 75 such classes, free to anyone that wants to learn rather than just get a degree.

    Pity those MIT Grads who’ve spent a fortune on faulty education, led down the wrong path. Can they get a refund?

    I think Keshe has been working on using his technology to reverse Fukushima.

    • Right, that is why I mentioned that they are easily controlled. All you have to do is hank their grant support chain a bit and they will obey. They get their money to support a particular line and are not allowed to wander off the plantation.

  6. And so you see it first hand – it’s not that those of us who have followed carefully what actual “data” we may find regarding 9/11 disagree with the VT position as to the cause, but most of us never heard of such weapons and therefore tend at least to doubt. I have no doubt you are correct by the way. Meanwhile, until there actually exists a court to prosecute, the relative detail as to which weapons were used is moot.

  7. JFK Jr’s murder is part of the 9/11 saga, IMO. Plans for 9/11 were well developed by July 16, 1999. John Jr was about to go into politics in New York, and he was in the way, one of many who were in the way.

  8. “mini nukes dont exist” sounds like dont ask dont tell about 911 to me..
    VT explained it best, gutted from bottom up with vertical then blown up top down with a series of mini neutron type, not ruling out use of some thermite to help de-structure.
    I’m no scientist but shape controlled mini nukes sure dont seem an impossibility to me, even for a neutron bomb type where most of the radiation is gone in a week.

    about Japan, something that used to be taught but now kept quiet? Japan was China’s exile colony for criminals, for centuries, much like Australia was used.. possible there is a criminal DNA more prevalent as with khazar’s? sure the question touches on things regarding eugenics and racism, there is a canine species with some breeds more aggressive than others being the truth. before slinging words like “racist” for this, have you EVER felt apprehensive or nervous about a meeting a doberman pincer who is not familiar with you at all? does this have to mean you’re some kind of racist? Japan has a long history of dishonored-exiled, WARlords, ninja’s and honor codes, beauty and ruthlessness.. same for the rest of any of this worlds “human cultures”, it’s a M.A.D. world..

  9. Very good show . . . Mr. Walsh is a disgusting clown and actor. University’s Security Studies Program? . . . Rather University’s Trickery and Deceit Program.

  10. Yes, Japan worked with Germany on their H-bomb, and they were VERY close to using it. It’s also true that Japan was about 1 month away from launching their biological weapons on the west coast of the US. I am guessing that the 2 types of weapons attacks were going to be synchronized. If done right, the heat from the nukes could have lifted bio agents into the atmosphere, so they would go farther. Saddam Hussein used the same little trick during the Persian Gulf War, when he set fire to 700 Kuwaiti oil wells.

  11. Jim, I checked out the 2nd Davy Crockett video. Video says President Kennedy was NOT there, but was represented by his closest advisors. I believe one of them is Bobby Kennedy, sure looks just like him.

    • Speaking of Kennedys… Wikipedia is working VERY hard to have us forget JFK Jr. ever existed. Why? It’s because he was murdered too, July 16, 1999, on the 54th anniversary of the Trinity bomb test. But someone wants us to forget him. So try looking him up in Wikipedia. Try JFK disambiguation (he’s not listed at all). But the real dead giveaway is when you look up John Kennedy disambiguation. He is not listed AT ALL under Writers, Artists, and Entertainment personalities, even though he was definitely a writer and editor, as well as the “sexiest man alive”, and he was definitely going into politics in 1999. He is listed under the heading of Others, and he is way down on that list. Photos of him kept the tabloids alive all his life, and now he is “other”?

      There are at least 2 of the current Presidential candidates who know EXACTLY what happened to JFK Jr. Both of them should be hammered mercilessly, as I believe he is their real Achilles heel.

      I can never forget JFK Jr’s murder, for 2 reasons. 1, it happened on my wedding anniversary, which had been a very good day until then. 2, after my very good day, I went to bed that night and had a nightmare. I was swimming all alone in the ocean, swimming in circles, repeatedly calling, “John! John!” and then diving into the water, looking for John. When I woke up shaking, I asked myself, “Who is John?” Then I turned on the news, and I knew he had been murdered, the same way I knew right away that Diana had been murdered.

  12. The worst thing about the Japs in WWII? They attacked the US ( what Roosevelt/Adm. McCollum manipulated them into doing ) instead of attacking the Soviets while the Germans were attacking from the West. Yes,I pity modern Japan though. Given the fact that Israeli Subs dropped nukes in the ocean shelf off the coast of Japan 3-11-11 as cover for sabotaging Japan’s Fukushima site with the Stuxnet virus and mini-nukes in those doorway sized owl-eye “cameras” ( installed by Magma BSP-Israelis ). Doubt it? Reactor 4 was de-commissioned and blew away in a mushroom cloud. covered this well.

    • I’ve heard that, a lot more thought went into this, than dropping NUKES in the Pacific undersea caverns, so placement to start a tsunami was involved, they had precise holes drilled with careful placement. A lot of work went into this, some pre-mediated some post meditated. Add this to the equation of “Israels” character and personality.

      Evil intentions are all we have left, for power and control of everything. Support of their banking system is critical to them.

    • Alti, I was not on camera when he said it but I had to hold my composure I was so surprised. We always Google other guest we are one shows with to keep track of how many are AIPAC shills, which for the talking heads is always in their backgrounds as they have had “the grooming”. You just have to know what to look for. Becaue nobody ever really “outs” them, they don’t go to a lot of trouble to hide their trail.

  13. A family friend had been a prisoner in a Japanese camp and he used to quote from a survivors’ poem:-


  14. You are totally correct in pointing out the atrocities Japan committed during the WWII. I remember when I was in grad school, folks put up a big poster commemorating the victims of A-bombs. It was 70s when Japan rules the US markets in autos, TV, and electronics.

    People have very short memory, and media propaganda functions as mind control. Korea was a big victim of all conflicts. There were tens of thousand comfort women used as sex slave. Nobody knows what was done to the koreans during hundred of year of occupation by Japan.

    I read the post by VT that thousand of plutonium fuel rods stored at Fukushima were for quick fit into a-bombs. It is hard to imagine the purpose of re-arming. To kill more of other race and get killed.

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