Corporate Food, will it make you fat and sick?


by Preston James


Mass production has been key to the industrialization of America and the World. Large Corporate farming has merely been an application of the emergent technology of mass production to food production.



And sophisticated advertising and corporate marketing technology has been applied to retail food sales for this Corporate Food.

Television ads have been used as major mass marketing campaigns to promote fast food and retail food which is either grown, processed or manufactured by major Corporations, some international in scope.

Most of these highly advertised foodstuffs and soda pop beverages are now believed by top nutritionists and even some respected MD’s to be harmful if consumed in excess.

We now know for certain that the food science of this Corporate Food has become so sophisticated that special consulting labs are used to develop the proper balances between salt, sugar and fat which produces maximum favor-ability to the consumers taste buds with little or no emphasis or concern on actual nutritional value.

FFN1Some food researchers have even alleged that various secret formulations have been added to somehow transform this Corporate Food sold as “Fast Food” to make it as habit forming as caffeine driven coffee, energy drinks or as cigarettes are from the nicotine.

For whatever reasons it is known by some that a trip to a Fast Food restaurant for a large dose of fast food can often serve as a powerful pain reliever for sports injuries, strains and sprains for some. Why this phenomena occurs could be just an effect of favorable endorphins released by a high sugar and salt content or something more sinister.

Some have remarked that when they eat fast foods, they feel a strong compulsion about three days later to return to the Fast Food restaurant to order the exact same thing thy had three days earlier. What is the biochemical mechanism by which this occurs and is there some strange ability of this Fast Food to create some type of three day physical withdrawal symptom that motivates folks to return and order more fast Food?

A recent controversy has arisen about the usage of human cells from aborted fetuses being reproduced and added for flavoring to numerous processed food and soda pop. One major pop manufacturer has claimed to have stopped this practice. Some critics believe that this “flavoring with human cells” has been part of a secret occult plan to place a spell on humanity by tricking into consuming human flesh in their food. If true this is sinister beyond reason and would entail a deep-seated occult ritual typical to the RKM top policy-makers who have been recently accused by President Putin of the Russian Republic to be Satan Worshipers.

In fact we have no credible evidence that these large Corporate Food producers and processors have any concern for actual nutritional value which would have to involve the scientific analysis of micro-nutrition and enzymes, overall micro-mineral content and absorption ability in the human gut.

Some cutting edge nutritionists claim that good nutrition requires consumption of fresh vegetable produce that if chewed properly or “juiced” will released necessary micro-nutrients and enzyme necessary for good nutrition and proper metabolism without fat build up.

If one “juices” fresh vegetables, these same nutritionists claim that this juice must be consumed within 3-4 hours of the enzymes will become oxidized and thus unusable. More on “juicing” later in this article.

This continuing industrial revolution and corporatization of every major industry in America including retail food sales and consumption has also led to the development of ultra high tech GMO varieties. These GMO hybridized plants often based on high tech gene splicing (sometimes inter-species gene-splicing) which increases per acre yields. This use of GMO seeds also produces crops which are known to be more resistant to the use of larger quantities of toxic pesticides, making it possible and much easier for large corporate farming to produce very high yields per acre but according to some experts are raising the net amount of pesticide residues in this GMO food.

It has been alleged that some GMO varieties have been gene-spliced to be able to actually make their own pesticides and this was done by inserting the gene fragments of plants that were known to have become pesticide and insect repellent over time through special crop experimentation at seed developer lab farms.

A substantial number of food scientists have come forth and claimed that not only are these increased pesticide residues (such as glyphosates) highly toxic to humans and animals, but many GMO crops carry other dangers by causing modification of the consumers genetics.

Consumption of these GMO foods have been alleged to drastically reduce fertility and to have been one of the main reasons that GMOs were developed in the first place, that is part of the Establishment‘s covert eugenics program to thin the human herd by 90%.

Some medical researchers now believe that GMO foods can be carcinogenic over long periods of time.

It has been interesting to watch the media controversy arising from Chipotle’s announcement that they were not going to using any GMO foodstuffs in the preparation of their fast food. Most Chipotle restaurants have become little gold mines and many draw huge crowds at lunch and dinner for their notable food quality, and food quantity at fair pricing. Some of the popularity of Chipotle is likely due to the growing popularity of non-GMO foods among certain segments of America, usually the middle and upper classes who have become well informed about the alleged dangers of GMOs.

The Controlled Major Mass Media’s (CMMM’s) biggest newspapers have counterattacked by claiming GMOs are harmless and good as an obvious attempt to protect the Establishment’s large Corporate Food producers and processors. A lawsuit has apparently been filed against Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants by someone claiming that their food is not as GMO free as claimed and it has been alleged that this suit actually secretly represents large GMO food producers and processors. Certainly if true this would be no surprise.

The Establishment’s Large Corporate Food and Seed producers and processors are now fighting back against populist exposure of the bad health effects for some from GMO and non-organic food, in order to protect their big profits.

There is an ever growing number of Americans who are purchasing more and more GMO free and organic foods, despite all efforts by the large Corporate Food producers and processors to smear and discredit those food experts who have been sounding the warning alarms about GMO and non-organic food.  The power of the consumer has been winning this battle of wills and shows how the power of the masses can be actuated by spontaneously emerging Populism associated with any key area of public concern which comes to the forefront of the Public Mind or consciousness. And for many reasons, including almost constantly rising prices, food has become a major concern for many Americans.

Despite the California legislature being allegedly manipulated by Monsanto and other large Corporate Food producers and processors which caused an attempt to pass a law requiring GMO foods to be labelled as such to fail, the California consumers are still increasingly choosing more and more GMO free foods for purchase and consumption. This has led these large Corporate Food producers and processors to seek high level Federal laws to prevent any GMO free labeling at all. And just recently the required labeling of the nation of origin of imported meats was done away with by a successful WTO lawsuit.

Yes, Large corporate farming initially resulted in huge gains in per acre yields and the lowering of food prices. This of course was accompanied by much less expensive food sold to American consumers in large grocery stores of which quite a few have now become transformed into large chain supermarkets and warehouse type membership only retail sales operations like Sam’ Club and Costco.

