Leaked Wikipedia communications says CYBERPOL is of no importance


MyScreenHunterWorld News :  Breaking News:  AP.   In a leaked Wikipedia communications between Wikipedia and the CYBERPOL team, Wikipedia deleted the CYBERPOL page as they considered it as of no importance. According to the official leaked copy of the communication, the Wikipedia anonymous writer named “smattering” dared the President of CYBERPOL to go to the media after CYBERPOL requested Wikipedia’s kind assistance in the recreation of a CYBERPOL page on Wikipedia.

When a certain anonymous writer named “smattering” was asked by the President of the ECIPS when quoted

“With other words A7 ( No indication of importance (individuals, animals, organizations, web content, events) is the reason for deleting the CYBERPOL Wikipedia page ? “

questioned Mr. anonymous of Wikipedia, the notorious “smattering” and if he could use this answer during the prescheduled press conference with BBC, the Anonymous Mr. “smattering” arrogantly simply answered the President of CYBERPOL with time stamp [15:11]   <samtarling> please do 🙂 with a smiley ?

Further communication by Mr. anonymous named “smattering ” to his colleague states who commented on the same communications said “that its Bad troll is bad ” while Mr. smattering simply answered “I knowwww, I feel bad for leading him on a little.. o.O ”

Its remains a question of ethics and why did they mislead the communication with CYBERPOL in the first place. Did they perhaps thunk they are playing with a harmless fly ??

CYBERPOL, The International Cyber Policing Organization established by Statutory Royal Decree on the 2 July 2015 is the worlds principle Cyber Policing Agency. Established in office by Statutory Royal Decree No WL22/16.595 on the 2nd of July 2015 in terms of the Act of 27 June on the International Organizations A.I.S.B.L. and foundations, articles 46 and 50, 1, respectively modified by article 282 and 284 of the program act of 2007 December 2004 in conformity of the purpose with article 46 of the aforementioned law approved by King Philippe of Belgium and the by recommendation of the Minister of Justice under Article 2 of the order, the Minister of Justice in assigned, is responsible for the execution of the Statutory Royal Decree No WL22/16.595. The CYBERPOL Head Quarters is to be seated in Antwerp Belgium as from 2015.

Either way, WikiPedia staff made a huge error to let inexperience authors dictate their organization whilst stressing relationships with CYBERPOL, after all, Wikipedia needs CYBERPOL not the other way around. Some cyber experts calls this bad for Wikipedia’s Reputation and its seems that Mr “samtarling” is living up to his name branded by his won reputation and actions.

A “Big Reputation Blow” for the founders Jimmy Wales & Larry Sanger of WIkipedia indeed that  could have long lasting after effects for Wikipedia.

The official CYBERPOL websites are: www.cyberpol.info

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  1. Not quite true Jonatan Svensson Glad. The official copy is In the public domain and its clear they presented Wikipedia as their own quotes say. It could be very embarrassing for Wikipedia. Anyway, the law says that when your websites “”help'” page is in your domain name, the people voluntary or not present the organization who is provided access and deals with assistance to customers,paid or not. The law in Europe is particular strong on this issue and Wikipedia could have stepped into a legal problem with the consumers law with the EU in future.

    Advocate Greece.

  2. Anger of Wikipedia administrators re CYPERPOL, ECIPS, & ECIPS director Baron Ricardo Baretzky, is directly tied to exposure of crimes of Wikipedia & its ‘founder’, ex-pornographer Jimmy ‘Jimbo’ Wales, in EU prosecutor & police files, & at EU Commission in Brussels.

    Wikiipedia was identified & proven as giving ‘fake name’ cover for those in child violation, extortion, terrorism & financial fraud against EU citizens … As Wikipedia’s monopolistic web dominance was heavily supported by Google Inc, Wiki crimes were a major factor in recent EU Commission actions against Google monopoly in Europe.

    An ex-pornographer like his partner, Rothschild employee Glenn Greenwald, ultra-Zionist Jimbo Wales is documented as invitee to intimate birthday parties of recent Israeli President Shimon Peres. Here’s an EU police file on Wikipedia in English, first written for Finland but now also in hands of Belgian, French, German & UK prosecutors:

    • A very Stupid move from WikiPedia’s side if you ask me. What they forget is that Baretzky is an ex -Counter Intelligence officer with an impeccable record and with all honesty, and quite frankly said “screw” Wikipedia badly if he wants ! I don’t think they know what they got themselves into. Did you know he is the head of the NWO ?? Why do you think he is the President of several organizations? Good time Wikipedia learns a lesson. Good Luck to all the Wiki’s .You just started the real Cyber war Coming. A fight they cant win.

  3. Bad for Wikipedia. It seems Mr samtarling has been Branded !! If he was working for me he would be fired immediately. Shame on you !


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