Shadow of Nemesis 4: NASA and The Prophet of Ascensionism


By Jack Heart & Orage

Giza book cover

By halfway through the last year of the second millennium, someone finally wrote a book containing the facts necessary to understand just what is going on at the Giza plateau.

It wasn’t West, Stichen or Bauval; and although the book was also written by two denizens of the empire’s dark heart, it wasn’t the ponderous tome that came out around the same time.

Presumptuously titled Giza the Truth, that book is intended to appear as the definitive summary of the behind the scenes politics of Giza. It instead leaves its more credulous readers with the distinct impression that it was written for academia as an initiation exercise by a pair of unemployed British ex-hippies.

Robert M. Schoch
Robert M. Schoch, Ph.d

Ironically enough on Dr. Schoch’s web site, the authors of Giza the Truth are publically accused of lying and misrepresenting his data by the usually soft-spoken scientist.[60]

Although written on an unsustainable premise, The Stargate Conspiracy by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince documents the synarchism-driven agenda that moves events on the Giza plateau.

Edgar Cayce was born in 1877. He died in 1945. In 1910, he was introduced to the world by no less a sponsor than the NY Times, as an illiterate bumpkin who, when under hypnosis, became a master physician. Nothing could have been further from the truth than Cayce being either illiterate or a bumpkin.

The first seven years of Cayce’s career were spent working in bookshops. Thirty years later, he still had the book catalogues he worked with memorized and could recite them at will. When he came of age to be initiated at twenty-two, he joined his father Leslie B. Cayce as a travelling salesman for the Fraternal Insurance Company. The company catered to Free Masons, and Edgar’s father had the authority to set up new lodges.

Edgar Cayce
Edgar Cayce

Edgar was assisting him with this endeavor and, no doubt, made many powerful connections within the occult brotherhood that founded America during this brief span. It was also around that time, he started acting strangely and ‘going into trances.’

In his memoirs he admits being summoned to Washington DC sometime in 1918 or 1919 to consult with someone he discreetly describes as being high in authority. One of Cayce’s earliest promoters was David E. Kahn, who had served in WWI with Woodrow Wilson’s cousin. After the war Cayce, Kahn and Major Wilson went into business together forming the Cayce Petroleum Company in Texas.

Kahn in a 1965 interview stated that it had been Colonel Edmond Starling, head of America’s Secret Service at the time, who had arranged the meeting between President Wilson and Cayce. Kahn described Starling as a lifelong friend of Cayce. The two both hailed from Hopkinsville in Kentucky.[first link 61]

Artist's depiction of Atlantis
Artist’s depiction of Atlantis

Cayce claimed Atlantis existed for two hundred thousand years before coming to a catastrophic end, when it was swallowed up by the ocean in 10,700 BCE.

However, remnants of that civilization escaped the calamity and, after migrating into Egypt from the Caucasus Mountains, displaced its original yellow-skinned inhabitants; and built the pyramids and sphinx sometime between 10,490 and 10,390 BCE. The refugees from Atlantis brought with them “the records of the people of One God from the beginning of man’s entrance into the earth.”[62]

In 10,500 BCE, the records were sequestered in an underground pyramid somewhere between the Sphinx and the Nile. According to Cayce, this Hall of Records, as it has come to be known, can be reached by a passage located beneath the right paw of the Sphinx. Cayce predicted that when the records were found, there would be global changes.

“After the end of the cycle, there is to be another change in the earth’s position, with the return of the Great Initiate for the culmination of the prophecies.”[63] There would be an emergence of a new race of man and it would be a “time of preparation for the coming of the Master of the World.”[64]

Because Cayce and his handlers carefully cultivated his pious Christian veneer, Christians were only too eager to adapt his prophecies into their own belief system. In their minds, Jesus was finally on his way to personally rule the world for a thousand years. All they had to do was find the Hall of Records.

But what Cayce was predicting sounded far more like the culmination of the New American Century than the New Testament. When in trance, Cayce never said anything about Jesus, only that there would be a New World Order, a true Americanism, the universal thought expressed and manifested in the brotherhood of man, a Masonic Order that will eventually rule the world.[65]

Never one to be satisfied with the quality of craftsmanship coming out of the colonies, England had its own prophet. Theirs had all the options. At the same time or a little after Cayce and the Americans were promulgating their Masonic revelations, British singer, psychic and mystic H.C. Randall-Stevens, also known as El Eros, was giving the homeland version.

The British singing prophet differed with the American sleeping prophet only on his description of the Hall of Records and on the location of the entrance to the subterranean passage that would lead to it. Randall-Stevens had it under the hindquarters of the Sphinx.

Of course, the singing prophet was also an accomplished author. In The Teachings of Osiris, “El Eros” writes “At the present time papyri and relics are still hidden below the Sphinx in numerous passages. These will shortly be found and given to the world in general to read.”[66]


Later in A Voice Out of Egypt, a compilation of his earlier work, El Eros would throw architectural drafting into his eclectic repertoire reproducing the “Ground Plan of Masonic Centre of Egypt” along with a sectional view. He writes of the Sphinx “the Osiran Scripts tell me that this huge and imposing colossus is the ornament surmounting a hall, which communicates with the Pyramids by radiating underground passages.”[67]

Unlike Cayce, El Eros leaves little room for mistakes by Jesus-addled Christian fundamentalists. “The emigrants from Atlantis were people governed by the laws of Cosmic Masonry and those who landed in Egypt built centres of Masonic Initiation from which the country was administered.”[68]

A year later in 1936, Harvey Spencer Lewis, founder in America of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), would publish The Symbolic Prophecy Of The Great Pyramid. Lewis’s book features what are for all intents and purposes just more detailed versions of El Eros ground plan and sectional.

Lewis presented his drawings as copies of ancient maps showing the network of tunnels and chambers beneath the Giza plateau. He had always maintained that secret teachings of Giza’s underground had been passed down to him through the original Rosicrucian archives. The Hall of Records is a core belief of AMORC.

Harvey Spencer Lewis
Harvey Spencer Lewis

Lewis claimed to have been initiated into the Rosicrucian Order in 1909 in Toulouse, France. He had travelled to France seeking them out. He founded the American wing of AMORC in 1915. WWII saw a wildly exponential growth of AMORC. It is notorious for its ties to American big business. Famed railroad entrepreneur and writer Arthur Stillwell once said no other man has exerted a greater influence as a secret partner in American free enterprise than Lewis. The tentacles of AMORC now extend throughout the entire western world.

It is tempting to believe that Lewis merely elaborated on the singing prophet’s art work. But Lewis, who with his wife had hailed from Astoria in New York City since the close of WWI, sailed to Egypt in 1926.

The same year French archaeologist Emile Baraize abruptly began excavations around the Sphinx and its enclosure. He apparently found what he was looking for when he found a tunnel entrance under the rear of the Sphinx, as would later be predicted by the singing prophet and Lewis.

After exploring it, Baraize sealed the tunnel up and never said a word about it in public. He was on that site eleven years, and until this day, not one of his many detailed reports and papers has ever been published.[69] At least not under his name.

The Great Sphinx, with the restoration scaffolding of Emile Baraize, looking northwest, December 26, 1925. The pyramids of Khufu (right) and Khafre (left) are in the background.
The Great Sphinx, with the restoration scaffolding of Emile Baraize, December 26, 1925. The pyramids of Khufu (right) and Khafre (left) are in the background.

