When we were people too


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

What am I saying?  Remember when we were people?


    • Oops, my apologies!
      Didn’t think of any website rules, instead just about how two short videos were asking to be answered by another short video… 😉

      So… I linked the first 2 minutes of the famous “Soylent Green” movie, which in my opinion shows our transition from caring, team spirit driven, sensitive people to the zombie army we are today just because greed and materialism got in the way…
      …much better than anything else i could think of.

      Take 2:

      Sleep well folks!

  1. A beautiful reminder… When my mom came from Cuba as a refugee in 1961, she had a dream of America. She received the only seat on a plane through the Episcopal Church. She later spoke to a delegation in Chicago where she talked about the situation in Cuba and how much coming to America meant for her. The pride she felt for America. She always felt she belonged here, and later she met my dad. He came from Germany in 1968 to work for the German newspaper in New York City. They met and traveled the country. America was their dream. It was the land of freedom where you could work hard and raise a family. The dream of life, liberty and justice for all is America. That is the America we live for. There is nothing more. Peace is possible and one day the World Peace Agreement will be signed and all because of the freedom of America.

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