Is Harper’s Hate Speech Contaminating Canada?


Canada’s B’nai Brith Moves to Outlaw Free Speech and Academic Freedom 

As Dr. Kevin Barrett has reported, our recent book tour of Western Canada culminated in an attempt by the B’nai Brith to shut down our event on Aug. 16 at the Rossdale Community League Hall in Edmonton Alberta. Due in large measure to the principled fortitude of the community hall’s manager, Richard Awid, the event did take place.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 4.27.02 PMThe first half of the proceedings were monitored by two officers of the Edmonton Police Service’s Hate Crime Unit. The police officers may have been instructed to intervene in this way by officials of the B’nai Brith, the oldest “Jewish services” organization in North America.

The Canadian branch of the B’nai Brith is deeply intertwined with the federal government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper whose current bid for re-election is arguably based on a steady and unrelenting stream of hate speech.

The Stephen Harper neocons are presently seeking a second majority mandate from the Canadian electorate by presenting themselves as the leaders of a anti-Muslim jihad campaign involving the Canadian Armed Forces, Canada’s heavily politicized police forces, together with the media empire of the New York-based Golden Tree Hedge Fund.

Paul Godfrey is the chief intermediary linking the Golden Tree investor group with the Zionist-dominated  Postmedia and Sun News outlets that dominate key facets of mass communications in Canada. The Postmedia newspaper chain was given its current extreme form of pro-Israel spin by former media mogul Conrad Black who initially hired Jonathan Kay.

Kay has authored a classic hate-speech diatribe including a calculated smear job directed at Dr. Barrett. Entitled Among The Truthers: A Journey into the Growing Conspiracist Underground of 9/11 Truthers, Birthers, Armageddonites, Vaccine Hysterics and Internet Addicts, Kay’s book was published by Rupert Murdoch’s media network.

Kay’s disinfo text received backing from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, a pro-Israel, anti-Iranian lobby group whose key membership is derived from the now notorious neocon think tank, the Project for the New American Century.

Stoking the Flames of Anti-Muslim Hatred Through Unsubstantiated Smear and Disinformation

I spoke to Richard Awid, the manager of the Rossdale Community League Hall close to the banks of the North Saskatchewan River in the

Another Brick in the Wall
Another Brick in the Wall

capital of the oil-rich province of Alberta, now known widely as Texas North as well as Stephen Harper’s primary political base. In our conversation Mr. Awid explained to me that he is a Muslim whose Muslim ancestors arrived in Canada in 1901.

Mr. Awid was somewhat dumbfounded that a small event at his community hall, “one of 100 such venues in Edmonton,” would elicit such an intense response from a very powerful organization in Toronto. He played back to me on his answering machine a recorded message he received at about 9 am on August 12 from Amanda Hohmann. Ms. Hohmann explained that she had received “a few complaints” about “Mr.” Kevin Barrett on the B’nai Brith’s “anti-hate hotline.” (1-416-633-6224; 1-800-892-2624)

Ms. Hohmann asserted that

“Mr. Barrett is a known anti-semite conspiracy theorist, a Holocaust Denier, and 9/11 Denier and all sorts of other things.”

Ms. Hohmann made no effort whatsoever to give background proof of her allegations or to identify the sources of the supposed “complaints.” Nevertheless she proposed to Mr. Awid that he should “cancel the event  and let Mr. Barrett know he is not welcome in Edmonton.”

Perhaps Ms. Hohman and her B’nai Brith colleagues have simply taken at face value the disinformation on Dr. Barrett published by Jonathan Kay in Among The Truthers. Apparently the B’nai Brith like Mr. Kay, Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 1.07.59 PMone of the ghost writers of Justin Trudeau’s recent autobiography, felt it unnecessary to address the evidence of what did or did not happen on 9/11 before smearing those that have questioned various aspects of the now-thoroughly-discredited official cover story.

Those that have taken the time to investigate the available evidence could rightfully conclude that the likes of Kay, Hohmann or the very unskeptical propagandist Michael Shermer, are the ones that best deserve deserve of the label, “9/11 Deniers.”

On the Genesis and Current Character of Mr. Netanyahu’s Global War on Terror

Mr. Awid explained how he felt compelled by the B’nai Brith’s alarming message to do due diligence in order investigate Ms. Hohmann’s unsupported allegations. He outlined for me how he did his own Internet research and contacted the Edmonton Police Service.

In discussing his own investigations Mr. Awid made it very clear that Stephen Harper and his Defense Minister, Jason Kenney, seem to be conducting their own hate speech campaign directed against Muslims as part of their electioneering.