No one but tourists would touch the Sphinx again until the SRI arrived on the scene in seventy-four with its travelling troupe of mad geniuses, dancing political poodles and clandestine clowns.

Ostensibly, Dolphin was the ringmaster, but with the SRI and its affiliated organizations, nothing is as it appears to be. There was another man pulling the strings from the shadows. I knew the man on a personal basis in the early nineties, but I will let Picknett and Prince introduce him, as he was at the close of that decade.

“Someone who will emerge as the single most influential — but largely unknown — individual in this book’s investigation now enters the frame. This is Dr James J. Hurtak, the American polymath and mystical philosopher, and founder of a California-based organization called the Academy for Future Sciences (AFFS), at whose feet many of the movers and shakers in this story are happy to sit.

Hurtak holds degrees in Oriental Studies and History, Social Sciences, Linguistics, Patristics and Greek Texts and speaks and writes seven languages, being currently described as a ‘Silicon Valley-based consultant in higher technology.’”[first link 70]

Hurtak was at Giza during the drilling of seventy-eight. Bauval has him on film, as well as a letter from Dolphin extolling the virtues of his “friend and colleague of many years.” Hurtak himself admits that he “shared private insights” about Giza with Dolphin in 1976. Interestingly enough Hurtak was exploring the correlations between Orion’s Belt and the pyramids all the way back in seventy-three, long before Bauval co wrote the Orion Mystery; published in 1994.

Dr. James J. Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak
Dr. James J. Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak

In fact, during 1977 and seventy-eight, Hurtak and some unidentified colleagues were using lasers to measure the shafts in the king and queens chambers, checking alignments with Orion and Draco.[71]

A spokesperson for the AFFS admits Hurtak also “shared insights” about remote viewing with veteran paranormal investigator and prolific author Harold Sherman. Sherman was called in as an advisor when the SRI officially launched the project in seventy-four.

Many of the remote viewers were reporting spontaneously encountering pyramids during their sessions. The SRI would end up naming their remote viewing project the Stargate Project, and Dolphin would show up at Giza that same year.[first link 72]

The SRI’s resume begins when they were founded by Stanford University of California in 1946. When they began taking on military contracts, they were doing weapons testing for the AEC and research into chemical weapons. They diversified into deep black projects for the CIA and the Pentagon.

By 1968, they had more employees than the university itself. A few years later they would split with the university when stories of their classified defense projects leaked out and the university, still reeling from the Vietnam War, sought to distance itself from SRI.

SRI International
SRI International

By 1993, the SRI had become the world’s premier independent research institute with 75% of their contracts coming from the US Department of Defense (DoD).

It had ten offices outside of the United States and an Artificial Intelligence Laboratory operating out of Cambridge University. But it is for its practical applications of the paranormal in remote viewing, initiated by Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, that the SRI is best known by the general public.

Remote viewers are able to regularly disengage their consciousness from their bodies and project it to locations that are physically inaccessible. Once on the target location the remote viewers report the desired intelligence information back to their handler. The project’s implications of life after death and the existence of a soul fascinate the entire world.[73]

In February of 1972 the Mariner 9 revealed the first images of the surface of Mars to the earth’s current inhabitants. In the area designated as the Elysium Quadrangle, fifteen degrees north of the Martian equator, there appeared to be two large and two small three-sided pyramids. A second picture taken in August confirmed the artificial appearance of the objects in the first.

Elysium Quadrangle
Elysium Quadrangle

Many at NASA skeptically maintained that the objects in the Elysium Quadrangle were natural formations, but Karl Sagan, America’s then current made for TV scientist, remarked that, although they could be mounds sandblasted by the ages, he thought they warranted a closer look. Hurtak seized upon the pictures with seemingly reckless abandon and used them to found a new religion.

In 1976, at the cost of over a billion dollars then, America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) produced Viking I and Viking II. The American taxpayer’s return on that billion was 51,539 pictures of Mars’ surface, only 25% of which have ever been analyzed.

A picture taken of the region known as Cydonia Mensae, about 40 degrees north of the Martian equator on the opposite side of the planet to the Elysium Quadrangle, showed what appeared to be an enormous sculpture of a face staring back at the camera orbiting in space.

Unbelievably, after being remarked on in a press conference the following day, picture 35A72 was filed away with the other 51, 538 pictures, presumably to be pasted into NASA’s scrapbook in the off season.

At the time, Hurtak was using his position as Professor of Oriental Studies at the California Institute of the Arts to hone his New Age guru skills. He was known for taking his students on late night and weekend field trips to “power spots” in the California desert. One of his closest disciples; Marijke Posthuma, artist and one time set designer for the Beatles was also the fiancé of H. Guard Hall, the chief of operations at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

Jack Parsons, JPL founder
Jack Parsons, JPL founder

JPL is the company founded by Jack Parsons — Aleister Crowley’s successor in America and, according to Wernher von Braun, the real father of America’s space program. Parsons just like Hurtak, enjoyed long sojourns into the Mohave Desert. It was in the Mohave that he received a communication from the ether of LIBER 49 in 1946.

It will be recalled from part 5 that Parsons addressed Crowley in letters as “Most Beloved Father”, and the JPL staff would join Parsons in reciting Crowley’s Hymn to Pan before each test launch. It is JPL that actually controls space probes, such as the Vikings I and II. If anything at all, NASA is a subsidiary of JPL, perhaps even its Ministry of Propaganda.

In lectures, Hurtak had been predicting as early as 1975, almost two years before the Viking mission was even launched, that a sphinx would be discovered on Mars. Hall and Posthuma combed through NASA’s archives until they found Hurtak the picture of what would come to be known as the Face on Mars.

By 1977, Hurtak was using the picture in lectures where he was calling the face Sphinx-like and predicting it would be linked to Giza and the great cosmic blueprint.

In 1979, other NASA contractors became interested in 35A72. After searching through the archives Vincent DiPietro, an electrical engineer specializing in digital image processing at NASA’s Goddard Spaceflight Center in Maryland and Gregory Molenaar, a computer scientist under contract to NASA from the Lockheed Corporation, found 70A13; a second image of Cydonia Mensae taken thirty-five days later. 70A13 confirmed that the face shown 35A72 was no trick of the light and shadows. It was still clearly visible on the second picture taken at a different time and orbital position.

DiPietro and Molenaar also found what looks to be a giant five-sided pyramid about 10 miles south of the Face on the same picture. They concluded that these structures were artificial, made by some long gone Martian civilization. In May of 1980, they went public with their conclusions.

In the summer of 1983 Richard Hoagland who had worked as a media consultant for the Goddard Spaceflight Center in Maryland from 1975 to 1980 became interested in DiPietro and Molenaar’s work. By eighty-three, Hoagland was working on a project concerning the rings of Saturn at SRI headquarters in Menlo Park, California. Hoagland was able to discern an entire twelve square mile complex of pyramidal structures which he called the “City” grouped around an open space on the Cydonia Mensae. He named this space the City Square.

After the Amalantrah working, referenced in part 5, Crowley talked incessantly, although cryptically, about the City of the Pyramids…

The financial backing for the study of Hoagland’s Martian Egypt came from Paul Shay, an ex-intelligence officer then working as the vice-president of corporate affairs for the SRI at the Institute for the Study of Consciousness in Berkeley, California. Shay had him collaborate with Dolphin; and in December of eighty-three, the two formed the Independent Mars Mission (IMM) with the SRI’s money.

