Was China Nuked Today? Part 2: May You Live in Interesting Times



by Rand Clifford


So said CNN Money when China devalued their currency on 11 August, 2015.

Shocks snapped and arced, scorching trillions in paper bets. But please imagine the difference between a Taser, and an electric chair.

Or the difference between paper volts slapping gamblers around, and an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).

For those with the power to effectively do so, messing with the dollar is perilous. President Kennedy’s brains blown all over the trunk of the Presidential Limousine by a magical bullet fired from behind—now how’s that for peril?

Sheer power of owning the dollar can even bend the laws of nature (at least on paper and in vulnerable minds), as spectacularly displayed at the World Trade Center on 11 September, 2001.

Owners of the dollar have a creed honed for as long as actual creators of wealth have been plagued by fractional-reserve  parasites:

By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Do War.

Then came 12 August, 2015. China devalued their currency again.

Retaliation was exquisite and obvious—some decoy fires and explosions leading up to detonation of a subsurface tactical nuclear weapon.

The pattern is becoming so obvious—immediate deployment of a suitable super decoy was required to keep the public from following dots to Israel.

Behold…the ROD OF GOD!

Brilliant! Scapegoat established—who but the US could have such hideous technology?

But first:

Who Owns the Dollar?

Not the United States. We rent the dollar from Bankula, the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM).

People paying attention and thinking for themselves at the same time might say right away:

Isn’t that unconstitutional?

Let’s check The Constitution:

Article 1, Section. 8.:

The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States….

In Article I, Section 8, Clause 5:

To coin Money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and measures—

In Clause 6:

To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States….

Wait a minute! “…counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States…”—isn’t that effectively the “The Federal Reserve System’s” job description?

So how in (or from?) hell was this ultimate lifeblood of any nation state abdicated to BANKULA…?

Con Game From Hell

Dollar ownership is the closest thing to magic slippers since Dorothy danced the yellow-brick road. Pan-dimensional advantages include complete monopoly control of mainstream media. Control of what goes into people’s minds means control of public perceptions, beliefs, biases…ignorance, and most importantly, public trust—without which the dollar has no value.

Actually, as a debt instrument, the dollar is even worse than worthless.

Pretty much every asset with which the United States of America navigates the planet is owned by owners of the dollar. Earth has been essentially corrupted into DollarWorld.

Bankula’s blood type: $

The Tianjin “coincidence” is but an appetizer on the menu of how far owners of the dollar will go to protect their blood. And always lurking in the darkest recesses of illuminated psychopathy: the Samson Option.

Problem is, the RKM has gotten so handy with tactical nuclear devices (as opposed to “strategic”), they must hide behind the US.

Space-Based Kinetic Weapons

Imagine a platform in high Earth orbit armed with titanium “rods” the size of telephone poles.

An independent targeting orbiter takes over after release, guiding a “Rod of God” into, at 36,000 feet-per-second, delivering Satanic energy as precisely as the hit in Tianjin?

How could Israel deploy such advanced and expensive weapons systems? Wouldn’t only the US be capable of deploying such credit? Credit to teach the world: DON’T MESS WITH THE DOLLAR!

China knows exactly what happened in Tianjin. We remain lucky that they are so polite…until they are not polite.

Their current dumping of US Treasuries is simply more proof that WWIII has already begun. Official declaration, how long will that remain missing in action?

The RKM seems cornered. If wounds to the dollar don’t do it, will official declaration be flushed from hiding by Russia’s Truth Bomb?

We live in interesting times.



  1. It was a terror attack by Bankula, all right. Very agreeable article, but these “titanium rods” is (Alex Jones) crap. Same goes for the comments of the Hasbara Facebook televangelists, “Gail Evans”, and “Doug Henning”.

  2. Re: Gail Evans’s comment on facebook

    What difference does it make… “Know your enemy” is the watchword here. So the BIG KAHUNA in the Vatican is “the little man behind the curtain who is really the one pulling the strings”…. so what?

    If you are in a serious disagreement with your very ugly neighbor, and he trains his pit bulls to attack you every time you go outside your door… I agree it is indeed “the UGLY neighbor” who is the enemy par relevance….. But now are you going to “spare the pit bulls” because they didn’t think of the attack themselves… Seems to me that you are forced to deal with the pit bulls, or get torn to shreds.

    Or that bureaucratic agent who takes everything you own and jails you for 12 years, because the politicians agreed that “it is the LAW”… is the agent not responsible for HIS actions? Are you going to hold the agents of evil blameless?

    Quit trying to deflect the responsibility away from the terrible few, they very much enjoy their work…. Unless your are one… and then I suppose your take on the situation is to be expected.

  3. Is this why we see Putin And Medevec using exercising equipment in Sochci ? They are showing their muscles and prowess of what is to come, symbolism ?

  4. Copied from the other thread as this is probably a better place for it.

    I found Joseph Gallagher’s via Facebook explanation in the first thread of the cause very interesting given the NWO’s probable access to Nuke armed cruise missile Dolphin subs. We now know just how important this area was as a target. The Chinese are not known for a ‘snap back’ response so some delay might be expected in any retaliatory action, were the scenario to be as painted here.
    However, it is interesting to note, and no doubt a complete coincidence, but since the explosion the Chinese have dramatically increased their sale of US Treasuries (effectively rolling back QE3) which will cause the Fed a big problem, then today, someone has hit the German Bund market with significant sales.
    Physical attacks between super powers is so last century thinking. The new weapons are now invisible to the man on the street.

  5. What China will do is proceed at flank speed away from the dollar and those charge to protect it. When the goes around comes around, China will have it’s house clean and return with the facts and everyone shall know. Mean while RKM would do well to look over their collective shoulders.

  6. lest we forget !!!all the men and women who refused to fight in the bankers war who were all excuted by the bankster governments. does anybody know many, is there a record of it.
    every one should get a medal for courage and humanity.
    peace and justice for ALL . mylo

  7. I had heard of possible kinetic weapons in space, yet had no idea what they might be. A telegraph pole made of Titanium? I checked the weight per CuMetre at 4500 Kg. A monster to lift even one into orbit, and handling in zero G a nightmare given the inertial value. Is this info verified?

    But as regards the “total” corruption of our systems of government: This was made possible using the Vaticans Juricidic Cannon Law (22?).

    Here in Britland the people were in 1931/3 moved from the “private” into the “public”, by means of (from memory) BILL 227. No consultation. Just secrecy. This is the means by which the private individuals have had the huge millstone of government debt hung around their necks, providing the most evil people on this planet with unimaginable riches.

    In the US the same corruption will have occurred. Which is in fact how the Federal government is able to call up men to fight the Bankers’ and corporations’ wars of aquisition. The people are no longer (in the eyes of the “LAW” private individuals with rights laid down by GODS law, but public assets to be used at will.

  8. “Millions upon millions of men over the years have literally been forced to “serve” the machinations of those controlling this country. 100,000’s of them have been killed and many more maimed or permanently damaged. Think about that. That is a big deal. The power to conscript a citizen into service is the power to enslave that person. How in the world is this consistent with the notion of a “free country” and of Liberty?

    And if you’re thinking, we don’t have a draft and they would “never use it again”, then please tell me why we STILL have mandatory selective service registration for men when they turn 18? Do you think that is an oversight? an accident? If so, then all I can say to you is good luck my friend, you are truly lost in the maze.”


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