America Against the Rhonert Park California Police


…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

It began a month ago with the viral video.  Here a grey haired “mama’s boy with a gun” cop draws on a very calm and very organized guy who keeps the camera going.  Three weeks later, local police break into a home in a bizarre raid, beating a local citizen, roughing up his school age daughter, in an attempt to bully and intimidate someone who helped spread the video above.

Where is this maniac cop today? Does he still have a gun? Armed and Dangerous

When a police officer draws a gun and there is no evidence that he or she is protecting persons or property or attempting to capture a “fleeing felon,” it can be legally assumed they are perpetrating a violent crime and may be subjected to deadly force.  The only mitigating factor here is that they are in reasonable fear of their lives.

A good challenge to this is pointing out that when a police officer involved in the commission of a felony, as seen here, is afraid of being interfered with, the shoe is on the other foot.

An armed citizen can then use lethal force in protection of person, under reasonable fear for one’s life, based on any irregular action by a police officer that can give rise to the assumption that the police officer is a uniformed criminal acting outside his reasonable authority.

Get legal advise before accepting this statement, which in itself is not intended as something to be relied on particularly when police are trained to lie and by habit, support the lies of each other.

Let’s make this clear… 90% of police departments in the US are professional, some bad actors, but competently managed and worthy of our support and careful supervision.  Those that aren’t need to be disbanded and organizing all of America in this process is absolutely necessary, without any distinctions about black or white lives mattering.

The video above is typical of most recent incidents, one in which a police officer draws his gun in violation of federal civil rights statutes in order to threaten or intimidate a citizen in what one can rightly assume, were one to live in Rhonert Park, California, is a pattern of public corruption and racketeering in which police act as mob enforcers.

This takes us back to the JT Ready killing in Arizona.  Ready, a self proclaimed “border vigilante” ran afoul of a local police department affiliated with the Hells Angels motorcycle gang.  The story behind what was reported, JT killing his family, was a police murder of Ready, accidentally leaving behind a young witness who has been silenced.

VT editor Mike Harris, former GOP candidate for governor of Arizona, knew Ready well and the circumstances of his killing.  Soon afterward in a related murder, Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever,  man who stood against the cartels, died in a “one car accident” that was a “Boston Brakes” homicide.

When Dever was killed, the cartels flooded into Sierra Vista, Arizona taking over local government and police in this military town where America’s intelligence and drone pilot schools are located.  For this we have republished one of our favorite stories about corruption in Arizona from 2012, but not before finding that all our reporting on Arizona has been suppressed and some articles planted with malware by Google.

As for Rhonert Park, we suggest citizen militas be established, properly incorporated as 501c3 tax exempt entities and petition to replace the existing police department through federal court.

As California prohibits open carry of firearms except by criminalized gangs in uniform, we suggest that local protective organizations seek licensing as private armed police forces as soon as possible.



  1. “An armed citizen can then use lethal force in protection of person, under reasonable fear for one’s life, based on any irregular action by a police officer that can give rise to the assumption that the police officer is a uniformed criminal acting outside his reasonable authority.”

    When 15 cops see another cop in trouble this law may be hard to use.

  2. oh good ol rodent puke (rhonert park) in sonoma county.. absolutely a gang with badges and has been for decades. I’ve seen a guy who was handcuffed so tight they were bruised to hell with hands discolored for weeks. a guy stuffed into the back of a sherriffs car by way of the roof to his head, oh nevermind he had a cast on his leg.. they DO operate brutally an awful lot and they WERE behind a whole lot of DOPE being distributed back when. nowadays it is my understanding sonoma county has become a little cesspool of mostly hispanic gangs, so I can also understand SOME brutality by police or sheriffs departments in some situations now, but I dont know why they were so messed up 20-30 years ago!

  3. Each person has the right to resist an unlawful arrest. In such a case, the person attempting the arrest stands in the position of a wrongdoer and may be resisted by the use of force, as in self- defense.” (State v. Mobley, 240 N.C. 476, 83 S.E. 2d 100). There are many other State Courts stating the same all the way back to 1899.

  4. “90% of police departments in the US are professional”

    Yeah, right… The USA runs it’s DoJ as a business, that’s corrupt to the hilt.

  5. The trend is deputize yourself. Whether a camera or a pen, big things can happen when people take correct action. I back my stuff up and you can google my name adding the word chevy. The rest of the story is the priest and the rector for the parish resigned within 2 days. The next day 7 sheriffs showed up at my door. 2 years prior I uncovered corruption involving city police and home invasions. I found my stuff at 3 locations after being emptied, even my pillow cases. The point is, a single person can make a difference. Take the time and go after the right things. Parking violations officers openly admitted they were pressured to make money quotas and leave the churches alone.

  6. It took a long concerted effort to break the sacred trust between the people and their protectors. The police and military are basically the same thing. They have a license to kill. When either of these is taken over by monetary based “policies” it gets ugly. I’m not sure a community should arm militias to take over police duties yet, but we are on the brink of it. If communities could independently co-op their homeowners and car insurance, they would have enough to fully fund the local police which immediately drops the number of tickets and jail sentences. Imagine if we told the military to help pay for itself. The result is an easy prediction. They would loot and pillage and that is what local police are now doing. Making money cannot be part of the design when protecting the people. It will always go bad immediately.

  7. You have to understand, every police officer in the US, can apply to DHS for a weeks indoctrination in Israel. Apparently it is for “holohaux” training, and once there I’m sure other activities are monitored, like what happens after hours, in the “gay capital” of the world.
    This was started by Chertoff (super Zionist,dual citizen of Israel) when he was head of DHS, maybe VT readers can confirm if the programme is still active.

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