Many key people from the DoD would join the project — notably Erol Torun a systems analyst with the Defense Mapping Agency in Washington, DC, whom Hoagland described as being on loan. Torun would find many of the geometric and mathematical correlations exhibited by the alleged structures that Hoagland, Bauval and Hancock would extrapolate into their cosmic consciousness theories.

Dr. John Brandenburg
Dr. John Brandenburg

One of the first to join the IMM was Dr. John Brandenburg of Sandia Research Laboratories. At the time he was the leading scientist in Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative program. He had previously worked with DiPietro and Molenaar on the analysis of Cydonia.

The IMM would present their conclusions in a conference at the University of Colorado in July of eighty-four. They recommended that, given the structures artificial appearance, efforts should be mounted to return to Mars and study them further. NASA begged to differ. They claimed the structures were natural formations and warranted no further attention.[first link 74]

By eighty-eight, Hoagland had brought his media expertise to bear and carried the structural anomalies on the surface of Mars to the general public with an evangelical zeal. In the ensuing years he would be here there and everywhere on the public stage; a pre-lobotomized version of the Kardashians.

He would even address the United Nations in February of ninety-two. When I met him briefly back in the early nineties, he was already deep into it with his old employers at NASA. He told me he was a pariah and would never work for them again. He seemed quite sincere, if not a bit messianic.

In April of ninety-eight, NASA would do an end run around him when they unexpectedly announced that the Mars Global Surveyor would be photographing Cydonia Mensae.

The results would be released directly onto the internet just as soon as JPL completed the processing and digital information. When the pictures were posted to the internet they were complete disappointments showing only rocks. Hoagland was and still is adamant that they fudged the pictures. Wagons have been drawn in a circle around each camp and it remains that way till this very day.

Stargate Conspiracy book cover

In a conversation with the authors of The Stargate Conspiracy at the beginning of 1998, Uri Geller admitted the SRI had remote viewed the face on Mars in the early seventies. He wouldn’t say exactly who had done the remote viewing but later that year the AFFS would be contacted.

When emailed questioning how Hurtak knew back in seventy-five almost two years before the Viking mission that it would find a face on Mars, spokeswoman Kim Farmer replied “Dr Hurtak shared his insights of “remote viewing” with Mr Harold Sherman.” She continued “However, the principle artifact that Dr Hurtak saw was the pyramidal formations which has always been his uniqueness and not the Face itself.”[75]

Sherman was in his mid seventies when the SRI brought him in to help set up their first remote viewing project. He had begun investigating psychic phenomena in 1937 with Arctic explorer Sir George Hubert Wilkins. Sherman was in New York, Wilkins the Arctic, and at the end of each day, they would send each other thought images. They recorded over a 60% accuracy ratio and would publish the results in their book Thoughts Through Space in 1942.

It was Sherman who coined the term “little green men” to describe space aliens.[first link 75] Before 1974, he wrote scores of books running the gamut from fantasy and sports fiction to non-fiction self help; the power of prayer, quit drinking, true love, successful marriage and harnessing ESP to be used in a productive life.

From seventy-four till his death in eighty-seven, Sherman would write just four more books; You Can Communicate with the Unseen World, How to Know What to Believe, How to Picture What You Want, and the last one in eighty-one, The Dead Are Alive! The exclamation point is his.

Hurtak had already been in contact with disembodied entities for a very long time when, on January second and third of 1973, by his own account, Master Ophanim Enoch, acting in the capacity of a liaison for the Council of Nine, an allusion to the ancient Egyptian pantheon of On (Heliopolis), lifted him up in a Merkabah.


Hurtak, as have many would be Magi before him, has his own definition of Merkabah. “Divine light vehicle used by the masters to probe and reach the faithful in the many dimensions of the divine mind.”[76] Ben Yehuda’s pocket Hebrew dictionary defines the ancient Hebrew word MRCBH, spelled Mem, Resh, Caph, Beth, Heh, as meaning chariot.

In the ensuing two days he would be taken by Metatron to meet YHWH (“Yahweh”) himself and be given The Keys of Enoch. Over the next few years he would formulate a commentary and publish it all in a book.

The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch features YHWH’s name emblazoned in gold in an English alphabet capped with decorative Hebrew style Yods across a white background. The four letters constitute the only thing written on the cover. Just as Hurtak intended when he wrote the book it has become the bible of the New Age intelligentsia and the source of much of its doctrines and lore.

Hurtak was given sixty-four keys of understanding and told by Enoch “the first fifty-four Keys are to be the foundation for the Ten Commandments – the ten final keys that will give the grid system of life and the resurrection and the respatialization of the collective humanity that will proceed into the universal I AM THAT I AM.”[77]


The Keys of Enoch foretell of impending dissolution for all that is and the preparations to be made for it. Those who have been chosen will carry forth the evolution of the collective consciousness — what in Qabalism is called Adam Kadmon — into a higher dimension of form, one that encompasses the previous one, one that is as god to the consciousness that it was.

Enoch goes on to tell Hurtak “the last ten Keys – the Ten commandments- are pyramidal grid structures of light coordinating the dynamic vibrations, the gravitational vibrations, and the vital cycles according to the Divine Plan of YHWH.”[78]

According to Master Ophanim Enoch, by way of Hurtak, the Judeo-Christian god’s divine plan is written in pyramids of light. On its way to a greater creation each lesser creation must pass through the eye of YHWH which dwells in the center of a pyramid of light that connects them.

The entire multiverse described by Hurtak is interconnected with pyramids of light. “This is a cosmological constant which enables every realm of intelligence to be reprogrammed into a higher level of creation when they can go through their pyramidal energy field of creation.”[79]

At the time of the formulation of his book Hurtak had not exactly gotten around yet to predicting a sphinx on mars. He does say in Key1-0-8 that there is a “Pyramid-Sphinx in the middle of the earth.”[80] He explains that the Pyramid-Sphinx “shows how the face of Higher Evolution is able to travel through our sun system and embody its consciousness in our solar evolution, in the body of our Lion-Sun.”[81]

The Book of Knowledge
The Book of Knowledge: the Keys of Enoch

Next to Plate 3 in his book captioned “Enlargement of Elysian Quadrangle on Mars showing ‘Pyramidal Formation’ Mariner 9. – JPL/NASA” Hurtak writes pyramids were established on Mars to be used as informational grids by “artificial intelligence. They were built for the gathering of information deciphered from the magnetic lines of force attuned with thinking servomechanisms or computers existing in our solar system.”[82]

It was 1973; nobody was talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) yet. It would be another twenty-five years before Colonel Corso introduced it into serious discussion with The Day After Roswell. There was Gene Roddenberry, with Nomad the planet destroying self-aware space probe featured on episode two in the second season of Star Trek. After that there were comic books.

It would also be about twenty-five years till David Icke would first start squealing about reptilians, twenty until he held a press conference announcing that he was the son of god.

Nevertheless, The keys of Enoch describe a battle for man’s soul between the dark extraterrestrial forces originating from Alpha Draconis and the Brotherhood of Light out of the Pleiades and Orion.

