Was China Nuked Today by Rothschilds-Khazars-US?



By Rand Clifford for Veterans Today

China was recently, officially and publicly kicked in the face by the International Monetary Fund (IMF—Israel/America).

Sorry China, you will not be allowed into THE CLUB. Maybe next year….

The inimitable Bill Holter deftly sets the scene in this interview with Greg Hunter of USAwatchdog.com

Essentially, we hit China on their way down. Official and public humiliation of a proud and POWERFUL people; we can only hope they are not as crude as the US when it comes to retaliation. They have us by the…not balls, those were rehypothecated away years ago, same as our gold.

They have us by the throat, by the dollar, and they have all “our” gold. They could easily crash the whole Western Vampire. But the Chinese are smart. As long as they can drain gold from Bankula at prices below the cost of production…they will simply smile, politely.

Can you imagine the US being…polite?

Famous realization: “The only gold in Ft. Knox is in the teeth of the guards.”

Popular snicker among Ft. Knox guards exchanging shifts: “How’s the gold today?”

Well, today, after China devalued their Yuan twice in two days, blowing up trillions of dollars of derivatives tied to currency foreign exchange (FOREX), setting the West’s “too big to fail” banks gushing blood, the West retaliated. Nuclear option?

Please see these latest videos of the how the Khazars behave if you make them bleed:

The stench of WWIII is getting stronger.

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  1. Anyone, anywhere in the World, should be able to detect the stench of Israeli Khazars (and their servile minions) emanating from that crater.

  2. Ooops, didnt know the new center of world finance is located in the Yujiapu Financial District of the Chinese city of Tianjin.

  3. Reaching here, just my opinion but it didn’t take long to attach economic events to this most likely accident. The blast was far to big for a tactical nuke and there was nothing to suggest anything other than some sort massive ground based explosion.

    Go back to the Gas blast in that Indy suburb 2-3 years ago, look at those pics……..Jim Stone called it a Black Helo thing….lol…..haven’t read any of his stuff since.

    Love coming here to read but the last few pieces smell of agenda based propaganda….borderline ridiculous, close to an insult toward the reader. JMHO


  4. Our criminally insane degenerate leaders know a thing or two about vaporizing cities. This is a 1945 article that calmly describes the nuclear obliteration of an entire city.


    Notice the detached tone as it documents the plane’s approach to a vibrant and unsuspecting target city, and the complete emotional detachment from having committed mass murder as the mushroom cloud is described during the getaway. Worse, note how the writer is fascinated with the visual aftermath of detonation.

    The only difference between street level serial killers and governmental ones is that the government ones get bigger weapons and a corner office.

  5. Strange but there are many videos of explosions and such that suggest they were pre-positioned in anticipation of the incident. If you watch TV news keep on the look-out for the chances of this being the case.

    Recently there was news of Security Personnel in Turkey firing at some ‘trees’ where one of the shooters didnt even take due care for his safety while the camera-man was right behind him. Now in real situation where solids bullets are flying about people are known to take cover instead of exposing themselves directly in the line of fire.
    The moral being most of these are just play-acts maybe to fill newspaper columns.

  6. What to look for to confirm a nuke explosion:

    From the video, as has been pointed out in one FT article, white scintillating dots as the CCD elements go into over-exposure.

    From site, any photo studio with fresh film rolls. Rolls will be over-exposed and will retain the hard copy evidence.

  7. Thanks to pathetic executives, these types of explosions are all too common in the chemical industry. We just had a very nasty similar explosion at the Zodiac Aerospace factory in Washington state in July. It looks like the Chinese are about as irresponsible with these chemicals as the USA is. Given what we know about the chemical industry it looks like they can readily cause terrible suffering with any involvement at all from the Rothschilds/Khazars/US crew.

    We use way too many chemicals and all need to work to close a lot of these places down.

  8. I’m interested in what Jeff has to say about this as well as Ian’s analysis of the footage. Usually you can see a bright column of energy that runs up the cloud after the explosion and that was hard to make out through the glass.
    Let’s hope there was no nuke.

    • I have seen 2 video clips of this and yes, it is one hell of a big bang. I looked for scintillation and couldn’t see any but it can be very hard to see on videos that have been heavily compressed by websites. I looked at 2 clips of liveleak and the same 2 clips on youtube and the liveleak ones seem a little less compressed. However, more videos or better quality copies may surface yet so I’m on the fence.

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