But because the American economy has been abused and mismanaged by the Establishment due to the unregulated special interests of large private corporations which have infiltrated and hijacked the USG. And this has now resulted in the drastic and regular monthly increase in American food prices, also accompanied by wages that have been dropping, placing a dynamic squeeze and middle class America but also drawing attention to food, its pricing, quality and nutritional value in general. The result is a much better informed food buyer and consumer who is buying more and more GMO-free and Organic food.

Recently there has been a major push inside the top management of Costco to become the largest mass retailer of Organic food. This is a response to the continuing and increasing demands by Costco members to purchase Organic foods. And there is now a growing number of Organic style coops across America that specialize in selling high quality GMO-free and Organic produce with each product traced directly to the actual producer which must be certified and inspected. This has resulted in higher food prices, but those Americans who are well informed about food quality issues will pay more for higher quality food, are now eating less and are losing weight and becoming healthier because of it. This same population of informed food buyers and consumers are also exercising more, getting fit and having a decreased number of serious health problems.

Obviously if one eats only Organic and also GMO free food it may become notably expensive. One solution is to eat less food, which some say is a normal result of eating organic and non-GMO only since hunger is based on lack of consuming enough “micro-nutrients”. Some nutritionists are quite confident from hundreds of cases that proper consumption of enough micro-nutrients, plant enzymes and micro-minerals will result in much less hunger, and loss of fat. These cutting edge nutritionists also believe that heavy consumption of fresh vegetables or “juicing” of them will detoxify the body, clean out the gut and restore health over time.

Some food and nutrition experts claim that most “Corporate Food” (GMO and non-organic) contain very little micro-nutrients needed to keep combustion in the human cells working properly to provide enough energy. These same experts believe that Corporate Food produces excess belly fat and eventually what is a medical condition known as “metabolic disorder”, now linked to high blood pressure and numerous malfunctions of internal organs as well as high rates of serious medical disorders.

It is now a well establish medical fact that obesity in America has become one of its main causes of major health problems, rivaling the damage caused by smoking. And cutting edge nutritionists believe that this plague of obesity in America has been a result of massive consumption of too much Corporate Food, especially fast food and store sold processed food both of which has been engineered strictly for taste and pleasure eating (“aka “comfort Food”).

What we need in America is long term detailed scientific research on actual nutritional value of all foods, GMO, non GMO, organic and non-organic with each of these analyzed in sophisticated labs for level of proven micro-nutrients, usable active plant enzymes and actual usable micro-mineral content. Only then can consumers make informed decisions about purchasing foods and fast foods.

Some folks who have remained thin and healthy no matter what they eat or how much they eat. I have noticed that they appear to eat less sugar, don’t drink much soda pop and seem to have higher metabolism. Maybe some folks are just blessed with great genes and a very good thyroid gland? I have also noticed the older folks get, especially after 50 they tend to pack on more excess weight and fat around the gut.

Some MDs claim that as one ages, their rate of metabolism goes down and their activity level declines as their Telomeres at the end of each chromosome shrink, which may explain this. Some nutritionists believe that consuming large quantities of low nutrient food contributes to aging by producing faster shrinkage of these Telomeres. Want to know more about the cutting edge research on Telomeres? Then do some advanced web searching.

Some food experts now claim that some non-organic produce (vegetables and fruit) is non-toxic and very, very low in pesticide residues. One must know the research on this so they can purchase non-organic produce based on actual scientific data. This information can be obtained  by doing detailed web searches. These same experts have claimed that the lack of proper amounts of necessary micro-nutrients and enzymes in Corporate Food causes Americans to be almost constantly hungry and to consume far too much non-nutritious food that makes them fat and unhealthy too.

Two experts have emerged in America that specialize in detoxing which some nutritionists believe is essential for breaking one’s dependence of Corporate Food. One is Gary L. Tunsky and the other Richard Schulze. There are now many others now who are involved in detoxing and micro-nutrition.

Juicing, a new option for those who suffer from Metabolic disorder due to excess weight caused by eating too much Corporate Food. You can watch the well respected movie by Joe Cross, Fat, Sick and nearly Dead for $4.99 USD. Here is trailer. Note that in this movie, all subjects “juiced” while under a doctor’s supervision. This movie called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” is a very entertaining full length Australian movie made by a very successful Australian Businessman Joe Cross who became unhappy with his being overweight and sick. The movie documents his solution to it that is referred to as “juicing”.

Conclusion to Part I:

It is now pretty clear that the Corporatization of farming has resulted in the development of technology for higher yields but this has also produced technology that has given the large Corporate Food producers the ability to earn very big profits which now appears to be directly impacting and reducing the health of the American food buyer and consumer.

It’s just another indication of what happens when the Establishment’s system of big corporations infiltrate and hijack the USG and its main agency which is supposed to protect American food consumers, the FDA which is now merely an Establishment lackey.

Can this establishment monster that has empowered the advances and cover-up of the toxicity for some of Corporate Food be curtailed and stopped cold by the growing populism that is now emerging against GMO foods and the major corporations responsible? We know that the big Corporate GMO food producers have been spending millions through K Street type lobbyists to manipulate elected officials to block efforts to require labeling of GMO and imported foods from foreign countries. So far their efforts have not decreased the consumers purchasing of non-GMO foods but have only served to motivate consumers to buy more and to learn more about the claimed dangers of GMO foods.

Several additional reasonable conclusions seem in order:

1- First, many American are eating too much processed, large corporate grown and distributed food, and much of the food is adulterated with pesticide residues, altered genes, hormones and provides “empty calories” without needed micro-nutrients, enzymes and micro-minerals that can be easily absorbed.

2- These “empty calories” become deposited as body fat and essentially appear to be unable to be easily used as energy in the process or to be later easily converted to usable energy without major special dieting efforts.

3- Because the consumer who eats these “empty calories” do not have their basic nutritional needs met, they are almost constantly hungry and compensate for this by eating larger and larger quantities of more empty calories that have been engineered for taste only with little or no concern for true nutritional effect.

4- This ongoing cycle of hunger and brief satiation from “empty calories” appears to result in obesity and the emergence of acute and chronic health problems which drive consumers to seek medical therapy rather than to resolve the root cause, inadequate nutrition from Corporate Food that has been very well engineered for maximum taste and little else.

