Aussies Busted for Running Pedophile Ring 45,000 Strong


A 10-month operation by an Australian police anti-pedophile taskforce put an end to a global ‘dark net’ of child abusers that had 45,000 members. An Australian administering a pedophile ‘bulletin board’ was sentenced to 35 years in jail for child abuse.

Queensland’s Taskforce Argos targeting child abuse disclosed a clandestine pedophile ring, saving potentially hundreds of children from sexual exploitation, reports the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Members of the ring residing in Australia, Europe, United Kingdom and the US ranked inside the network in accordance with the quantity and originality of materials they uploaded for common use inside the site. The name of the network, using encryption software to hide identities and mask people’s browsing history, has not been publicly disclosed by a South Australian District Court.

Investigation of a global child abuse led Argos to Australian national ringleader, who turned out to be Families SA (South Australia) employee Shannon McCoole from Adelaide. He was childcare worker with the agency from 2011 to 2014.

McCoole was busted thanks to the unusual ‘hiya’ greeting he used on the web, which led to police finding a Facebook page with a photograph of a Volkswagen four-wheel drive utility with a visible registration plate, which in turn led them to McCoole.

“He was a 32-year-old male. Lived alone, no real relationship or no recent partners from what we’ve gathered,” the ABC cited Detective Brevet Sergeant Stephen Hegarty of SA’s Sex Crimes Investigation Branch. And the man “immersed himself in child-related work” as well.

After four days of surveillance police knocked at McCoole’s door and arrested the suspect. The jackpot was found on his computer, which stored over 50,000 child porn images.

Metadata on McCoole’s camera was also used as evidence, as well as a freckle on his finger which matched one of the child abuse images discovered by Danish police in May last year that initiated the actual criminal proceedings in Australia.

Once McCoole was taken out of the game, police officers replaced the administrator in the pedophile ring and began the second stage of the operation, working 24-hours a day to expose as many pedophiles around the world as possible.

“Phase two was to take over the network, assume control of the network, try to identify as many of the key administrators as we could and remove them,” Detective Inspector Jon Rouse told ABC.

“This wasn’t an 8am-4pm, Monday-to-Friday operation. Even when the guys knocked off work we were all communicating outside work,” Rouse said.

“Ultimately, you had a child sex offender network that was being administered by police,” he added, stressing that the first thing done was closing membership of the board.

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This stage lasted for whole 10 months and resulted in identification of pedophiles in at least three Australian states, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, together with criminals in other countries.

“US, Europe, United Kingdom. [It was] global,” Rouse said.

“This required us engaging with those targets in real time while law enforcement went through doors. [There were] time zone challenges, but good work by authorities across the world,” the ABC cited Rouse.

In August 2015, Shannon McCoole was proven to have sexually abused at least seven children in his care, aged between 18 months and three years, taking pictures and sharing them over the web.

McCoole pleaded guilty to 20 state and commonwealth charges relating to sex with children and child pornography, and was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

Initially Judge Paul Rice, who described McCoole as having “no moral compass” and being “evil and depraved,” had set a 65-year punishment. McCoole’s non-parole period has been set at 28 years.

The court heard McCoole, who reportedly came from a good family, told the court it was “hard to explain or understand how I committed these crimes.”

“I have researched why the hell I am the way I am and I just don’t know,” McCoole told the court, adding that he had never been sexually abused himself.

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To avoid anything similar from ever happening again, certain measures have been implemented, Education Department Chief Executive Tony Harrison informed the ABC.

“We have tightened the recruitment and screening process for prospective staff and strengthened oversight of residential care facilities,” he said. “Candidates for residential care positions now undergo a comprehensive psychological assessment process during recruitment, which includes a face-to-face interview with a registered psychologist.”


Saturday, 10 May 2014

“The abuse was orchestrated by a former Whitlam Government Education Minister Kim Edward Beazley, a police commissioner, an Australian sporting icon, a Sydney University lecturer and a prominent screen actor.”The top Nazis were pedophiles and many Nazis went to Australia after World War II.Reportedly, the Sydney area has a major paedophile ring, made up of Nazis, Catholics, policemen, academics, politicians, the CIA and others.

