UFO Footage Passes Analysis


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The video above was released by a whistle blower at the Department of Homeland Security.

It was shot from a DHC 8 Turboprop aircraft on April 25, 2013 over Puerto Rico.

Senior Editor , VT
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  1. @ winch

    “…The object was between three to five feet in length” and crewed by Lilliputians!

  2. Keep your shirt on mate. UFO’s are just that, an un identified flying object and not necessary an Alien. Passes analysis just means it’s was something flying and not faked.

  3. In nature, it is normal for security to be the gateway between two intelligent species. It is also obvious that our military is not our gateway. They do not represent the spiritual elders of our world. Therefore, it is reasonable to say, any contact between military and intelligent ET would be highly unlikely. Any military is simply the physical protector and not necessarily speaking or acting on behalf of the species. This would of course be obvious. In spiritual matters, people also have protectors. There are many different types of contact and many people have their own unique gifts or talents. Physical ability is not counted highly. When it is time, the proof will not come from military. Serious things do not involve deceptive practices or aggression. Like history, much has been distorted, little is known. The militaries of our world are not even remotely acting in accordance with universal natural protocols.

    • perceptive….and with all the capability to destroy our Earth several times over they lack the basic communication necessary

  4. Whenever Gordon posts a story with one or two sentences, It’ most likely a spoof. Slow news day and all that;}

  5. Now we need to find out who is the manufacturer:

    The Germans?
    The Americans?
    The Brits?
    The Russians?
    The Iranians?
    The Chinese?
    The French?


  6. Interesting footage.More info at: http://www.ufosonearth.com/leaked-ufo-recorded-by-us-department-of-homeland-security/ According to this site, the video was analyzed by the research group called Scientific Coalition for Ufology (SCU). This fact alone should raise some eyebrows, not to mention the video was released by a purported DHS whistle blower. And yes KSP, in answer to your first question “The object was between three to five feet in length and its speed varied between approximately 40 mph to 120 mph. Its median speed was roughly 80 mph.” Second question, “Apparently submerged into the ocean for over half a mile and flew back out.”
    My guess is that it is a cover story for the latest generation of drone.

    • The report is flawed. Page 49 first paragraph Explaining the reasons for dismissing a drone gives four reasons….. “The first; the authors’ question that an advanced drone
      would be tested at night over civilian areas where there is possible exposure of advanced
      technology and the risk of loss of the drone when the same testing could be safely achieved
      over a military operating area. ” There is an assumption that if ours, it could only be on a Testing Flight.
      Sloppy work. The first reason is assumptive. If it is accepted that we have holographic tech, then that could be an area of concern for the splitting apart. The report is highly tainted.

  7. Seems small.
    It appears to drop in and out of the breakers along the beach. Has any one verified it is actually doing that?

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