5- Juicing is one option that can be utilized in several different ways to get back on track but obviously this is not for everyone. Some nutritionists and herbalists claim that detoxing using plant herbs is very helpful.

6-Some who have tried to eliminate certain types of regular Fast Food have claimed that they seemed to go through actual withdrawal symptoms, suggesting some kind of physical addiction to either the high salt, sugar and fat content or other additives like MSG which may be in some fast foods.

7- Those who who are strong-willed enough and committed enough to be able to restrict their intake of “empty calories” and start eating more nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits with high micro-nutrient content and low or no pesticide residues and lots of plant fiber have been reported to be able to lower their bad cholesterol, raise their good cholesterol and acquire the lower weight they desire. Of course regular exercise, especially walking or jumping on a mini-trampoline helps get the lymph system functioning which has one way valves that open with jumping.

8- The older folks get, especially after 50, it seems that their metabolism just slows down unless they engage in regular exercise. Once a person become obese, and this usually occurs slowly over many years, it is quite difficult to reverse the process because when folks are very overweight they also often feel sluggish and do not have the energy necessary to change their eating habits. If one is serious about losing weight and getting into condition and their weight gain has been significant, consultation with an experienced nutritionist who specializes in detoxing, micro-nutrition and enzymes is something to consider.

9- And then there are those individuals who just appear to be gifted genetically and/or learned to eat healthy early on, stayed fit and trim and just do not crave Corporate food. Perhaps they were born with high functioning thyroids and hormone systems which helps keep them trim? In any case they are certainly blessed because of this and avoid many health problems caused by obesity. Of course, unless they are careful to eliminate or greatly diminish their consumption of food adulterated by hormones, pesticides and other additives, they can have unexpected cancers emerge too just like those who are overweight.

A recent award winning documentary by Dr. Gary Null, “Seeds of Death” is getting a lot of attention. This movie is well worth watching.

Part II:

Numerous food experts now believe that consuming too much Corporate food make many quite ill and is a major cause of metabolic disorder, obesity and major medical disorders. This of course helps keep Big Pharma profitable. For those readers who want to study the covert history of Big Pharma, the Nazis and the RKM Banksters, it is all there if you do some deep internet searches.

Obviously Big Pharma has provided some miraculous drugs like antibiotics and insulin, but it has also been linked to causing major health problems in America such as autism, ADD/HD and various types of cancer as has been some large Corporate Food producers.

There are now six dead MDs who were involved in discovering the actual cause of many cancers, autism, ADD and HDD, and the cure for many of those who have these disorders and great improvement for those not cured. These MDs were working with the macrophages activity factor labelled GcMAF which is being manufactured in Japan and other nations. It is believed by some that contract covert ops have been deployed by Big Pharma to stop the production of this life-giving compound in some nations.

Approximately 15% of kids with autism who have been treated with GcMAF have had spontaneous and total recoveries. Approximately an additional 70% treated over time showed great improvements. The same progress appears to have been even better for most cancers.

Obviously it is easy to understand why Big Pharma is intensely motivated to hire contract ops to make sure these facts are suppressed and this treatment never becomes mainstream. Why? because Big Pharma makes many Billions of dollars (perhaps even trillions) over treating cancers, autism, ADD and HDD.

The six dead MDs believed that they had discovered the true cause of cancers, autism, ADD and HDD which was the unnatural additive Nagalese appearing in Corporate Food. Some believed that it is even in many vaccinations. Could it be that Nagalese is being covertly added to American food and vaccines as part of a very big, very secret black ops Eugenics program to keep Big Pharma and Big Corporate Medicine in big profits? Interested folks might want to read the classic book, “Murder by Injection” by Eustace Mullins or read the other classic, “Sugar Blues” by William Dufty, both obtainable at And there are numerous excellent web sites that cover the current dangers of vaccines, is one of the most respected. Other strong voices advocate a limited and spaced use of childhood vaccines to avoid damage to children receiving them. One such well respected physician is Robert Sears, MD.

Take the case of the highly controversial Hepatitis B vaccinations, a three part immunization. It is now believed by some covert researchers and physicians that HIV/AIDS was developed as a biological weapons and placed in the first hepatitis B vaccination tests in NYC, Miami and Florida in which these test vaccines were given to homosexuals as part of a medical study. It is also believed by some that the same thing was done in some African nations by adding the HIV/Aids virus to various vaccines. this project is known to some inside the Intel community as “Operation Naomi” and was a high level CIA depopulation test.

But the problems with the hepatitis B vaccine didn’t stop when the HIV/Aids tests stopped and the virus was pulled from the Hepatitis B vaccine. It has been reported by some that there has been an alarming incidence of those who received the three injection series then coming down with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The wife of a friend of mine was required to get the Hepatitis B vaccine sequence when she started a new nursing job. Soon she came down with a serious case of MS and never had any symptoms or health problems before. This is an outcome that has been happening far too frequently.

There are also numerous cases of young women who have become disabled by HPV vaccinations, their lives basically destroyed. If interested you can find out about these by searching Big Pharma is protected from liability lawsuits for vaccine damage by a law which requires the use of a special vaccine court that few can successfully navigate. And even if they finally obtain financial help, mandatory confidentiality agreements keep any settlements from ever going public. Thus the vaccine damage cover-up continues, Big Pharma rakes in vast profits and is allowed to continue hawking their new vaccines which may be totally worthless or even damaging. More and more physicians, nurses, and drug reps are now speaking out against the overuse of vaccines and their dangers from toxic additives.

There are also hundreds of videos on that show mothers explaining how their infants were damaged by vaccinations and whole websites featuring this damage.

Juicing is not for everyone and it takes a strong commitment to be successful at it. It is best when done under medical supervision. For most folks who want to “juice” fresh vegetables and be successful “juicing”, they usually need the help of a trained nutritionist or an experienced nutritional coach and some medical supervision from a well informed physician cutting edge physician like Joel Fuhrman, MD.

