Did AIPAC just admit treason against USA?



AIPAC official: Netanyahu’s Congress speech harmed Israel’s interests

… from Press TV, Tehran

Is AIPAC signaling it is time for Netanyahu to go? But what about Adelson?
Is AIPAC signaling it is time for Netanyahu to go? But what about Adelson?

[ Editor’s Note: We may be seeing the long knives coming out between AIPAC, Bibi and the Likuds, the chumps that ponied out the “kill the Iran deal” media campaign, and all those in Congress that kowtowed to AIPAC instead of telling them where they could shove their desire to oppose the American people and the World. This event has confirmed the worst negative Jewish stereotype… that they put themselves before all others, today and forever.

Read between the lines to see the cover they are giving to Congress, with this “begging Bibi not to give the speech” baloney. They could have just refused to give him an audience, and that would have been the end of it. But they didn’t, and a lot of Americans know why.

They did not see refusing him to be an option, and went on to humiliate the country by allowing Bibi’s tirade to go on to show the folks back in Israel how he could assemble the barking seals in Congress.

The story AIPAC is trying to sell is they had planned to kill the deal BEFORE the final agreement was agreed, meaning they were supporting Israel’s line of “no nuclear program at all, no reprocessing and no nuclear material in the country.” That would have killed any chance of a deal, and would have trapped Obama with his promise to use military action if needed.

So AIPAC is telling us here that they were working with Israel to secure this goal for what they deemed Israel’s benefit, and that they would use all their power to do so. What they never imagined was that they would reveal not only themselves for who they truly are, but our Congresscritters with them; and they might suffer some permanent damage from it. That is now what our job is, to make that come trueJim W. Dean ]


Bibi the bombastic bombed out, but he had a lot of help
Bibi the bombastic bombed out, but he had a lot of help

– First published  …  September 03, 2015

An official from the largest Israel lobby in the US has accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of harming the opposition to the final nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries.

The official from the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) said on Thursday that Netanyahu’s insisting on addressing the US Congress earlier this year turned the Iran nuclear issue into a partisan one.

“Netanyahu’s speech in Congress made the Iranian issue a partisan one,” the AIPAC official told Israel’s Walla news. “As soon as he insisted on going ahead with this move, which was perceived as a Republican maneuver against the president, we lost a significant part of the Democratic Party, without which it was impossible to block the agreement,” added the official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

He made the comments a day after Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski announced that she would support the nuclear deal reached between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries – the US, Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany – in Vienna in July.

Democrats need 34 votes in the Senate, or 146 in the House of Representatives, to sustain the veto President Obama has promised. Mikulski’s announcement means Democrats will now have 34 votes to protect the nuclear agreement in Congress.

According to the official, AIPAC and Democratic senators had raised these concerns with the Israeli prime minister before his visit to the US Capitol.

“A few weeks before Netanyahu’s speech in Congress, Democratic senators implored him to cancel, saying it was inappropriate for the Israeli prime minister to work like this behind the back of the president of the United States,” the official said.

“Instead of the speech, they proposed that he come to Washington and meet with them behind closed doors, without the TV cameras, so he could explain his position on the Iranian issue,” he revealed.

“A lot of people here think that if Netanyahu had accepted their offer, it would have improved our chances [to sabotage the agreement],” the official noted.

On March 3, Netanyahu, on the Republican invitation, addressed a joint session of the US Congress, where he ranted for nearly 40 minutes against the Iran nuclear talks, warning Washington that it was negotiating a “bad deal” with the Islamic Republic.

The invitation to Netanyahu was extended by Republicans without consultation with the White House, drawing angry reaction from the Obama administration, which called it a breach of protocol.

AIPAC has been at the forefront of the campaign against the final nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1. It had launched a massive campaign to defeat the historic accord in the Republican-dominated Congress, which is reviewing it and is expected to vote on it next week.


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  1. AIPAC represents a foreign country and should be registered as such, but the special treatment for Jews has prevailed. Abot 70 senior Bush White House staffers were American/Isreali dual citizens, with no comment from the media. If they had been British or German or Brazilian there would have been hell to pay.

    This special treatment is now a danger to America, and eventually to Jews.

  2. why is the title posed as a question? all in DC who swore oath to izrahell are traitors too.
    that welfare-warfare terrorist “country” need to be cut off completely, if they’re so friggin “great” they’ll survive just fine, and with friends like that who needs enemas?
    they did 911 and got “security contracts” and more as reward, enough is enough!

  3. Clapping like seals to every sentence that Terrorist Nitnyahoo uttered was one of the most pathetic thing I’ve seen US politicians ever do. A day of shame, it was.

  4. The last offensive land grab against Palestine, deeply wounded the human consciousness. The raised levels of awareness combined with real time info permeated the planet. It will not go away as before.
    It was a stand alone moment for the Israeli’s. The following action by the Saud’s sealed it in time as a distinct memory. The connections are being made. The refugees are the exclamation point and serve to bring humanity back to the heart. People do not have to be consciously aware to understand the next move, if a hundred monkeys do, then it is absorbed and spreads as a “feeling”.

  5. Well firstly, Mikulski is 1 vote and I am sliding towards the possibility that the US has no choice in the Iran deal. So I don’t like the stolen soap being used on her mud. I honestly believe there are a whole bunch of very good Jewish people learning the truth the same as Evangelicals in the US. The information being put out by VT and others who are now paying close attention takes time to absorb. This lag time is pretty close to the timing of decisions being made now. We are seeing a real time learning curve. Most humans are good and want good. Religion will not stand against behavior. A person weighing support can be influenced by behavior of leaders more than long held beliefs. Much is being learned. Keep pushing the envelope. Body shots, body shots. The stomach is connected to the heart.

  6. Tried to dissuade him ?
    By all that standing ovation like dogs in a circus ?
    What if they actually supported him then would they have prostrated before him ?
    The Congressmen need to be reminded that the first command in the 10 Commandments is:
    “Thou Shalt not worship other gods than your God” where in the political realm would translate to “Like shameless harlots you shall not divide your loyalties abroad”.

  7. AIPAC is of course covering for that private zio bankster corporation known to all as Israel, and appear willing to throw Bibi under the bus if need be. He and perhaps others of the Likud know it’s the way it has to be. But they have not stopped with their plans for countries they “hate”. America must loose ourselves from the grip of the enemy within and never let down our defenses, for even if they are interrupted they will resume the operation “again and again”. We know this from the conversation that occurred at Finks.

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