Thousands of Nazi war criminals were knowingly offered asylum in Australia.

This is documented in the book, Sanctuary! Nazi Fugitives in Australia and various newspaper articles.

Australian Nazis. The ring which abused Fiona included police officers, psychiatrists, biochemists, psychologists, actors, writers, politicians, university lecturers and medical doctors, including a local Engadine GP named Doctor Mark.”

Fiona Barnett‘s family, who had Nazi connections, moved to Australia.

A 1951 marriage certificate records that Fiona’s grandmother Helena married a Nazi called  Peter Holowczak in Australia.
Peter Holowczak sexually assaulted Fiona from her earliest years until age 12.

Trapped inside Australia’s vast child abuse network (Part 1) 

Hitler preferred boys.

Peter used to entertain young Fiona with stories about the ‘olden days’ in Poland when he killed Jews for a living in a death camp.

Peter and Helena often took Fiona to be sexually abused by members of the Nazi community who had settled in an area south of Sydney which ran from the Sutherland Shire to Wollongong.

These Nazis “practised the mystery religion that underpinned Nazism.”

Peter and Helena Holowczak gave Fiona over to a national child sex trafficking ring when she was preschool age.

The ring included police officers, psychiatrists, biochemists, psychologists, actors, writers, politicians, university lecturers and medical doctors, including a local Engadine GP named Doctor Mark.

The CIA’s John Gittinger. It is the security services which protect the pedophile rings. The CIA used child abuse and Satanism to control governments.

The network also involved former CIA and U.S. military psychologist Dr John W. Gittinger, the developer of the Personality Assessment System.

Dr. John Gittinger raped and abused Fiona.

This child trafficking ring also engaged in other crimes including gun and drug trafficking.

Fiona witnessed child sex trafficking between Sydney, Wollongong, Bathurst, and Canberra.

Bathurst City Hall – “a traditional venue for paedophile orgies during the 1970s and 1980s.”

Crimes were committed in the Engadine BoysTown chapel;

Holsworthy military barracks;

Regina Coeli Memorial Catholic church;

St John’s College Catholic Chapel at Sydney University;

The Caltex oil refinery in Kurnell;

Garrawarra Cemetery;

Bathurst City Hall;

And in many of the national parks located between Sydney and Wollongong.

Fiona witnessed multiple acts of child abduction, drugging, child sexual assault, torture and murder.

Members of the paedophile ring were sexually aroused by necrophilia, bestiality and sadism.

The ring also contained a large number of female perpetrators.

At age of 15 years, Fiona witnessed the wife of an Engadine police officer lure a 15-year-old boy into her car at Cronulla Beach.

The boy was murdered.

Alleged crime scene: Garrawarra Cemetery near Waterfall.

At age eight years, Fiona suffocated while being abused.

She lost consciousness and awoke in the Sutherland Hospital.

A female nurse told her that her mother was present.

It was not her mother. It was the Engadine policeman’s wife.

Dr Mark got the hospital staff to release Fiona into his care.

Bathurst car race 1985

In 1985, Fiona witnessed approximately 10 children raped and murdered in Bathurst, during the weekend of the Bathurst car race.

Some of these children were victims of kidnappings.

Other children were born unregistered so that they could be used as sex slaves.


“The abuse was orchestrated by a former Whitlam Government Education Minister Kim Beazley, a police commissioner, an Australian sporting icon, a Sydney University lecturer and a prominent screen actor.”

The prominent screen actor raped Fiona in front of a large crowd that included numerous priests and police.

From the age of 16 years Fiona began disclosing the abuse to health professionals.

None of them reported the allegations to the police.

David Campbell,  discredited former Police Minister. LAND OF CHILD ABUSING POLICE, CLERGY AND POLITICIANS.

Fiona feared reporting the abuse to the New South Wales police because policemen were among the perpetrators.

Fiona had witnessed people being tortured and murdered for disclosing – or for trying to leave – the paedophile ring.

Bathhurst, near Sydney.