In the commentary for Key 1-0-9, Hurtak is already laying the groundwork for both Icke’s reptilians and the greater Israel of the neo-cons. “The Sons of Light, the B’nai Or, have established a light pyramid functioning on this end of the light spectrum in relationship to the Pleiades and Orion. Conversely, the Black Cube functions with Alpha Draconis for the Children of Darkness.[83] The Black Cube is symbolic of all the anti-matter which passes through our planetary system of creation. It shows ‘alpha and omega’ tracings of sub-atomic decay and dying star properties.[84] To save the peoples of the world who are under the energies of the Black Cube is to bring them the Torah Or, God’s program of Light.”[85]

Just so there are no mistakes as to who the children of darkness are Hurtak, on behalf of YHWH, writes in Key 1-0-9: “THE ANTI-UNIVERSE IS COMPOSED OF STAR FIELD ENERGIES REVEALED ON THE BLACK CUBE IN MECCA WHICH SHOWS THE FUNCTION AND DESTRUCTION OF THREE DIMENSIONAL UNIVERSES.”[86]

Apparently YHWH does not approve of Islam, and just so there are no mistakes about the way his son Jesus also feels about it, Hurtak adds in the commentary “so we see in the Kabba, the key geometries of the anti power of life, the anti-Christos, and the anti-Zohar, we see this even in the very language of the Islamic scholars and leaders who gathered at the Kabba who bowed down to the Black Stone as they prepared to ‘liberate Jerusalem’, which is known to be the place of the coming ‘Pyramid Capstone of Light.’”[87]

Messianic ranting aside, Hurtak was talking about the 1973 Arab–Israeli War, taking place as he was writing the book. America would inexplicably side against her own corporate interests in what has become known as the October War. The Nixon Administration rushed billions in arms supplies to Israel shifting the balance of power in a war the Arabs were winning. In response Saudi Arabia declared an oil embargo against America facilitating the 1973 energy crisis. From that time on till this day Israel has had America’s unquestioning support.

YHWH’s alleged revelation is militantly Judeo-Christian ascensionist, if not a bit self referential. The human race will be passing through a neutral zone in the cosmos which will bring great calamity to the three dimensional world. Death is coming to all in this world that cling to it, particularly the Islamic multitudes that are toxic to Adam Kadmon; the universal human soul. “Xoikoi, the clay people” are hindering Adam Kadmon’s evolution into a higher multidimensional world.

A new race must be achieved to carry forth human existence, a race capable of existing in the plurality of worlds that spawned this one. This will and is being accomplished by recombining and resequencing genetic codes in accordance to permutations of the letters in the Tetragrammaton.

The Tetragrammaton is any one of the twelve possible four letter combinations of the Judeo-Christian god’s name such as YVHH, the right way to spell Yahweh, or YHVH which would be Jehovah. Some of these permutations and the importance of them to the Qabalist, such as the one represented on America’s Great Seal, have been discussed in Behind the Bush part 6.

The six pointed star, the “Star of David,” is naught but a cube folded into itself. If you lightly trace a perfect six pointed star on paper then draw a line connecting each of the points on the perimeter you will have a hexagon. Then draw diagonal lines internally connecting the right and the left points and draw a vertical line from the top point of the star to the bottom point. You will have drawn a cube.

Sepher Yetsirah
Sepher Yetsirah

In the Sepher Yetsirah, god uses the letters in his name Yod, Heh, and Vav to seal the six infinite directions and create cubic space where Cartesian existence is possible. The infinite height is sealed with YHV, the infinite depth with YVH, the infinite east with HYV, the infinite west with HVY, the infinite south with VYH, and the infinite north with VHY.

The Sepher Yetsirah is said to have been written by Abraham himself. So YHVH has long held the copyright on the cube.

Hurtak is talking about nuts and bolts genetic engineering to be performed by entity’s he refers to as bioengineers but there is also the ethereal.

“The primal face code is the Hebrew letters of the Tetragrammaton which are the fire geometries (i.e., thought geometries, not originally letters) triggering reactions within the DNA-RNA letter combinations. These letters from the image components which extend from the world of the Adam Kadmon through the world of negative mass, bringing the image necessary for the imprinting of the divine life upon the primitive units of the DNA-RNA.”[88]

The newly engineered race of Zion will no longer require a sun.

In fact they will be able to live on the sun. Hurtak writes they will “demonstrate the ability to live in high frequency light radiations (i.e., waves that can go faster than the speed of light) and will exemplify the mutation of the physical form that is necessary for the those beings that plan to survive the great changes in light radiation when our sun goes into an electromagnetic null zone.”[89]

Key 2-0-3 reads in partial “THE KEYS TO THE FUTURE BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMICAL GENETICS ARE GIVEN IN MANY DOUBLE HELIXES.”[90] But only those of Zion, the people of the light, will be transfigured. The “Pneumatikoi;” the few chosen to work with the light, “must begin to concentrate on the double helix pattern that expands towards death – where the magnetic repulsive force separates two strands of the double helix.”[91]

“By working with the discorporating double helix forms”[92] and by altering the structure of the hydrogen bonding the helix itself, bodies can be evolved “that are capable of living in other chemical environments, including non-earthly environments consisting of ammonia, methane, and formaldehyde atmospheres.”[93]


The people of the light will be able to “grow multiple arms, heads, and organs necessary for life in other environments.”[94] They will come in stock silver and blue “or almost in any combination of color patterns desired for membrane coverage.”[95]

Hurtak speculates “a miniature specie can be evolved which can absorb less physical substance in interstellar flight or a gargantuan specie can be evolved which can have greater resilience to live in the atmosphere of the Jovian-like planets.”[96] Ancient Atlantis will have nothing on the new Zion whose elect will “live under water in different planetary environments where the Higher Evolution can build “cities” with special environments for the training of their offspring.”[97]

YHVH’s “bioengineers will have the ability to use laser-like light projection (e.g. by optical rotation) to demodulate a complete physical form into an energy form which can be projected to a vehicle or an environment in the lower heavens where it can be remodulated into the same physical form. This is called biolocation.”[98] In 1973, in Roddenberry’s Star Trek, it was called Teleportation as in ‘beam me up Scotty.’

“Specie forms can be created having an intelligence which is directly connected to a parent mind.”[99] Hurtak gives further clarification. “In other words, just as the higher mind can experience many worlds simultaneously, this new creation will also possess the ability to occupy these realms by multiple physical embodiments all connected with one mind.”[100]

Space brother ascensionist delirium aside, Hurtak’s YHWH and Brotherhood of Light seem to have been conjured from the same dark dream as HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu and the Old Ones. About a decade after Hurtak published The Keys of Enoch, stories about Dulce, New Mexico began to appear in New Age lore.


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  1. Not sure if repeating myself, but I’m quite worried about the negative outlook of your writings Jack. I appreciate your part in the “disclosure” but I do not like pervasive nihilism, promoting the idea of rejecting completely the physical world as irredeemably evil. World is a beautiful place, people are wonderful creatures, and our lives matter. I knew closely people who had fulfilling life, loved and were loved deeply, and are greatly missed today – all this without a clue about the evil schemes presented here. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
    I do not want this world to be destroyed by no means, but saved from the catastrophic plans set in motion decades ago and accelerated on 9/11 aimed at full spectrum world dominance.