It has been alleged that Monsanto was a product of a former Khazarian slave trading family from the New Orleans area and that it has engaged in nasty black ops against some farmers, by either throwing their seeds into some farmers crops or knowing that their seeds will be blown into neighboring crops from farmers who use their GMO seeds. When their “field agents” have found these patented seeds growing in a farmer’s fired who did not buy seed from them, they then sue that farmer/victim for patent infringement.

Most farmers thus sued never knew these GMO seeds drifted into their fields and had no part in this. Most of the time these farmer/victims seem to lose these suits either through crooked judges or lack of funds to hire the best attorneys capable of giving them good representation in court against the wealthy corporate monstrosity Monsanto.

I know of one farmer personally who counter-sued Monsanto and won a very big settlement. This man had a history in the covert world and was the wrong person to mess with. Sadly when Monsanto made a huge settlement with him he signed a non-disclosure agreement which is standard in almost any settlement before trial. Judges will typically work very hard to negotiate pre-trial settlements between the plaintiff and defendant because their caseloads are over-scheduled and there is a shortage of judges.

Most judges will instruct both the plaintiff and defendant in private conference during the required settlement hearing that if they refuse the good settlement that has been negotiated and go ahead to trial they may lose. Most Plaintiff and Defendant’s attorneys usually support the settlement that judge has negotiated in such cases.

And then there is the issue of “suicide seeds”. Some GMO seeds have been reported to be “suicide seeds”, that is, seeds that will grow into a mature plant that can be harvested but will not provide any seeds that will grow a new plant. This means that the farmer cannot grow his own seeds from those suicide seed based plants and is very good for these seed producers because the farmer must buy his next years seeds from a seed producer and it has been alleged that all big seed producers now produce suicide seeds.

Numerous Internet based small companies are growing and selling what is called “heirloom seeds” which are not suicide seeds. these will yield plant-able seeds that will grow and mature into the same exact plant in a continuing process which can form the basis of sustainable farming for a single family on even small plots of land. Obviously many folks who are expecting a complete reset to the fragile and decaying American Corporate-based economy and tough times ahead are becoming interested in buying heirloom seeds and water purification.

Apparently right now 33 other countries of the World have outlawed GMO seeds, crops and foodstuffs and have kicked Monsanto out. This number is now growing. The initial medical research using lab mice and rats on GMOs in the Russian Republic showed large numbers of pre-cancerous and cancerous tumors in those being feed GMO based food. Inside America there has been no such studies that we know of at this time. This appears to be another example of the FDA’s revolving door between the large Corporate Food producers and processors that has prevented any serious research on possible harmful effects of GMO crops and foodstuffs.

Big Pharma and their corrupting of the FDA, is just like how the big corporate seed manufacturers corrupted of the FDA.

This same revolving door between Corporate Food producers and the FDA also is evident between Big Pharma and the FDA concerning Aspartame approval, an artificial sweetener known beyond any reasonable doubt in now suppressed medical research to be toxic to many. And yet it was approved despite the objections of numerous FDA scientists who were over-ridden because of the political power and Defense and Intel connections of one man on the Board of the manufacturer. If you want the full story you can find it by doing some deep internet searches. By the way this story leads also to the attack on America on 9/11/01 which is now known to have been an “inside job”.

And as many know there is a huge populist uprising in mass against vaccinations and the Establishment has countered this in many states with laws requiring forced vaccinations. The whole subject of vaccines and their alleged toxicity is a can of worms. We know from many years in Veterinary research that dog vaccines have saved many and eradicated serious lethal highly contagious diseases such as distemper and rabies. We also know of many vaccine failures in dogs. Most vaccines are now subcutaneous (SC), previously many were inter-muscular (IM).

In the early 1950 Distemper was killing many dogs, even whole litters. It was very contagious and it was almost impossible for kennel owners to eradicate even with thorough disinfecting. It a fact that the development of Distemper vaccine stopped it cold. Vets who specialize in treating herds of pigs for farmers will tell you that without herd vaccinations, various respiratory diseases will quickly thin the herd. I know of one vet who makes his own vaccines in a specially climate controlled trailer in order to get the best result vaccines possible to prevent disease outbreaks in the large million dollar herds herds he is hired to protect.

About 15-20 years ago one popular strain of IM rabies vaccines caused a very high incident of highly virulent metasticizing cancer at the injection site. I lost a dog to this and many others did too. But only years later did I find out the actual cause of my dog’s cancer which occurred at the actual injection site of his IM Rabies booster. There have been other failures ion dog vaccinations too, with some only protecting against one of many strains of a communicable disease such as kennel cough. Some dog breeders who now do what is called “very minimal vaccinations” report that their dogs are healthier and live longer.

Some top Veterinary schools and a major Animal Hospital Association have lowered their suggested schedule to vaccines to very minimal and suggest rabies once ever three years or by blood titre which indicates immunity when tested by a well equipped certified veterinary lab. Many cities have changed to two or three years for rabies and some will allow titre indication as a basis for re-vaccination with rabies vaccine.

Veterinary science has also shown us with detailed scientific research that the composition of nutrients in food also is a main factor in preventing animal disease including basic health of dogs and cats. We can extrapolate from this that it is vital for humans to get necessary micro nutrients, minerals and enzymes in food to remain healthy. Some food experts claim emphatically that Juicing of fresh vegetables can provide 90% of the micro-nutrients and enzymes for immediate absorption while Corporate and processed food usually provides 10% or less.

There is a growing body of good medical evidence that American children are getting far too many vaccines, and too many at one time. Some researchers believe that many of these vaccinations cause mini  brain strokes and even lazy eye issues. researchers are especially concerned bout the use of strong adjuvants such as squalene, aluminum, ethylene glycol antifreeze, formaldehyde, and ethyl mercury supposedly used as a preservative.

Many of these highly toxic additives are not necessary and this has led researchers to believe that the current big push by the Establishment for mandatory vaccination and all their hype to manipulate adults to get Flu vaccinations at their retail drug stores is little more than advanced covert “Nazi style” Eugenics. It can no longer be denied that the high frequency of vaccination in infants and children is now linked to autism. The actual historical listing of vaccines recommended for children is alarming. American MDs push for more vaccinations than any other nation.