In 2008, there was  publicity surrounding abuse at the private Catholic boarding schoolSaint Stanislaus College in Bathurst, NSW.

After reading this in the Herald Sun (August 27, 2008) Fiona felt it would be safe to report her experiences to the New South Wales (NSW) police and be taken seriously.

Fiona contacted the NSW police and the detective in charge of the St Stanislaus, Bathurst case, Justin Hadley.

Fiona briefly described to Hadley the crimes she had witnessed in 1985 in the Bathurst City Hall and he asked her to go to her local police station.

Alleged site of paedophile sex orgies at the Bathurst City Hall

Tweed Heads police refused to take Fiona’s formal statement.

They mocked her witness testimony, and sent me home.

She never heard from them again about this matter.

Tor Nielson

Tor Nielsen had provided similar information to the NSW Police.

Nielsen reported witnessing 60 children being raped in the same Bathurst location Fiona had named.

Nielson also noted that St Stanislaus College has accommodated the NSW police during theBathurst car races for many decades.

Paul Evans, convicted Engadine BoysTown paedophile priest; relative of Regina Coeli founding priest.

Tor Nielsen’s testimony was detailed on his website ‘The Catholic Cover-up’.

The Catholic Church forced him to to remove the site just prior to the announcement of the current Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Blood tests revealed that Nielsen was drugged with a substance that induced psychosis.

Nielsen alleges that the drugs were administered by corrupt NSW health practitioners.

The NSW Director of Public Prosecutions dropped the charges against St Stanislaus’ staff and priests.

Maltese children sent to ‘child abuse’ children’s homes in Australia.(State Library of Western Australia, The Battye Library 005086D.) (310 Maltese child migrants were sent to Australia?)

Multiple victims then came forward.

The authorities were forced to bring charges against certain St Stanislaus staff.

However, Tor Nielsen’s lawyer mysteriously fell out of an 18-story window after Nielson publicly exposed the Bathurst paedophile ring.

Lawyer Frederick Jordon Chambers, a former St Stanislaus student, was due to testify at one of the College’s paedophile trials.

Before he could appear, he was found dead.

St Stanislaus College, Bathurst 

Fiona wrote to the NSW police minister and to the NSW police commissioner.

The police commissioner essentially dismissed her complaint.

This is in spite of the fact that the testimony of Tor Nielsen and Fiona tallied with other reports of victims abused at Engadine BoysTown and Bathurst.

In her letters to the NSW police minister and commissioner, Fiona requested that her witness testimony be written down and supplied to the taskforce assigned to investigate the Engadine BoysTown paedophile ring.

Boys Town Engadine, re-named Dunlea Centre

In 2013, Fiona tried to contact  Justin Hadley, the Bathurst detective in charge of the St Stanislaus operation.Hadley’s colleague told Fiona that it was too late for her information to be provided to police or to benefit the Bathurst victims.Fiona left a message for Hadley to contact her, but he never did.

Alleged crime scene: St John Bosco Catholic Church, adjacent to Engadine BoysTown

Following Fiona’s publication of her first article regarding a northern NSW paedophile ring, she received several threats.

Wollongong City Council was referred to in the Wood Royal Commission investigation into the NSW Police Service.

Two former Wollongong Lord Mayors, Tony Bevan and Frank Arkell, reportedly ran a paedophile ring in the 1960s to 1990s.

The ring involved child sex trafficking between Wollongong and Sydney.

This was the same child trafficking ring that Fiona witnessed as a child.

Both mayors were ritually murdered.

Wollongong Mayors Tony Bevan and Frank Arkell: alleged child sex traffickers. Both were brutally murdered.

Ring banner featuring trade mark eagle, allegedly erected at major paedophile gatherings including Regina Coeli Catholic Church and Bathurst City Hall stage.


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  1. What has the fact that petty criminals were sent to Aust have to do with the attical they stopped that about 150 years ago most were sent for minor crimes ,they also sent them to the US

  2. I think every one who has posted that is diminishing or dismissing the article should be investigated as a sympathizer to the pedophile ring or a member. Australia played host to huge child sex trafficking during that time and sadly for the victims no justice has been served. Not missed to public attention is that fact the the most prolific of offenders are those in positions of trust and religion institution as their safe umbrella. Shameful, absolute shameful excuse for human animals

    • Really? Well I think that since you’re so smart you can enlighten us as to the source of all this information.
      Until then I consider this caca de toro.