    • Sorry for answering this comment so late but I was not aware of it till today. LS leave to you to either misunderstand or misrepresent everything I and Orage have ever written. I think this ones almost as wildly inaccurate as the time you tried to tell my readers I had been banned from VT for preaching hatred and Nazism, painting me as an anti-Semite because I despise the lies of the pharisees and sadducees that now are passed off as orthodox Judaism. that one was comical considering that in one of the first lines I wrote for VT (Behind the Bush part 1) I identified myself as a Messianic Jew. As I have stated in Lucifer that is the only religion I find acceptable. This painting me as a despiser of life and existence may even rival that one for inaccuracy. I have urged my readers at every twist, turn, sentence and paragraph to take from this world every pleasure possible, hedonism has no greater advocate than myself as long as it does not come at the expense of your fellow creatures. I would urge anyone who has any doubts of that to go and read what thus far has been my magnum opus on VT Return of the Titans

  2. Obscurantism, yes, and great word too Peter, probably the exact word i would have used to describe Dr. Hurtak and company over the last twenty or so years of my association with them, till i did the research… Hurtak has multiple doctorates and is the author of multiple papers on file at NASA. His mentor Andrija Puharich is the real father of MKUltra and the very name the CIA was so determined to keep out of the senatorial hearings in 1977 when they successfully invoked 102(d) (3) of the National Security Act of 1947. This is empirical science, about as empirical as it gets, couched as a theological revelation. That’s the whole point of me doing this little exegesis of his book. Keep reading my friend…

  3. Well LC everyone always said that god had a plan and he did. Now you all know what it is. Your children shall be bat winged humanoids capable of growing multiple heads and arms in order to adapt to the hostile environments of deep space. Don’t be too appalled. They will come in many attractive colors… Of course we shall have to get rid of the clay people first but as you point out with your comment the plan is preceding along rapidly now. All around you can watch Yahweh’s little helpers busily at work, making it happen…

  4. Jack,
    I find in the approach of Hurtak et al, a seminal introduction to Kurzweils’ transhumanism, a terror of death, and a lust for immortality.
    I dunno what you think, but from my perspective, the Kabbala was not, is not a native Jewish mysticism. In my own research, I find the roots for the Kabbala in the Sumer/Babylon civilization which first developed the art of marrying mysticism with politico-temporal control. Of course, Sumer/Babylon were not true the inventors of the Kabbala either, but more synthesizers of the seers’ tradition, those who always accompanied but stood apart from the workings of society.
    Similarly, there are some pretty remarkable correspondences, between Mayan religious practice, and what we have recovered from Sumer/Babylon. Yes, I recall you have hinted at some of this in previous pieces published here at VT, yet it bears repeating.
    What both amazes and saddens me is the current suicidal impulse among the self-appointed rulers of the planet, and the abject glee with which the idiot masses follow these creeps.
    Again, I do not subscribe to so many modern notions that derive from fundamental errors of understanding reality, or to the indoctrination that covers these perspectives and provides them with a false sense of certainty.

    • I believe my previous comments elucidate my position adequately enough for anyone who might not understand what I’ve said.
      From my perspective, the unholy marriage of a bastard mysticism with an erroneous science is merely a deepening and confabulating of even greater error. The danger here is that fundamentally intentionally applied error can be difficult if not impossible to correct. We have been instructed about this through the few remaining words of the last great scholar of Alexandria, Hypatia, who was viciously and savagely murdered by the effing christians.
      At the same time, I’m rather glad the creeps don’t quite get it, because if they did, all they would do is coat it with excrement and defile it every step of the way, sort of like they do to the Soul.

    • Addendum,
      Nothing above is to question the availability of power in the Kabbalist tradition. The Kabbala is the centerpiece of the western magical tradition for a reason, and that reason has nothing to do with kicking back in the sun at the beach.
      Power, when taken to the extent that the creeps are taking it to, becomes its own block and pitfall to the access and development of the faculty of knowledge, and the unfolding of the psyche.
      I find much evidence that it is at this point where the fate of humanity balances.

    • As you can see from Light Sabers passage Mike they are losing and losing badly in the war for hearts and minds and they know it. But just like “Doc” Holliday in Tombstone I prefer to play for blood…

    • Yeah, Jack, having just read the comments, I can smell their dismay.
      These pinheads apparently are busy trying to pigeon hole that which they cannot grasp, and demonize it to boot. Is this an old story, or what?
      I can only laugh at them, destined as they are for one whopper of a comeuppance.

  5. Contd, shrtd
    “Lucifer or Sophia is the being they worship. Like Prometheus, he is the one who can bring the fire of knowledge to people and make them gods themselves, the original lie of the garden of Eden. Every Luciferian believes in this, and because in their view the aeons are superior to the demiurge, they think Lucifer is more powerful than the God of the Christians. Jesus, when invoked by them, is only another aeon or an ascended master, who can also help them against the restrictions imposed by Jehovah God.

    The start […] works of a disciple of the satanist Papus, a Frenchman occultist called René Guenon. He created the perennial philosophy, which is basically the doctrine that “all paths lead to God” or at least to the aeons.

    Alice Bailey, left, of the Theosophical Society and the Lucifer Trust gave momentum to the world gnostic religion by associating it with the United Nations. Now, they say that the advent of the world religion is the only way humankind can prevent the cataclysms of the apocalypse. let’s all follow the Illuminati’s new world order…

    Gnosticism has been heavily promoted by globalists such as Prince Charles, Patron of the Temenos Academy dedicated to the central ideas of the Perennial Philosophy.” ?

  6. Interesting piece Jack, looking forward to next parts. Good to see you and Orage back. I wonder what do you think about this by some Marcos over at Maków “Gnosticism is Satan’s Tool”? I would appreciate your analysis, please.

    “Unlike Christianity, Gnosticism doesn’t recognize sin or the need for salvation. Like Scientology, it substitutes salvation with an awakening of spiritual powers and a transcendence from the material world that is an effort of the individual, helped by spirits. God is unknowable and silent.

    The Kabbalah is also essentially gnostic; that is, one must learn the spiritual secrets of the Torah through the cryptic and intricate Zohar, and then advance through esoteric knowledge and occult actions. It also teaches emanations.”

    “It is easy to see how gnosticism will lead to the new world religion. It really doesn’t matter what your religion is, as long as you look for truth through mysticism. Of course, the only exception is true Christianity, the work of the demiurge to enslave us through the Bible. You can say you are a Christian (like Bill Clinton or Obama) or a Muslim and not believe a thing about its doctrine. You only were born in that culture. What matters is your esoteric (for the initiated) divine spark, not your exoteric (for the masses) tradition.”

    • Light Saber its good to see an old friend. If I was you I wouldn’t be reading Makow if I wanted to know about the Qabalah, or Lucifer, let alone Sophia. I have my doubts about Makow even being Jewish, given his affiliation with Jim Stone and company. I know those guys LS, you think I’m anti-Semitic? As far as that passage I’m not even going to bother commenting on rhetoric, let alone rhetoric coming from that crew. Why didn’t they run that one in the in Daily Stormer where they run the rest of their psy-ops? Didn’t know anyone even still read Makow. This is what I have to say and this is what the facts have to say. The challenge remains open for any Rabbi or Jesuit to try and impeach them. I’m waiting and I have been waiting for 5 years…

  7. Gerry! Yes, good to see/write you too. Western Mining/BHP? Have not heard the latest gossip. But this would not surprise me at all. Mining is so down you can’t imagine. And people say we have not even hit the bottom yet. And I don’t believe in pensions/superannuation anymore. I’d rather buy gold, silver or booze with that 30% of my wage! Oz is a Banana Republic with the kilo for 3$/Oz! I don’t know what we will be doing soon. But at least we can show-off to the world: We have the leader with the biggest Segelohren (‘Sailing Ears’). He listens so well with them to the masters!
    I’m not a great follower of Alex Jones. Don’t know what to make of him.
    Keep well!

