TRUTH JIHAD: 9/11 Anniversary Special!

Tony Gosling at work


Former BBC journalist Tony Gosling is one of the leading lights of the UK truth movement. Just back from the 17,000 Terror Victims Conference in Tehran, he discusses “false flag terror anniversaries” including today’s 14th anniversary of 9/11 and last July’s 10th anniversary of 7/7.

Other topics include the Deep State and its secret societies, privatized mercenaries and black ops artists,  organized crime outfits, and blackmailed pedophiles; the occult dimension of covert power and its representation in the novels of Dennis Wheatley; and the likelihood that another big false flag – maybe even the apocalypse predicted in the Book of Revelations – could happen sooner rather than later.


  1. Off topic:

    In order to hear the audio clip, you need to have activated both the Adobe Flash Player and Javascript as Addons in your Browser.

    From a technical point of View, both are unnecessary to listen to Audio over the Internet.

    Speaking security, both the Flash Player as well as Javascript are both hot contestors for first place regarding security risks within your PC.
    Flash Player takes #1 place for “zero day” vulnerabilities and is thus shunned by many, while Javascript is known to not uninstall older and attackable versions of itself.

    From personal experience i’d suspect malware intrusions in 2015 to be based upon
    Adobe Flash Player – 75%
    Javascript – 10%
    Windows 10 – 10%
    Others – 5%

    Real Script Kiddies died off 15 years ago you know? And those were only Copy/Pasters… 😉

  2. A major shift about the 9/11 anniversary topic in the Polish MSM this year. It’s either omitted or the “conspiracy theories” presented on equal footing with the official lie (prevailing comments of course supporting the “inside job” scenario). It’s expected knowing the great shift that happened about a half a year ago when the dies were cast and some decisions made and having observed the trends in the MSM climate towards more truth, but still nice to see that happened. Alternative versions are no longer taboo. I’m really glad I no longer live in the US, the sea of lies there is unbearable, revolting, very unhealthy.

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