Moscow calls media reports about its position on Syria fabrications and falsifications




… from  TASS, Moscow

" Let's see, how can I put this refugee monkey on Putin's back?"
“Let’s see, how can I put this refugee monkey on Putin’s back?”

[ Editor’s Note:  This bizarre exchange of Western “semi-charges” of Russia engaging in a huge increase in its military support for Syria, including combat personnel, has entered the twilight zone stage.

Secretary Kerry, with the entire NSA and military Intelligence resources at his fingertips, has still kept his statements vague in terms of quantifying the alleged increases and detailing them. He either knows or he does not know. So why the hocus pocus?

There is a third option: that this is just another US psyop on Russia. How do you disprove a negative?  Russia has been supporting Syria all along, as has Iran, so there is no big deal over military supplies going in. The Russian personnel in Syria at its facilities, including people to defend them, have never appeared in one news photo that I am aware of.

As VT covered a few days ago, we saw the old tactic of unknown media sources magically appearing as having brought this concern to the attention of Mr. Kerry. Dear John, are we going to start shooting the NSA people this week for their failure, or wait until the weekend for a bigger audience?

Russian Foreign Ministry’s official spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, gives us a clue as to the motivation today. The US and others knew that the refugee doo doo was going to hit the fan this week. The regime change mass murderers wanted to avoid any focus on themselves over the refugee suffering and deaths, like the little boy on the Greek beach. They were really killed by the Western foreign policy, which has wrought horrible suffering and carnage on Syria and it neighbors.

I was getting suspicious with all the tear jerking statements coming from Merkel and others over their humanitarian concern for the refugees. I don’t buy it for a second. None of these people have made any protest over the Western policy against Syria that has had 11 million Syrians living in horrible conditions for years now.

What we have here is Western deviousness on display, this cheap shot to put Putin on the hot seat for being responsible for the ongoing Syrian War, as in, if the Russians and Iran had abandoned Assad it would have been all over. Yet not a word is said about Iranian support for the Syrian people in its War against Terror. How stupid do they think we are. How low can the West go? I really don’t knowJim W. Dean ]


Syrian carnage_van burning banner

– First published  …  September 07,  2015

Moscow does not engage in “social engineering” in the Middle East, especially in Syria, Russian Foreign Ministry’s official spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Monday. Several European media outlets reported earlier that the United States, Russia and Saudi Arabia stroke a deal on removing Syrian President Bashar Assad from power.

“Unfortunately, we have to state that some political circles in the West have been demonstrating lately a complete loss of ability to learn from their own mistakes, even when tragic consequences of these mistakes are becoming more obvious for Europeans themselves,” Zakharova said. “Blatant interference into the affairs of Middle Eastern countries has already led to the emergence of an instability zone in the close proximity to the European continent. Terrorism and extremism threats have considerably grown,” she said.

“Thousands and thousands of refugees from troubled states that underwent experiments in the spirit of social engineering are practically bursting through the doors of the European home, first of all from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan,” the diplomat continued.

However, “several Western politicians do not hurry to adjust their near-sighted approaches which in fact contributed to all those problems,” Zakharova noted. She said that Western politicians “persistently try to implement in full the approaches that proved to be deficient, which can result in more dangerous challenges and problems of the international scale.”

“At the same time, some people try to artificially drag Russia into this by disseminating fabrications and falsifications, possibly with the aim to put partial responsibility on us for the tragedy of the Middle Eastern region and threat to European and international stability,” the diplomat stressed.

“We do not engage in social engineering, do not appoint foreign presidents and do not fire them by ourselves or in conspiracy with anyone else,” Zakharova said. “This concerns Syria and other countries of the regions, the peoples of which, I am confident, are capable of determining their future by themselves,” she added.

“Russia consistently and invariably calls for unconditional implementation of the Geneva communique on Syria from 30 June 2012, strictly adhering by norms and principles of international law, including countries’ sovereignty. And I would want our partners on international arena to act the same,” Zakharova concluded.