  8. Sorry LC but i can’t answer personnel questions, that would be in violation of the rules of this engagement, we will stick with the parameters of the essay, its enough LC, just read between the lines…

    • I wouldn’t and i don’t believe a word they say about Stonehedge Pyotr, Scott Wolter is now saying DC architecture is based on it and it is in turn based on knowledge of the Goddess, that i might believe…

  9. What does an agnostic, dyslexic insomniac do? …Lies awake nights wondering if there really is a dog.
    Brilliant work, Jack and Orage. You are fighting the good fight on the real battleground and I commend your bravery.

    • Thank you Nancy and they say that Dog being God spelled backwards is an allusion to the Dog Star and Sirius, we will be mentioning that, glad you did…

  10. i think actually you two have a lot in common, its the old thing about putting two bulls in the same barn, they just have to fight…

  11. The Russians just like the Germans and for that matter all Europeans, are a proud and magnificent people and I truly believe the day is swiftly coming when they realize just how much has taken from them and god only help schlomo when they come to take it back…

  12. We will be getting to Golbeki Tepi. Everything you have been told is a lie LC starting with god and the devil and ending with that repugnant Morgan Freeman science they sell like three dollar hits of crack on Schlomos TV set. You are the chicken and they are the chicken farmers basically just trying to get you to market at peak value; which is on your knees praying to the gods they made paralyzed be fear and castrated by ignorance. But their world is getting smaller by the minute as careful researchers chip away at it on the internet. Their only defense is to flood that internet with outlandish lies and utter nonsense in an attempt to blanket discredit the source. That’s why I fastidiously research everything I write about that I don’t already know. I even double check what I already know. When a good writer swallows just one of their lies he becomes an asset, been there and done that and just like the Who “I won’t get fooled again.” I’m nobody’s asset. You can believe just what they want you too about Lucifer or you can believe the facts as the ancient sages left them there concealed so they wouldn’t be expunged and to be discovered later by someone who had the tools to do so

  13. AWP,
    Some questions; Is your anger from being shown the deficiencies in your world view?
    Further, why do assume that everything must be concrete, rational, and “material”?
    If you really want to know, why do you think knowledge exists outside of you? How can you ever know anything if it supports the duality? Aren’t you then simply deifying the creation rather than the creator? Is this the path to true knowledge?
    If you are on the path, why do you care anything about moi, if indeed I exist merely to anger and frustrate you?
    Do you really think you can illuminate your condition through blanket statements and cheap sloganeering?
    Yeah, AWP, I’m your Dark Angel and your worst nightmare. Take the plunge.

  14. Addition:

    What I’ve clearly noticed over the past years is a renaissance of all kinds of magical literature, films (I sorrily don’t like films) and the presence and discussion about such things in a growing membership of anything esotheric. This synchronizes nicely with the decline of religion, often but not always paralleled in the decline of morality and higher values in general.

    After trying to dig into some of this a bit deeper, I always had to realize the installment of one guru after another and – as always – really big business for some poor believers who like to be fascinated or thrilled by something light or dark.

    What is known over a long period of time in human history is the fact, that in times of crisis the longing for some deeper understanding, perhaps even a deeper way of standing up against it can be observed.

    Why highly scientific people like Jack Pearson where totally fascinated by black magic, I have no clue at all. I even cannot understand Newton, Bacon and most of the crowd in those days, after reading Galbraith’s book about him and Bacon’s Atlantis. Everything is always in clouds, nothing is said clearly and honest. That always made me suspicious, but I’m no expert in all this at all. Maybe I’ve simply have to learn other forms of understanding this world around us.

    • Detlef, you need to go back about 150 years for a marked shift. Not all occult play on the same team. You´ll start to notice a string of circles claiming to have ancient Egyptian knowledge. How many of them were carnival artists luring easy tricks & elite clientele with cheap thrills of exclusivity is for you to discern. The documentation is there to see, its influence into the highest circles of power and woven into the very fabric of society. Not theory, just strings of historical evidence, barely hidden if one looks beyond the fantasy of press reporting. Now how much one can call these cravings a reaction to the void of meaning in the material world, or wether the evidence bears out planning, you´ll have to make up your own mind.

  15. Thank you Jack for this article. I have to confess, that I had no problems to undestand the first part, but because I’m not inclined in any esotheric or religious methaphysics (including quantum metaphysics) and never practiced black arts by yself nor know anyone personally who did, I cannot follow the “light” part.

    I take it simply as some phantasies. What I’ve learned for shure is, that there exist a lot of totally crazy and very dangerous people with some strange concentraton in some specific parts of the world, who do practice all kind of black arts and things like that and even use it to justify their evil doings, with which they regularly torment mankind.

    I will be following your astounding and profound investigations and revelations, but I must definitely say that I prefer classic number theory over talmudical number black magic, which itself is based on an alphabet. The simple reason for this is, you can calculate real things with it and I’m not quite sure, what can be calculated and constructed by black arts of any kind.


    • This is a world where dark is light and light is dark Detlef so why not have Hurtak write its epitaph disguised as a eulogy to the light. Just like I said in my essay LUCIFER there are those who use both the truth and the lie as a justification for their own gluttony. They think they can escape the laws of Karma which in the end is the reckoning for all Black Magicians. We shall see…

  16. G’day Jack,
    I think you need to write an entire book on that topic! Are you somehow related to Robert Anton Wilson???
    He wrote the introduction to John Carter’s ‘Sex and Rockets’…..I know you read it.
    There’s so much literature out there and Wilson came a long way. He knew something. Through him I learned a different perspective on Crowley and Parsons, for I struggled hard to be conditioned by the main-stream slur on those characters.
    For sure, Giza is the key (or a key) to overcome our insanity, no doubt. But man (and woman) will not be able to gain any understanding before cleaning up their brains from all that victim-perpertrator-salvationist (J. Lash) trash. Speaking of good olde Lash, he’s just publishing an essay on THE TRUE Lucifer! ##
    Maybe we got it all wrong! (Except for our masonic handlers of course…..)
    Hopefully we will find our library passes for the Akashic Records soon. I’m sick and over it and all this media bs I have to endure every day!
    Sometimes you just want to be a Viking again, drinking fermented honey from aurochs horns, being wild, free and merry and defending the spiritual onslaught from the holy roman empire……
    Anyway, keep writing and as always….have a nice day!

    • Cheers Dieter, freedom based on natural moral & golden rule, with a pint sounds good. Just watch out for the Irish monks & Charlemagne, wanting to chop down the tree of many names.

