Responsibility for Boys Death Rests Entirely with US and Allies

Washed ashore on a Turkish beach

All Americans need to take a good close look at the photo above. This is the result of the Obama administration’s attempts to overthrow the government in Syria. It probably was not the intended result, per se, but it is the result nonetheless.

When you finance an army of crazed murderers and send them into a country  to deliberately sow chaos and instability, people are naturally going to try and seek safety. If the chaos persists over a period of years with no end in sight, you will inevitably have a flood of refugees pouring out of the country. This is the problem Europe is confronting now–and they brought it all on themselves by supporting America’s regime-change policies in Syria and Libya. Both countries were prosperous and had stable governments prior to the US interference.

The boy in the photo above, whose body washed up on a Turkish beach Wednesday, has been identified as three-year-old Aylan Kurdi, from the Syrian town of Kobani. His mother as well as his five-year-old brother, Galip, also drowned. Kobani is located near the Turkish border. The family were able to make it over that border and into Turkey, along with many other Syrians, in a stream of refugees that began when ISIS launched its siege on Kobani.

This summer tens of thousands of Syrian refugees have been making their way to Turkey’s Aegean coast in particular, this in an effort to gain passage to Greece. According to some estimates, the number departing by boat has averaged about 2,000 per day over the past month. From the coast of Bodrum, in Turkey, to Kos, one of the eastern-most Greek islands, is only a distance of two miles, and some have been trying to make the trip in rubber dinghies. Early Wednesday, 23 people, including Aylan and his family, crowded into two small boats and set out for Kos from Akyarlar area of the Bodrum peninsula. Both of the vessels capsized in route to the island. You can go here to watch a video of Aylan’s body being found on the beach. The video also shows the body of a woman being pulled from the waves.

Syria is a country with a democratically elected government. In the presidential election, held in June of last year, Bashar Assad emerged with 88.7 percent of the vote. As I commented at the time:

Basically the voters of Syria had a choice between President Assad on the one hand, and chaos and cannibalism on the other. Not surprisingly, they chose Assad. Who wouldn’t?

Recently Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov referred to Assad as the “legitimate leader” of Syria. He is correct. He is. But that makes no difference to the US. The US persists in its regime-change operation in Syria, training so-called “moderate” rebels, a group of misfits and degenerates whose thinking and ideology in reality differ very little from ISIS. Obama and the mainstream media don’t credit the American people with a lot of intelligence. They obviously think you’re insufficiently bright to put two and two together and figure out that  the moderate citizens of Syria, i.e. they who adhere to the principles of religious tolerance, support their government, and that it’s the crazies who in reality are enjoying the backing and support of NATO and its allies.

The death of this child is a tragedy. But of course Aylan is only one boy. Nealy a quarter of a million Syrians, according to some estimates, have died since the outbreak of the conflict in 2011. I’m going to say something that will sound startling and extreme to some, but the blood of every single one of these people is on the hands of the Obama administration, and particularly its policy makers in the State Department, as well as certain US allies. Anyone and everyone who has provided weapons, training, or any other type of support…to Al Nusra, ISIS or any of the other armed gangs terrorizing Syria and driving people from their homes…bears a share of the responsibility.

Aylan’s death, largely thanks to the photo above, has captured the attention of the mainstream media, but of course the media have refused to assign the blame where it belongs. In fact the media, if anything, will likely spin the boy’s death to justify further intervention in Syria. And this too is part of the problem. By cheering on these conflicts, and demonizing certain leaders of certain countries who do not support Israel’s occupation of the Palestinians, the media, too, are a major part of the problem.

So where is all this headed? Latest reports are that Russia has entered the fighting in Syria, although the claim has been officially denied by Russia. Either way, it’s hard to see this coming to a peaceful resolution anytime soon. Meanwhile the killing will continue and the refugee problem will not abate, but do not expect this to bother the conscience of the war planners in Washington. In the halls of the State Department, no such thing as a conscience even exists.

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  1. America and the American Proposition are as dead as this purely innocent toddler’s lifeless body. What fiends rule over us from the shadows. Zionist heteronomy not only on Capitol Hill, but in every agency and alphabet, academia, entertainment, media, publishing, and our courts. And don’t hold your breath that those political whores on both sides of the aisle will turn their backs on Tel Aviv any time soon–except of course when they’re grabbing their ankles. The evil that is Washington, DC is truly out of control and poised to inflict hell on earth for all mankind, not only overseas, but here as well. The battle was won first against America itself by destroying our moral resolve, families, communities, and churches, and what a job our own government has done with that.

  2. Yes, they are acting behind the veil of anonymity but once if a culture of naming is begun like the cowards they are they will think twice before behaving with impunity, the bastards.