Mr. Awid referred to the “ignorance” of top Conservative Party of Canada officials and their blanket targeting of Muslims generically as the “enemy” or as potential enemies. The inflaming and political exploitation of Islamophobia by the Canadian government’s reigning cabal is without a doubt wreaking havoc with the relative civil harmony that once characterized Canada before the election-fraud racketeers took charge in Ottawa.

Mr. Awid might have added that, by some calculations, about 4,000,000 Muslims have died so far from the so-called Global War on Terror, a psy op fuelled by a toxic brew of hate speech disinformation.

Mr. Awid referred to the Tervor Aaronson’s The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terror. That volume demonstrates that the FBI has played a major role in manufacturing and facilitating the very terrorism it claims to have pre-empted or solved. The manipulation of unstable individuals to provide the manufactured imagery of Islamic terrorism is the federal police force’s classic modus operandi.

As I have explained at length in an earlier article in Veterans Today, this type of manipulation by undercover agents in Canada (including the FBI?) probably formed the backstory to the shooting incident in Ottawa on Parliament Hill on October 22, 2014. This event was used to justify Bill C-51, now the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2015, which Rocco Galati and others have observed replicates much of the legislation supporting the the fascist governments in Germany and Italy in the 1930s.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 3.53.03 PM

As I wrote in “Witch Hunt on Terrorism,” my own article in We Are Not Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11, the Ottawa Shooting event of 10/22, (Oct. 22, 2014) initiated a series of apparent false flag events extending to Sydney Australia and then Paris France and then Copenhagen in Denmark.

The circulation of disinformation concerning such events to whip up anti-Muslim hysteria is itself hate speech of the most malicious kind giving sustenance to a kind of contemporary war against Islam whose major conceptual outlines can be traced back to the Jerusalem conference organized by Benjamin Netanyahu in 1979.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 1.21.46 AM



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  1. Dear Anthony, I did not notice what you ask but the Monk Center is just there to take the once good reputation of U of T and use that reputation to promote Israel and to bring U of T under the Zionist thumb. It uses U of T to legitimize and sanitize the behavior of organizations like the IDF, the Infanticide defence force.

  2. these “anti-Christ-anic’s” (luciferians!) are some of the worst racist haters on the planet and DO need to be dealt with. screaming “anti-semite” about anyone exposing their criminality is NOT a valid argument or defense at all, especially when they are NOT semitic at all. IMHO anyone making such racist accusation should be DNA blood tested immediately. if found to be un-semitic, arrest jail and asset strip for: fraud, hate speech, and attempted harm.

    a local guy I know gets accused of all kinds of junk and the police are always harassing him to never find ANY wrongdoing. the police NEVER turn around and arrest the people who bore false witness against the guy, so the BS never stops because the police always protect the criminals!

    • Hi captain, do you mean the criminals or the government ? There is a difference between them. One get prosecuted the other not really.

  3. Have you noticed Ted Gorsline that the flunkies at the University of Toronto’s Munk School are hosting the federal leaders debate on Foreign policy this coming Sept. 28.

  4. Hi DaveE. You’ll notice that Kevin continues with me to blog at VT. Check out Kevin’s earlier article on the same story I investigate here. I still have not heard back from B’Nai Brith Canada. I have a call into the CEO, Michael Mostyn, 1-416-633-6224.

  5. Johnathan Kay is a hack’s hack. He has never broken a story worth reading in his entire career. He is terrified of Dr Alan Sabrosky and devoted years trying to vilify Sabrosky. Sabrokswy’s work still stands like a stainless steel monolith shining in the sun. Kay’s work was delegated to the gabage bin of Canadian journalism decades ago. But like John Baird and Steven Harper after the next election, Kay ought to be able to get himself a cushy job at the Monk Center at the University of Toronto a refuse collecting bin for Zionist shills.

  6. excellent works mr.anthony hall…..zazuma…..namaste…..the provincial election in alberta recently that unseated the rightwing long ruling party is a good sign peoples are waking up here in the north… we are at the crossroad now on earth by the looks and sounds and feels of it…..

  7. Don’t worry. I know many Canadians in Alberta who used to support Mr. Harper, but now that he has shown his nasty “un-Canadian” colors, these many Albertans no longer support him. October is going to be interesting.

  8. Ms. Hohmann should be reminded that semitic people live throughout Africa and theme and does not refer to those arriving after 1947 in an occupied land.

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