    • Deiter i was hoping you wouldn’t miss this one, I am particularly suited to write about Dr. Hurtak and companys plans for Ascensionism because I had to hear it for 15 years, some of it straight from the horses mouth. But I was taught about Crowley from those who knew him best and the only thing they had to do with Hurtak and company is myself… The first thing I was taught is never read anything about him unless it was written by him or Israel Regardie, the only man that ever really got to know him, till me… I’ll get to Crowley when i get to him, and much to consternation of even those who support me i will get to him, along with Parsons too. I have too. There is no other way! You have a link to Liber 49 right in this essay but i will say this right now; the last thing they ever want you to know is who and what he was. That would empower you. Then its game over for them…

  17. I try to avoid using the word Satanist LC for reasons i just gave AWP. Satan is not even a real name for an angel. it is derived from the Aramaic Shiatan which means in opposition to god, the next thing you know people are throwing around the word Luciferian and digging their own grave as they do so. Lucifer is the savior and rightful groom of the Goddess. If you need me to prove that to you right now then just google LUCIFER jackheart, otherwise it will all be explained when i finally get to finish this; what was supposed to be an essay… And as always LC thank you for the comments and link.

  18. They are breeding towards a slave race to serve them Mile. Slaves don’t need to know nor do they want to know anything but what is the task at hand. Moo moo bah bah and hi ho hi ho its off to work we go. Their only problem is they are not the ones who have the final say so. Where there is a slave race there must also be a master race and the entity’s they are dealing with are just as treacherous as they are. They don’t know where they stand with them and somebody or something has went and breed a whole lotta of Kings and Queens, now this hive must either swarm or it must find out who really rules it and rid itself of what is old and no longer fit…

  19. Jack,
    I am personally glad that you are moving into the meat and potatoes. One can always tell when they are arriving at true substance, because the primitive and shallow minds can no longer follow, and throw baby fits.
    The record of our living planet has never been lost, simply forgotten, because those who wished it so, made it so. Vicious murderers, now heralded as the last bastion of salvation.
    I maintain that the elite you write so eloquently of, never had the Vulcan death grip on all knowledge, although I do find much evidence that what they didn’t control, they sought to destroy.
    There have always been the wild seers and shamans, Jack, its just that they don’t write books and get grants.
    Never had much time for the sleeping prophet, personally. Icke seems like he really wants to be the go to source for all things, but he just doesn’t grasp enough of it to warrant this position. I think its the Far Sight institute that’s trying to get remote viewing out of the DOD, and into the hands of a greater cross section. Courtney Brown is all over this, claiming openly that quantum mechanics explain it all. I’m not so certain of that!

    • What IS certain is that the ancient mystical traditions offered a blueprint and a working approach toward the unfolding and awakening of human potential that modern science is still just sniffing at the door of. The ancient seers knew, because they lived it. It is only due to the brutality of the ruling class that any of this was ever forgotten.
      We do not need permission from a decaying, self serving group of self appointed arbiters of the divine. We only need the permission from those who really instruct us, and they do not walk about eating, farting, and defecating.

    • Mike, would you think yourself better than your children? Would you help them without question, or would you wait for them to ask some type of permission? We don’t need permission from divine beings because there aren’t any. Everyone is powered by the same living energy because there is only one power that has ever existed. When you ask permission from someone you’re kneeling to them. Any life in favor of creation wouldn’t expect a bent knee and would help without being asked. universal-rights dot com revision

    • Do not be to sure Mike that these entity’s will not incarnate themselves to walk among men when they have too. Remember the prophecy of the Book of the Jaguar Priests. The 13 gods of heaven and 9 gods of hell will descend to earth where they will do battle with Bolon Yokte or the Shining One. I can also tell you that she is here right now to watch the whole thing. I feel her, watching, and if ever she should unleash the darkness this will be a very short fight indeed… In the words of Jimmy Carroll:

      “I feel her skin . . . it’s thin and white as pressed milk
      I closed my eyes and she vanished just like burnt silk
      And what remains was like some fallen thunder
      And my lips were chained; they were filled with empty wonder

      But the stars tell lies, it blinds the only warning
      And when darkness dies, there’s nothing left but morning . . .”

    • You bow down to nothing AWP, man is one half of a god far greater than Yahweh, in fact the only thing Yahweh fears; The Son of Man…

    • AWP
      Clearly, you do not understand what I wrote.
      Your world view contains just enough knowledge to be insolent, yet lacks too much for Gnosis.

    • Yes Jack, but we must needs go to them as well.
      The Dark lords have always had a hand in it, nor can anyone but a Hyllic simpleton claim to be immune from their will.
      Lest we forget, we are seeded from afar, yet crafted here. Thus we are of a multifaceted harmonic.
      The darkness that modern man toys with is not the awesome dark. Few would want to know that immensity, yet like Simon Magus instructs, one must stand in the Dark to know the Light.

    • And Nietzsche said the tree that strives most ardently to the light is also the tree whose roots are anchored most firmly in the darkness. All of them, including Yahweh, have no idea what the darkness is really like. I’m hoping she shows them…

    • Would you like to know a definition of annoying, AWP?
      Here is a hint, it begins with preaching half truths as total truths-which by the way, do not exist, and then getting all sensitive when such preaching is not well received.
      If, in your universe, you don’t have to say please and thank you to the Avatars of Gnosis, I submit that you are mistaking astral refuse for genuine knowledge, incarnate beings for more potent ones, or perhaps you are merely another operative for the criminocracy that poses as legitimate modern leadership.

    • I find it particularly interesting that modern sensibilities are so quick to place the unearned crown of divinity upon the human head. This type of affront to the universe carries with it an entire series of repercussions and unintended consequences, all of which are blithely dismissed in the name of hubris.
      Facts are that nothing is free, everything is earned and payed for, including the glimpse of divinity.
      Modern man is obsessed with the notion of truth, not as a reality, but as a plaything to be manipulated for low level ends-or as an easily digestible guide map that carries with it all the privilege it can lift.
      The seeker is not immune to such trends. It was Fulcanelli who stole everything, grasped some of it, and died an ignominious death.
      Its too late for the modern mind, so obsessed with its self-importance, to stop and realize the nature of what it assumes is its given state. Instead, we are left to all kinds of stabs at certainty which we wish to find in each others’ eyes.
      The certainty cannot come from others, nor can it come from the Light.
      The certainty can only come from the Dark, the all encompassing glittering deep that is pregnant with everything, while erasing all those quaint little assumptions we all hold so dear.

    • Emma, really, I just prefer to stay back and do my talking with facts rather than harangue my readers with comments to brief and undocumented to make any respectable point. I have to take exception to your Jesus Christ archetype but. Now what Jesus Christ would that be because as we all know Jesus comes in more flavors than Ralphs Italian Ices. Are we talking about turn the other cheek and bend over Jesus, Jesus the avatar of truth and justice who has never thrown a punch or perhaps the Jesus of the Jews who makes fine sniper rifles to kill those infidel Muslims with. Which dam Jesus are we talking about Emma? I defined archetype in part 1 of Shadow of Nemesis and if I must say so myself I probably did the best job that has ever been done in the English language with it, yet still I have people confusing archetypes with fairytales. If you are afraid of the dark then you better buy yourself a night light because Jesus… his job is to open the door and let the devil in while your are sleeping. Ever watch those haunting shows on the learning channels? There’s a reason why all the victims are always Christian, same thing with the Footsteps of Evil…

    • Em,
      You have already followed.
      You should know better than to attempt to build your shield after discovering fascination and its’ fear, especially a pretentious shield based on abrahamic mind control.
      You know, Em, that your vision of Christian service has led to the world today teetering on the brink of WW3. You also know that discovery of any value requires blinders. No, Em your attempt to build your shield of light is based on a fundamental misapplication.
      You fear what you are, because you have been indoctrinated over lifetimes to accept a definition that is inherently limiting.
      This has been the greatest act of black magic in the annals of history. It involves not only the material plane, but the astral. It worked with a kernel of natural flow, but soon misdirected it. This black magic involves real entities, and real choices.
      Now that you have retreated to familiar ground, its time to look deep within, deeper than your thinking, deeper than your contradictory state of judgement and non-discretion can take you-if you have the stuff for the challenge.