  3. People please realize that we are talking here of known deaths, meaning in official jargon counted bodies. Those who have perished with no one to notice their passing and those feared drowned and dead are not counted if their bodies are not found. Also realize that those criminals aka politicians, rulers and such like despots responsible for this still unfolding tragedy are within their palaces walls and get VIP treatment of respect instead of being tarred with fecal matter and jailed.

  4. not the US! District of Criminals yes, they ARE out of control terrorists supporting terrorism.
    as DaveE below basically stated, the first act of the “United NAZI-ons” was to support terrorists who terrorized 3/4 million people letting them steal the land and call it izrahell, which has been terrorizing ever since. everywhere the “United NAZI-ons” goes, organized crime, drugs, prostitution (child too), and death follows. big (rothschilds) “money” created this.

    countries refusing the banksters in to destroy them economically are demonized then destroyed militarily. their latest trick is hiring mercenary terrorists and calling them “freedom fighters” (yeah they are.. fighting against ANY freedom!) to create so much havoc it justifies “military intervention”. magically (media) it isn’t terrorism when THEY are doing it..

    • in Libya.. sure Gadaffi was a military clown suit wearing “dictator”, but he did more for Libya and its people in his 40 years than anyone, ever! water, roads, infrastructure, jobs, homes, literacy from 10% up to over 80% too, all without “help” from the banksters. they sent in the “freedom fighting rebels”, he offered them LAND and help to develop it, and it was refused because it wasn’t what they were after, they were put there to KILL LIBYA, and did. Libya is now destroyed, they called it a “no fly zone” then bombed the hell out of it from the air of course.

  5. It is very unfortunate that like the other century when Syria was in the cross-hair of robber Colonialists who partitioned the country and turned a once abundant country into a veritable famine ground they again are at it with further partitions and more human miseries as part of their plan. Who would want to consume Syrian agricultural consume now that the ground is fertile with military toxins ?

    Shame on you the Prime Minister of Hungary for your lame inhuman statement that not all of the people streaming thru your country are genuine refugees but that most are ‘looking for a better life’. Can not you see that the 2 are inseperable ? And that when the EU, of which your country is part of, meddles and illegally interferes into sovereign Middle Eastern countries of course that lowers the standard of living and the quality of peace needed to maintain a happy livelihood.

    I wish the author of this article had also included the Middle Eastern lackey countries in the list of those who bear direct rensponsibility to this poor boy’s untimely death, as some of those shameless countries already have in place their fecal-obese Emirs already in place as subsequent leaders of Syria.

    • Ahmedinijad (spelling bad maybe) came right out and said it they were using weather as a weapon against Iran, which was basically completely ignored. they can and DO move weather around at whim to cause flooding or drought with their “chemtrail” program reflecting sunlight (heat) to cause high-low pressure areas shoving clouds (rain) how they want.

      as far as the “EU” (like my UN comment above), notice about every member country is now about bankrupted when they weren’t before joining, AND they aren’t allowed to get out of the “union” with its -appointed- (not elected) “officials”..

    • @captain obvious, and earthquakes, which Iran seem to have more than its share. This technology is based on Tesla technologies which was available since the beginning of the last century, which means it has had more than a century of being perfected and I shudder to think how unbelievable and lethal such exotic tech has progressed.

  6. A creeping sickness, all of these foreign entanglements. These criminally insane cretins will no doubt enjoy the high life as NGOs, lobbyists, advisers, secretaries, cabinet members, ambassadors, and on and on. As for the msm, hiding the truth is lying and that makes them compliant.

  7. The British people absorbing the influx of refugees, the legacy of Hatcherism, the perfidy, disgraceful lying, pedophilia, a corrupt “monarchy” of their “leaders” are possibly more awake than the average in the US. Their country is as hollowed out as the US, tottering on the edge. Go to youtube and watch speeches, debates, discussions, particularly of the younger generation.

  8. Well it’s pretty disturbing to see what is probably an all too often occurrence. I was ready to do my usually expletive laden spat. It’s tough for anyone with kids that age to see this picture. The fact is that our nation as well as most others are run by cowards and pussies. Oops.
    Once great nations are now just tools for cowardly men at amass more wealth at the cost of others. Sewer rats agreessing nations with real ball and character and by proxy like the slithery crooks they are. The fact is they would run screaming faster than the woman and children they pay to terrorize. Sad really. These are people your saposed to vote for, doing the bidding and war mongering for a group of 100 year old pieces of trash that think their better everyone else.

  9. One country will take pride in extension of their politics towards all seas, the Pacific, the Meditteranean, even will create borders and, as if it were “her” shores, will glorify the demise of a random innocent that proved its motto and creed. That country is well known by all and everyone there lives in a yellow submarine (We all live in a yellow submarine, a life of ease). That country is the begining and the end of all international illegal acts of inhumanity, as it sits on the “Wealth of Nations.”

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