Some very respected American and foreign Medical Doctors are now advocating a very reduced schedule of vaccines, spaced apart by significant periods of time and protected by Vitamin C supplementation to reduce side-effects. Some of these MDs recommend complete avoidance of certain vaccines they claim can be dangerous like Hepatitis B vaccine, HPV vaccine, and DPT with American Pertusis vaccine included.

Some believe that the whole concept of herd immunity which advocates for require, forced vaccinations of infants and children seem to always claim is complete bunk. They believe that if your child is supposedly successfully vaccinated and you are so sure these vaccine work, your child will not get sick if exposed to a sick child. When I was a kid in my neighborhood we all got measles, mumps, chicken pox and we all recovered with no serious after-effects. now it seems as if this big push to vaccinate for every disease is an hysterical obsession driven by some edict handed down by an Establishment Top Policy-maker.

When Polio was raging in the mid 50’s, we all were given the live virus vaccine. This was then immediately stopped because it was causing some Polio itself and we now know it like so many other vaccines contained Simian SV-40 monkey virus, which has been alleged to cause about 40% of soft-tissue cancers in adults. Bill Gates of Microsoft fame is now pushing vaccinations in numerous African nations, but evidence has emerged that everywhere these mass vaccinations are occurring new incidents of polio seem to be now occurring. And that is very suspicious.

Some experts have suggested that many of the newer vaccines cause major decreases in fertility of those receiving them. Could this perhaps be part of a sophisticated Establishment depopulation program? And the HPV vaccine has proven to be disabling in some unfortunate young women that made the mistake of taking the vaccination.

It is now common knowledge that the swine flu vaccine of 30 years ago was largely an imaginary threat and the vaccination which millions of Americans agreed to take result in hundreds of cases of Guillain-Barre (GBS) paralysis. The president of the University I attended for graduate school got the swine flu vaccination and then developed a serious case of Guillain-Barre and spent a year in bed. Fortunately he was able to recover but he had a tough go for many months. A Canadian MD recently found that individuals vaccinated for influenza had higher rates of getting it. This alone suggests the needs for additional serious longitudinal cohort studies of vaccinated against non-vaccinated and to some suggests skulduggery in the vaccination business.

One famous MD has stated publicly that flue vaccinations exist only to make big profits for vaccine manufacturers. Other physicians have stated publicly that these influenza vaccines and other current vaccinations like HPV reduce fertility, suggesting a covert Eugenics function is built in as a part of the larger Establishment’s Evil Agenda to radically depopulate the earth by 90% as cut into stone at the Georgia Guidestones.

This kind of hysterical hype about these imaginary illnesses like Swine Flue seems to suggest that Big Pharma is driven by an addiction to the big, easy profits of excess vaccinations and uses the CDC and the Federal and State governments to hype it for them, providing some of the World’s best fear based advertising for free. Just exactly what do these officials get in return for this free advertising hype? Are they provided new opportunities by the Establishment to climb the ladders of success or do they receive other perks, benefits and payoffs.

The problem with vaccines is that we are supposed to receive complete informed consent as required by a long history of case law. But this rarely occurs as most physicians and nurses have no idea of all the possible side-effects. And Big Pharma is completely protected because the law removes any liability from them for their vaccines. Serious vaccine damages must be litigated in a special USG federal vaccine court and any and all settlements are sealed and thus the public almost never finds out.

A major lawsuit in Italy was recently won against Big Pharma. This trial was held in open public court (unlike in America) and a big award was paid to over a child damaged by vaccines. The Italian Court ruled that vaccines caused this child to become autistic. This major news story was of course suppressed by the American Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) which is run by six interrelated Establishment lackeys who should be prosecuted for running an illegal News Monopoly which functions as a News Cartel under the direct control of a major investment firm which acts as a covert agent of the Establishment to help it complete its Evil Agenda.

And recently some major whistle-blowers have come forth from the CDC in America and gone public that they covered up clear cut data showing that vaccines cause autism. One whistle-blower claimed he went public because he felt guilty over allowing the CDC to lie and cover the facts up about the actual dangers of vaccines causing autism in children.

Then there is the case of the very dangerous American combination vaccine DPT which has been banned in Japan and many European nations. this ban has been because of the dangers to infants of the Pertusis part of the vaccine which has destroyed the brains of too many children. This causes failure in about 80% of the marriages where this occurs. Despite all the evidence, the FDA refuses to condemn this American Pertussis vaccine and require one that does not cause degeneration of the infant’s brain like so many other countries have done.

Yes, Tetanus is a terrible and fatal disease and remains a risk to farmers and those working around freshly excavated dirt for anyone that gets cut. But the least risky route for protection is to get an ordinary tetanus shot every ten years without mercury and no pertussis or Diphtheria vaccine included. A Tetanus titre can be drawn to check and see if any immunity remains before one decides to obtain a new Tetanus vaccination if one wishes to do so and has the money.

Despite claims we know that many vaccines still contain ethyl mercury supposedly as a preservative, Big Pharma, the CDC and most Physicians still deny it and the required vaccine labels do not always disclose everything contained. But we do know for certain that many of these toxic additives are no longer needed, especially Ethyl Mercury as a preservative. Ethyl Mercury (Trade name Thimerisol) is known to be directly and highly neuro-toxic to brain neurons and is one of the most neutoxic toxic substances known to humans and animals.

Georgia_Guidestones-e1289416857266 (2)
The now infamous Georgia Guidestones which show the Globalists New World Order’s New Ten Commandments in seven languages cut in stone, thus giving formal required notice to the World of the formerly covert only Establishment’s Evil Agenda. Insiders have claimed that this formal notice is required by Cosmic Rules of fairness that mandate informed consent of the masses to be obtained by such notices before the Establishment is allowed to proceed to fully deploy and complete their secret Evil Agenda.

This continuing inclusion of such known to be toxic additives in vaccines causes one to ask why would these vaccine manufacturers persist in using them and why hasn’t the FDA stopped them? Well we know the answer to the second question, Big Pharma is not stopped by the FDA because it is a revolving door between the FDA and Big Pharma.

But we can only guess at the answer to the first question of why these additives are continued to be added by Big Pharma when unneeded. Some experts now claim the answer to the first question is the Establishment’s covert Evil Agenda of Eugenics to thin the human herd by 90% as stated in stone at the Georgia Guidestones.

