The Nuking of Tianjin – Frame by Frame Analysis


by Ian Greenhalgh, Britain, with Jeff Smith, USA

Residents of Tianjin captured the explosions on their mobile phones and thus provided us with a piece of video that is both shocking and informative. Jeff Smith has broken this video down in order to analyse the events with an expert eye. It is clear that there are two major blasts plus a number of much smaller secondary explosions. This is just the first step in breaking down the events in detail in order to determine what actually happened.

This is China’s 9-11 and like that event, has untold complexity that will need to be carefully unravelled. We aim to be ahead of the curve on this so that good, solid, truthful and scientifically accurate information is available before the inevitable legions of paid for disinfo entities begin to flood the internet with nonsense.

The total time frame from first blast to second blast was less than 1 minute with about 30 seconds in between the two major blasts. The frames are at two second intervals.

As you can clearly see the blast and plasma fireball was over 1,000 feet in size as compared to the high-rise buildings height of 500 feet. The mushroom cloud was up to 2,000 feet in height; however the top portion was masked by the night sky.

Scintillation white-out of the camera optics occurs at frames 4 and 19.

Frames 1 to 3 shows a perfect small fireball starting proving that the first blast was just above ground level. Frame 2 is the detonation blast.

Frames 5 and 6 show secondary explosions and mushroom cloud formation.

Frame 20 – major secondary blast.

Frame 22  – classic mushroom cloud burst. Over 2,000 feet high. This was more than a chemical factory blowing up. It looks Just like a multiple cruse missile salvo attack from sea.

Frame 1 – perfect small fireball at ground level
Frame 2 – the detonation
Frame 3 – again a perfect fireball at ground level
Frame 4 – The camera’s sensor is overloaded causing a white out.
Frame 5 – Secondary explosions
Frame 6 – Mushroom cloud forming
Frame 7
Frame 8
Frame 9
Frame 10
Frame 11
Frame 12
Frame 13
Frame 14
Frame 15
Frame 16
Frame 17
Frame 18
Frame 19 – again the camera’s sensor is overloaded resulting in an almost total white out.
Frame 20 – Major second blast
Frame 21
Frame 22 – classic mushroom cloud formation, over 2,000 feet high
Frame 23
Frame 24
Frame 25

Here is another view of the first blast from a different viewpoint. Frame 2 shows a 20 storey high-rise building to the right of the frame so you can compare the fireball size at over 1,000 feet diameter.

Frame 1
Frame 2
Frame 3
Frame 4
Frame 5

Frame 6


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Assistant Managing Editor
Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.


  1. Again, one last time. If true then why is China taking this lying down? Makes absolutely ZERO sense. Yet they are rounding up officials and those tied to the company/companies in question. All of this wild speculation is disturbing. None here knows for sure what was stored in that facility nor volumes of such.

    To read articles here in regard to China, Russia, secret black op alien stuff….plasma weapons, on and on..only to have an event where China seems clueless as to WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN…..Seems all but impossible to even be plausible, let alone true.

    China has been selling T-Bills for a while now..150 billion as reported by Bloomberg, weeks in advance of this incident…all of the related news makes stories of speculation far too convenient, too obvious.

    People would see a cruise missile….would they not? People would notice incoming…would they not?

    Something stinks.


    • You expose the paper-thin nature of your shill argument when you say something so uninformed as ‘people would see a cruise missile’.

      It was 23:43 local time, so it was night, dark. You expect people to have seen a 6 metre long cruise missile travelling at several hundreds of miles per hour?

      Come on, at least try to come up with a half valid argument.

      Second thoughts, don’t bother, take your disinfo shilling somewhere else.

  2. At the very least the Chinese should dump more US T-bills. Recognize Palestinian Statehood at the UN next month. Sign a mutual defense treaty with Iran, Russia, Venezuela and Cuba. Speak out against the American coup in Ukraine. Speak out against Israeli atrocities and their air attacks in support of terrorists in Syria. In short do even more to anger the RKM. If they hit again call them on it, with proof.

  3. definitely enough to make a person wonder. a recent article describing how China can destroy space based weapons etc (to demonize China IMHO), so if it were a space based weapon used was this an “I dare you” move? if China responded with destroying sattelites they would be demonized for it, regardless it being a purely self defensive action that is NOT about killing people or the fact destroying weapons like that might SAVE millions of lives. govt-MSM sure wouldn’t admit HAVING such devastating space platforms, so “Catch-22” time.

