South Korea, US Agree to Launch Retaliatory Attacks on North Korea



TOKYO (Sputnik) – An official from South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff told the South Korean news agency that the two military chiefs held a phone conversation on Saturday, resolving “to deter North Korea from launching additional threats.”

Earlier, Yonhap reported citing unanimous sources that North Korea had started deploying artillery in the demilitarized zone.

On Thursday, North Korea reportedly fired shells at a South Korean military base across the demilitarized zone. Seoul retaliated with dozens of heavy artillery rounds.

Pyongyang’s Deputy UN Ambassador An Myong Hun stressed on Friday that North Korea did not fire a single shell or bullet on August 20.

The Thursday incident, which was the first major armed confrontation between the neighbors in five years, came in the wake of Seoul’s resumed broadcasting of military propaganda over the border toward North Korea, a practice it had suspended over a decade earlier.

The North Korean People’s Army had warned that it would destroy the South Korean loudspeaker systems located near the demilitarized zone, if Seoul continued to operate them.

Under the North Korean ultimatum, Saturday is the last day for Seoul to terminate its broadcasting.

On Friday, North Korea called on the UN Security Council to hold an urgent meeting on the situation on the Korean peninsula, accusing South Korea and the United States of laying false blames on Pyongyang.

Earlier in the day, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un ordered the country’s army to bring the frontline combined units to full combat readiness.

South and North Korea are still formally at war, as no peace treaty was ever signed after the Korean War of 1950-1953.

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  1. I’ve always felt that North Korea was China’s pawn. We can always threaten them with another visit from Rodman if they don’t behave. In their favor maybe there will be an earth quake that they can claim is an underground nuclear bomb test. Kabuki theater at it’s finest.

  2. In the unlikely event war breaks out between the two Koreas, I suppose it would have something to do with what happens (or is going to happen) next week on Wall Street. War is a proven distraction.

  3.  No one is perfect, so the ONLY 2016 USA Presidential Candidate that is the best we have is Dr. Rand Paul our USA Republican Senator from Kentucky__NO WAR__ Investigating Federal Reserve.

     Sunday, 8/23/15__ GREAT NEWS for the Entire World & a “HISTORICAL DAY,”
    Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond will be in Tehran, Iran to Re-Opens British Embassy, while the same day Iranian Embassy Opens in Britain.

     The Israeli-British must be pulling their hair__NO WAR with Iran.

  4. If NK won’t respond to provocations then we will pre emptively attack them. Why would NK fire at SK speakers? That’s all they have to do is turn up their own speakers. Who writes this crap. It’s a ridiculous joke. Dempsey the doofus stooge!

  5.  Who came up with this Evil Idea, that South Korea (SK) Blasting “Broadcasting of Military Propaganda” on the PEOPLE of North Korea (NK)?
     No Proof from (SK) that (NK) planted the bomb by the De-Militarized Zone_ Maybe Israel did it?
     USA & (SK) STOP Following “The Evil Footstep Of The Evil & APARTHIE COUNTRY ISRAEL”
     This is Simply an Act of AGRESSION on the PEOPLE of (NK) & “Against International Law”
     How about (NK) Blast “Broadcasting of Military Propaganda” on (SK) PEOPLE?
     What is going on?__Abe the Evil of Japan, Messing Up with China, Russia, (SK) & (NK)
     Not to mention, Abe the Evil of Japan is trying, against 70% of Japanese NOT to Change the Constitution in order to go WAR ALONG side USA & would NOT admit Japan WW2 Aggression.
     Against 70% of Japanese DO NOT WANT to start the Nuke Reactors, that did NOT PASS THE APPROVAL of IAEA & other World Experts, Abe started the Reactors ignoring everyone.
     What is interesting is that USA & Canada are IGNORING the Radiation floating on their shores.

  6. They are using the same tactics the zios use in defense of their actions in Gaza. Who is next to be defrauded by these desperate gangsters.

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