Recently a medical treatment for autism, ADD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder and hyperactivity Disorder) and cancer has been discovered and in the process perhaps the main causes of both cancer, autism and ADD/HD syndromes. It has been alleged that six of the MDs who discovered all this and were using it to treat children and adults were murdered by Big Pharma operatives (contract “wetboys”).

Conclusion to Part II: Obviously it is pretty serious when big Corporate Food producers have enough Establishment clout to manipulate and control the large institutions and agencies of the US and State Governments to cover-up the dangers of Corporate food for the profits of Big Pharma and the large salaries of of top agency officials who are part of the revolving door syndrome of big Corporate Food producers.

Right now there is a massive psychological war between the American food consumers and the big Establishment associated GMO Food producers and the producers of Corporate Food. Can the emerging populism of the now informed American food consumers successfully counter these establishment blessed big Corporate Food producers and producers of GMO foods. The power of the Establishment has so far ensured that their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) will not cover the truth about GMOs, Big Pharma, and the now apparent dangers of Corporate Food for many American Food Consumers.

Bonus movie, “The War on Health”, by Dr. Gary Null for those that have time and interest:

Bonus Movie #2 for those who have time and interest: The Dark Side of fast food, Why does it make you fat, sick, tired but taste so good?, featuring Rolling Stone investigative Journalist Eric Schlosser, author of NY Times Best Seller Fast Food Nation.


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  1. Dr James, excellent article on this subject, and I hope you do more! Thanks for Nagalese info. I have a few items for you, relating to things mentioned in the article. 1. Yesterday, VNN had an article by Arnaldo Rodgers, “National movement helps veterans become farmers”, about Farmer Veteran Coalition. Here’s hoping vets will bring good changes! 2. Read the Salt labels before buying! Schnucks supermarkets here in St Louis (Monsanto HQ) has added Sodium Silicoaluminate to their store-brand salt. There is NO excuse for adding aluminum to salt! However, Iodine in salt is critical. Iodized sea salt is also available, for those who like sea salt.

    3. In 1984, I worked in an education/life skills program with inner-city alcoholics as clients. I used biochemist Dr. Roger J Williams’ teachings about nutrition and alcoholism, including the importance of individual differences. After 30 years, I find the pioneering Dr Williams to be even more relevant than ever.

  2. Some insiders have claimed to their friends that the Earth is covertly being terra-formed and poisoned top to bottom to make it uninhabitable for the human species. And yes, some top DNA experts have remarked that they are concerned that the human DNA is being targeted for radical conversion by GMO crops, with the intent to raise rates of cancer and other diseases and limit lifespans.

  3. Good information and this fits with lots of anecdotal stories about strange USG experiments during those years.

    And then there is Dr. Royal Raymond Rife who developed a high powered illuminating microscope and found that he could kill most viruses and bacteria by generating specific frequencies and then observe their destruction while under very high magnification.

    The “resonance” device he designed is still available for experimentation, but in much more refined form. Does it really work?, I just don’t know, but some claim that it does and that this technology has been suppressed. Dr. Rife and other claimed it was suppressed by the AMA. These Rife type devices cannot legally be sold as a treatment for any health problem because of FDA rulings, but can be sold as a device to experiment with as I understand it.

  4. Whoa!
    Nice to see VT talking about health issues in earnest for a change.

    Some random adding to the fire, these figures are from Europe; consider the US to be “ahead” by 3-5 years…:
    1) A death rate of up to 50% in bee populations within 72 hours is considered acceptable when talking about new fertilizers or medications.
    2) Within the first year of age babies are taking around 40 vaccine shots, including large quantities of quicksilver oxides and aluminium oxides.
    2a) Aluminium Oxides are known to break open the “Blood-Brain”-barrier, allowing follow up toxic substances to easily invade the neural system.
    2b) Quicksilver oxides are known to smash havoc on hormone production, disrupting the organic melatonin/seratonin cycle; causing not only sleep problems but also… you won’t believe this…
    2c) homosexuality.

    So much for 500 words, so long.
    Oh, and shut down your W-LAN router at least for the night, might help you already. Does not hurt to try.

    • Very, very interesting information. Thanks for sharing it. I continue to be impressed by the depth of knowledge so many VT readers have.

  5. Remember when corporations would gladly put their names on their products, because they had nothing to hide? How many millions has Monsanto spent to keep you from knowing what is in your food? They are that proud of their handiwork. The world would be a much better place if Monsanto and their ilk were called to account for the crimes against nature and humanity, and had to pay reparations, prior to dissolving the company.

    • Very, very interesting. It’s incredible just how much historical information that was hidden is now being exposed and diffused to the masses by the Internet. If proved true this would not be surprising at all. Back in the 1950s in my town, polio was proved to have been spread through weak septic system leaking into the ground water that was being consumed in populous neighborhoods. Proper sanitation stopped this, but it could have been linked to the open air atomic bomb testing fallout as some scientists claimed at the time but were ignored by the CMMM. And as you suggest pesticides came into much wider use at that time and could have easily played a major part. One researcher traced the nuclear fallout from atomic bomb tests and found it mimicked the rates of polio in the Midwest where the fallout went.

  6. Yes, Dr. Wallach has made some very important discoveries about micro-nutrition especially micro-minerals in animals and their role in prevention that also directly transfer to humans. I had dinner with him and several others a few years back and his knowledge is impressive.

  7. wjabbe, you have brought up an important discovery that has been ignored and minimized. The IV infusion of Vitamin C is an important treatment, just as is injection of Vitamin B12 for many geriatric patients who are failing but sadly these important treatments have been largely ignored and many insurance companies just will not pay for them. Or that increasing ones alkalinity by changing diet or taking small amounts of baking soda have been claimed by some MD in past years to reduce or eliminate active cancers. VT readers just keep amazing me with their depth of knowledge.

  8. “silly theory stuff” (not). they RBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) the cows (and what else too?) so they grow FAST and get slaughtered before the resultant cancers develop, then serve it up as “food”.. could it be relative to “mad cow disease” brain tumors? they hormone dairy cows to produce more milk, we have younger girls with big b00bies that get breast cancer at young ages but the “pink ribbon crew” cant add 1+1? we also have near 1/4 the population suffering diabetes, so if they cut insulin in a big event like a revolution, uhh…
    consider them sabotaging our health on one hand then guaranteeing profits to big pharma-medical-insurance corporates with “mandatory HELLthcare”, it doesnt look like “conspiracy theory” to me at all, its all too real, and they’re “unaccountable”!!

