China’s New Colossal Missile Launcher Revealed



China has constructed a new mobile missile launcher possibly intended to carry its new anti-ship missile.

Earlier this month pictures of a new Transporter Erector Launch (TEL) vehicle was seen driving on the streets of China.

As Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer suggest on their Eastern Arsenal blog, “This new TEL vehicle is similar to the all-terrain 8X8 TEL for the CJ-10 land attack cruise missile (LACM), but it’s much, much bigger. It appears to share a similar powertrain to the CJ-10 TEL and has the same width, but it’s much longer; it has 6 axles with 12 all-terrain wheels. There’s an extended section above the first and second axles, which would likely hold additional personnel and equipment for missile launch and flight corrections.”

The authors also mention that the new TEL vehicle has a satellite communications dome, suggesting that it takes higher bandwidth for datalinks needed to operate a more sophisticated missile.

Lin and Singer speculate that the TEL is built to carry China’s new YJ-18 anti-ship missile, which is based off the Russian Klub anti-ship missile. “Given that the longest Klub missiles are about 9 meters in length (including booster), the new TEL could be for the YJ-18 anti-ship missile,” they write.

If the TEL is planned to carry the YJ-18 ASCM, it would be a significant development for the US Navy, National Interest writes.The Pentagon estimates “the range of YJ-18 at 290 nautical miles—more than double that of its likely progenitor, the Russian SS-N-27 Klub ASCM (export version).  If correct, moreover, this new range will, in the near term, more or less quadruple the range of the standard ASCM fired from most PLA Navy submarines.”

Chinese-language press mentioned that the YJ-18 advances upon the Klub missile in the areas of “digitization, automation, as well as providing more intelligent flight control and navigation technology.”

The mobility of the TELs would make it easier for China to cover its YJ-18s from the US military or any other adversary in the event of a conflict. Placing them on Hainan Island or another southern location may allow China to implement an anti-access/area-denial strategy against the United States.

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  1. For me, the greatest missile launcher is the fact that from 2016 onwards, chinese politicians will have to swear loyalty to the constitution and to the people of China, including the current leader Xi Jinping. Also noteworthy is the fact, that nowhere in the swear is any communist party mentioned at all, but therefore you find the committment for the development of democracy.

    Isn’t that a fundamental missile? The old men are quite busy to shoot their old missiles, like the staged stock market crah (more than 3 trillion lost) – thanks to Jiang Zemin, G & S, S-M. Xi set Jiang Zemin and his sons under “house arrest” already, because suspicions are very high that the Tianjin explosions where a staged terror attac of the old men and his corrupt circles (see for instance epoch times).

    The next missiles might follow soon, because these chinese oligarchs will fight tooth and nail for their massive durty money they ammassed over the last years.

    Even the missing malaysian flight might have something to do with this, we’ll see, because many chinese people suspect this to be true.

  2. I can easily imagine a ‘closed door” briefing by “military experts” to the toadies in Congress on this “new secret weapon”. The Congress kritters will do their duty to their owners and promote spending to “defend” against this weapon.

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