  1. RT’s is on fire. . They have a lot of fodder to work with but they chose the MK ultra cia global and US poisoning/torture story to set up the US as a demagogue to follow up with two countries (Austria and Spain) as willing supporters to President Assad and Russia in removing ISIS. Aid to Assad will give the Syrian refugees a home to go back too, and proof Assad has never been the bogey man. It took five years for this obvious revelation but it didn’t seem like anyone would budge. In the meantime Venezuela offers support for 20,000 refugees and the uae, saudi’s, and qatar are building fences. Pure evil.

  2. Classic cold war games. Only this time most of Europe is in denial of suppressed reality. The real and big questions do get asked frequently in the media, looks like Strobe Talbot & co. will have to do better than this.

  3. Hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil, just give nato the resources was a fools game. Europe has been playing footsy with the EU robbers too long now, their home really is finding it’s self built on sand. Sand and souls from the M E and North Africa. We will no doubt be sharing our homes too. Just don’t understand why this route of civilization has not taken full advantage of the situation and filled the K of SA the lands of the UAE and that privately owned corporation Israel. The experiment seems nearing it’s illogical conclusion; would we be with the Russians too if we were sensible people?

  4. The EU and their kleptoparasite friends did not quite plan for things to turn out this way and were unprepared to find themselves being backed into a corner. With their citizens openly rebelling against European participation in Middle Eastern wars, immigration policies that are designed to weaken them through socio-cultural and financial stress, oppressive taxes, sanctions against Russia that only ruin farmers, they upped the ante and brought all these desperate people into Europe.

    Unless this huge population transfer is managed carefully, the two cultures will come into conflict as the Europeans will see the Moslems as direct threat to their way of life. If violence breaks out the focus will be on the Moslems and off the instigators who sent them fleeing by obliterating their settled and functioning societies. Which might be what the enemy has planned all along. They’re so smart, aren’t they.

    It is imperative for Moslem leaders to ease the refugees into their new lives while minimizing culture clashes which are bound to happen amid such traumatic circumstances. Don’t give into the NWO, they thrive on conflict, violence, and bloodshed. The NWO has been the common enemy of Moslems and all of us for centuries.

    • Yes, the long term goal is obvious–the cultural obliteration of the various European cultures in general, Christian culture in particular. Barbara Spectre succinctly let the cat out of the bag when she said that Europe had not yet learned how to be multi-cultural and that Europe would no longer be the monolithic societies they once were. Her choice of the word “monolithic” is interesting in that it implies solid strength, therefor it would require constant chipping to wear down.

      She also used the term “huge transformation” because she knew well the long term goals. She might have been privy to the timetable discussions. The destruction of various countries that were 2,000 years in the making are of no concern to her, neither the multitudes of Moslems being imported for that very reason.

      After the “transformation” the Moslems will fare no better, maybe even worse, for it is their nations slated for complete destruction, after which they in turn will be taught how to be multicultural whether they want it or not. Any complaints from the native populations will be dealt with swiftly and severely, while the new multicultural lexicon is implanted within all European languages.

    • Helping Hand,
      I see your logic with juish intervention of migrants because of all the practice they had with African slaves in America. I believe the smuggling groups that pack the Syrians on rubber boats for a small mint fit that category, but overall they are a minority for the absolutely desperate. These criminals should be called out, not forgotten in the mess.

  5. Here comes police state Europe. I fear we will look back at Stalin’s USSR and view it as freedom loving. The following is from a Russian Blog talking about Germany, via Fortrus. As above, the Russians cannot believe what they are seeing.
    And finally the irresponsible comrades paying attention to their surroundings note that the refugees, pouring into the country roughly and practically without floodgates, look like something less than reputable refugees. They are 95% young, strong and sleek — even guys, who do not part with their expensive smartphones and even those not bothering to take off their massive gold chain necklaces. They are demanding, impatient, united, and well organized. If something doesn’t quite suit them, they shout it to the receiving side, swing the right hand, demanding attention. Their behavior is not asking – they behave themselves as if they are the boss.

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