    • Captain Obvious gets it so right on this. Seems like the FDA’s main job is to serve as a protector and lobbyist for Corporate Food and GMO seed manufacturers.

  9. Important article! As an herbal medicine enthusiast, I can say the battle with big pharma and the FDA has been going on for many decades. They want to make time-honored safe plant remedies illegal because you cannot patent plants. Various lab tricks have been used to try to justify this. It’s a continual fight. You can never let your guard down. Your local organic food co-op is a good resource for food heath info and FDA battles.

    To save money on organic food, buy bulk at your co-op. Also Whole Foods 365 brand is often organic and cheaper. Whole Foods will use a non-GMO icon on the package. Trader Joes has good prices with ever increasing organics and claims their Trader Joe brand label food does not contain GMOs even if there is no non-GMO icon. Cheaper still is Aldi which is starting to carry organics. Search “the dirty dozen, clean 15” for a list of pesticides in produce. The “clean 15” are safe to eat non-organic.

    • Very good information Connie, thanks. Some nutritionists believe that certain vegetables are safe without being organic. this subject is worth doing some deep internet research on for those interested in saving money but want to buy fresh veggies without pesticide residues.

  10. Recognition is a simple law. If a face looks familiar, then it is family. This also applies to taste and can be taken to extremes. The components of attraction exist in flavor as they do facial recognition. They also exist in pheromones. The question is, would companies exploit this knowledge in pursuit of profits ?
    The answer is , of course. The next question is, would they attempt to conceal the fact they are exploiting this knowledge, and the answer is , of course. The next question is, would they commit genocide to conceal such things, the answer is , of course. The next question is, should we grow our own food and pay close attention to the manner in which we produce it ? The answer is, a question. Are you an idiot ? Most science does not require mathematics.

  11. Search : HEK293 for the human cell use in flavor inhancers.

    There is no actual human cells being used, just cells from a culture started about 35 years ago.

    Everyone should read food labels before you buy. They can say “Natural Flavorings” with out telling you what it is. A lot of corruption going on.

    There are specs. for white bread and for whole wheat, but no specs for wheat bread. Wheat bread is usually white bread with some caramel coloring but every one has been scammed into thinking it is whole wheat.

    When the restaurant says they have wheat bread tell them no, you want. whole wheat. You will usually get the deer in the headlights look because they have no clue..

  12. And again wasn’t it Ronald (the retard) Reagan who strangled the Food and Drug Administration? I would say, a quick guess, just about 60% of Americans have been genetically damaged beyond repair and might as well be euthanized. If you go with Camus first premise in The Stranger, and I do, that a strong healthy body is the most important prerequisite to maximizing life’s pleasures, they have no reason to be living anymore anyway. And there’s FOX, after murdering over half of America in their sleep, still using the air waves to dupe senile old people into supporting the genocide of their children. Until the main stream media is rested from the hands of the jews and put into the hands of those that at least make an effort at ethics Americans will continue to die by the millions; their fat, stupid, soulless corpses, cursed forever to waddle through the aisles of Walmart looking to get a good deal on some Twinkies and continuing to vote for the very people who murdered them…

    • Hard to argue with your statements Jack. Brutal but truthful. Yes, the situation is very tragic for most Americans who have been drugged, GMOed, genetically altered and mind-kontrolled and cattle being sent to slaughter. You always seem to cut to the core issues Jack. Your insights are invaluable and rare.

  13. Dr. James, I can recall just 25 years ago growing fresh vegetables from seeds I dried myself from store bought veggies. Needless to say that can’t be done anymore. Irradiating our food renders the seeds sterile and the vitamins and minerals have to be negatively affected. All in all the effect Big Pharma’s looking for seems complete using their partners in corporate food, as their mums the word CMMM covers none of this.These 6 wonderful doctors working in service of humanity deaths seems not to be coincidental, as their shared field of research put them at direct odds with someone. RKM, we can agree is the nexus here.

  14. Unfortunately, even if folks opt to raise some of their own produce, we are being perpetually sprayed with aluminum, barium, and strontium from above. This undoubtedly is leaching into our soil and water, and ultimately, into our food from whatever source.

    • Yes, you make a very good point. These are beyond-black covert operations all done under the cover operation “Cloverleaf”. And yes, the metal contaminants dropping into the soil and all crops are notably toxic and cause early Alzheimer type symptoms. This is completely blacked out of the CMMM and the core or nexus of the RKM conspiracy to reduce the Earth’s population by 90%.

  15. By the way Mr. James, Thanks for this article. I rely on VT and columnists such as yourself for much needed truth in Journalism. I was wondering why no one at VT had written anything exposing the depredations of criminal consortium’s like Monsanto, Dow, Etc. Well done.

  16. While the supposition that evil reptilian aliens bent on world control is difficult to acknowledge, it sure matches the behavior of Monsanto, arguably the most unprincipled and reckless company in the world, in which dishonesty and greed seem to be high on the list of it’s corporate agenda. What in the hell is a chemical company doing manipulating the world’s food supply? There is no way in Hell that they can have the faintest idea of the long-term effects of their ill-considered genetic experiments on our food. I’ll go one step further and propose that they are undoubtedly pursuing hellish genetic experiments on hapless people and animals in deep underground facilities that have yet to see the light of day, and that there will be the ultimate price to pay by all of us. Pissed of yet? if not, there’s something seriously wrong…

  17. This new GcMAF is a head-turner for sure. Been reading up on it closely. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a group large enough to protect itself? When many $ Billions are involved too many wind up dead. Apparently GcMAF can be used for many different serious diseases. So far how many dead who were working on this formulation? Are there others that know the key development protocols?

    If this saves millions of lives it would go against the elite’s plan for death for 90% of us.