    • Em,
      Abrahamiic ideology permeates everything so seamlessly that if we are not vigilant, we fall into it. Even the so-called atheists of science simply ape this indoctrination.
      The effectiveness of mind control is rooted directly to its ability to bypass our defenses. If, as you suggest, you have immunized yourself from the abrahamiic virus, then you are indeed rare and powerful.
      The Dark is not the shadow of the psyche. It is not the cover for anti-life objectives, nor is it a mental state. The Dark is deeper than such flotsam.
      It supports and gives structure to the Light.
      It is the abode of the complement, potential rather than manifest. It is the warm embrace of the divine feminine.
      In modern vernacular, darkness is perceived as synonymous with the wrong, the evil, that to be avoided and shunned.
      In traditional vernacular, darkness is that which provides for the incubation of seeds, for the mystery of conception, for the impulse of creation. The Dark is closest to the Unmanifest Light.

  20. Interesting article. DNA is a topic of the both the old and new testaments, clearly hidden between the lines of their stories. The god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob forbid those three from building an alter with stones cut by human hands – evidentially he didn’t want the stink of Masons on it. Secret societies are a problem for Earth and always have been. The sons of light and sons of darkness are symbolic, the Masons fitting into the sons of darkness, and technology does not a god make. Manipulating DNA works directly against creation and should be abandoned. The story of the face of Mars can be found in clay cuneiform tablets dating to the 4th millennium BC. Yahweh and his son are not divine – just read the story of the sharecropper in the new testament – nobody has a right to your soul. More at universal-rights dot com revision

    • Actually AWP the metal would have interfered with the resonating of magnetic fields which is what these edifices really do. They used granite and quartz to avoid that. One day you people are going to have to face the facts that Yahweh is a demonic entity. I would think by now that through observation of his chosen people you would have figured that out by now. Do you think Hurtak is kidding? These people do not kid nor do they engage in flights of fantasy, they do and are doing all this right now to you and your progeny. Your grand children, under the direction of Yahweh (and do not think for one second that they cannot contact these entity’s at will. what do you think they were really doing when they told you they were going to the moon?) are going to be silver-blue colored squids with membranous bat wings. I hope you are happy with this…

    • Organized religions are not the problem AWP, the temptation to use the poison apple of rationalism and point the accusing finger at the pulpit is always there, I know, even Nietzsche fell into that trap and he knew better. But think for a second, the problem is not organized religion, the problem is the evil evil god of Abraham, the jealous ands boastful bully of a god who slaughters whole worlds on the drop of a name. Who has ever been killed in the Buddha’s name? To the best of my knowledge no war has ever been waged anywhere in history or in the world over what was the correct way to know God that did not directly involve the Abrahamists as the antagonists. It is they who have plunged the world into thousands of years of darkness at the points of their crooked swords and now I hope to the one true God that their time has finally come. Christian, Muslim and Jew, in the the words of the Midnight Rambler “everybody’s got to go!”

  21. One of the best articles VT has ever had.

    The Merkaba is real and it is a traveling vehicle every bit as real as a car or airplane.
    It requires a balance of physical and emotional/spiritual energies expressed through the chakras.

    Only complaint is the shot at Icke.
    I keep getting the feeling that the people who take shots at him fail to read his material.
    The “son of God” reference is pretty lame shot considering his 25 year consistency.


    good work.


  22. Quantum physics posits similar twisted ideas: non-local causes, Schrodinger’s cat, matter materializing and then dematerializing, statistical existence or non-existence….but because of quantum physics, the lights still work. I wrote The Nonsense of Reality: A Quantum Physics Rap as an introduction to the Quantum and had it checked for accuracy by a college physics professor. It passed muster.

    The universe before me now
    is what I merely see,
    for I construct my world to know
    the face of reality.

  23. This is an charmingly inventive piece of fantasy masquerading as historical research. I guess the complete lack of empirical evidence backing these theories must be proof of a sinister conspiracy to hide these deep truths.

    And for the record, Judaism was polytheistic right from the start, with Asherah (his wife) being worshipped alongside Yahweh, Ishtar, and Baal, just as is recorded in Nehemiah. The monotheistic Yahweh cult is an invention of the Jerusalem Temple priesthood circa 600 BCE. They rewrote the sacred texts at that time to project the new faith backward onto the mythical Abraham and Moses figures.

    When the temple was destroyed by foreign invaders in 587 BCE, rather than admit they had followed a false god who lacked the power to defend his own house, that same priesthood came up with the remarkable rationalization that this Yahweh was no less than the universal god of all men, at whose personal command the Babylonians inflicted this disaster on the Jews because of their sinfulness! What an amazing fabrication, cleverly conceived so the priests could retain their prestige after misleading their people so spectacularly.

    • HIS apparently you have read a book, congratulations! Unfortunately apparently you have not read our essay before commenting on it. But thanks for the comment anyway and do come back when you do have time to read our essay…

    • John don’t jump the gun, it gets much worse, these guys weren’t just playing at this. The next two pieces will be about the science behind all this, behind all that you see before you. Karmic laws have been violated. There is no turning back for them, and they took you and the rest of the human race along for the ride…

  24. Very interesting … transforming the human for an existence other than on earth. Yet, so much data, so complex, so much mind candy projected into a future that seems always too distant. I remember trying to tackle Keys of Enoch 20 years ago and it felt too needlessly complex. Somehow it just seemed too contrived as though someone thought the “mind of God” would be convoluted and complex when the universe is based on very simple, basic rules of matter and energy. The permutations can seem very convoluted and complex, but the essence and the rules are very clear and straightforward. Along the way a poem was created suddenly from – nowhere.

    • Allen i think we may have been cloned from the very same Heart. We shall have to question Hurtak about this. Where were you in 1994? Can i get a DNA sample from you? Just kidding. I love the poem, you always knew your way around the keyboard. Don’t have enough room for mine but here is the last two verses:

      There’s an obscure passage through the vault of time
      But in a violent creation amid the swirling sublime
      Precept upon precept and line upon line
      Here a little there a little conceals the divine

      We are hurled through the stars
      Only to plummet back to earth
      Bound by a chain of flowers
      To a circle of death and birth
      And the precept upon precept
      Is a delusion of the illusion
      Not even the child of the void
      Can cross the line of confusion

      Isaiah 28:13, the most enigmatic passage in the bible, understand that one and you will understand who you are, who she is and who god is. Poems pretty good too. I will give you one hint, Ildabaoth, a name the Gnostics called Yahweh means Child of the Void. Maybe I should have shown my poem to Dr. Hurtak, it was already written by the time I him…

  25. Jack & Orage, Once again, Bravo!!! I sincerely hope that one day you will put all of your excellent, extensive & revelatory research in book form. Your contribution to “Disclosure” is immeasurable & greatly appreciated…

    • Serenity it is a blessing to have you among our readership. Thank you and your compliment is also greatly appreciated

  26. As I always I need to thank you Erica P. Wissinger for the wonderful editing job and pictures, all selected by her. Great job Erica!

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