  4. I do hope soil and dust samples have made it to the right places already to ID the fingerprints of this event to make who did it known publicly. there is a push to demonize China as some kind of enemy, but we know who handed them all the technology and production with NAFTA-GATT corporate welfare etc, leaving US made to pay for own unemployment with “national deficit”. China is not to blame, the District of Criminals Bush-Clinton crime cabal IS.

    IMHO, this setup goes back to Nixon-Kissinger credited cracking open the “bamboo curtain” to pave the way towards de-industrialized “service economy” they were hyping as “good” during Reagan-Bush years. Bush was there to kill JFK too in 1963.. what I’m trying to point to is these criminals in power plotting things over decades so most won’t see it.

  5. It boggles the mind that the Chinese authorities have been so circumspect about what VT provides as self evident. What are the Chinese thinking?

    • I am hoping they understand a bad setup and trap the lying “MSM” would try to spring if they were to expose truthful information too quickly. I am also hoping they start taking care of key global criminals very quietly and secretly because most people wouldn’t comprehend for how they have been mentally manipulated all their lives.

    • A cursory peruse thru ‘The Art of War’ will show you their thinking is different. That is why stalking animals always hunt in total silence.

  6. Thanks for all the work, it is appreciated. One thing that keeps bugging me is the location. Many times as in 9/11 the perps go for populated areas on purpose for maximum effect. Here if it was during the day it would have had high casualties, but was done at night. As a warning, it would say, good thing it didn’t hit a populated area. As a targeted strike, it would suggest something of value at that location. Did something just arrive, or was something leaving perhaps ? Delivery of tech to Iran comes to mind.

    • You make sense when you stop commenting in Incan, the lost Malaysian flight to China carrying hi-tech people rings a bell ?

    • great speculative points. I would tend to think a major port is busy with people 24/7, but much busier during daylight hours. tech headed for Iran might be a motive for the YKH’s (you know who’s) to do a hit. speaking of 911, the YKW’s sure got plenty of warning to stay away..

    • Yes Mr Dean but not when most clips of unexpected events seem to have been pre-positioned in expectation of an ‘accident’, that betrays fore knowledge of the accident.

  7. You can’t be serious. High energy nucleus particles travel at the speed of light and in all directions. So if this is scintillation it should make the image pickup matrix blind the moment a person sees the blast. Yes, it is overloaded but by ordinary photons plus the not so good quality software/hardware control of the matrix gain.

    • [ Editor’s note: Only one cross-link per comment, please. ]

      Jim, I am so serious that I logged in to reply. I read your site on regular basis but almost haven’t written anything for a year.
      I think that the confusion is lies in not accounting for the differences between a scintillator – a pasive device and a CMOS (as in cellphones and cameras) active pixel sensor. Digital cameras have wider spectrum than the human eye. Take an ordinary IR TV or other home appliance remote control, point it to a cellphone camera, or web camera and press a button. You will see the IR diode emitting pulses. There is also the setup of the camera how it measures light intensity (spot or matrix) and on top of that how effectively its software acts to keep the light balance.

      Here is the difference:
      and wikipedia see Scintillator
      In a scintillator the charge of the particle that hits the luminescent layer causes the emission of a visible light photon making the particle’s existence visible.
      I am not a physisyst and never studied physics in English so I apologize for eventual spelling mistakes or wrong terminology. I think there a many facts hidden from the public but proof and argumentation must not be speculative.

  8. [ Editor’s note: Comments needlessly derogatory towards VT writers will be edited for content, as they don’t add any information. ]
    Germany being Nato is in deep. Could this really have happened @ the London Olympics, Ian?

  9. A spontanious 3 day military exercise in the gulf of Bohai near Tianjin took place. This was officially publicised on the Weibo-account of the army.

    People in the west normally don’t know how to read such a news. In China, the people currently read this like this: This was a clear power message from Xi Jinpings to the former head Jiang Zemin.

    Concerning the information shutdown, one can state that this might only be for a limited time. Contrary to the total information shutdown about 9/11, the chinese government is in a live and death fight with the Zemin cabal. This also implies lots of shady deals with chinese shadow banks and the many tricks, which were performed on the chinese stock markets.

    The capture of very high up people from several areas is well underway but not reported in western media.

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