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Goodnight America: Tye Dye Spies

News Topics: Interview with Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media Discussion Includes: Project MK ULTRA and the Use of Psychedelics in Mind Control, CIA (Central Intertainment Agency)...

The Short End Of The Stick With Mike Harris – 26th August 2015

Mike is joined by Ian Greenhalgh to discuss the Nuking of Tianjin.

Iran, Russia Start Talks on Sukhoi 30

Tehran and Moscow started talks on the supply of the Russian-made Sukhoi 30 fighter jets to Iran.

Turkey Denies Alerting Abductors of US-Trained Moderate Syrian Fighters

Who does he think he is kidding...

VT Custom Weapons, August 26, 2015

This is our largest offering of custom tactical weapons thus far with more calibers and barrel lengths.  Dealer quantity discounts are available on most...

2015 NCHV Veterans Access to Housing Summit

We know that change for homeless veterans overall comes down to addressing each individual veteran, but how can you capitalize on what we are learning from overlapping national initiatives that challenge Mayors and push for ‘functional zero’?

Creator of Energy Device Robbed and Threatened

The Free American Clay Douglas delves into how an inventor of a free energy device was robbed and threatened.

Senator Patty Murray backs Iran nuclear accord

Jim W. Dean - Obama is having a good week. With both Harry Reid and then the next highest Democrat, Senator Murray, it appears we are watching a top down strategy to put pressure on those below.

Russia Increases Support for Syrian Army through Satellite Imagery

For the first time since the escalation of the armed conflict in Syria, the Russian Federation is providing the Syrian Army with the satellite imagery

Russian Missile, American (Saudi) Tank, Yemen

Missile meets tank, the M1A2 loses

The Nuking of Tianjin – Frame by Frame Analysis

by Ian Greenhalgh, Britain, with Jeff Smith, USA Residents of Tianjin captured the explosions on their mobile phones and thus provided us with a piece of...

Kingdomware Case Officially Supported by VetLikeMe

(SDVOSB News Services – Washington 8/25/2015) — VetLikeMe –– the Nation’s only online news source dedicated to Veteran-Owned Small Business, today entered into an alliance with Kingdomware Technologies, LLC in its case against the Veteran’s Administration (VA). Several veterans’ organizations – including the American Legion – contend that the VA has and continues to violate Public Law 109-461, commonly known as “Veterans First.”

Aussies Busted for Running Pedophile Ring 45,000 Strong

Massive but overshadowed by the Washington and London based networks that serve NATO politicians

Putin’s Greatest Challenge to Satan Worshipers and New World Order Agents

Whether you like Putin or not, he is certainly making New World Order agents and Satan worshipers angry, which is a good thing

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