  3. There is no name of author for this article. It has been cobbled together by someone, putting together an RT article with the same title, some recent news from mainstream news in Australia, and God only knows what else.

  4. I agree with Ann. I can well believe an international network of thousands of paedophiles operating on the ‘dark web’ across the internet. I can well believe these people often being made up of (modern politically correct espousing) care workers and those that seek employment looking after vulnerable children.

    With regard to the obligatory ‘Nazis’ and wholesale abuse (by what must have clearly been every member of staff) at Catholic schools – I am much more sceptical. Interesting to see that the entire Australian police force seems to be involved in this as well. I simply do not believe that. Most people are good, decent and honest.

    What does interest me is the timing and scale of this story. There is no doubt that terrible abuse of this kind does exist – among the utterly depraved and perverted – and also among those groups who seek to entrap political decision makers. It is said that there is a huge story about to explode in Britain – worse than anything talked about so far – and reaching into the very top echelons of decision making politicians. Who is entrapping them and controlling their decisions? The same people that are currently blocking the truth coming out about both this and the Chilcot enquiry.

    I was wondering exactly HOW these people would begin to release this story as the pressure mounts. One method is to copy what was done to disguise 9/11 – and to ‘flood the market’ with bogus claims in order to camouflage the dreadful reality.

    • The “timing and scale of the story” is the giveaway. Note the lack of chronology, near hysteria, the sloppy merging of information, no author, no reference list, etc. These are very serious issues and it looks like many of the readers are so preconditioned that they take this story as true without any further enquiry for confirmation.

      The sleazy depiction that accompanies the article is beneath the dignity of anyone who claims association with “Intelligence.” Those disgusting scribbles have no place in serious discussion of crimes. Indeed they veer very close to a crime in itself.

  5. There are just as many pictures of Hitler, Goebbels, Goering and many other German politicians with girls. But you people just can’t stop with this Anti-German propaganda.

    Secondly, all camps, including Auschwitz have been debunked as death camps, according to the largest Jewish controlled magazine ” Der Spiegel” in 2002. So why do you even print nonsense like that?

  6. God, this is hard to take. The depravity! It’s like the whole world has gone ‘Kurtzian’ on us. Beam me up Scotty!

  7. John,
    as much as I hate to admit, for a small population of nearly 24 million, we do have more than our fair share of undesirables unfortunately.

  8. I always want to see real forensic evidence associated with eyewitness testimony. It is important that the investigation is done in a manner that will result in a conviction. I have heard rumor that the elite are protected from prosecution by the court system. I told my son when he was young, to just hang in there if someone molested him. That I would take care of it when I got a hold of the molester. Fathers do not need lawyers. Family first. It seems that some children fall through the cracks and are harvested by the wicked. No family to protect them. But I take all pedophile accusations with a grain of salt until I see evidence. Many are accused of pedophilia to discredit them from exposing Khazar Mafia Crimes according to the popular alternative media press. What is true? I guess we just assume the power elite and politicians are buggering kids. Sick. And their accusers are convicted of the crimes of pedophilia.

  9. Maybe John, they were/are part of it too? Who knows?

    I was going to make a comment about some rumors I have seen on the Internet about the father of that MK ultra woman Nicole Kidman, who was allegedly involved in this pedophilia ring as well. He died suddenly.

    But thought nah, rumors, but surprise surprise I went to the link Fiona Barnett provided in this article and there it is! Right right from the victims mouth.

    I honestly don’t know why these people are not getting a bullet between their eyes or castrated or both just to make sure!


  10. I hope anyone trying to interfere with or stop investigation of anyone accused is criminally charged and JAILED for attempting to aid a criminal, before a case can be brought to a court. so much of this is swept under a rug by people in positions of “power” or “authority” to protect themselves and their “friends”.. it’s disgusting!

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