  18. Wendell Berry has been a voice crying in the wilderness about the global, petro-farming destruction of farmland and these “scientific,” industrial, food-like products poisoning our children that results when science is everywhere the servant of profit. Establishment flunkies (and intellectual flyweights) like Michael Shermer and Massimo Pigliuchi write florid screeds popular with the elites suggesting anyone exposing the horrors of the Scientific Establishment’s groveling subservience to the RKM money power is ipso facto suffering from a mental disorder like “denialism” or pushing “nonsense on stilts.” In the Empire of Lies even scientific truth has come to mean what “works” in turning a profit for Corporate America–resource stewardship and the health of our people be damned. A dictatorship of this totally politicized Scientific Establishment based on the Georgia Guidestones and serving the monied elite isn’t part of the NWO, it is the NWO.

    • Like I have said before a number of times, VT readers are some of the most intelligent, well read and informed readers anywhere in the World.

  19. Part and parcel of corporate food is diabetic disease of which it is claimed that it is not known what causes it and that there is no known cure.

    That this is a false claim consider the simple fact that pharmaceutical companies use specially bred rats that ARE diabetic which are used to ‘try to find a cure’ for the diabetic disease.

    The fact that these rats were induced to be diabetic shows that what causes this disease IS known, perhaps a cure also, because rats are not diabetic by nature, and what can cause the disease in rats can equally cause in humans.

    Whether the global ballooning epidemic of diabetes is man-made is hard to tell but not wholly impossible given the greedy nature of all corporations whose only justification for their existence is Profit.

    • Type II is often greatly improved or in some cases eliminated with a major change in diet, weight loss down to ideal, and elimination of fructose corn syrup and heavy consumption of carbs.

    • A lot of this is all geared to make you eat a lot more than you should as “normal”…and cutting back as a sacrifice and a punishment. I transformed myself into a new body in six months that was not reallyh that hard after getting started. You just have to do all the lifestyle changes together, but it is easy to miss things if you don’t have someone who has done it guiding you. I missed the low fiber intake part completely, when being zeroed in on the low carb diet. When after six disciplined months my LDL had not crash as I expected on the fish oils (had several friends who had) I learned that I should have upped the soluble fiber a good bit and not worried about carbs, so I am now on a half cup of beans of some form three times a day or with one fiber drink. And then I just learned this week that just a cup of diced chicken breast give you about 80% of the daily protein a man needs. My point in this, that if you can get to where you are not eating for entertainment and reward, but only what you really need, you can easily afford the organic stuff and eat like a king, but only what you really need.

  20. It has been documented by Dr. Mercola a few years back that a handful of US corporations such as Pepsi, Nestle and Heinz among others, include as ingredients into their products Chinese ‘taste enhancement’ additives derived from aborted fetal matter.
    With the ongoing Planned Parenthood furor, chances are it too could be involved in the same trade as providers of fetal matter to be used in corporate food’s additives. It may seem far-fetched but given the extensive personal investigations I had done a few years back I am totally convinced of the unbelievable macabre practices in the food industries.

    • Yes, you are spot on, there is reason to believe that there is a hidden dark underbelly to some parts of Corporate Food business.

    • That fetal cell cultures could somehow “enhance flavor” is the most absurd notion. As vile an implication as it is – this is smokescreen. It seems more likely these cells are the vector for the “unnatural additive nagalese appearing in corporate food.” It is appearing also in vaccinations.

  21. Recently I read where Nestle bought-up 27,000,000 gallons of fresh CA water for resale in bottles for a total of $564.00 Now thats a deal, and in the midst of the worse drought in many decades.

    • Back in the 1950’s Corporations believed they had a responsibility to their workers, to the community, to the state coffers, the country and themselves. And making an excellent product or service to the best of their abilities. Pride in output was key for many more companies than today. Not built-in obsolescence. Now it’s earn as much as possible, greed is good by everyone looking out for themselves personal self-interest trumps all. It started in really not long after the 1st Wall Street movie up to a whole other level.

      I remember Brown & Sharpe making machines with minimal maintenance could run forever and last 10,000 years.

  22. This is a good enough overview, that would benefit by being broken up into smaller segments. As a lifetime gardener and modified vegetarian I enjoy great health and vitality at 75. Fresh “real” foods is the key. This is a bit easier to do here in the Philippines where I have lived for the last 14 years or so.

    • Congratulations. It is great to hear about someone who is getting good nutrition and healthy because of it.

  23. Good article. Thank for the info on Nagalase.

    Hopefully Gordon will investigate the vaccine evidence more closely as he seems to be quite one-sided on this issue for some reason.

    • Vaccines do have a useful place when used properly and with non-hysterical consideration. They must be adequately spaced and minimized. Perhaps only a few are needed. Some researchers have found that supplementation with Vitamin C helps prevent adverse reactions if a vaccine is given. Many researchers believe it is dangerous to give so many at one time, only one single vaccine would be given at a time for the safety of the child. There are hundreds of cases of children in America who have no vaccines of parents that provide proper nutrition, and these kids just do not get the communicable diseases even when exposed. There is no substitute for a strong immune system supported by good nutrition which is not based on junk food or Corporate Food.

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and each must examine the available research and data as well as the available anecdotal reports from mothers and then come to their own conclusions. If one comes to believe that mandatory vaccinations are unConstitutional, then they must become politically active to change laws they believe are wrong.

    • Obviously major longitudinal research comparing titres of those vaccinated to those not vaccinated with rates of illness have not been conducted and should be. Until that kind of scientific research is done the jury is out on the actual value of vaccines. We know that the early Polio vaccines and some others even used today come from the same cell line that contain SV-40 cancer causing Monkey Virus, found in about 40% of soft-tissue cancers. This must be admitted and corrected. We also know that many those bitten by rabid animals who have then received rabies vaccinations right away have been prevented from getting rabies, a fatal and quite horrid disease. we also know of cases where gamma globulin injections have been given to those exposed to some certain serious communicable diseases and been protected by those injections. Until the definitive research is honestly done by ethical medical researchers, the jury on all this, except for the lies of Big Pharma that have already been exposed by actual witnesses and whistle-blowers over the years.

    • The question remains, why haven’t vaccines for the most serious communicable diseases be developed and tested and researched in longitudinal studies which have no dangerous adjuvants, additives or neuro-toxins? It seems to me to be a no-brainer?

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