MSM covers Charlie Hebdo conspiracy talk

The Jasper Local, uncowed by B'nai Brith censorship, gave positive coverage to my book talk last Friday
The Jasper Local, uncowed by B’nai Brith censorship, gave positive coverage to my book talk last Friday

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

As I wrote in my recent article “Canadian police target conspiracy theorists,” the B’nai Brith – a Jewish freemasonic group – harassed organizers and tried to shut down my book talk in Edmonton, Alberta last week. When they failed to get the event cancelled, they called in the Hate Speech Squad of the Edmonton Police Department…who listened to the talk and found nothing wrong with it.

Now we learn that the same B’nai Brith also tried unsuccessfully to get my Jasper talk cancelled.

Monika Schaefer, the organizer of the Jasper talk, reports:

“It was indeed the B’Nai Brith who tried to shut down the Jasper event too. What a surprise, isn’t it?!”

B’nai Brith’s attempt to silence me failed even more spectacularly in Jasper than in Edmonton. The Zionist censors not only failed to convince the United Church of Canada to cancel my talk, but were likewise unable to intimidate the media.

Check out the excellent coverage provided by the Jasper Local:

Visiting “truther” implores Canadians to question official stories of false flag events

“Nobody except those with their head deeply in the sand could deny it.”

Jasper Local

Kevin Barrett doesn’t care if you think he’s a conspiracy theorist.

He doesn’t care if you think he’s a loonie, or a nut, or if you roll your eyes when you hear the word “truther.”

If he cared about all that, he wouldn’t have staked his career on exposing the official story about 9/11. He would have simply put his head down like a good academic and shut his mouth.

Instead, he pursued his research, finding gaping holes in the U.S. government’s official version of the events on September 11, 2001.

As such, rather than earning tenure, he earned a “Scarlett T.” Rather than accepting an offer for a cushy post-doc at the University of California, Barrett joined the Scholars For 9/11, making him the subject of a witch hunt. Rather than bow to pressure from 61 Wisconsin legislators who signed a petition to remove him from the university where he taught, he wrote a book called Truth Jihad. And so, no, Kevin Barrett doesn’t care much if you think he’s a tinfoil hat-wearing, inside job-professing wacko.

What Barrett cares about is engaging with anyone who’s interested in questioning the powers that be.

“I think it’s the most important issue of the 21st century,” he said about the Truth Movement. “Anyone interested in participating responsibly in democratic governance needs to investigate this issue.”

Barrett, along with Canadian author and professor Anthony Hall, spoke to a Jasper audience on August 14 about his new anthology We Are Not Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11. In it, Barrett and 20 other leading public intellectuals argue that the murderous shooting spree at a French satirical newspaper office in January was not the work of Muslim extremists, as reported. He and Hall make the case that the Paris attacks—as well as the October 2014 Ottawa shooting—were “false flag” operations: set-up jobs to further the persecution of Islam and to justify enhanced national security legislation such as Canada’s recently passed Bill C-51…

[For the full story in the Jasper Local, click here]

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  1. Further, the Muslim world can not afford to lose Pakistan for it is like a jewel in our crown and not because of its nuclear weapons but as a nation and as a people. Yet they have so many enemies wishing to see them gone but by the Grace of the Almighty their wishes will be in vain.

  2. Salam Khalid, I am sorry I overlooked Sudan but simply because it is so a foregone conclusion.
    With or without oil Sudan is a fish-bone stuck down their throats since the days when Muhammad Ahmed Al-Mahdi sent General Gordon’s head back to the Queen minus the body.
    I hope the Chinese still remember !!

    Yes the Sunnis and Shia better get over their silliness.

  3. Unlike KK in the FB comments I am delighted to read that The Jasper Local wrote a fair piece about Dr. Barrett and his book talk. It sounds like a reporter actually showed up to get a first hand impression, rather than just read a slanted, hysterical B’nai Brith account of the man and the event. I don’t trust or respect our Canadian government (bribed and blackmailed by “the tribe”) but it’s good to know there are among us here in Canada a few good men and women who have enough curiosity, character and conscience to appreciate words of wisdom from whomever and from wherever they may come our way. A big BRAVO and THANK YOU to Dr. Barrett and Dr. Hall for staring down the monsters in our midst. And you did it with grace!

  4. To have inspired an article like that is a minor triumph. I think you set a very good example Dr. Barrett. If we had a few more ambassadors of your quality it would be all over.

  5. I hope the MSM understands, burying the truth IS aiding criminals in power who do NOT have any right being there or misleading us straight into a literal hell on Earth. they are fully complicit before 911 and far moreso after, sharing responsibility for the murder of millions!

    • Hell, captain obvious, don’t you know that the MSM is owned, run, and controlled by the Jews, who are exulting about us being misled straight into that literal hell on earth?

    • Hell, captain obvious, don’t you know that the MSM are owned, run, and controlled by the Jews, who are exulting about us being misled straight into that literal hell on earth?

  6. After the worldwide senseless spending binge the financial situtation of many countries are in a nose-dive, with the 1st world nations at the leading so expect trouble in the following countries in order to steal by force resources and hence prop-up the financial system which these poor countries do no benefit from:

    1. Afghanistan with its U$ 4 trillion plus mineral wealth and already with ‘boots on the ground’ it is an easy pick.
    2. Somalia with the largest heavy-minerals and the largest known deposit of uranium it also will be targeted. Somalia is unbelievably rich in minerals ores of every kind.
    3. Mali with its huge deposits of gold and other minerals is already under attack but attacks will increase.
    4. Yemen.
    5. Congo/Zaire with an unbelievable mineral wealth and an eco-system primed to be raped..
    6. Indonesia / New Guinea.

    Aggressive measures will be taken against these countries which all have oil also but especially Congo/Zaire because oil found deep within Lake Albert is a couple of times more than the known Saudi deposits.

    Why war will be instigated in these countries is simply because those that are running this world are so defunct of creative ideas in every sphere such that the only solution they know is WAR and more WARS.

    • ..WAR and more WARS for resources which under different circumstances could be given even for free.

  7. Dear Kevin,
    You should lead a populist movement to get the Harper government to pay to rebuild the infrastructure of Libya, which the RCAF led mission destroyed, and to pick up the tab for all of those boat people now flooding into Europe from Libya. Destroying Libya, on behalf of Jewish oil and banking interests, was the main foreign policy initiative of the Steven Harper/John Baird (Now at Barrick Gold and the Monk Center at U of Toronto) government.

    Hope your book does well. You need a new attic to live into.

  8. I would like to use this space here to answer Sonali Kolhatkar’s article ‘Why are we ignoring the war in Yemen ?’

    It is because the Yemen is a poor nation and the policies governing this world only work for those whose pockets are stuffed with wealth, whether justly earned or otherwise. And certainly they care even less for Arabs. US demonstrated it clearly by virtually abandoning its Yemeni US citizen in the port city of Aden until they were rescued by the Russians at the initial stages of the Yemen aggression.

    Neither the Arab League nor the UN has said or done anything to assist the Yemeni nation and on the contrary whatever they issue is to further compound the problems.

    But believe me Yemen can start getting due attention any time it opens up its mining, fishing and oil sectors to foreign investments but in the meantime so long as it has clasped its butt tight it will get no attention whatsoever other than more bombs.

  9. Just for the record, shortly after the Charlie Hebdo attacks Tom Heneghan wrote on his patriotic website that US and French warships were headed to the nation of Yemen where the orders for the attacks were issued.
    Within a short period Yemen erupted in war after Saudi Arabia started raining indiscriminate bombs.

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